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Currently, the IT industry is one of the most sought-after industries in the world. The need for computers in the modern world has resulted in the proliferation of computer-based courses worldwide, which has boosted career prospects. A student in the commerce stream need not worry about their educational background to enrol in a computer-focused course. As a result of the digitisation of all industries, there is a great demand for professionals with the necessary computer and application skills in IT firms and other industries. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the best computer courses after the 12th for Commerce students in 2023.

Whenever we hear someone mention a computer course, we think it will only be useful to science students and can only be done by them. That is where we are mistaken Computer Science is one principle that can be pursued by anyone with a mere passion. In this digitized era, people who have computer skills are most likely to bag a high-paying job. Professionals with computer knowledge are highly preferred over those who lack the skills. Interested students can choose Computer Courses after 12th standard.

computer courses after 12th

Benefits of choosing computer courses after 12th commerce

In this age of technology where computer science and IT fields are thriving and expanding swiftly, creating many employment opportunities. Increasing the demand for computer science professionals. You may ask how is computer science beneficial for a student with a commerce diploma. The answer simply is that doing a course in computer science opens doors to varied job opportunities. It will make you a favored candidate for job roles.

computer courses after 12th

How to get started with a computer course?

The primary thing to keep in mind before taking a computer course is that you possess minimum knowledge of computers. Most of us are taught basics during our schooling days but if you still want to start from the beginning, you may choose a Basic Computer Course. This course will help you understand all the basics of computers like:


·         Applications and components of computer, input and output devices, and identification operating system

·         Basic understanding of MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel

·         Teaches about WWW, internet, and web browsers

·         Drafting, replying, and forwarding the emails

·         Basic knowledge of MS Access

How do you determine the right course?

Once, you are done with the basics the next step is diving deep into the subject. For that, you need to choose the right course. Ask yourself what you want to pursue. You might not get the answer instantly. Thus, it is important to keep a few things in mind:

·         It is necessary to figure out if the course you are selecting matches your end goal.

·         Do not choose a course just because it is easy. See how it will be beneficial to you in the future. Understand its value from an employment perspective.

·         It is necessary to select the right institute as it plays an important role. Often, we are at loss due to the lack of facilities and education provided by the institute. Hence, make sure to do thorough research before joining any institute.


Prerequisites for selecting the right institute for a computer science course.

List of Computer Courses to pursue after 12th Commerce

A student can take a diploma, degree, or certificate course. Let us look at the courses and help you select the right one.

Certificate Courses (Computer Courses after 12th)

Certificate courses are pursued by individuals who want to build up specific skills for a better career. These courses are of short duration and can be done alongside studies or work. Certificate courses are the best way to train yourself. Below is the list of a few computer science certificate courses that can be learned after the 12th standard.

1.     Tally ERP 9 (Computer Courses after 12th)

Tally ERP 9 is accounting software used by small and medium businesses in India. It helps the entrepreneurs communicate about accounting matters with their associates. It is a management and tax software that offers various functions and customizations to the users. Tally ERP 9 is a useful course for commerce graduates. It is useful for learning accounting, taxation, and inventory management.

You must take this course with GST as Medium and Small Enterprises use this software for accounting purposes. Suppose you are an entrepreneur this is one of the most appropriate computer courses after 12th to pursue as a commerce student for expanding the business.

What are the skills that you acquire through Tally ERP 9

·         Singly handling accounts and payroll of any firm

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·         Tax and inventory management

·         Creating Management Information System related to any business

·         Job analysis

·         Cost center and cost category reports

·         Creating any type of voucher

·         Security control

 Job opportunities after the course

·         Tally Accountant

·         Accounts Executive

·         Data entry operator

·         Tally operator

Duration: 2-4 months

Fee:  INR 8000 to 10000

2.     Digital Marketing (Computer Courses after 12th)

Digital marketing or online marketing is one of the most booming professions in India right now. It can be pursued by anyone and from anywhere. If you are interested in making money online digital marketing is just the course for you. Digital marketing is one of the best computer courses after 12th standard.

What do you learn through this course?

