Technology is ever-evolving and an unbelievably vast field, and jobs are accordingly available in the tech industry. The Highest Paying Technology Jobs build a secure, efficient, and data-driven world.

The Highest-Paying Tech Jobs pay well and enable them to be an integral part of this extraordinary era of technological advancement.

The Highest-Paying Tech Jobs require special skills and knowledge, such as coding, engineering, and other technical tasks.

List of the Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in 2024

1. Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud computing provides users with on-demand access to a shared pool of shared computer resource. Users are able to access the infrastructure and applications through this without the need to install or maintain them locally. Cloud Architects manage an organization’s cloud computing system. They develop cloud adoption plans, determine cloud application design, and create systems to manage, monitor, and maintain the system.

Cloud Architects work with:

a. Frontend Platforms

Customers use this Platform to access the cloud

b. Back-end Platforms refer to a cloud system’s hardware and software components, such as data storage, servers, virtual machines, hypervisors, and network devices.

c. Cloud-based data delivery models

Customers get IT capabilities via one of the three major models

d. Software as a service

e. Infrastructure as a service

f. Platform as a service

As of May 2023, the total pay for Cloud Architect is -20 lacs per year.

It varies according to factors such as Experience and location.

Range   29,499 – 9,30,000

There are different roles of Cloud Architects. It is one of the Highest Paying Technology Jobs.

 It varies according to that as well.

i. AWS Solutions Architect

 Salary 18 Lacs

ii. Azure Cloud Architect

  Salary   20 Lacs

iii. Senior Cloud Architect

 Salary   31 Lacs

iv. Principal Cloud Architect

  Salary   36 Lacs

v. Junior Cloud Engineer

 Salary   3,95,071

vi. Cloud Engineer

 Salary   6,10,000

vii. Cloud Network Engineer

 Salary   9,13,499

2. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Engineers are experts in programming, cryptography, and distributed computing. They develop software and require infrastructure to run blockchain networks. The System’s security and efficiency are also in their hands. Demand for this one of the Highest-Paying Tech Jobs is higher than that of the Highest Paying Technology Jobs.

 From 2020 to 2030, it can grow up to 22%.

The Annual Salary provided to Blockchain Engineers is as follows.

US$ 100 K-120 K

Singapore $90k-100k

UK $ 65k-75k

 Germany Euros 60k-150k

Canada CAD 90k-110k

Switzerland USD 130K – 180K

China 45k-70k

 Salary depends upon various factors like Experience, Location, etc

 A Blockchain Engineer gets paid between $1,50,000 and $1,75,000 annually.

3. Cloud Security Engineer

Cloud Security Engineers create and maintain security measures for company activities. They keep business information, network, and other assets safe and secure by:

a. Designing

b. Testing

c. Planning

 Salary   4 Lacs-5 Lacs annual

Additional Cash Compensation   32

i. Accenture   6, 75,000

ii. Securonix   10,00,000

iii. Infosys   6Lacs- 7 Lacs

iv. Cognizant Technology Solutions   8 Lacs-15 Lacs

v. Wipro   8Lacs-12 Lacs

vi. Capgemini   3 Lacs-6 Lacs

vii. Ford Motor Company   5 Lacs-8 Lacs

viii. PingSafe    24 Lacs- 26 Lacs

ix. TATA Consultancy Services   6,33,000

4. Cloud Engineer

The application of Engineering disciplines to cloud computing is Cloud Engineering. A cloud engineer creates, implements, and optimizes cloud-based applications.

They Work together with fellow cloud engineers

Upgraded cloud-based systems

Troubleshoots any actual or potential problems with cloud computing platforms

Provides necessary cloud support services.

