Microsoft programs Excel VBA. We can use this application for MS Excel, MS Word, and MS Access. Microsoft corporations created this programming. VBA expansion is Visual Basic Analysis. VBA used to write the program on Windows OS, which runs inside MS Office programs. 

The Customize Beyond option is accessible to MS Office host applications. It is allowed by VBA. 

What is VBA?

VBA is a Visual Basic analysis that can help to give commands to a computer. If you want to do this, first, you build the custom macros (the macro instructions)  for typing commands in the editing part. Macro helps give commands and can create new instructions for computer output. VBA cannot work alone, it can combine works with other programs like Graphical User Interface, User Defined Functions(UDF), and Applications Program Interfaces(API) on Windows and automate specific computer processes and calculations.

What is Excel VBA?

VBA is fit for Excel for collecting data, organizing data, maintaining data, and making calculations. VBA is better suited for Excel than other office applications.

How to Enable VBA in Excel?

First, we open the Excel Document, then press Alt + F11. The new window will appear with the name of the Microsoft Visual Basic application. Alternatively, you can go to the Developer tab and click on Visual Basic. On the top left of the window, we see the current projects. In the bottom left, you see the properties of the selected projects. There, you see the list of the properties of projects.  

Create a Command Button for Using Excel Macro

If we create the Command Button first, we enable the Developer option. In Excel press, right click on the Ribbon bar 

create the Developer check box

 Customize the Ribbon —> Developer check box —> ok

create the developer check box

Then, click the developer check box in Customize the Ribbon menu, and click the ok button. Now we see the the Developer in menu bar. 

Here we see how to create the command button following these steps:

Click Developer Tab > Insert > ActiveXcontrols >Command Button.

create the command box

You should Move the command button on your worksheet

create the command box

To open the macro command button following steps:

Press right-click on the command button and select view code.

create the command button

Type the following code in the command box. Then, we close the VBA editor, and we see the output in the worksheet.

command box creation

How to Create a Message Box

The following steps show us how to create a message box:

The message box shows the popup messages on the Excel. If you create a message box, you should type the following codes on the command box.

creation of message box

Now, you click on the worksheet. The message box will appear and show the message.

creation of Message box

VBA Shortcuts in Excel

Those following shortcuts in using Excel when working on VBA in Excel:

  • Press Alt + F11: Enter for a VBA Editor
  • Alt + F8:  macros will appear on the screen
  • Alt + F4: Close VBA Editor and Return
  • F7:  Open Code Editor
  • F1: Display Help
  • Ctrl + Space:  Auto Complete
  • F10: Activate Menu Bar
  • Home: Beginning of Line
  • put Alt + F5: handling the ERROR
  • Alt + F6: Switch between the Last two windows
  • Alt + F11: Taggled between the VBA Editor and Excel

Why We Use the VBA in Excel? 

The users cannot handle Excel throughout the VBA. They need more time to operate the Excel VBA. If you want to create Excel Macros, there are two ways you need. The First one is using the macro recorder. When you start the recorder, it immediately starts the recording of all the steps and processes you gave.  This macro process saves and recaps all your steps. There are no deep-level activities in this process. You can use a very simple method. However, this process has disadvantages: it is not customizable, and it is difficult with variables and wise processes.

The second method of creating Excel macros is input coding on VBA.

How to be VBA is Used?

Different fields and different levels of users used the VBA for programming languages. Let’s look at the different users of VBA.

1. General Users:

The General users are mostly used in VBA on Excel. The MS Office package has the VBA language, and it is fully free. The VBA language is fully used in repetitive actions and many actions other than the normal creation and maintenance of spreadsheets. For instance, if a user needs automotive tasks and repetitive actions, the VBA can be used to complete the tasks.  Most companies use VBA programs in Excel to create monthly sales reports and representations with various types of charts. The macro program helps to generate the reports with one click of an easy process. 

2. Computer professionals:

The system professionals use the VBA to complete complex tasks, long-duration tasks, and tasks that require more resources. The macro program creates custom Add-ins that support the application’s work with new formulas not available in Excel.  For Example, Computer professionals use the VBA to MS Office to execute complex functions, copy large lines of code, and design languages. The VBA merges with work for different types of programs. 

3. Corporate Users:

Corporate companies mostly use VBA. Those companies mainly use VBA to maintain records. Many corporates often use the VBA programming language to automate key functions and processes of regular business. The VBA programming creates the following tasks: accounting reports, tracking minutes, processing sales orders in real-time, and performing complex data.  The VBA automation can create all the activities mentioned above and also do an internal business process. This program also helps to collect that data in the cloud so corporations can easily access it across the world. 

Common uses of VBA

1. Analyze the Massive Data:

The financial field often uses a large amount of data for analysis.   Financial professionals, portfolio managers, financial analysts, traders, and investment bankers need to analyze the various amounts of data. They want to revise the data and need information about buying and selling. Those types of fields require the VBA programming language for maintaining and repetitive analysis of the data. As the correct data is input into the program, the system data output is better than the manual analyzing output data.          

2. Creating and Developing the Complex Reports:

The VBA programming can help make and develop complex reports like share marketing reports. Those reports help to analyze the daily marketing ups and downs, and those reports use probability formulas to calculate and make decisions like when we should invest and which company to invest in trading. So, this programming gives support to the investors and an easy way to analyze the data. 

The Excel VBA can use different types of users. Nowadays, corporate companies want all the employees to know about Excel skills. The Excel VBA helps boost your skills in Excel. If you want to achieve better growth in your data analyst career, you should need to learn about VBA programming.

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Q.1 What is Excel VBA?

Ans. VBA stands for Visual Basic Applications. It can help users in Excel create automation works and create and maintain complexity reports.

Q.2 How do you run the Excel VBA?

Ans. Open the Excel and simply press the ALT+F11. When the Excel command box appears, you can type a code to create the command.

3. Why does Excel need the VBA?

Ans. Normal work is not needed for VBA in Excel, but if you want to create repetitive actions, automate work, and make complex problem solutions, you should need the Excel VBA.

4. What is VBA Coding?

Ans. It is programmed to create the command for creating macros and automating actions for hard data types.

5. Is Excel VBA a good skill? Is it easy to learn?

Ans. Yes, Excel VBA is a good skill. This is the program for analysts who want to become a data analyst, finance analysts, and project managers, which are skills that are much needed. The coding skill is based on help to learn the Excel VBA. If you are interested in a programming language, you can easily learn the VBA program.

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