Learning Excel can make a big difference in my professional outlooks, but how and where to get training of such an Advanced Excel Course Online that may suit my needs?

I know basic Excel, but that is not enough to be promoted. Where should I find Advance Excel Course to enroll in? Internet is full of Excel courses. It’s hard to decide on which course to choose? Learning Advanced Excel course online without an instructor is boring, I need to have engaging sessions and Instructor-led training.

Advanced Excel Course: Best Advanced Excel Training & Certification Online

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One or all of the above questions might be in your mind. Whether it is office administration, people management, strategic report writing, accounts, contracts management, or monitoring & evaluation, Excel & particularly Advance Excel Course is there to help you. But where to learn Advance Excel Course? This blog is all about it. You will know all the things that you need to choose the best choice that suits your needs.

I’m going to let you know the ‘where’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ in your pursuit of top Excel courses online.

1. Henry Harvin : Best Advanced Excel Course Online


One of the most trusted Advanced Excel Courses Online is offered by Henry Harvin Academy in India. It’s ranked at No. 1 in the industry by Henry Harvin’s Advance Excel Course provides you with a community of support.

This Advanced Excel Course Online offers you multi-Domain exposure, complete guidance, and guidance by the trained professional throughout the course. Trainees get to know hands-on throughout. Internships are also offered at Henry Harvin Academy

Learn Advance Excel with Henryharvin

This Advanced Excel Course Online offers content that is applicable across all industries.   Henry Harvin academy has trained 6000+ professionals globally.

Sessions are highly engaging. You will not feel stressed while attending the sessions, which usually is the case in online learning. The trainers are well trained, and you get used to the environment in a manner as if you have had a strong affiliation before.

As per my experience, Henry Harvin empowers learning through learners. Advanced Excel Course Online at Henry Harvin trains you from the basic all through to the advanced level.

The Best Online Excel Courses

Features :of Best Advanced Excel Course Online

  • Your skills in the Advanced Excel Course online will be upgraded with more than 10 projects during the course. These projects are from a broader range of industries like engineering, marketing, finance, health, etc.
  • This Advanced Excel Course Online is trusted and recognized globally by more than 150 reputed corporates and more than 65 colleges.
  • Few of the known corporates trusting, Advance Online Excel Course at Henry Harvin are Abbott Pharma, Deloitte, and Fidelity Investments, etc.
  • You will have a globally accepted alumni status with Henry Harvin Advance Excel Course.
  • Henry Harvin Advance Online Excel course has more than 4000 satisfied alumni throughout the world.
  • You get the internationally acclaimed hallmark of CAEP- Certified Advanced Excel Professional
  • 24 hours online interactive engaging sessions
  • 24 hours brush up sessions
  • Access to unlimited batches for the whole one year
  • Real-time support is available.
  • Trainers leave no stone unturned to enhance your skills.
  • Case studies are discussed, which makes the sessions more engaging and interesting as well. You are exposed to the real-time work environment.
  • Henry Harvin not only trains you in your particular area but also extends additional training sessions from time to time.
  • And last but not the least; you get to have an opportunity to network with professionals across the globe

Cities in India Where Henry Harvin Course in Provided  

Other Henry Harvin Courses

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2.  Udemy : Best Advanced Excel Course Online

Udemy logo

The next Advance Excel Course Online ranked at No. 2 is offered by Udemy Online Academy.  Here the sessions are self-paced.

Udemy offers a variety of basic and Advance Excel Courses. Founded by Eren Bali, Gigan Biyani, Oktay Caglar, the academy has trained more than 40 million students in the April 2021 reports.

Udemy offers 173 free Excel Courses, while the number of paid courses is 1755 right now. There is a token system for free courses and special discounts are also offered from time to time.

There are 883 courses of all levels, 648 courses for beginners, 307 courses for intermediate level, and 90 courses for Expert level.  Udemy famous Excel Online Course is from Beginner to Advance.

