Are you searching for YouTube video ideas for beginners to start a new channel? Then yes, this is the right blog for you. During this pandemic, we have seen a spike in YouTube video channels. 37 million per 500 hours every minute, people are uploading new videos. Not only channels, but people are also consuming YouTube videos rather than TV.

 So videos are becoming a powerful gadget for Digital Marketing and Advertising. YouTube is the second biggest social media network after Google. It is also run by the search engine, which means it can help to grow your audience.

 Furthermore, people are using YouTube to search their queries and solutions the same way as Google. Some ingredients to become a successful YouTuber #1: consistency, creativity, engagement and authenticity.

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 YouTube is a platform that will provide you with many views. Youtube will pay you a good amount of money for it.

       Do you want to surf the waves of youtube, but don’t know how to start?

Here is a list of YouTube video ideas for beginners-

1. Review videos

If you are good at understanding things and giving perception, then you should make review videos. Thoughtful ideas and perceptions can help your audience and influence their purchasing decisions.

 you can talk about several products-

  •  Beauty products-  Do you have a love for cosmetics? Then definitely this is the best for you. Address your audience with the different products of your choice. Keep in mind the probable questions and answers related to them just for the audience.
  • Movie and books for review-  Read a book or watch a web series and movie. Using your understanding, you can narrate the story on your own or views of them.
  • Vehicles and Gadgets- Vehicles, cars or any gadget’s lover can review their dream car or any gadgets describing their cool features.
  •  Food review-  you can help a lot of foodies to find out the right food and restaurants in your Youtube videos.

2. Motivational videos

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 All human beings need encouragement and motivation to overcome difficulties and move in their life.

 To create a powerful motivational video, you need to make your audience feel motivated and build a positive attitude in them.

 Prepare the speech full of emotions and real-life instances on famous personalities. You can also give some motivational quotes to change the mood.

 This will make your content connected with your audience.

3. Product unboxing videos

This is one of the popular YouTube videos among young stars.  It is a creative and smart idea for making videos. To make these videos, one needs to purchase a product or receive a gift.

 Now, in front of the camera just open the package and record the reaction on it. Share your feelings and impressions about the product. 

         It helps the consumers to anticipate their questions about the qualities and real appearance of the product. 

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4. Tutorial videos

If you are blessed with excellent teaching skills, this idea is for you. 

 select your market niche and your depth knowledge on the subject on which you want to create the video. 

Videos on tutorials are made to teach concepts or techniques to the targeted audience. Share your secret tips and tricks that you have gathered through your experiences.

Few examples of this type of video like different makeup tutorials, hairstyle tutorials, how to book a plane ticket except and many more.

5. Storytelling Videos

It is the most powerful content nowadays, YouTube is a platform where one can share their story. 

A person sharing their authentic story in a YouTube video can help thousands of people who are living the same situation and get a solution from them.

Video ideas like choosing a career, challenges you have overcome etc can be demanding for the viewers.

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 These stories will encourage them to make proper decisions in their life.

 To be important for your subscribers, create interesting stories to engage your audience.

6. Travel blogs videos

people who love to travel, These types of video content are followed by the people who love to travel. This idea is the easiest way to create a video that anyone can do.

 One needs a camera and starts to record your journey wherever you like to travel. Many bikers record their travelling experiences on their bikes.

You can share your experience, culture of the place, food,  weather and the route to travel to that place. You can also talk about the history, famous places or interesting facts related to the places you travelled to.

Live Cover the scenic beauty of the places, people of that place by doing so you can connect with your audiences. Interested people, I will find your videos helpful and it will create an opportunity for new audiences.

When people will get detailed information about the place, more people will subscribe to your YouTube video channel for the latest updates.

7. Q and Ans Videos

It is a very effective YouTube video idea, covering a variety of subjects.

You will get a lot of questions and comments from your audience on your video and social media posts.

 Try to answer them by making a video on it. Inform your audience about the ideas of preparing the specific video. Select the interesting question you want to answer the

m Bye turning the camera on.

 Also mention the name of who has created the question, so that they feel important. This way, more people will be motivated to interact with your channel.

8. Fitness Channels

This is a trendy search on YouTube for workout advice. People of all age groups want a workout and a healthy diet plan to live a healthy lifestyle.

Share your workout and diet plan with your subscribers. Show them the proper way to implement them at the gym.

Another YouTube video idea can be for the people who cannot travel to the gym because of their problems. You can provide them with an alternative workout plan and equipment. Like water bottles can replace gym weights.

This will show people with a new idea of getting in shape.

For a beginner, it becomes very hard to find the right supplement which suits the workout. Create a video to enlighten them with the proper supplement, its protein content and its benefits.

Preparing a video on low-cost diet plans or simple healthy recipes for weight loss is also very helpful. 

Debunk some fitness myths and show some efficient methods of exercise. An enriched audience will always come back for your new videos and promote your channel. 