In this course, you will learn about

·         Content Marketing

·         Social Media Marketing

·         Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

·         Digital Campaigns

·         Content writing

        Job Opportunities

        There are many job opportunities after the completion of this course such as

·         Online Content Developer

·         Web Designer

·         Blogger

·         Social Media Manager

·         Search Expert

           Duration of the course: 3-4months

           Fee: the course fee is around INR 25000 to 35000. It can also be done for free

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3.     SAGE 50 Accounts and Payroll Certification

SAGE 50 is a worldwide used accounting software by businesses. It helps you manage your process statements, present financial reports, and manage Value Added Tax records.

Skills acquired through this course

·         Introduction, features, and functions of SAGE 50

·         In-house processing of payroll

·         Managing accounts and adding entries

·         In-depth knowledge of accounts receivable and payable

·         Automatic bank reconciliation

Career Prospects after the course

·         Bookkeeper

·         Financial Officer

·         Tax Consultant

·         Auditor

Duration: 6 to 8 weeks

Fee: INR 1000 to 3500

4.     Computerized Accounting

This certification solely deals with computerized accounting. It teaches how to use different software, handle accounts and payroll, and examine budgets and forecasts. It teaches how to use software for tracking business and finance transactions. It is one of the advantageous computer courses after 12th for commerce students.

Skills Acquired

·         Quickbooks

·         Financial and payroll accounting

·         Excel advanced

·         Business writing and communications

·         Income tax preparation

Job opportunities

·         Accountant

·         Commercial Assistant

·         Tax Consultants

·         Audit Officers

·         Cashier

Duration: 3 to 6 months

Fee: INR 25000 to INR 120000

Diploma Courses (Computer Science courses after 12th)

Diploma courses provide more detailed knowledge compared to certificate courses. Hours of training and syllabus are wider than the certificate courses.

1.     Office Automation Diploma

Diploma in Office Automation teaches about softwares used in regular office work. Students get to learn various software such as MS PowerPoint, Tally ERP, etc. which are useful to carry out office operations. Students who want to do table work can take this course.

Skills acquired from Office Automation

·         Introduction to computer science and operating system

·         Software tools (MS Office)

·         Designing and publishing using tools

·         C language

·         Modern office devices and techniques

Career Opportunities

After the course you can work in the following job roles:

·         Office Automation Analyst

·         Support Assistant

·         Office Automation Clerk

·         Secretary

Duration: 6 months to 3 years

Fees: INR 5500 to 42000

2.     Computer Application (Computer Courses after 12th)

Diploma in Computer Application (DCA) course teaches everything about applications such as MS Office, DBMS, HTML, operating systems, and more. Students can pursue a bachelor’s degree after the course. The IT sector offers many opportunities for diploma holders.

Skills Acquired with this course

·         Fundamentals of computer and windows

·         Spreadsheets

·         Programming language

·         DBMS

·         Visual Basics

Duration: 6 months to 12 months

Fees: INR 5000 to 30000

3.     Diploma in Digital Banking and Finance (Computer Courses after 12th)

Digital Banking and Finance is a course that can be pursued by students after completing the 12th. This course covers all the aspects of banking and finance. It provides an understanding of constant changes in finance, various methods to deal with crises, and bailouts for worldwide banks.

Skills acquired through Digital Banking and Finance Diploma

·         Principles and practices and legal and regulatory characteristics of banking

·         Business economics and CSR

·         Taxation

·         Business law

·         Retail banking

Career Opportunities after the Course

·         Credit and Risk Manager

·         Loan Counsellor

·         Administrative Officer

·         Financial Analyst

·         Internal Auditor

Duration: 1year

Fees: 10000 to 40000 (rupees)

4.     Diploma Course in Graphic Design or Multimedia

This course mainly focuses on subjects such as animation, gaming, and digital media arts. A diploma in Graphic Design or Multimedia course helps in the development of creativity, practical skills, and art. It is a form of art that uses texts and pictures to convey a message.

Skills Acquired

During this course you will get to learn the following things:

·         Digital publishing

·         Computer animation

·         Web design

·         Presentation of da digital portfolio

·         Multimedia authoring

·         2D and 3D animation

Job Opportunities

After the completion of this course, you may get to work in the following roles:

·         Graphic Designer

·         Packaging Designer

·         Multimedia Programmer

·         Animator

·         Film Assistant

Duration of the course: 1 year

Fee schedule: INR 32000 to 95000

5.     Diploma in Hardware and Networking (Computer Courses after 12th)

The Hardware and networking courses focus on the study of computer hardware, its design, development, and maintenance. This course can be done till the post-graduate level. It is a wise career option for commerce students.  It teaches about troubleshooting and network designing.

