Imagine diving into a world where numbers and smart planning come together – that’s where the Certified Management Accounting (CMA) credential shines. It’s like a badge that shows you’re really good at handling money and making smart strategies. US CMA Course is recognized in more than 170 countries all around the world.

In many places in India, there are schools that teach US CMA Courses as they do in the US. In addition, the US CMA Course helps you learn 12 super-important skills that are needed to do well in accounting and finance. And guess what? Having this title doesn’t just make you look good, it can also help you earn more money and get important leadership roles.

What is the US CMA Course?

Certified Management Accounting (CMA) is a special title in accounting that shows you’re really good at handling money and making smart plans. It means you know a lot about keeping track of money and making important strategies. The US CMA Course certification isn’t just about numbers; It covers lots of important things like business, money, and analyzing data. Here in this article, we’ll look at the five best US CMA courses you can take in India, while also examining the requirements for eligibility and the durations of these courses.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin - US CMA Courses

Henry Harvin is giving you a fantastic opportunity with their top-notch US CMA Course. Their excellent US CMA Courses have a lot of wonderful things to provide. They’re not only providing training, but also projects, internships, certification, placement help, e-learning, masterclasss, hackathons, and gold membership. Furthermore, you’ll be learning online with real professionals, and they’ll make sure to make it engaging and interactive. This way, you can improve what you already know and learn new things too.

Why You Should Join Henry Harvin’s US CMA Course

  • Get 6 Months of Intensive Training
  • Use the Online Learning Website
  • Study What’s Happening Now in the Business World
  • Get a Certificate Accepted Everywhere
  • Get Help to Do Well in the CMA Exam
  • Really Understand Finance and Business Ideas
  • Know Important Things About Businesses
  • Learn How a Company’s Money Works
  • Improve How You Do Accounting with Smart Business Insights
  • Know About Company Management, Money Reports, and Smart Choices
  • Look at Outside Trends and Numbers
  • Learn About Simple and Hard Management Processes
  • Find New Jobs in a Growing Field
  • When You’re Done, Qualify for Different Jobs

Eligibility: Graduates from any discipline can apply


Course Duration: 6 Months

Check Out This Video on How to Attend Henry Harvin Classes.

2. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus offers you the perfect opportunity to shine in the world of accounting and finance. This course is one of the finest among the top US CMA Courses. Their US CMA Course is packed with great features that will help you succeed.

What you will get in the Imarticus US CMA Course

Money Back Guarantee:

Imarticus is so sure about your success that if you can’t pass all your CMA exams, they will give you back half of your course fee.

Top Placements:

Once you’re a CMA, the door opens to big companies and global management careers. You’ll be all set to work with famous brands in finance, accounting, consulting, and other big companies.

Guaranteed Interviews:

They’ll help you create an impressive resume and prepare you for interviews.

Unlimited Access to Study Materials:

Whenever you want, you can use CMA books, practice questions, videos, classes, and more. The study stuff is from Gleim, which is the best CMA review course for over 40 years.

Expert Mentoring:

Their experienced teachers with special qualifications will give you personal sessions to help you succeed.

Basics to Practicals:

You’ll start with the basics of accounting and move to important CMA topics. You’ll also learn about useful tools like Excel, which will help you in the real world and during exams.

Master the 12 Skills as a CMA

As a CMA, you’ll learn many crucial things like accounting, making financial reports, corporate finance, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and more. All these skills will make you excellent in your job.

Eligibility: All 10+2 passed students

Course Duration: 6-8 months

3. EduPristine

US CMA Courses

EduPristine is offering diverse learning options in their US CMA Course, their program ensures you receive the best training possible. Moreover, it ranks among the finest US CMA Courses. From classroom sessions led by certified industry experts to flexible self-study packages powered by BECKER, they have it all. Furthermore, accessible 24×7 learning management systems, dedicated support teams, and career services support complete the package, equipping you with the tools you need for success. Whether you opt for classroom training, live virtual sessions, or self-study, this program caters to your needs, providing a comprehensive and empowering learning experience.

What you’ll learn from BECKER

  • You can access it for 2 years (that’s like 24 months).
  • There are more than 3000 multiple-choice questions for you to practice.
  • You’ll find 70+ essay questions to help you learn.
  • Use over 500 digital flashcards to remember important things.
  • Watch lecture videos to understand topics better.
  • The content is updated often, so you’re always learning new things.
  • You can even try mock exams to see how well you’re doing.
  • Get e-books and real books to read.
  • Practice tests are unlimited, so you can practice as much as you want.
  • If you need help, you can ask for BECKER’s academic support.

