Content! Content! Content! What is content all about????

Do you know what is Content?

What is the job of a Content Writer?

What skills does a Content Writer needs?

Is Content Writing hard?

These questions surely arise in every individual’s mind. All those who think that content writing is such a trending job nowadays, it’s easy to write content on any given topic, anyone can do this job and it doesn’t even require much effort.

 Then wait maybe you are all wrong and my blog will surely give you a deep understanding of what all a content writer goes through. How difficult it gets for them to find a suitable topic and inserting keywords wisely could be a challenging task.

Moreover, a writer should curate his content and cater to the demands of his target readers. Every responsible writer should be sincere towards its content quality and able to disseminate relevant information to its audience. This way the search engine and crawlers will automatically value your content based on its quality.  

Now, I believe your thought process must have changed regarding what all a content writer does. Don’t worry I am not going to scare you away and control your ambitions of being a content writer.

The job of a content writer is quite exciting and full of lively experiences. Be passionate about your skills and writing. I am sure you will love being a content writer and enjoy your job too.

For all those who want to join a content writing course and upgrade their skill, Henry Harvin Education could be the best option for you all to enroll in. Content Writing Course is for all those who want to start their blogging website, freelancers, and want to pursue it as a career.

Then Henry Harvin Education is the best platform for you all to apply for this course. Below are some of the details provided to apply for this course-


Key features of Content Writing Course-

  • It provides 36 hours of extensive online content writing training
  • It provides guaranteed internship to gain practical experience to all its students
  • It provides with certified digital content writer after completion of this course which is globally accredited
  • They also run a Post Graduate Program in Content Writing which is a 12-month course in which it gives 6 months of live online training and 6 months of internship to gain in-hand experience
  • They give access to live projects and case studies to its students for a better understanding of the course
  • They also run a Content Writing Foundation Course which is for beginners who want to enter into the field of content writing
  • They also provide 1 yr of gold membership of Henry Harvin writing academy to both its CDCW certification and Post Graduate Program in Content Writing
  • Henry Harvin Education provides you with 24×7 Lifetime support access to the LMS 
  • Henry Harvin Education has an abundance of tools, videos, assessments, video content, and many more
  • They also provide personalized job notifications every week along with the best job options
  • They give monthly brush up sessions for 1 yr for free

Tools Covered Under Both the Courses ie CDCW and Post Graduate Program in Content Writing are as follows-

  • Ginger
  • Canva
  • Ginger
  • Hemmingway
  • SpyFu
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • WordPress and many more.

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The article continues after this video!!!

Without wasting much time let’s focus upon what my blog is based upon ie “15 Great Topics Ideas for Content Writing”.Being a blogger at times it gets a little fuzzy and difficult to choose a perfect topic for your blog.

Also, topic ideas for blogs aren’t always easy to dream up. For bloggers running out of ideas is not an option, they are always supposed to be ready with ideas.

But what to do if we run out of ideas?.

In this blog, I am going to share 15 great topic ideas for content writing with you all. These topics may give you inspiration and practical ideas to start with your content writing journey.

I hope you all enjoy reading my blog further and gathering a list of new ideas and topics for your article.

Here is the list of some cool and interesting topic ideas to begin your journey of content writing with-

1. Product Reviews

Product review and services are a great way to enhance the traffic from the audience to your blog. In today’s time, before purchasing any electronic item or any valuable stuff, selecting a restaurant for fine dining, going for a vacation, going for a movie and many more people make sure to check its reviews first.

Bloggers should be highly updated with their product and service reviews with the most recent ones. It will not make any sense if you review any model or product released 5 years ago or so.

These product or service reviews not only bring high traffic to the website but also bring revenue for the bloggers. You may also earn commission from a certain set of products and services which you may recommend in your blog when people will click on that link it will redirect to that website.

This is called affiliate marketing and many bloggers are monetizing their content in this way. In affiliate marketing, you link your blog with product pages through affiliate links such as Amazon affiliates and much more.

Along with this try to include your reviews and experiences with the product you are reviewing about. This will build strong connections with your audience.

2. Ultimate Guides

The ultimate guide as the name suggests your guide should be exclusive and the best. Make sure your guide is engaging and outranks your top-ranking competitors.

