Writing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content has become a complex problem that bloggers are trying to figure out to get better results. The increase in the number of Google algorithm updates and search engine factors coupled with the increase in the number of businesses using SEO has added to the competition around creating SEO-friendly content. Considering how important is it for your content to stand out, here are 7 important steps you need to take to write SEO content in 2019 and stay on top of the game:

Step#1: Research Your Keywords 
 This remains the first step in SEO content writing. Keywords help you to describe the topic to the readers and optimize it for search (generate traffic).  For producing SEO content, you need to research terms that people type on search engines so that you can create valuable and engaging content. 

“You can use tools like SEMRush and KWFinder to find amazing keywords. Besides, you can spy on your competitors to find out which keywords are getting them the traffic.”                                       -Adarsh Ahuja, Digital Marketing Expert.

 Once you have a target keyword, you can research further and find out more relevant keywords.

Step#2: Find Topics That Stay Fresh for A Long time
 SEO content is about finding evergreen topics that keep attracting visitors to your website. Your content should provide information that doesn’t become obsolete with time and also offer a solution to a problem that many people are struggling with. 

Step#3: Choose SEO-friendly Titles
 The title of your post lets the search engine recognise the context to which your content belongs. Try to choose a clear and straightforward title and make sure you include a target keyword in it. You can use popular title-generating tools like Hubspot, SEOProfessor. Check the overall score of your title using CoSchedule. Apply modifiers like “top”, “free”, “2019”, “360 degree”, etc. to capture readers’ interest.

Step#4: Structure Your Content
 Once you’ve gathered your target keywords and have a title, you should get on with structuring your article. You can write information and ideas that you want to discuss in bullets. If you are using some quotes or images, make sure you attach their source and URLs. Start composing your content in a structured format. Use correct grammar, unique content, and real conclusion to create highly readable posts. Follow the Do’s and Don’ts of Content Writing.


Step#5: Animate Your Content

 Visual content boosts visitor engagement and increases your conversion rates.According to the digital marketing company, Blue Corona, 80% of viewers find demonstration video helpful when shopping. If you want to add video content, upload a video on Youtube or Vimeo and then embed it into your post. This will double the traffic to your post.  

Step#6: Create Internal Links
 Internal links help the users to navigate to the topics of interest and spend more time on the website. When you want to provide additional explanation to the content you are writing, link it to a post where you’ve talked about that.  Make sure you link to live, valuable and authentic pages. 

Step#7: Write Mobile-friendly Content
Do You Know? According to Forbes, 99% of smartphone users browse the internet on their device daily. Google has recently rolled out the Mobile-first Index that means that you can get different search engine results on mobile compared to desktop. With the increase in website traffic generated through mobile phones, websites are bound to shift to a more mobile-focused index. Your website should be impeccably fast so that your content loads instantly. You need to create Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to optimise the user experience. 

“Writing SEO content can become a demanding job. Use these 7 steps to incorporate crucial elements such as evergreen topics, mobile-friendliness, user experience rules and video links in your content writing in 2019.”

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What is SEO content?

SEO writing is a tool that helps websites become more visible to major search engines. A highly visible website with good content appears on the first few pages of results when someone searches for that topic.

What are the steps for writing SEO content?

Research Your Keywords, Find Topics That Stay Fresh for A Long time, Choose SEO-friendly Titles, Structure Your Content, Animate Your Content, create internal links, Write Mobile-friendly Content.

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  2. The topic of plagiarism is very interesting. Can you please elaborate more on it so that we can create unique pieces?

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  4. The topic of plagiarism is very interesting. Can you please elaborate more on it so that we can create unique pieces?

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