Blockchain Technology is now a famous term. Anyone interested in cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin is aware of it. It is especially an impenetrable security system. Cryptocurrencies can exist due to this technology. It is certainly a well-built technology to protect the recorded information. Moreover, it is highly secure. It is also an adaptive and proficient mechanism.

What is Blockchain Technology? How Does It Work?

Blockchain has a highly advanced mechanism. Likewise, it is also effective. Moreover, this technology is famous as well as widely used. Due to cryptocurrencies, Blockchain has over 85 million users all over the world. This number is set to expand and rise further at a high rate in future. Certainly, this industry has a wide scope around the globe. The demand for this technology will only rise higher in the future.

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  • What is Blockchain?
  • Features of Blockchain
  • How does Blockchain work?
  • Scope of Blockchain
  • Pros and Cons
  • How to learn Blockchain?

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What is Blockchain Technology?

What is blockchain?

Blockchain Technology is an advanced method to input data. It conversely registers information. Also, the input data cannot be changed, hacked or manipulated. It also protects and safeguards the data. Due to digitalisation, the high increase in the use of cryptocurrencies has led to the advancement of Blockchain.

It records the financial statements and transactions done across various computers. Accordingly, this technology provides complete transparency and security. Moreover, it consists of chains of blocks. The core feature of this technology is that once a block is added to the chain, it cannot be changed.

Features of Blockchain

Features of Blockchain Technology

The unique mechanism of this technology is what makes it different and more useful as compared to other systems. It has several features that generally make it beneficial to us. They are as follows:


  1. Security: To secure the input, it uses up-to-date cryptographic methods. It makes the data impenetrable from any other unknown sources. This protects the input data from hacking. It also makes it resistant
  2. Transparency: All the data stored using blockchain technology is visible to all the personnel involved. This helps to ensure transparency among users. This feature is especially beneficial to record transactions.
  3. Permanent Ledger: As soon as one records data using this technology, it is impossible to change. No alterations are possible in the data after adding a block. This helps to provide permanent and secure data.
  4. Decentralization: Blockchain promotes decentralization. The computers around the world run it. It means that no person has complete control of the information. This proves to be beneficial to users. It also helps to promote complete security.
  5. Permission: Blockchain also has a feature of permission and permissionless. ‘Permissioned’ are private and they are inaccessible. Whereas, ‘Permissionless’ are accessible to anyone. This feature makes it possible to cater different needs of the user.
  6. Privacy: Blockchain is famous for its transparent transactions. However, it also provides several features to ensure privacy.
  7. E-Signature: To ensure that the transactions are valid, blockchain uses e-signature to verify its authenticity. This feature helps to assure security.
  8. Accessibility: Due to constant advancement in the field, blockchain has become especially accessible. This feature is helpful to a wide range of audiences. There is a variety of different types of accessibility provided by blockchain. This proves to be beneficial.

How does Blockchain work?

How does it work?

Blockchain Technology is a highly advanced technique. It ensures transparency and security. It helps to protect the input data from hacking, manipulation or external changes.

Once information is recorded and authenticated by the software, a block is created. It is not possible to change or manipulate this block further. Moreover, this block is shared with all computer blockchain networks that are connected to the blockchain. They are worldwide.

Scope of Blockchain


Blockchain has already become a disruptor in many industries. As it provides beneficial features and also ensures security and transparency. This technology will spread more in the future. It is also already in use for cryptocurrencies. However, several other sectors and fields require extreme transparency and security. Moreover, Blockchain can help to establish these attributes skillfully. This can certainly help in increasing the quality of the functioning of these sectors much more proficiently.

Some sectors are as follows:

  • Transparent voting system
  • Healthcare industry
  • To verify identity
  • Copyright
  • International trade
  • Financial Sector

Choosing a career in blockchain can be extremely beneficial, as it has a bright future ahead. There are abundant career and learning opportunities in this field, with a high scope for salaries as well. Blockchain technology is in demand and it will rise further.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Blockchain is a high-level and complex technology. Though it has several beneficial features, it also has some drawbacks.


  • Worldwide Accessible: Blockchain certainly promotes transparency. Moreover, it is accessible to everyone worldwide. It also helps to easily participate in global transactions.
  • Smart Contracts: Smart Contracts work automatically. It executes automatically once the conditions are met. However, they are not legalized.
  • Immutability: It ensures that it cannot be altered once data is recorded. This also helps to protect the input.
  • Traceability: It can trace the connection or movement of the resource. Therefore, ensuring the transparency of the network chain.


  • Environmental Conflict: Some Blockchain like Bitcoin use Proof of Work (POW). This consensus mechanism requires a great deal of energy to function. This can create environmental hazards.
  • Complicated System: Blockchain Technology may be complex for certain individuals. It can be demanding.
  • Permanent Transactions: As permanent transactions are one of the key features of Blockchain, it can also be a drawback. Records with errors or some other problems cannot be undone.
  • High-cost Expenditure: Due to Blockchain’s advanced technology, it is also costly. Development of such technology can be difficult due to its high-cost expenditure.

Where to learn?

Blockchain is an in-demand field. To learn extensively about it, there may be several difficulties and confusion. Over here at Henry Harvin, we provide a certified Blockchain Technology training course.

Henry Harvin

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Blockchain Technology is undoubtedly increasing rapidly. Not only does it have a high scope, but it is in high demand. It is also an ever-evolving technology to suit the needs of the current hour. Lastly, we hope you have learned all the sufficient information you need about this system.

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Que 1. What is blockchain in simple words?

Ans. It is a digital public ledger used for online transactions to ensure complete security.


Que 2. What does blockchain do?

Ans. It stores all the data about monetary transactions done using cryptocurrencies.


Que 3. Who invented Blockchain?

Ans. Satoshi Nakamoto invented the first circulating blockchain.


Que 4. Is it useful to do a course on Blockchain Technology?

Ans. Yes, it can be useful as it is a widely used and in-demand technology.


Que 5. Is Blockchain real money?

Ans. It can be converted into currencies in EL Salvador and the Central African Republic. However, it can be used for online transactions in a large number of countries.

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