The issue is nowadays, many articles are using titles as the ultimate guide and put their posts under this heading. Due to which it is losing its meaning slowly and further makes your article a little less attractive and engaging with the audience.

Moreover, it is not necessary to make your guide blog too long to gain more SEO traffic and engagement with the audience. Also, adding top tips in your ultimate guide doesn’t mean you are adding more value to your blog.

Your main goal in creating an ultimate guide should be to share informative content along with focus keywords. Creating bigger content often leads to cringe-worthy content which should be avoided.

All you need to do is focus upon your content quality. if the content is great and doesn’t include any keyword stuffing and surpasses all the algorithms then your content will get organic searches. Creative Writing by the writer is always praised and read with enthusiasm by the readers.

3. Listicles

Listicles are another common type of blog post. The blog you are reading now is a listicle blog. One of the reasons why listicles blogs are so popular is because readers get the required information properly.

A listicle article helps the reader to scroll through each point on the list without reading the entire post. Readers like the articles when the content in them is crisp, clear, and straightforward.

For eg- If someone is looking for top institutes for content writing then, in that case, listicles blogs will be a better option. The reader would look for such blogs in which there is a listing of institutes to choose from and this will give help them out a great deal.

When you specify the numbers in your listing blogs and attach a hyperlink to it this encourages your readers to click on it.

4. Comparison Post

In the comparison post, the blogger is supposed to explain why those two things aren’t a direct comparison, and possibly try to find a much better comparison for the audience to consider them.

Make sure to give the background information of both of them and then further explain the relationship between the two. This will give the reader a clear picture of both things and they will be able to decide which fits them the best.

Whenever you are writing a comparison post don’t forget to point out what is unique and so special about that product or service which you are offering.

Refer your unique selling proposition of the product or service you are offering to your audience for inspiration. Once, you are through with your comparison post the reader will now judge and will be clear which one is a perfect match for them.

These comparison posts help readers to easily compare and contrast the product or service review. Content of such posts or blogs should be exceptionally valuable and visually pleasing that the reader makes its decision within few seconds after reading your blog.

5. Tutorials

Do you know even content writing has its tutorials? Yes, in today’s time you name any niche it has its tutorial for eg beauty, makeup, computer languages, foreign language, digital marketing, CMS, and many more.

You name any niche it has a tutorial. During lockdown in pandemic times, many people have learned so many new things from such tutorials. People have started their small businesses, freelancing, and whatnot during difficult times.

What attracts the audience most to such tutorials posts is that they don’t have to pay a penny to learn what they desire to. Therefore, the tutorials posts could be an amazing idea, to begin with, your journey of blogging.

In this digital era, no one wants to be dependent upon anyone to learn a new skill. These tutorials make the audience feel independent and they can learn anything and everything with the help of such tutorials.

6. Health and Lifestyle

Health and lifestyle have always been an issue of demand. In today’s time, everyone has a fast-paced life and nobody has time for their health due to which a maximum percentage of people are facing many health issues.

A healthy lifestyle is something that every person should adopt. We all are aware that during pandemic times due to our unhealthy schedules and diet pattern all went through many health diseases.

It is necessary to create that urge and curiosity in the minds of the audience to enjoy a healthy and fit life. This can happen when there is awareness among them. Many influencers and bloggers started blogging about a healthy lifestyle, the importance of exercise, healthy diet.

This showcases how this topic could generate revenue for bloggers and also spread awareness and the importance of health and diet to our audience.

7. Writing Tips

Content is the most important part of every website and it should be given extra importance. Your blog should be compelling that will induce the audience and will take into consideration.

Writing tips could be one of the best topic ideas to choose for a content writing to educate your prospective readers. Whenever the reader reads the word “Tips” they pay more attention to it and try to adapt those tips in their daily routine too.

Always remember that writing tips make your content much more attractive and easy to understand by the readers.

Enroll in a content writing course from Henry Harvin Education and upskill yourself to enjoy your journey of writing.

8. Education

Education blogs are something that can never fade out. The main of education blogs is to educate and train their readers about the courses they desire and they may also do their graduate, diploma, and post-graduate programs online.

Once, again this lockdown has boosted the culture of online education. Anyone can learn and upgrade their skill of knowledge and expertise across the world from anywhere. Your certificates or degree courses and programs are just a few clicks away.

