Whether you’re a blogger, a web content writer, or a social media marketer, you have to take on many roles to ensure your content is top-notch and gets maximum viewership. 

“If you want to be read and followed by content-hungry readers, you must post new content all the time. This could mean writing at least 2 to 4 articles per week, most of them being 500 to 100o words long!”

-: Sapna Tyagi, Blogger.

To manage this feat, you might need some help with brainstorming to come up with new ideas to write on. Here is a list of 5 tools that creative writers can use to create quality content.

Tool#1: Blog Topic Generator – HubSpot

Finding fresh ideas for your articles week after week can be difficult. Blog Topic Generator by HubSpot can ease your task in a big way. 

All you need is to do is type 3 keywords and the topic generator will propose a list of topics that you can use straight away! 

Feel free to go through the list of suggested topics to get a direction and maybe come up with something of your own. 

Tool#2: Ideaflip

Sometimes, so many ideas are going through your head that you just can’t decide where to start. 

Instead of getting lost in the noise, you need to think seriously and  settle for the best one. If you wish to write down all that’s popping in your head,Ideaflipis a great tool to work with. 

“You can use it to create a visual interface where you can write down, organise, and refine your ideas – basically do anything to bring your ideas to life!” 

– Crystal Kapoor, Content Writer.

Tool#3: Portent’s Content Idea Generator

All set with the content of your post but still clueless about how to write a catchy headline? 

“Traffic to your content can vary by as much as 500% simply because of the headline” – Koechley 

That’s what Portent’s Content Idea Generator is for! This brainstorming tool can help you to come up with great ideas as well as encourage you to transform the way you wished to present your ideas initially. 

You can come up with a topic by typing a word related to your content in the search bar. If you are not happy with the topic suggested, you can keep on updating the results until you find the most suitable topic.

Tool#4: BuzzSumo 

BuzzSumo allows you to search for any term and find results on the most shared content on social media related to that term. 

With incredible sorting capabilities, you can organise results by date, language or the type of content. You can check articles, guest posts, infographics, interviews, videos etc. to find out what new you can offer related to your search term. 

Tool#5: Google Trends and Google Correlate 

Google Trends can compare search patterns between two topics. It gives you an idea about readers’ interest over time besides searching subjects that have become popular recently. 

Google Correlate is one of its kind tool that creative writer can use to find out data on terms related to a keyword. You can use these tools to find the latest topics to write on based on popularity and interest among readers.


Having technical and analytical knowledge is essential. However, it is most vital to churn up fresh ideas and produce valuable content amid intense competition. Use these valuable brainstorming tools and you will never be short of great ideas for your posts!

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What is creative writing?

Creative writing is the projection of your emotions or voice into your writing. It is an expression of the writer’s story through stong written visuals having an emotional impact. Creative writing is the art of exprssing the thoughts and the deas in ans imaginative way.

What is the importance of the creative writing?

It is not only a way to broaden your thought processes but also upkills your problem solving and analytical abilities. It develops your inner voice and thus build up your confidence. It boost up your imagination power. It develops an artistic way of self expressing. It helps in clarifying your emotions and thoughts. You will not only gain an extensive vocabulary but also improve the mechanics of reading and writing by practicing creative writing.

Are there free online creative writing apps or tools available?

Yes, there are online tools available that enables you to stay organized and foccussed. These are: Pro Writing Aid, Canva, Milanote, Hubspots blog ideas generator, Libreoffice, Scribus, Focus writer, Todoist, Diaro

What could be the possible sources of inspiration for creative writing?

1 – Reading is always a good source of inspiration that has no substitute.

2- When you are running out of the ideas then talk to someone more enthusiastic than you. This willl help you generate more ideas and thoughts with different views and perspective.

3 – Explore more of the nature to boost your creative processes.

4 – Think backwards , recollect your memories and replay them in form of written words.

5 – Try to listen different genres of music to evoke the additional feeling .

6-m always try something different like painting, drawing, gardening, cooking, etc that can offer the next creative spark.

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