Working with Excel


  • The main focus is on data visualization and enhancing the productivity of the professionals.
  • This course is 90 to 95% compatible with all the previous versions of Excel-like Excel 2010, 2013, and 2016. It is also compatible with Excel 2019.
  • These contents are well structured in a manner that beginners, as well as a learner of any level, find it interesting
  • There are a total of 24 lectures, language is English which with captions available
  • With Macros, you will be empowered to bring automation to your worksheet.
  • Practice materials are downloadable
  • You get a Udemy certificate.
  • Udemy also offers 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • An entire section is dedicated to Excel shortcuts. More than 100 Excel short-cuts are being taught. For example general short-cuts, short-cuts for navigation, data entry, formatting, selection, and formula shortcuts.
  • Interestingly a separate section is dedicated to the most used Excel tricks in this course.
  • You can easily connect with your mobile.
  • Advanced Excel course online at Udemy are self-paced, therefore meet the time requirements of working professionals.

3. Coursera Excel- Macquarie University‘s Excel Skills for Business Certification:Best Advanced Excel Course Online

Coursera logo

The courses offered by Coursera provide you with hands-on self-paced learning. On completion a certificate is issued. The course is available in many other languages like Arabic, French, and Chinese etc.

Each level is made keeping in view the previous knowledge base of the learner. However, any Excel user can start from any level as per requirements. Training is project-based. Graphs which are essentially a part of any professional reports are part of this Advance Excel Course

Excel Education Online


  • It teaches you formulas and functions that are most commonly used in the corporate as well as academia or any business environment.
  • Teaching is project-based.
  • You can start as a beginner, but if you have the basic knowledge then intermediate or even advance level course is there for you.

    There are four courses in this specialization:

Excel for business essentials:

  • This is a six week, you will learn the essentials of Microsoft Excel. Navigation would better be known to you to the level of an expert
  • Basic chart creation, graphs making, and overall formatting of the spreadsheet would become easier with this module.

Excel for Business: Intermediate I

  • Through this module, the trainee will learn to manage datasets of larger magnitude and to create reports in Excel.
  • This is a six-week module.

Excel Skills for Business: Intermediate II

  • Errors detection and prevention are taught.
  • Automation will be introduced
  • You will be able to make an informed decision by using the conditional logic of the Advanced Excel

Excel Skills for Business: Advanced

  • Here you become a power user of excel and strengthen the foundation of the previous three courses.
  • In-depth knowledge of sophisticated sheet making will make you a professional data analyst.

4. Edx Excel- Microsoft’s analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel: Best Advanced Excel Course Online

edx logo

If you want to know how to gather data, transform it, analyze and then visualize it, then Edx Excel Microsoft’s Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel is there for you. Without the certificate, the course is free, but if you want to add more value to your credentials, then pay $99 and get a certificate.

The exercises/quizzes are simply practising some tricks through Excel. A simple Excel sheet is your lab to practice complicated Excel tips and tricks in Exercises. This is a 4-week course.

Chose the best Excel Course Online


  • In the paid version of the course, feedback and discussion are available, which may help you make a correction or clarify any confusion.
  • The lab exercises are structured in a manner to fully understand what has been part of that particular week.
  • The tests given have four attempts to make if you are not right for the first time. That means it gives you additional time to think before making an attempt on the quizzes questions
  • The discussion feature of this course enables you to take help from the instructor as well as other of your fellows in the course.

5.  Excel Easy- Free Excel tutorial : Advanced Excel Course Online

At No. 5 in this list is Excel Easy- Free Excel tutorial. Free tutorial of this course are offered on the course page. You get a refresher in a very short span of time.

The page of the course is displayed with hyperlinked topic names. Even a non-tech guy can easily navigate through the page to learn the amazing features of Excel.

All sort of mathematical, statistical and financial calculations have carefully been structured according to the trainee requirements. The course is organized step by step.

the course is organized in such a manner that you learn basics first, then functions, data analysis, and then VBA knowledge is provided- all these are well explained with the help of examples.