With the existence of the digital era, there are several ways to get an education. Bloggers may write about online classes and many other unique characteristics.

Make sure you do proper keyword research and choose the topics wisely which have high search volume. The writer should invest hours in research of the topic also they should use fluid language and powerful words to make a strong and long-lasting impact upon the readers.

9. Special Occasions and Festivities

Festivals is some which are enjoyed by everyone isn’t it? Be it Indian or international all special occasions and festivals are close to people and they all have some memories attached to them.

Bloggers who enjoy being a part of all occasions and festivals will love to write blogs on it. This could be a fun topic to write upon and the writer will enjoy its process and readers will surely get attached to it.

Such blogs receive a high amount of post views and footfalls. Moreover, writers may give a touch of their personal experiences and stories to make the content much more relatable and spread a sense of attachment and warmth with their readers.

There are many varieties of content writing topics under festivals and special occasions like decoration, gourmet food, a celebration with near and dear ones, and many more.

10. International Affairs

This content writing topic requires in-depth knowledge and research also it is quite popular but a challenging task to write content upon. Whenever, writers may write about international affairs they are supposed to be extra cautious and clear about political scenarios, economy, geography, cultural aspect, social structure, and other areas which you will write upon.

Facts provided under this topic should always be backed by enough evidence. A content writer who writes an article based on such a topic should have a flair and unique style of writing.

They should be well aware of the topic and have umpteen amount of knowledge. Such topics will have a defined audience who wants to be aware of all the international affairs and relations.

11. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing courses have become a hype in today’s time. Every firm wants that their employees should have appropriate knowledge in digital marketing which could help in the growth of the company.

Being a part of digitalized era every firm is taking their business upon the online platform for better reach among the audience. This is the reason why more and more writers are starting their careers in this field.

Digital Marketing has endless topics and fields to write upon and all of them are very interesting and futuristic oriented. There is a huge readership of digital marketing and people are curious to read and understand what is digital marketing in depth. Many influencers, bloggers also freelancers have adopted this niche as their career and source of income.

There are various fields of digital marketing in which a person can excel such as Adwords, SEO, SMM, E-mail marketing, Inbound marketing, and many other opportunities upon which bloggers may write and share with a prospective set of audience.

This content writing topic has wide scope and writers will find an ample amount of information on the internet for research purposes.

The firms are giving more importance to digital marketing since it is a great replacement for long traditional marketing methods.

12. Freelancing

Freelancing is yet another topic that is gaining prominence day by day. When you compare this with your regular office job work it is different and many people are diving into this field.

This pandemic gave high emergence to freelancers and many individuals have started their own business as a freelancer. It is been observed that freelancers tend to earn more income as compared to regular jobs.

The best thing about freelancers is they don’t have to work as slaves under their boss in the office here they are their boss. Freelancers are supposed to be highly proficient in their work and should have immense knowledge about their work.

Various industries in today’s time require the service of freelancing such as web designing, content writing, copywriting, makeup and beauty, coding, digital marketing, and many more.

There are advantages if you jump into this line and take a career of freelancing ahead. Being a content writer you must spread awareness and generate interest among your readers and encourage them to start working as a freelancer and generate income out of it.

Freelancing is still a little unexplored and new to people. It is your duty being a writer to research well and provide content upon such topics that will be of value and highly accepted by the readers.

Some of the eg-

Freelancing charges, prospects in the future, job opportunities, and many more could be hot topics for a content writer. Don’t you want to work as a content writer freelancer? Yes, you can also begin your career as a freelancer and share your experiences to make your content more relatable and engaging with the audience.

13. Social Media Tips

The social media world is very fast-paced and everyone is taking their business online. Also, social media is trending in today’s time and many influencers have taken this to another level.

Social media could be a great content writing topic for writers to do blogging. For the content writer, it could be a little challenging task in initial times.

All those who assume that blogging upon social media and sharing of posts is easy then not it is not.

It can take months and years to gain a traffic audience along with post views and likes. But some of the social media tips shared by content writers will guide the influencers on how to maintain their social identity with the huge customer base.

14. Life, Spirituality, and Relationships

Wow, this content writing topic is something that every content writer desires to write isn’t it? I mean who doesn’t want to share and gossip endlessly about life, relationship status, mediation, spirituality, and whatnot.

