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Technical Writing Courses and Training in Singapore


Technical Writing Courses in Singapore have become imperative in the vast field of digital marketing. 

It is a practice of processing documents, visuals, verbal information, and demonstrations to instructional and training material

The purpose of technical writing courses and training is to make a complex and technical concept easier to understand and comprehend by non-technical audiences.

It must be noted that all documentation of complex technical processes and any technical information that is conveyed in writing at work is technical writing.

writing for companies that include high-tech manufacturing, engineering, biotech, energy, aerospace, finance, IT, and the global supply chain.

Technical information is distilled and presented unambiguously.

Documents that Expected to be Written as Apart of Technical Writing Course are-

  • Technical reports
  • Emails conveying technical information
  • Memos
  • User Interface text
  • Guidelines and user manuals
  • Press Releases
  • Whitepapers and case studies
  • Executive summaries
  • Balanced scorecards
  • Product description
  • Proposal writing
  • Reports
  • Websites

The Skills that you need to Acquire in Technical Writing Course and training in Singapore

To become a successful technical writer, you need to master a core set of skills. By joining the right Technical Writing course in Singapore you will get these skills.


            It is very important to research, on your assigned topic, collect data both numeric

           and non-numeric

           After finishing the research work you need to synthesize and plan to organize your 


        Turn your data into valuable information

You Can Source Your Research Through

  • On-site data 

  • Online and Intranet publications

  • Interviews

  • Libraries and research databases

Audience Perception

Technical writers need to communicate technical information to non-technical clients.

Most important is for them to analyze their audience carefully, in order to match information to their needs

Their research must be done and designed keeping the reader’s interest, understanding and perception.

Communication Skills

Technical writers need to interact with multiple teams, professionals from different fields.

Definitely their ability to listen, record, and communicate is imperative to be a successful technical writer.

Technical Skills

It is very important for a technical writer to master the concept you are conveying or selling.

writers do have academic or work experience in the topic they are writing about.

Clearly, they are employed in technical positions.

Furthermore, they have to summarize information cross-functionally to other areas of the company.

Mostly technical writers are engineers, geologists, seismologists, financial analyst or business analyst.

It is easy for a person from the technical background to do technical writing.

Skills for Technical Writing Course In Singapore

Technical writing and training enables writer to have the correct tone, style, format for the document.

It is important that a technical writer must have excellent writing skills with command over language and grammar

Awareness and Fluency With Digital Tools

Technical writers must be aware of various digital tools, beyond the basic text editor., they need to add graphics, annotate images, screen captures and extract data from excel and convey that data in charts and tables.

Industries That Use Technical Writing

  • Biotech  & Pharmacy
  • Consulting
  • Energy and Chemical
  • Engineering
  • Information and technology
  • Financial services
  • Government and Non-profit
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain

Tools Required For Technical Writing Course

Markup and Style Languages are More Useful for Technical Writing.

HTML,XML,and CSS are useful markup and style languages that can be learnt online.

Apart from these languages there are four types of tools-

  • Help authoring tools (jekyll,MadCap Flare,Confluence,Roboelp,Doc-to-Help).
  • Graphic tools (Snagit,Capture,Photoshop,Illustrator).
  • Video Recording tools (Camtasia studio, Screenflow, captivate).

  • Page layout tool (InDesign, Word, Framemaker).

Elements of a Good Technical Document

There are some core elements of any technical document that make it effective

Most importantly, part of any technical document is the front matter

That must connect to the audience/reader.

Undoubtedly, It must include the following elements-

Title page, Abstract, Table of contents, List of figures, list of tables, List of terms, acknowledgements.

Body– introduction, background,theory, design criteria, materials and apparatus, procedure, work plan, results discussion, Conclusion.

End matter– References, appendixes, Index.

This is how a good technical document must be formatted.

There are various institutes that offer course in technical writing and training in Singapore.

Here we shall talk about the top ten technical content writing courses in Singapore.

Also Henry Harvin Provides these Courses

1. KNOWLES Training Institute

Contact No: +65 6935 7406

Knowles offers the best technical content writing course in Singapore.

It provides world-class training and development solutions.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to gain a strong grasp and improve their technical writing.

Writers, Editors, Journalists, any professional that needs technical writing in their job profile.

Training Group size

Minimum five to a maximum of twenty-five participants can be part of a training group.

