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To write effectively and with immense impact, a writer needs to depend on some aids and tools to enhance his or her work. The most basic tool is a pen and  paper, a typewriter, a notepad, or tab. 

However, in today’s day and age,  writers are dependent on the Internet and the various productivity tools available on the web to improve their speed and quality of work.

Since writing goes through various stages such as — editing, re-writing, and revisions, a conscious and capable writer has now started relying more and more on the different productivity tools to improve their time management and output.

Let’s look at some of the top productivity tool which are available own the web today:

1. Scrivener — is one of the most preferred tools for screenwriters who swear by its high capacity and excellent features. Scrivener gives a platform to create comprehensive outlines for your novels and scripts, it further allows you to break writing into screens and chapters and move entire sections around without compromising with the complete writing masterpiece which is in progress. This tool also is highly recommended for those who are doing an academic writing course.

2. Things — the Things app provides an excellent choice for writers looking for a task manager that can organize and streamline their work. This is a very simple tool that allows writers to track deadlines, pen down new ideas, and turn notes and ideas into checklists! It also has a searchable archive that gives hers in setting short-term and long-term goals.

3. Descriptionari — this is also an excellent tool, especially for creative writers who are looking to get new and innovative writing ideas. Descriptionari has thousands of original creative story writing ideas as well as an exhaustive list of quotes that boost creative writing prowess.

4. Draft — is very popular writing and collaboration tool that has been specifically designed to help freelance writers. Draft provides a host of unique features around collaboration and version control that simplify some of the challenges around sharing documents. Draft documents can be shared on WordPress, Tumblr, Mailchimp, Blogger, and many other publishing avenues.

5. The Internet Typewriter — is also very effective online tool for  writers who are looking for a distraction-free environment to pen their thoughts. The Internet Typewriter is a place where one can write as much as they like as well as take a safe and secure back-up of their written material.  

6. Calmly Writer — is another brilliant distraction-free writing tool developed with the sole intention of giving a writer with all the functionalities when he or she is not writing and a clear and disturbance-free environment as soon as a writer begins writing!

7. iLYS — prompts you to share the number of words that a writer is willing to write and then allows him to begin. Once a writer begins the process of writing using iLYS, the only thing that he or she can do is write. This means that he cannot even do any editing or hit the backspace button! 

8. Cliche finder — a very specialized writing tool that simply checks your document and points out any cliches in your written material.

9. Evernote — is an excellent tool if someone is looking to write a complex article or do something as simple to pen down their thoughts and ideas. It is one of the best platforms to take or store notes.

10. Rescue Time — simply allows you to track how you are spending your time online. Hence, it is very helpful to measure your productivity and time spent on various activities online.

11. Be Focused — is also an extremely helpful tool that makes you stick to specific tasks. It has an in-built to-do list and timer which keeps writing on track and can also arrange priorities of a writer so that he or she never misses a deadline.

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