Features: Best advance excel course online

  • It refreshes your existing knowledge and builds it up in a manner that can be learned easily.
  • Materials are associated with simple examples.
  • The designer of the course offers the course for free, although the work is of enormous quantity and quality.
  • The content is explained with downloadable materials
  • The course is designed keeping in view the diverse requirements of the users. For example, an academician may need an analysis tool, but a corporate professional may need graphs and charts for report presentations. All the requirements of a variety of users have been incorporated.

6. Excel with Wayne :Best advance excel course online

Excel with Wine is another amazing choice for you. With about 20 years of experience, Dr. Wine Winston has put maximum effort to make design the course.

There are 60 days money-back guarantee. The course is named “Complete Microsoft Excel Training”.

Dr. Winston is an award-winning professor who has been asked by the Microsoft Company itself to write a book on data analytics and business modeling.

Features:Best advance excel course online

  • Once enrolled in the master course on Excel, you get a lifetime membership access to almost 800 video lectures, which cover 75 hours of content.
  • This additionally benefits you to download more than 1500 downloadable Excel files for offline usage.
  • With simply an internet connection, you can access your learning material anywhere and anytime on any device.
  • If you once enroll and due to some reasons, are unable to continue, you can get your money back.
  • Winston makes decision modeling very easy with spreadsheets. In fact, the focus of this course is on decision modeling- an essential feature of the corporate ecosystem.
  • Many reputed international corporate businesses have been benefiting from Dr. Wine Excel tutorials.
  • Schlumberger, Intel, P& G are a few of the names who appreciate Excel by Dr. Wine.
  • Once enrolled in the course, a small clip of a new trick is constantly communicated to you with email reminders.

7. Alison :Best advance excel course online

alison logo

Alison Excel courses are free and paid as well. Unlike other online academies, Alison offers courses of diploma as well as certificates.

Advanced Excel Course Online offered by Alison academy is “Microsoft Excel 2013 Master Spreadsheets – Advanced Techniques & Functions”.

  • There are a total of 10 modules, 45 topics covered, with 5-6 hours of training. Modules are very well organized.
  • Module 3 teaches personal and professional financial functions. From module 4 to module 9, the contents covered are statistical & text functions, look-up, and logical functions, external data connectivity, and designing tables respectively.

Learning Online

8. Excel 2016 Essential Training (LinkedIn & Best advance excel course online

in learning logo

At No. 8 is “Essential Training Excel 2016 LinkedIn Learning – with Lynda.

LinkedIn has a joint initiative with to teach Excel 2016 Essential Training.

This particular course has insights from LinkedIn with the amazingly well-structured lectures on the subject. With this course, you can start the most powerful Excel training globally.

The instructor is Dennis Taylor, an expert professional in Excel and data modeling. If you need to learn the advanced formatting and appearance of your spreadsheet, organize data for calculations, building charts and pivot tables, the powerful IF, COUNTIF, and VLOOKUP family of functions, then go for this course.

Data analysis tools like the Goal, Solver, and Seek are part of the course. Automation is also stressed in this course.

This course suits the needs of beginners as well as intermediate Excel enthusiasts.

The duration of the course is 8 Hours 53 Minutes. 750,724 learners have so for benefited or still continue to benefit from this course. This course is paid for, but a free trial of one month is also available.  

Features:Best advance excel course online

  • Based on your LinkedIn profile, this course offers you customized content that suits your professional needs.
  • The sharable certificate is available in the paid version of the course.
  • You can showcase your certificate in the “Licensing & Certificate” section of LinkedIn
  • The certificate is also downloadable in PDF to be printed and shared with other organizations for job seeking
  • Dennis Taylor has over 25 years of experience in teaching data modeling.
  • Therefore this course has greater insights from the real work environment.

9. Skills Share : Best advance excel course online

skill share logo

Excel at Microsoft Excel is another amazing Excel resource available at Skillshare’s most popular course in this category is “The Complete Beginner to Advanced Excel Mastery Course”.  