KNOWLES Content Writing Course Duration and Fees in Singapore

Duration of a technical writing workshop is one day.

Moreover, Training institute can contextualize this workshop in different duration.

( 2 days, half-day, 90 minutes, and 60 minutes as per requirement.)

One Full Day course-S$489

Course objectives

Technical Training Part-1

  • Understanding of technical writing.
  • Essential skills of a technical writer.
  • Identify how technical writing can improve the business environment.

Technical Training Part-2

  • Identify audience through audience analysis.
  • Recognize the importance of technical writing in terms of the training manual.
  • Communicate throughout the industry to ensure the writing is varied as possible.
  • Write useful technical papers, manuals and white papers.

Technical Writing Part-3

  • Compare the improvement after consumption of technical writing.
  • Communicate throughout the industry to ensure the writing is as varies as possible.
  • Write useful technical papers, manuals and white papers.

Technical Writing Part -4

Assess your readers and produce documents to meet their requirement.

Build active sentences and sections that describe information.

Employ diagrams, tablets, charts and other graphical instruments.

Technical Writing Part-5

  •   Create Informational content that readers will appreciate
  • Organize ideas with front-loading planner form
  • Reduce costly rewrites in later stages

Technical Writing Part-6

Comply with ten standards of design.

Create a draft of the actual document.

Use the four- box organizer form to your prototype smaller papers or structure larger prototypes quickly.

Technical Writing Part-7

Transform complex concepts into sentences and paragraphs.

Compose a working text.

Evolve prototypes into an actual document.

Technical writing part 8

Ensure the quality of your finished product.

Check accuracy of information

Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Additional Features

  • They provide technical Writing Essentials Ebook
  • Technical Writing Course Handouts
  • 30- Day Action Plan
  • Writing MindMaps Pack
  • Writing PPT Slides
  • Use Writing Memory Flashcards
  • Technical Writing E-Learning Course
  • Technical Writing Online Video Course
  • Essential Audio Book
  • Infographics Pack
  • One year access to the online video course
  • Contact trainer 90 days post-course
  • Certification

2. Advanced Learning Singapore (“ALS”)

Contact No: +65 6711 0530

It is a corporate training course provider with expertise in specialized IT courses and Soft Skills Training workshops for public and private sectors.

ALS offers, 1-day The Art Of Technical Writing Courses In Singapore.

The Course Covers

  1. Introduction to Technical Writing
  2. Problems faced by technical writers
  3. Ten Cs of Technical writing
  4. Guidelines for better writing

  2. The Writing Process

  • 7 steps of the writing process
  • Effective opening reports
  • Effective closing reports
  • Format of letters and reports

   3. Guidelines for Technical Documents

  • Problem Solving and Project status Reports
  • Proposal to purchase and incident/accident report
  • Convincing your readers
  • How to make heavy Technical Report more stimulating

  4. Putting it Together

  • Editing your report
  • Checklist of effective Technical writing techniques

Advanced Learning Singapore Technical Writing Course Features and Fees in Singapore

Experience-  Trainers are Highly qualified to industry standards with great expertise and experience.

Unlimited Post course support absolutely free

Practical Learning Experience, through hands-on,  instructor-led classroom training.

Training materials and Manuals – Comprehensive courseware developed by their specialized trainers.

Course Fee-S$ 400 Nett

Course Flexibility and Customization

ALS exercises flexibility in meeting the customers training needs.

Closed classroom for corporate training groups.

It also offers Contextualised and customised in-house training programs.

Aim is to meet specific organisational requirements locally and globally.

3. CCL SMF- Singapore Manufacturing Federation Centre For Technical Writing Skills

Contact No: +65 6826 3100

SMF CCl trains more than 10,000 people annually.

It offers comprehensive range of programs and seminars.

Also,It has been conducting corporate training since 1966.

It delivers value to organisations through the introduction of practical skills and contemporary. business knowledge to empower the workforce at all levels.

Course Outline

  • Problems faced by technical writers
  • The Ten Cs of technical writing
  • Writing concisely
  • Guidelines for better writing
  • 7PS of the writing process
  • Effective Opening and closing of reports
  • Formatting Letters and Reports
  • Problem-solving and project status reports
  • Proposal to purchase and incident/accident report
  • Convincing your reader
  • How to make heavy technical writing more stimulating
  • Editing your report
  • Checklist of effective Technical Writing techniques

CCL SMF Content Writing Course Duration and Fee

Technical writer course duration-7 Hours

SMF Members$321

Non Members $374.50

4. Technical Writer Course (Skills Future Credit)

Contact No +65 6785 5785

British Council Singapore

The Committee for Private Education(CPE) was appointed by SkillsFuture Singapore(SSG) Board in Oct 2016 to carry out its functions and powers relating to private education under private education act.

