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Few people who aren’t writers can understand the highs and lows of a writing life, irrespective of how supportive they may sound of your goals!

Authors need writing communities to connect with people who share the same mindset and passion for writing and who can truly understand the tribulations, frustrations, and challenges being faced by a writer who is penning down his or her thoughts or ideas or in the middle of building a plot or story.

A Writing Community is extremely helpful for writers:

  • It allows writers to swap ideas and also act as a support system during your writing journey. 
  • One can network and at the same time build some excellent connections, and professional relationships with writers, editors, publishers, and other such related areas in the writing domain.
  • It provides a learning opportunity to grow and evolve as a writer.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best online writing communities available for writers to join:

1. AgentQuery Connect — it is an excellent writing community if one is looking for getting valuable critique and feedback on is or her work. One can also get some ideas on how to get an agent as well as gain knowledge of marketing techniques required for publishing their books.

2. BookRix — acts as a very strong community for independent and freelance writers who are keen on the idea of self-publishing their work. It is a brilliant community that has a varied amount of topics in writing and one can improve his writing and self-publishing skills.

3. Absolute Writer Water Cooler — this is one of the more popular writing communities where writers share a common passion for their field. One can find a discussion forum on various topics such as science to politics to sports e.t.c. It is a community where writers of all genres mingle and share ideas whether it pertains to screenwriting, novel writing, blog writers, or storytellers.

4. Scribophile — is one of the best writing community if a writer is looking for unbiased, authentic, and constructive professional feedback on their work. Scribophile is highly recommended as the last pit stop for writers who are about to publish their writing. This is a paid community with a minimal membership fee however it also runs some excellent writing contests which often have a prize pool. It also offers some brilliant free resources and advice material for blog writers.

5. The Hatrack River Writers Workshop — this is also regarded as one of the best communities for making writer friends who can provide genuine and honest feedback and assistance to writers who are looking for answers and feedback. Hatrack can be regarded as  a close-knit social media platform for writers. Peer feedback is the hallmark of this community and it is available in fragmented as well as complete form.

6. Critters Writers Workshop —this online community specifically caters to sci-fi and horror writing genres. Even though it is not a very active community, still it provides for some of the best literature in the field of horror, suspense, and science fiction genre of writing.

7. Underlined — is also an extremely popular writing community especially for young writers. It provides genre-specific information and resources for young and aspiring authors.

8. Figment — is a great online community that covers topics from generic(writing advice) to detailed(cover designs) to off the wall stuff!

9. The Next Big Writer — a very professional writer community that offers very clear and honest feedback from professional writers that can help you master your writing skills.

 10. Nanowrimo — short form for ‘National Novel Writing Month’. It pushes writers from all genres and from all parts of the world to write a novel within a month. It also provides all help and support along the way!

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