Retail Management pushes and promotes greater sales and customer satisfaction by gaining a better understanding of the consumers of goods and services.KPMG Six Sigma plays an important role in driving retail energy from corporate offices to individual stores.

Deployment of KPMG Six Sigma help retailers achieve high performance and meet challenges retail companies face, it provides safe and clean stores along with first-to-market products and exceptional customer experiences and That is the reason the customer is running away from individual grocery shops to retail stores. With KPMG Six Sigma strives for continuous improvement and excellence which are not easily replicated.


Big Companies like Nike, Amazon and Accenture since their beginning have been part of and applied KPMG Six Sigma which has thus generated their value and shares in the market. KPMG Six Sigma teaches leaders how to handle customer satisfaction, production, and other management aspects for success. Utilizing this quality assurance problem will enable businesses to better understand the needs of their customers and thus, gain profits.

Data and documentation are very important within the retail industry. The documentation of any retail organization should be impeccable in order to avoid complications. KPMG Six Sigma helps to improve the fundamentals of data collection and analysis. Accurate documentation can make the journey of business hassle-free. Moreover, you will also learn several different ways of improving data by detailed analysis.

Margins in the retail industry are extremely squeezed, so every money counts. KPMG Six Sigma is a way to identify opportunities to eliminate waste, unwanted variation, and errors in retail business processes, all of which cost money, add no value for customers and don’t contribute to the bottom line.

A retail chain serving CRORES of customers from thousand to lakhs of stores has many responsibilities to meet customer loyalty and accurate pricing as per market trends,in such a case KPMG Six Sigma Plays a vital role in defining and easing processes and daily tasks

What is Six Sigma Certification?

Six Sigma is a set of quality management techniques and tools used to minimize manufacturing defects and errors up to a significant level. It also exhibit a pervasive influence on the management practices. Six Sigma Certification is the process of verifying an individual’s command of a valued method of professional skill development. Six Sigma doesn’t follow a standard curriculum. Online and classroom tutorials of Six Sigma certification are offered by many Institutions and colleges.

What are the basic factors that need to be considered while selecting the best institute to learn the Six Sigma Program?

The various parameters that need to be kept in mind are: Brand Value of the Organization, Accreditation and Recognition of the Organization, Certification, Fee Structure, Learning Outcomes and Benefits, Course Feature, Course Format,Post training Support, Reviews and Feedback.

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  1. very interesting to read the Benefits of Six Sigma for Retail Management

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