Electrical engineering is a discipline that generally deals with electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Six Sigma is a customer-based manufacturing approach to realizing fewer defects and thus lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

The technicians, students, managers and engineers certified with Six Sigma are extremely benefited in the sense that it helps them to break down a task in the much simplified form thus reducing re-work and wastages. It is believed that electrical engineers are the best benefitted from Six Sigma training as they learn to cope up with complex devices in this competitive high-tech arena.

Often it has been observed a mismatch in customers desire and reality in electrical items because of its end result, re-arrangements and various other factors like mass defects and competitiveness in the saleable price. Six Sigma helps eliminate all these with production process efficiency to increase stability as per customer feedback, it also improves electrical efficiency and helps find and manage bottlenecks in the organization.


More and More Electrical engineers are deploying Six Sigma methodology after certification as it lays down simplified procedures in tracing issues and is beneficial in maintaining cause and effect relation among software’s and hardware’s during manufacturing thus increasing production with reduced cost.

Below are the top 10 benefits of Six Sigma in Electrical Engineering

  1. Six Sigma approach broadly defines how to accommodate power and the physical environment
  2. It Uses very simple data analysis that make it easy to understand manufacturing defects in electrical items
  3. It helps in generating interface between the electromagnetic device and the desired output.
  4. It helps in defining instrumentation design, description and specification including customer feedback on the most commonly encountered problems.
  5. Provides methods and techniques for testing and evaluating designs.
  6. It helps in Dealing with questions of electromagnets and its relation to equipment.
  7. It Covers correlation between electrical design and desirable output.
  8. It simplifies complex solutions and clarify difficulty levels.
  9. Solving Interference Problems in Electronics
  10. Engineers certified with Six Sigma bring cost effective shows across operations to improve quality under limited resources.

Since Electrical engineering is all about patching, mixing with cause and effect relation between nut and bolts, software’s and hardware’s, The Six Sigma training really helps budding professional of the industry in Developing in leadership and team-building skills necessary to oversee continuous improvement projects.All in All with Six Sigma the Career for electronic engineering graduates could be transformed from automotive to utilities.

Henry Harvin Institute offers the following Six Sigma Courses-

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Six Sigma Green Belt Course-

Six Sigma green belt course enables you to get an introduction to tools and techniques that are indispensable for the DMAIC model. This course gives you detailed knowledge of DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) for process improvement.

Henry Harvin equips you with the precise information of the Six Sigma green belt course. You can erudite with the industry-experienced trainers and apply the principles and philosophies of Six Sigma in your organization. This course operated under the guidance of a black belt. It analyzes the problems and solves them. It allows you to handle critical tasks.



Six Sigma Black Belt Course-

Six Sigma black belt course helps you to understand philosophies and principles, which includes supporting systems and tools. It has a precise understanding of all aspects of the define, measure, improve, and control (DMAIC) model that follow Six Sigma principles. Henry Harvin gives you basic knowledge of lean enterprise concepts. Moreover, Six Sigma is able to ascertain non-value-added components.

You will be able to use specific tools after completing this course. Six Sigma black belt certification program helps you with the intense practice of the tools and techniques. You can be competent in handling Data analysis and can comprehend the six sigma projects explicitly. 

Six Sigma Master Black Belt Course

Six Sigma Master black belt is the advanced level of certification related to the Six Sigma improvement process methodology. Lean Six Sigma black belt professionals can guide all aspects of tools and methodologies in their organization. 

Henry Harvin helps you to apply the techniques of a master black belt. You can be technically proficient with process improvement concepts and advanced tools.

Master black belt entails the training of optimization experiments, variation, non-parametric analysis, practical experimentation, etc. Moreover, they are the experts accountable for the strategic deployment of Six Sigma. It is a holistic integration of concepts from six sigma that helps you to apply philosophies of six sigma in your organization.

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  12. I have some information about the TEFL domain. But from this post, I get the complete details. Most of my doubts got cleared from this post.

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