Tourism industry is considered to be the largest service industry after wheel industry and ensures giving employment and benefits along with economic growth to the country; Six Sigma outlines various types of tourism from medical to sports to business to pleasure tourism and its role in uplifting quality

The first commandment of Six Sigma is customer satisfaction to which tourism industry is benefited a lot as tourism industry completely rely on customer experience and loyalty, several times tourism industry faces problems in bookings, Over / Under charging, faces several challenges Challenges like Lack of proper infrastructure, Lack of adequate marketing and promotion, service levels and above all security levels. Over here Six Sigma plays a pivotal role in emphasizing flow oriented / performance processes and calculates efficiency towards all aspects of challenges in tourism industry.

Understanding and applying Six Sigma in various classification of tourism industry like Gambling, Restaurant and food services, Recreational facilities helps in managing cover management thus decisive and accurate in calculating point of sales , average costing and revenue per cover.

In Accommodation operation and its allies, it benefits in maintaining room inventory, guest billing folios, an effective control in chain supply of goods which overall reduces wastages and pilferage.

Customer experience and management is becoming an extremely challenging frontier among organisations nowadays because of hyper-competition in the market, it is by applying Six Sigma approach into your systems and processes you can easily gain an edge among competitors.

With Six Sigma application the earning power as well as spending power of people involved in Tourism industry definitely increases with each step there is customer satisfaction to the core and thus reducing staff turn around ratio.

Now let’s take up Gross Domestic product (GDP), where the growth was only 2 percent till 2013, Now with induction of Six Sigma in various sectorial of tourism and government institutions there has been a overall growth of 6 percent .Isn’t that fantastic

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