This lockdown has taken us through a rollercoaster ride. We all went through emotional trauma, relationship problems, mental stress, and many problems. Many lost their jobs, faced family problems, financial status got disturbed, economic slowdown, recission in industry and MNC sector.

But slowly and steadily everything started coming back on track. This could be the best time for bloggers to write articles and blogs on such content writing topic and spread happiness, cheer the audience.

15. Frequently Asked Questions

Wouldn’t be great if you being a writer know what kind of questions your audience is searching for? Well, you can just listen to your inner self. 

What are the most frequently searched topics by the readers?

Check for the most common questions often asked by the readers.

The most important thing a writer should always keep in mind is to ask their readers what they want to read about more often.

Once, the writer answers the most important questions it builds a stronger relationship with the audience and becomes more likely to purchase a product or service from your company. 

So, is your brain flooded with new ideas and topics yet?

I believe now you must have got some hints and tips, to begin with, your desired content writing topic.

This is to all the aspiring writers-

“Always jot down the topics and ideas you have in your heart and mind”

Those who believe they can memorize the topics and ideas then believe me you won’t.

Myself being a writer I make sure to fetch and write down all the ideas and topics that are in my brain. This way it becomes easier to decide which topic to take upon for writing.

Happy writings!

Final Ending –

So here, I have shared 15 great topics for content writing in my blog which you can choose from to write on in 2021. Writers make sure your topic includes impactful knowledge, fluid language, freshness, creativity and imagination, great communication, and engaging content.

Once, all these points are been taken care of you will gain a great number of views and footfall upon your website which will increase your goodwill as a writer.

The creation of good and engaging content takes an ample amount of time. The writer’s aim should be to provide valuable and educational content to the readers which will result in more influencers and readers.

Once, you can fulfil the demands of readers and are able to answer all the doubts and questions of readers you will be on the path of becoming an impressive and established content writer.

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Q1. What does a content writer do?

Ans. A content writer is a person who specializes and is responsible for producing relevant and engaging content for websites. Every website has a specific target audience attached to it. It requires well-researched, informative, and high-quality content delivered to the audience. This will increase footfall and post views by the reader.

Q2. What are the six genres of writing?

Ans. Below is the list of six genres of writing-
1. Descriptive
2. Expository
3. Persuasive
4. Narrative
5. Poetic
6. Technical

Q3. Is content writing easy?

Ans. All those who think content writing is an easy job and anyone can do it. Then no it is not as easy as the way it looks like. Content writing is something that requires fluency in the language, able to connect with the audience through its style of writing, and fluid writing.
If you want to be an impressive and highly established writer you are supposed to have these skills along with some marketing skills.

Q4. Is content writing a stressful job?

Ans. Being a writer is itself a challenging task. All those who can make stress their best friend or bitter foe then for them nothing is stressful in life.
But here, content writing is not a stressful job for those who enjoy writing and connecting with the audience via digital platforms.
This profession demands energy, a clear mind, focus, concentration, and peace. I believe every person has a creative mind and once, you can express your creativity on paper then it is the most interesting and creative job.
It requires some consistency, creative thoughts, and the nature of learning and exploring new things in life.

Q5. Where can I find content writing topics?

Ans. List of areas where you can find your content writing topics-
1. Google image tags
2. Facebook Ad library
3. Reddit keyword research tool
4. Scan blog comments
5. Google analytics landing page reports
6. Ahrefs content explorer
7. Content relaunch
8. Podcast titles and description
9. Pinterest suggests
10. Conference talks and many more

Q6. How do I find the latest and trending content writing topics?

Ans.Ans. Below is the list of tools to find the latest and trending content writing topics-
1. BuzzFeed
2. Google Trends
3. BuzzSumo
4. Quora
5. Reddit
6. Sprout social
7. Pinterest 
8. Youtube Trends and many more.

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    Got to know that copywriting is a promising field from your blog and I would definitely try it.

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    Your post is an actual tutor in the field of the French language course. Wish to see more such posts.

  16. Sonal Arora Reply

    Your post is an actual tutor in the field of the French language course. Wish to see more such posts.

  17. Sonal Arora Reply

    Got to know that copywriting is a promising field from your blog and I would definitely try it.

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