A textile is an elastic or flexible woven cloth that is produced by process of intersecting warf and weft in thread. For textile businesses to compete in today’s competitive environment there has to be ways to enhance performance in work and procedures towards boosting customer satisfaction. Six Sigma orientation provides outstanding performance.




Six Sigma benefits in Quality Checking Systems to eradicate pilferage and raw defects. The Process Sigma level has also improved for both the manufacturing and operations. In terms of percentage, there has been an exponential growth in woven products.

The textile industry is important in the business sector of India and it has to face cut throat competition in market. The Indian textile industry is rapidly repositioning itself in the fashion and textile world. Indian textile designers are planning to diverge hierarchy as per global scenario hence there is need to adopt improvised reputation driven technologies to not only manage supplies, but also control output to enhance manpower productivity.

The unemployment ratio is increasing day by day in textile world. Textile Industry is the second largest Industry in the country which supports lot of employment whether directly or indirectly.

Below outlined are top 10 benefits of Six Sigma in Textile industry

  1. Utilization of resources, and increasing employment by its cause and effect relation.
  2. It improves product output in manufacturing and production
  3. Reducing over time problems for staff and eliminating child labour
  4. Eradicating environmental issues which are caused by emission of negative substances produced by textile industries
  5. Its ensures health safety of employees
  6. Six Sigma shows how to align the organization through customer-focused measures of performance
  7. The efficiency of Six Sigma gains benefits to get more production within limited available resources
  8. Six Sigma role has been quite significant in developing India’s GDP through textile industries
  9. It assists is fixing and creating solutions to enhance export of textile overseas

Six Sigma tools help in gathering and analysing prevailing data and place it with your current ambition like creating and developing textile positive material which are worn and accepted by all genres, creating machinery that can aid workers to work accurately and faster towards increasing yield, creating designs which are purely customer oriented and above all willingness of the industry to reach audience without compromising or sacrificing in quality. Check out the Online Six Sigma Course.


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What is the job of Instrumentation and control engineers?

Instrumentation and control engineers are responsible for designing, developing, installing, managing and maintaining equipment which is used to monitor and control engineering systems, machinery and processes. Their job is to make sure that these systems and processes operate effectively, efficiently and safely.

How six sigma is useful?

Engineers can manufacture but quality comes with Six Sigma. Six sigma helps in determining the quality of instruments manufactured. quality and six sigma go hand in hand. If you ignore Six sigma, you ignore the analytical skills.

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  1. The content is written amazingly. The importance of TEFL certification is described in an effective way. Do keep up the good work.

  2. The content is written amazingly. The importance of TEFL certification is described in an effective way. Do keep up the good work.

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