Skills Acquired with this Course

·         Basics of networking

·         Electronic Components and Hardware

·         Operating Systems

·         Implementation of Software

·         PC Assembling

·         Troubleshooting

Job Opportunities after Hardware and Networking Course

·         System Administrator

·         Technical Support

·         Computer Hardware Engineer

·         IT technician

·         Cabling Designer

Duration of the course: The course can be 2 to 6 months

Fees: INR 3000 to INR 5000

Degree Courses (Computer Courses after 12th)

Degree courses are much longer and more detailed when compare to diploma and certificate courses. Upon completion of this course, you become eligible to apply for a Master’s degree course. Below is the list of best computer courses after 12th for commerce students.

1.     B.Com in Computer Applications

The three-year undergraduate course in computer applications teaches about commerce as well as computers. Students have a good understanding of commerce and IT by the end of the course. This course’s job opportunities are wider as it covers the commerce and IT sector.

Skills Acquired upon completion

·         Financial Accounting

·         Business and Managerial Economics

·         Principles of Management

·         RDBMS

·         C++ programming

·         Computerized Accounting

 Career Prospects after the Course

·         Business Consultant

·         Auditor

·         Computer Programmer

·         App Developer

Duration: 3years

Fees: The fees can be anywhere between INR15000 to 200000

2.     Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) (Computer Courses after 12th)

BCA is suitable for students who want to excel in the IT field. It provides knowledge of computer, information technology, and software development. This course is majorly focused on computer applications, web applications, and programming languages. BCA professionals are highly in demand as the latest technologies require skilled manpower for their operation.

Skills Acquired with this Course

·         Computer Fundamentals

·         Introduction to C language

·         Data Structures

·         Java, C++, and DBMS

·         Python and Unix

·         Animation and Graphics

Job Opportunities after BCA Course

There are numerous job opportunities for BCA professionals such as:

·         Software Developer

·         Tech Support

·         Programmer

·         System Administrator

·         System Engineer

·         Software Verification Assistant

Duration: 3 years

Fee: INR 2 to 3Lakhs

3.     Undergraduate Course in E-Commerce (Computer Courses after 12th)

E-commerce also known as online commerce is one of the booming industries. This course provides both theoretical and pragmatic knowledge of future trade and practices. It teaches about the technological changes made in the accounting field.

Skills Acquired with the Course

·         Accountancy

·         Business Organization and Management

·         Marketing

·         Business Statistics

·         MS Office and C++

·         Auditing

·         Banking and Insurance

·         Income Tax

·         E-commerce

Career Prospects after the Course

·         Accountant

·         Marketing Manager

·         Business Analyst

·         Supply Chain Manager

·         Assistant Manager

Duration of the course: 3 years

Fee Schedule: INR 5000 to INR 30000

4.     Foreign Trade (Computer Courses after 12th)

An undergraduate course in foreign trade teaches about the exchange of goods and services and capital across international borders. It provides an understanding of foreign markets and international business. The importance of this course has increased due to globalization and online commerce. Students who are interested in management, commerce, trade, and international markets may opt for this course.

Skills Acquired through Foreign Trade Course

During this course you will learn the following things:

·         Indian and International Foreign Trade

·         Import and Export

·         Introduction to Export Marketing

·         Management of Trade and Foreign Trade

Job Opportunities after the Course

·         Investments Analyst

·         Tax Advisor or Accountant

·         Equity Research Analyst

·         Personal Finance Consultant

·         Revenue Agent

·         Operations Manager

Duration of the course: 3 years

Fees: INR 50k to 2 lakhs (Annually)

14. 3D Animation & VFX

Suppose you are interested in researching the world of visual arts and graphics. In that case, you can enrol in various 3D animation courses to discover how animated graphics and special effects are applied to images and films. As a continuously expanding profession, 3D animation provides many illuminating job options in the corporate, media, and entertainment industries. After the 12th grade, 3D Animation and Visual Effects courses are among the most popular and innovative options on our list of IT courses after 12th commerce. These programs may teach you about various animation tools and software packages and equip you with the skills necessary for a successful career in Multimedia, VFX, and 3D Animation. It is the best computer course for commerce students.

