Certainly, in Saudi Arabia, a cybersecurity certification is relatively valuable and in high demand. It’s due to the increasing rate of cyber crimes due to digitalization in almost every enterprise. Therefore, companies and organizations in Saudi Arabia are searching for certified specialists in this area. Different types of cyber security certifications are there to gain different types of expertise. 

These cyber safety trainings assist you in growing to be a certified expert and eligible for excessive-paying jobs in the area of cyber security. We have indexed down the best cyber security certifications to pursue.

Best 5 Cyber Security Certifications in Saudi Arabia

1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional – CISSP 

The first name in the list of the best 5 cybersecurity certifications is CISSP. A globally placed certification that represents knowledge in cyber safety methods and management. The best cyber security course for people who need to boost their career into a managerial function. CISSP certification has a 3-year validity, and after that, the certificate holder needs to retake a test. Here at CISSP cyber security training, you will study

  • Security and risk management
  • Asset security
  • communication and network security
  • identity and access management
  • security assessment and testing
  • Security operations and software development security.

2. Certified Ethical Hacker – CEH

CEH is the following cyber security certification to pursue in this area. This certification is issued with the aid of the EC-Council. Undoubtedly, that is the first-class cyber security training for professionals trying to become professionals in moral hacking and penetration testing. This will help you in getting offensive security roles. You will become the first point of defense against cybercrime.

Topics you will learn during cyber security certification

  • Footprinting and reconnaissance
  • Scanning networks
  • Enumeration
  • System hacking
  • Malware threats
  • and also sniffing
  • Lastly, social engineering and cryptography.

3. Certified Cloud Security Professional – CCSP

The subsequent cyber security certification one can get is the CCSP. This is a globally identified certification issued by way of (ISC)². This cyber security path will assist you in gaining know-how in cloud security architecture, design, operations, and compliance. Certified CCSP specialists are accountable for securing cloud environments and protective cloud-primarily based assets.

Topics you will learn during cyber security certification

  • Cloud concepts and architecture
  • and cloud data security
  • Cloud platform and infrastructure security
  • Also, learn cloud application security 
  • Lastly, Legal and compliance issues

4. Certified Information Security Manager- CISM

CISM is the following name within the list of first-rate cyber security certifications in Saudi Arabia. ISACA issues this certification and is excellent for skilled professionals within the field of cyber security. This helps in getting high-profile jobs in cyber security and statistics safety control. A certified CISM expert is responsible for coping with, designing, and overseeing a corporation’s facts security software. CISM cyber security training covers topics such as 

  • Information security governance
  • Risk management,
  • Also, information security program development and management, and
  • Information security incident management.

5. CompTIA Security+

Lastly, CompTIA Security+ is the next name on the list of top five cyber safety certifications in Saudi Arabia. This cyber safety course is for entry-degree professionals searching for strong know-how of cyber security principles. This cyber security training will cover topics like 

  • Firstly, Network security,
  • Secondly, compliance and operational security, 
  • and then threats and vulnerabilities, 
  • Application, data, and host security, 
  • Access control, and 
  • Also, Cryptography

Best Cyber Security Certification – Henry Harvin

Cyber Security Certification

One of the fine alternatives for cyber security certificates in Saudi Arabia is Henry Harvin. For more than a decade, they have been presenting exquisite training and task-oriented publications across the globe. 

  • Till now, more than 460,000 college students have taken advantage of these courses. 
  • One of the best ed-tech institutes with more than 210 company partners and a hundred and eighty college partners
  •  Furthermore, they’ve affiliations and accreditations from ISO, MSME, Comptia, AAEFL, College De Paris, and more. 
  • They offer more than 10 cyber security certification courses, which will make you a certified and an expert professional in this field. 
  • Moreover, hese are two-way highly interactive online courses that are 100% practical. 
  • Also, get a year membership of the Henry Harvin’s Data Science & Analytics Academy along with many more benefits. 

Certainly, there are many more benefits if you start your cyber security training with Henry Harvin.


Cyber Security certification in Saudi Arabia can result in your dream career route. The call for qualified professionals carrying knowledge in this area is very high. There is more than one cyber safety certification; however, those five cyber security certifications are the best. Moreover, doing the cyber security courses from the reputed institute Henry Harvin will beautify the possibilities of achievement in this field. Hence, learn from the satisfactory and begin your cyber safety education.

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Q1- What is the validity period for the CCSP certification?

Ans. This cyber security certification is valid for three years. However, candidates need to earn Continuing Professional Education points along with the annual maintenance fee.

Q2- Is there a demand for cyber safety specialists in Saudi Arabia?

Ans. Yes. There is a big demand for Cyber protection experts. It has the projections to reach US$428.70m in 2024. Hence, going for cyber safety schooling is the best profession selection.

Q3- How to choose the best cyber security course?

Ans.  Always check the curriculum, benefits, and support you will get from the training provider. Also, check the reviews available on different platforms before joining the course. If you are looking for the best option Henry Harvin is the answer. 

Q4- How much can I earn after the cyber security course?

Ans. On average, certified cybersecurity professionals can get a salary of SAR 13,520 per month.

Q5-  Can I ask questions in online cyber security training?

Ans. Yes. Henry Harvin’s online cyber security certification courses allow you to ask questions during the live class. Moreover, trainers answer all the queries and questions and transfer their expertise to the students in the best possible way. 

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