Stays up-to-date on any new developments in cloud applications

 Salary    5Lacs- 12 Lacs annual

i. TATA Consultancy Services   5 Lacs

ii. Hanu Software Solutions   5 Lacs

iii. Accenture   8 Lacs

iv. BlazeClan Technologies   5,50,000

v. IBM  8 Lacs

vi. LTIMindtree   4,87,889

vii. Capgemini   5,00,000

viii. Wipro   6,32,500

ix. Rackspace Technology    11,70,869

x. Cognizant Technology Solutions   6,40,000

xi. HCL Tech   6 Lacs

xii. Infosys   4,32,308

xiii. Amazon   12 Lacs

xiv. DXC Technology   5,15,000

xv. Oracle   11,19,203

xvi. Cisco Systems    20,80,243

xvii. Deloitte   8,05,000

xviii. Amazon Web Services   18 Lacs

xix. Ellucian    11 Lacs

5. Data Scientist

Data Scientists collect large amounts of data. They use analytical, statistical, and programmable skills for the same. They use data to figure out solutions to meet the organization’s needs. Therefore, one of the Highest-Paying Tech Jobs.

Salary    6 Lacs-19 Lacs annual

i. TATA Consultancy Services    7,92,000

ii. IBM   12 Lacs

iii. Accenture    10,27,500

iv. MU Sigma    6,02,500

v. Cognizant Technology Solutions    8,65,568

vi. Infosys   7,71,046

vii. Fractal   16 Lacs

viii. Tiger Analytics   15 Lacs

ix. Amazon   15 Lacs

x. Capgemini   8 Lacs

xi. Google   15 Lacs

xii. Optum    15,50,000

xiii. Microsoft    18 Lacs

xiv. Anheuser-Busch InBev   19,82,000

xv. Wipro   8 Lacs

xvi. Jio   14,70,000

xvii. Deloitte   12 Lacs

xviii. TuringMinds.Ai   5,00,000

xix. Impact Analysis   7,40,000

xx. ZS Associates   14 Lacs

6. Cyber Security Engineer

Cybersecurity engineers are responsible for finding security flaws and dangers in computer networks and applications. Their expertise allows them to create and execute cutting-edge defences against cybercrime, including as hacking and insider threats. Among the highest-paying tech jobs is a fitting designation for this position.

 Salary   4 Lacs – 11 Lacs

i. TATA Consultancy    4,06,000

ii. Honeywell   10 Lacs

iii. FICO  10 Lacs

iv. Wipro   6 Lacs

v. ACPL Systems   5 Lacs

vi. Sattrix   4,16,000

vii. PwC   8 Lacs

viii. Infosys   4 Lacs

ix. Accenture   6,20,550

x. Cognizant Technology Solutions   69,333 per month

xi. HCL Tech   65000 per month

xii. Comcast   8,20,000

xiii. CyberThink    35,000 per month

xiv. DXC Technology    5,50,000

xv. Tech Mahindra    6 Lacs

xvi. Capgemini   10 Lacs

xvii. Amazon   13 Lacs

xviii. TCS   58,333 per month

xix. EY   9 Lacs – 22 Lacs

xx. Cisco Systems   6 Lacs – 13 Lacs

7. AI Machine Learning Engineer

AI Machine Learning Engineers research, build, and design artificial intelligence. They are responsible for machine learning and maintaining and improving AI Systems.

 Salary    6 Lacs-13 Lacs

i. TATA Consultancy Services    8,50,000

ii. VideoVerse   8,02,296

iii. HCLTech  16 Lacs

iv. Vehant Technologies   12 Lacs

v. Accenture – 6 Lacs- 18 Lacs

vi. Amazon   10 Lacs-22 Lacs

vii. Zomato   64,000-2 Lacs per month

viii. TATA ELXSI   7 Lacs-8 Lacs

ix. Verizon   16 Lacs-18 Lacs

x. Brane   1Lac

xi. Brilliant Sense Consulting Solutions   5 Lacs – 8 Lacs

xii. Boca   43000-47000 per month

xiii. TATA Consultancy Services   4 Lacs

xiv. Infosys   4 Lacs

xv. Cognizant Technology Solutions   9 Lacs-10 Lacs

xvi. Wipro   11 Lacs – 13 Lacs

xvii. Deloitte   10 Lacs- 12 Lacs

xviii. IBM  7 Lacs – 9 Lacs

8. Front End Developer

A Frontend Developer is a software developer who creates and designs websites and web application’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