Their Enhanced Registration framework was passed by the Singapore Parliament in September 2009

They are accredited as a Consumer Trust business on 4 Feb 2005 that aims to encourage best business practices by merchants they can trust.

Learning Outcome-

  • Translate complex ideas into clear, logical and technically accurate documents
  • Produce technical information for non-technical audiences
  • Help the readers to take action or make decisions more effectively

Workshop outline

  • Understanding your readers
  • Focusing on your reader’s needs
  • Using a reader analysis chart
  • Generating your content

  • Processes and instructions
  • Best practice for writing instructions
  • Project- writing instructions
  • Describing a piece of equipment
  • Project-Describing a process

Skills Future Credit Content Writing Course Duration and Fees

Course Duration: 14 hours

Course Fee: S$ 954.44 (including 7%GST)


Contact no: +65 6791 1744

Centre For Professional and Continuing Education

Achieving Excellence in Technical Writing Course in Singapore

Most importantly, The course focuses on Technical writing and training skills needed by technical professionals.

The aim is to create documents easy to read , comprehend, communicate information clearly, accurately and concisely.

Course Outline

  • The technical writing process
  • Reader -centred writing
  • The effective style for technical writing
  • Select appropriate formats for different communicative situations
  • Grammar essentials
  • Writing technical descriptions
  • Writing clear instructions
  • Design and use effective visuals
  • Draft effective abstracts, summaries and reports.

Nanyang Technological University Technical Content Writing Course Duration and Fees

Course duration One Month Full Time- 9am to 5pm

Course FeeS$ 631.30

6. Quantico (Singapore) an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation

Technical writing + Editorial Workshops +Courses (Singapore)

This workshop focuses on the core skills necessary to produce technical and editorial content for organisations and entities.

Course objective

To structure information for a specific group of people.

The five step process of technical writing.

Clarification of purpose, Research, Planning and contextual analysis

A formidable approach for audience clarity and thought leadership.

Quantico Content Technical Writing Course Feature Duration and Fees

Course Fee inclusive of all taxes ( Cost + Subsidy):S$ 550 nett

Course duration one day 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

In person delivery

Instructor- student ratio 1:9

Online learning option available too

Topics covered

  • What does technical writing and editorial content mean?
  • Predicting learning behaviour
  • Task oriented editorial strategy
  • Assessing audience
  • Paragraph modelling
  • Compelling case studies
  • Genre and its power over audiences
  • Research skills
  • Qualitative approaches to information gathering
  • Language perspectives
  • Creating Brevity + maintaining Interest
  • Technical writing for media
  • Cross Cultural communication tools
  • Playing with formats
  • Technical writing for websites
  • The future of technical + editorial content

7. AVENTIS Learning Group, Singapore

 Technical writing class: Take your Technical Writing to the next level

At Aventis they offer-

Face-to-face learning

Online learning


Customized learning

Diploma & Masters

AVENTIS Learning Group Technical Content Writing Course Duration and Fees

Course duration Two days (9am – 5pm)

Online live stream via Zoom

Course Fee-$988 (ExcludingGST)

Key Takeaways

After completing the course at Aventis learning the learners will be equipped with critical skills +needed for technical writing and training.

  • Define modern technical writing, its vore component, varieties and application.
  • Choosing the best format to convey information.
  • Describe complex ideas and concepts coherently and clearly.
  • Refine technical writing in terms of clarity, conciseness, acceptability, accuracy,and audience awareness.
  • Producing technical information for non technical audiences, helping them make effective decisions.
  • Enhance user reading experience using graphics for maximum effectiveness.

8. ISCA Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants

MP109: Essential Skills in Technical Report Writing

This course is recommended for technical professionals, executives, and managers .

who need to write technical issues not only technical but also for non technical writers.

The course aims to equip the participants with the required skills to write clearly, concisely and objectively.

It is important for technical writers to communicate their ideas to technical and non-technical readers.

It must be noted that technical ideas and details affect the decision making and problem-solving processes within the organization.