9. Interviews Videos

Inviting a guest to your channel can also turn into an engaging idea. Keep an eye on trending news and bring a guest related to the topic to interview and discuss the matter. 

Viewers will get attracted and participate to listen to the content. Attempt to make it more captivating and present them with the human side of the story.

10. Beauty Trends

Beauty themed youtube topics are always sneak peek by the subscribers. Educate your viewers with details of the product launched and how to use them. Discuss the bonus of using these products, their cost, brands and many more.

Provide some killer tips on skincare and hair. Give some skincare routines to improve skin and hair quality. You can come up with trendy hairstyle tutorials.

 Make a list of your favourite products and discuss them. It may be your collection of makeup brushes, cosmetics or creams, anything of your choice.

Disclose some Dos and Don’ts content with your viewers.

Recently during the pandemic, people started a makeup challenge. Popular topics like no mirror challenge, kids’ makeup challenge, makeup under 500. So you can also come up with a unique makeup challenge.

11. Educational video

Educational videos could be on any subject of your choice. Share your tips and knowledge of the subject before that set a standard as per your target audience.

These videos are very popular among school and college students. Use easy and fun methods to explain the subject. Vivid images and infographics can make learning easier and enjoyable too. 

To get more ideas for your next video content, you can ask your audience to submit a suggestion on topics at the end of your video.

12. Short Films

Story writing is your passion, then create a short film. All you need is a camera, microphone and a video editing tool. Web series on YouTube is also an option to make your story a hit. If your story is too long then turn it into a web series. Here you can show your creative ideas to execute the series.

A Comedy short film plays a catalyst to boost the rate of your subscriber.  It is not a simple task to make a person roll around the floor or bring a smile to their face in pain. Create a unique sketch using your sense of humour and confidence.

13. Cute Videos

Who doesn’t like cute babies and pets? Capturing babies and pets doing something funny is quite adorable to watch. This is the full proof YouTube video to bring your subscriber to watch your channel.

  Adorable videos of babies and pets can bring instant smiles and happiness to anyone. Be very active and vigilant to record the perfect moments of their activities.

14. Music Videos and lessons

If you want to build a fanbase on YouTube, then find some popular songs and give your voice to that song. You can do an acoustic version of that song or mould your remix.

If you are a talented lyricist,  then you can record your song and share it on your YouTube channel. Another choice is to provide music lessons on guitar, drum and many other musical instruments. Because of digitalisation, online video classes are very demanding these days.

Upload and promote local music in your areas. Music has no boundaries, heart-touching music can connect with anyone. Even if someone doesn’t understand the language, they can feel the song from the heart.

Travel to any of the famous music festivals and cover up the events. You can give your feedback related to the performance and the event. Share the live event so that people all over the world can watch it. This way more people who are interested in that show will follow your channel.

15. DIY videos

DIY(Do it yourself) teaches how to do something by themselves. This video works well on creative people and students for their art and craft activities. This involves anything from making homemade beauty products like face packs and soaps, different crafts, home decor ideas, school projects, etc.

 However, to create this type of video, you must practice well before showing the process to create your DIY idea. Prepare simple steps so that your viewers can follow you while making the product.

16. Lists

A stimulating list can be drawn for browsers of youtube and the presentation is engaging then viewers will stay until the end.

These youtube video ideas are arranged as Top 10, Top 50 lists related to some of the booming topics. You can make a collection of Top 10 popular music or funny videos, food etc.

17. React and Prank YouTube Videos

These are the simple and real reactions, how one reacts to a certain situation. React videos are creative and funny. 

You can get the freedom of subject, you can record anyone’s reaction during a prank, receiving gifts or messages, watching movies, videos etc. 

Pranks work wonders for several years on youtube. Cleverly plant a prank to make it entertaining and sensible. Start pranks on your friends, family as they will easily forgive you. Make your prank for entertaining purposes, don’t hurt someone’s feelings.

18. Gaming Ideas

If you are obsessed with games well then use your talent in these video ideas. Record your game and show the world how you have played it.

So many new games are coming out every day in the market. It became hard to find the best one. Document a review on the best one to help your viewers to buy the right one.

Some cool game hacks to win a match. Sometimes you can do a commentary run on gameplay. Talk to your audience, connect on the level of the play, tips to play better. Make it more fun and engaging.

Something surprises your audience with live stream gameplay. Try to make them excited to watch you play live. Collaborate with other games and invite them to your channel. You can pull other viewers to your channel.

19. Cooking YouTube Videos

To start a cooking video, you don’t need to be a chef. If you love to cook or have some good recipes, share them in your videos. Introduce new food from different cuisines. Here also you can collaborate with renowned chefs and make a special episode. 

Cover some regional dishes to connect with different regional peoples. Portion out some cooking tricks with your viewers. If your tricks become life-saving hacks for the people who cannot cook you will become a star for them. 

20. Match Analysis YouTube Video

Covering live matches can be a great scheme to charm your viewers who cannot attain the match, but want to be updated. Film your thoughts and experience on the game day with the fans.