Salary    4 Lacs-8 Lacs

i. TATA Consultancy Services   4,20,000

ii. Cognizant Technology Solutions   5,50,000

iii. Infosys   4,10,000

iv. Accenture   5,50,000

v. Fresher   3 Lacs

vi. Wipro    4,50,000

vii. IBM   8,00,050

viii. Freelancer   30,000 per month

ix. Capgemini   5 Lacs

x. Amazon   9 Lacs

xi. Frontend Design   25,000 per month

xii. Tech Mahindra   4 Lacs

xiii. Josh Technology Group   9,75,000

xiv. Publicis Sapient   7,10,000

xv. HCL Tech   5,28,197

xvi. First Student   27,000 per month

xvii. NeoSOFT   3,98,402

xviii. Deloitte   7,35,000

xix. Zoho   7,02,000

xx. Oodles Technologies   3,50,000

 9. Product Manager

 A product manager researches which products to make sure they get built coordinates teams of people, oversees feature development, shepherds products to launch, and runs product analysis.

Average Salary   9 Lacs – 25 Lacs

i. ICICI Bank 15 Lacs

ii. Paytm   22 Lacs

iii. Jio   18,85,000

iv. Flipkart   28,75,000

v. Amazon   30 Lacs

vi. TATA Consultancy Services   12 Lacs

vii. HDFC Bank   9,36,000

viii. Axis Bank   10 Lacs

ix. BYJU’S   10 Lacs

x. Oracle   18 Lacs

xi. Microsoft   30 Lacs

xii. Bharti Airtel   22,50,000

xiii. Kotak Mahindra Bank   13,49,331

xiv. Publicis Sapient   20 Lacs

xv. Times Internet   17,50,000

xvi. Google   28,45,711

xvii. Dell Technologies   20 Lacs

xviii. Ola   25 Lacs

xix. Sprinkler   30,93,609

xx. IDFC First Bank  15 Lacs

10. Computer Network Engineer

Network Engineers design, maintain, implement, and troubleshoot a company’s computer networks. They create networking environments, innovate, optimize, enhance performance, and secure networks. Therefore, it is one of the Highest-Paying Tech Jobs.

i. Salary   4 Lacs-7 Lacs

ii. Ericsson Worldwide   4 Lacs

iii. Motivate   4,08,000

iv. Tata Consultancy Services   5 Lacs

v. Wipro Rs 3,36,000

vi. Cisco Systems   12 Lacs

vii. Capgemini Engineering   5,40,488

viii. Tata Communications   3,50,000

ix. HCL Tech   4 Lacs

x. Bharti Airtel   3,50,000

xi. Tech Mahindra   4,50,000

xii. Capgemini 5 Lacs

xiii. Sify 4 Lacs

xiv. Jio 4 Lacs

xv. Accenture 5 Lacs

xvi. NTT Ltd 4,08,750

xvii. ACT Fibernet 20,708 per month

xviii. IBM 5 Lacs

xix. Infosys 5 Lacs

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Q.1 What Jobs are in demand in India?

Ans. Jobs such as cybersecurity engineer, data scientist, computer network engineer, etc., are in demand in India. Thus, they are the Highest-Paying Tech Jobs.

Q.2 Why are tech jobs in such high demand?

Ans. Technology is continuously growing and evolving. People rely on technology more and are moving online, and there is a need for data protection and cyber-security.

Q.3 What Skills Do We Require for Highest-Paying Tech Jobs?

Ans. We require Technical coding skills, data analysis, and cybersecurity for the Highest-Paying Tech Jobs.

Q.4 How can we find the Highest-Paying Tech Jobs?

Ans. Online job portals, tech conventions, and personal connections can help find the Highest-Paying Tech Jobs.

Q.5 Why are tech jobs highly paid?

Ans. Tech jobs pay high, particularly because of their educational requirements and strong demand.

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