ISCA Institute of Singapore Technical Content Writing Course Duration and Fees

Duration: 7.CPE hours(Others)

Classroom  mode (9AM to 5 PM) 

Course Fee (Inclusive of GST)

For members:$283.55

For Non Members: $340.26   

Program Outline

1 Understanding Your Target Audiences

  • Most importantly, the writer must know and understand readers while writing technical correspondence.
  • Using an appropriate style of writing for technical and non-technical readers.
  • Aligning writing to precise technical objectives.

2. Presenting Your Information and Message

  • Blending infographics, diagrams, charts and tablets into reports effectively.
  • Effective use of captions.
  • Determining units of measurement in charts and diagrams.
  • Enhancing clarity by using supplementary text for diagrams, charts and tables.
  • Using lists in reports.
  • Parallel usage of tablets and lists.

3. Writing With Clarity and Impact

  • Using short and crisp sentences
  • Balancing the usage of technical jargon and plain English
  • Using appropriate and effective syntax
  • Appropriate usage of active and passive construction
  • Paragraphing
  • Ensuring logical development and flow in the correspondence reports

9. (CCISG) Corporate Courses in Singapore


Established in 2010, specialises in providing training services to organisations and individuals in Singapore   

All Technical staff, engineers, managers, who need to write clear, convincing,and accurate technical reports, can benefit from this workshop

Course Objective

  • On completion of the workshop, learners would be able to:
  • List common errors in Technical writing
  • Identify their customer for whom the report is being planned
  • Employ guided structure in technical writing
  • Write clear, accurate and convincing reports
  • Acquire practice in writing technical reports

Course Outline

  • Problems faced by Technical writers
  • Purpose of Technical report and what is the message you are trying to convey
  • Identifying your target audiences
  • Format and organisation for writing technical reports
  • Guidelines for better writing
  • Checklist of effective technical writing techniques
  • Practice and feedback




Exercises and practices


CCISG Technical Content Writing Course Duration and Fees

Technical Writing Course- 1 Day Workshop

Course Fee-SGD 335.00

For members SGD-318.25



Established in 2000, the academy with is pillars of finance & banking, HR Management & Leadership, and Information Technology, leverages SMU’s reputation and linkages to prepare workforce with competence and career resilience required for today’s rapidly changing world

Clearly Write: A course on Effective Writing for Executives

SMU ACADEMY Technical Content Writing Course Duration and Fees

Programme code:CRS-N-0049753

Course Duration: Two days (9AM -5PM)

Course Fee-SGD 1712.00* ( as low as SGD193.60*after maximum funding)

This course is designed for all executives and managers who need to write professionally

This is an Highly Interactive Course That Features:

You can learn strategies and techniques to write more clearly and succinctly.

You will gain critical skills to communicate more effectively with customers, stakeholders, and senior management.

Moreover, This course also helps address common errors in technical and business writing.

Learning objectives

After completion of the two day course, participants will be able to learn the principles and techniques for

  • Writing a report or proposal;
  • Presenting clear argument or case and
  • Writing minutes of a meeting in a clear, concise and complete manner.

Course structure

Part 1. Words and Sentences

  • Choosing words correctly and with precision
  • Sentences and tenses
  • Intensifiers and hedges
  • Working with nouns and verbs
  • Exercises

Part 2. Paragraphs

  • Purpose of paragraph
  • Structure of the paragraph
  • Effective use of paragraph
  • Exercises

Part 3. Readability

  • Readability Index
  • Reducing wordiness
  • Precise Writing
  • Exercices

Part 4. Understandability

Principles and pointers


Part 5. Persuasive Writing

Principles and techniques


Part 6. Proposal Writing

Structure and flow of report

Flavour in a paper



Part 7. Recording a Discussion

Hallmarks of good minutes

  • Styles in minute writing
  • Exercises

Part 8. Finer Points of Effective Writing ( Discussion)

Part 9. Ethics in Writing ( Discussion)

Undoubtedly, with all the above-given information, It is obvious why technical writing is so important.

How it can add an extra edge to your career and enhance your scope and job prospects.

Where to get the best technical writing certification in Singapore.

The above information can help you in making the right choice of Technical Writing Courses in Singapore as per the course content, fee structure, certificate value, and institute credibilities.

11. Quantico Copywriting Course
12. The Good Designers

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