Initially, you can start your videos with sports news. Provide updated sports-related news.

If you know a trick in basketball, football or any other game, show them the impressive tricks. This way you can create your fan following.

21. Life Hacks

Life is tough to handle, we can make it easier by following some simple tips. Impressive tips can go viral, bringing you millions of subscribers.

Maybe you have some life hack formulae which you have applied to make your life organised. So share them with the world.

22. Fashion Tips

Give an option on the latest fashion trends like different mix and match clothing styles. Show off your wardrobe collection and your favourite dresses. 

Feed your audience with different style tips like how to dress in summer and winter or different kinds of parties.

You can also discuss the luxury clothing brands and where to buy them.

Suggest some shop names where they will get affordable and latest dress collections.

23. Business advice ideas

If you are from a business background, you can give business ideas and advice. Share your success story, and enlighten them with the secret tips that worked for you.

 Business-oriented viewers will get attracted to your Youtube videos. To make it more helpful you can attach ebooks on techniques to increase sales, ideas for startups and many more to download the content or provide some valuable links in the description. 

24. Daily Routine YouTube Video

Film a whole daily routine in your youtube videos. Let your audience peek into your life, how you spend your day, how you manage your daily chores.

It can be anything that you want to show them to get inspired by you.

25. Interesting Facts

Creating a curiosity within the audience is a hard task. Grab your audience’s attention by sharing interesting and unknown facts on any place, history, animal, festival, the flag of a country, anything which is unheard by the people.

YouTube: Future of digital marketing

 YouTube for digital marketing, is the best secret for promoting a company’s service and product.

 It has numerous advantages-

Power of  Search Engine Optimisation- To reach a large audience, one should take advantage of SEO. Applying the right keywords and tags will help to generate organic traffic for the company’s website.

Platform to reach a wide number of users –  Millions of users spend 3 hours every day on YouTube. Keeping this in mind, a company can get good exposure not only locally, but internationally. This will not only help in digital marketing but will bring clients and employees.

Budget-friendly- The method of digital advertising is budget efficient. Investing in YouTube pieces of equipment are low on the cost compared to the cost of billboards, print ads and commercials.

Live broadcast- Another cheapest way of digital marketing is YouTube live events. It is equipped with a lot of features for professional broadcasts.

To learn about different digital marketing tools and techniques you can get enrolled in a digital marketing course.


Take away

 So there you have it, the 25 YouTube video ideas for beginners.

 Now, it’s time to select the favourites that Spark you the best with your talent.

Even being visible is a hard task today. you have to work hard on creating original, creative and interesting content to make your audience like your channel.

  Another factor in promoting your channel to the right audience. All you need is a unique strategy for a huge success.

  •  Proven tips to promote your YouTube channel-
  •  know what your audience wants
  •  Hitched with the YouTube community.
  •  Create custom thumbnails.
  •  Promote your channel with SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) in mind.
  •  Host a YouTube contest.
  •  Playlists are important, so create them to organise your content.
  •  Live stream on social media like Facebook and Instagram to connect with people.
  •  paid YouTube ad Campaigns.

Hope you like the tips shared in this article. Share your ideas if you want to start your Youtube video channel.

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Q. How to start a YouTube video channel?

Ans. Steps to follow to start a YouTube channel-
 Sign in to the YouTube channel with your Google account.
 Set your profile picture and details.
 Click confirm to create your channel.

Q. How does YouTube pay us?

Ans. YouTube generates their money achieved by the advertisements through AdSense, sponsorships and affiliate links.YouTube will pay if you earn a minimum of $100(7579 INR) from placing ads on your channel

Q. What should be the length of a video?

Ans.  The ideal length of a YouTube video should be ten to fifteen minutes. Short videos have higher retention rates.

Q.  How to bring confidence talking to a camera?

Ans.  Tips to be confident on your camera-
 1. Start talking to yourself in the mirror. 
2. Practice your script or try to have a conversation with your friend or yourself.
  3. Find a familiar space to start your YouTube videos.
  4. Dress up while you practice your script, it makes you feel good about yourself.

Q. What are the basic types of equipment to start a YouTube channel?

1. Camera- DSLR camera to record (1080P) Video.
2.  Webcam- Should support up to 760px and 60fps streaming and resolution of 1080p.
3. External microphone
 4. camera remote
 5. Softboxes
 6. Tripod
 7. video and audio editing tools.


  1. harish kapoor Reply

    Lifestyle videos and blogs are popular these days and being a fitness freak, I would definitely want to do some. As per your blog, I think I can do a course in Digital marketing. Thanks for the help

  2. Enjoyed the blog. Very thoughtful of you to write on the trendy subject of digital marketing.

  3. Enjoyed the blog. Very thoughtful of you to write on the trendy subject of digital marketing.

  4. Enjoyed the blog. Very thoughtful of you to write on the trendy subject of digital marketing.

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