Eligibility: To take the US Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam, you need:

  • To be a member of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).
  • A Bachelor’s degree from a good university or the same kind of degree.
  • years of work experience in management accounting or financial management.
  • To finish both Part 1 and Part 2 of the CMA course exams.

Course Duration: Around 12 to 18 months

4. Miles Education

US CMA Courses - Miles education

Miles is a major friend of IMA and the largest giver of US CMA courses all around the world (in English). People say “CMAmatlabMiles” because Miles US CMA Course made the CMA learning system in India. Miles is IMA’s top partner worldwide. Varun Jain, the favourite instructor for CPA and CMA, leads this. They partner with more than 220 big companies, even the famous Big 4, for training and helping you get a job. 

The CMA exam is divided into two parts, and it tests you on 12 different skills.

Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

  • You’ll learn about External Financial Reporting Decisions, which is 15% of the exam.
  • 20% of the exam is about Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting.
  • Performance Management is also 20% of the exam.
  • You’ll understand Cost Management, which is 15% of the exam.
  • Another 15% is about Internal Controls.
  • Technology and Analytics also make up 15% of the exam.

Part 2: Strategic Financial Management

  • The second part is about Strategic Financial Management.
  • You’ll study Financial Statement Analysis, which is 20% of the exam.
  • Corporate Finance also covers 20% of the exam.
  • Decision Analysis is 25% of the exam.
  • Risk Management and Investment Decisions each make up 10% of the exam.
  • Finally, you’ll learn about Professional Ethics, which is 15% of the exam.

Eligibility: A bachelor’s degree

Course Duration: 9 to 12 months

5. FPA

The FPA US CMA Course comes with several key highlights that make it stand out. One of the remarkable features is its shorter duration, which means you can achieve your goals faster. The course also provides you with global qualifications, giving your career a broader perspective. Another advantage is that you only need to take two exams to complete the course. Moreover, the flexibility of both offline and online classes ensures that you can learn in a way that suits you best. With an impressive passing percentage of 84%, you have a strong chance of success. Certainly, it stands out as a top-notch US CMA Course. Not to mention, the potential starting salary after completing the course is a minimum of INR 6,50,000, showcasing the value this course can bring to your career.

Why Choose FPA?

  • Benefit from over 300 hours of classroom training.
  • Hold the Silver Learning Partner status granted by IMA.
  • Engage in live interactive classes and enjoy unlimited access to recorded lectures.
  • Select from weekend and weekday classes that fit your schedule.
  • Be taught by highly qualified faculties.
  • We are an approved IMA partner.
  • Avail 100% placement assistance.
  • Get training in soft skills and interview preparation.

Eligibility: 12th Pass

Course Duration: 300+ Hours Of Classroom Training

Check Out a Reference Video on the US CMA Course

Job Prospects of US CMA Courses

The US CMA course offers promising job prospects in India. Lots of companies really appreciate the skills and knowledge you gain from the US CMA Courses. Upon completion, it can significantly enhance your job opportunities and earning potential. You can pursue roles in finance, accounting, and management, among others. Companies actively seek individuals who have completed the US CMA course, as they possess the essential skills required for key positions. Therefore, by successfully completing the US CMA course, you can greatly improve your chances of securing a rewarding job in India.


In summary, the explored top 5 US CMA courses in India, with their eligibility criteria and course durations, offer a pathway to expertise in the dynamic fields of finance and accounting. These programs cater to diverse backgrounds, preparing candidates not only for the CMA examination but also for thriving careers in finance. Hence, pursuing a US CMA course is a proactive step toward a rewarding and impactful profession, reflecting the growing demand for adept finance professionals in India and beyond.

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Q.1 What are the career prospects of the US CMA course in India?

Ans. The US CMA course holds significant scope in India, providing opportunities for lucrative careers in finance, accounting, and strategic management across various industries and sectors.

Q.2 What is the salary of a US CMA in India?

Ans. The salary of a US CMA in India can range from INR 6 to 15 lakhs per year, depending on experience and job role.

Q.3 What are the benefits of pursuing a US CMA course in India?

Ans. Enrolling in a US CMA course in India offers enhanced career prospects, global recognition, improved skills in management accounting, and financial analysis, and opens doors to a variety of job roles across industries.

Q.4 What are the eligibility criteria for the US CMA course in India?

Ans. Typically, candidates need a bachelor’s degree, membership with the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI) or similar professional bodies, and relevant work experience in finance or accounting.

Q.5 What is the course duration for the US CMA course?

Ans. The course duration varies, but it usually takes around 6 to 12 months to complete both parts of the CMA exam, considering full-time study.

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