The course consists of 108 lessons with a duration of 14 hours and 7 Minutes. The course is designed in such a way that it takes a novice all the way to becoming a professional.

The course itself is designed by using Excel 2016, but there is complete compatibility with previous versions of 2013 and even with 2010. Projects-based work is assigned for a better learning experience.

The course instructor Steve McDonald is a very experienced corporate trainer. The classes are kept simple with a lot of learning orientation.

Features of Best advance excel course online

  • Skillshare offers you many other courses, materials, and access to resources that may interest you.
  • Though the academy does not give a formal certificate, but a testimonial is granted once you complete a course.
  • With membership, you can have offline access to the resources as well.
  • The membership features is also a token of encouragement for the instructor of the course
  • You get a one-month free membership, once you are satisfied and find it easy to go through the courses on Skillshare, then you can upgrade your status to a premium member and avail yourself of full benefits.
  • There is one monthly money-back guarantee available in case you cannot manage to go for any course.

10. Micro Excel – Basic & Advanced (go skills)

go skills

Microsoft Excel- Basic & Advanced is ranked at No. 10 in this category. If you want to learn more in lesser time, then this is your choice.

Microsoft Excel – Basic & Advanced with, you are going to learn how to be a fast and smart user of Excel. Your productivity will be enhanced by taking this Advance Excel Course.

These are self-paced online Excel classes. This course is equally important and suits the need of the students, businessmen, corporate professionals, the construction industry, real estate businesses, and many more.

Features of Best advance excel course online

  • This is a video course, which takes 3-6 minutes time in each video clip, with this feature you are not getting bored with the monotonous style of online learning.
  • Reference guides are provided.
  • The lessons are short, therefore you can even learn a trick or tip while walking from the office to your car or during lunch.
  • The course equally suits the learning needs of beginners, intermediate as well as professionals/experts.
  • Advanced Excel Course Online such as charts, pivot tables, and Macros are well explained. Therefore an experienced professional can also benefit to refresh and update his/her existing pool of Excel knowledge.


My personal recommendation for students in specific is Henry Harvin because of its internship support system.  But overall all the courses mentioned in this blog are amazing. Don’t wait for a proper time.

Go and polish your skills. Today’s era is the era of data and data modeling. Excel is one of the most exciting, easy, and interesting data modeling tools.

Do register yourself in any of these Advance Excel Course Online. Explore the hidden treasure of knowledge that will surely take you from your existing position to a higher one. Learning the Advance MS Excel course has been mandatory to work in many multi-national organizations nowadays.

With Advanced MS Excel knowledge & skills, you will develop an ability to manipulate data for your intended purpose easily. You can make good-looking charts, a complex data set is easily shown with the help of graphs. Therefore learning Advance Excel Course has become mandatory for every professional today.

Therefore learning basics is not enough, there are a lot of benefits to learn Advance Excel Course.

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Q1. Why is Excel Advance Course Necessary for Professionals?

Ans. Technology changes rapidly, and similarly work culture demand also changes. Organizations now-a-days depend heavily on data handling, manipulation and data modeling. The future decision need to be informed. Advance Excel is an easy to use tool for data modeling.

Q2. Do I need to have a specific timing for an online course?

Ans. Not necessarily, Even if so and you miss your online session, you can have the recording later on to watch.

Q3. Should I go for free course or paid one?

Ans. Free courses are good if you want to know your adjustments, contents suitability etc. But the paid courses always have extra benefits. You can have the membership of real time support, certificate, and a community to be a part of, to learn from.

Q4. Does Excel need programming skills?

Ans. Learning Excel does not require you to have programming skills, however dealing Macros for an advanced level of automation, some easy coding is needed unlike complex programming.

Q5. How longer can I access the course contents after registering one of these courses?

Ans. Depending on the policy of the academy, but usually all these academies give enough access to learn your intended course.

Q6. What is Excel and Where do I need it?

Ans. Excel is a data modeling tool, which you need in business world, in academy etc.

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