15. Web Designing & Development

Web Design courses are among the best  IT courses after 12th commerce. As every firm strives to establish an online presence, web design and development is a well-liked career option among Computer Science and Information Technology students. After completing the 12th grade, you can pursue either a short-term diploma or certificate course or a full-fledged bachelor’s degree in Web Design and Development. You can try this Computer course for Commerce students.

16. B.SC IT

Among IT courses after 12th commerce, students can also pursue a B.Sc. in IT. As with many other undergraduate information technology programs, a B.Sc. in IT focuses on storing, processing, securing, and managing information. This degree focuses mostly on networking, databases, and software. IT B.Sc degrees are awarded upon completing programs in web design, databases, programming, computer networking, and computer systems.

Information technology graduates are skilled in technological tasks requiring the processing, storing, and transmitting of data between computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices. The first step for applicants pursuing a profession with a B.Sc. in IT is a comprehensive understanding of information technology’s fundamental concepts. For a successful IT professional career, the following characteristics are essential: problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, analytical skills, creativity, and resiliency. It is the best computer course for commerce students.


The B.Sc. in Data Science is a three-year degree. This degree is quite popular among students because of its vast employment opportunities in the IT, consultancy, market research, and energy sectors. Many colleges and universities will administer entrance exams. Some universities may accept the results of the common entrance exam, while others have their entrance exams. The curriculum enables students to become experts in machine learning, data visualisation, data intuition, etc.

After finishing their 12th-grade education, individuals can pursue an undergraduate degree in machine learning. Students having a bachelor’s degree may enrol in the Master of Science in Machine Learning curriculum to expand their knowledge of machine learning. In these IT courses after 12th commerce, students can hone their analytical skills and develop a knack for mathematics, statistics, and programming. Check out this Computer course for Commerce students.


Any graduate who has completed 10+2 in commerce or another field may enrol in a degree program in graphic design. However, by focusing on the topic, commerce students enrolling in this course will be exposed to various perspectives on firm tactics and procedures.

In these IT courses after 12th commerce, students learn to present ideas and thoughts using images, animations, and graphics. They will also need knowledge of marketing techniques and electronic media packages to succeed in this sector. The curriculum is an amalgamation of ideas and originality that maintains student engagement. The stream is highly profitable and popular.  In this best computer course for commerce students are taught about emerging technology and fashions.

19. B.COM CA

B.Com in Computer Applications is one of the best computer degrees accessible to commerce students after the 12th grade. Completing these IT courses after 12th commerce will aid in your comprehension of the core concepts of information technology. This course examines finance, accounting, computer application, and programming skills. This degree is a highly coveted subject pursued by famous universities, and to enrol in this course, you must simply make the merit list.

The B.Com CA is a three-year, full-time undergraduate degree that integrates business study with computer science. It integrates commerce with computer applications for business specialities requiring computer proficiency. This course aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of business and computer systems. Moreover, this school offers numerous work opportunities in the business and information technology industries. Students who complete the program may find work as business analysts, consultants, auditors, computer programmers, app developers, etc.


Computer Sciences have changed the face of trade and industry. It has become an important field of study in schools and colleges due to its increasing demand. Good career scope, high-paying job opportunities, and personal and professional development are a few advantages of this course. Computer courses are profitable for commerce students due to their vast scope.

We have curated for you a list of computer courses that are most suitable after completing the 12th standard. But it is important to ask yourself why and if you want to pursue any computer course. Doing thorough research and having an interest is necessary before selecting any of the above courses.


1. Why is it important to pursue a computer sciences course?

Computer science courses enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Due to the increasing demand for IT and Computer Science sectors, it has become necessary and fruitful to learn the course.

2. Are there any eligibility criteria for the courses mentioned above?

The minimum eligibility is 10+2 and basic knowledge of computers for most of the courses. But a few courses might need an understanding of programming languages.

3. Can I pursue these courses along with higher studies?

Certificate courses can be pursued along with your studies. But degree and diploma are full-time courses.

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