Want to take up technical writing as a profession? In today’s world, it is one of the most sought out positions. With a little effort, you will be able to become a Technical writer. To easily become a Technical writer you can take up a technical writing course. A Technical writing course can be taken up online or in the classroom depending on your preference. An online course would be easily accessible and convenient.

To help you choose the best course we have come up with the Top 13 technical writing courses in Patna.

1. Technical Writing Course by Henry Harvin

This technical writing course from Henry Harvin teaches you to transform data and information accumulated through process or experiment work into technical documentation and guides.  This course from Henry Harvin is ranked as the number one course in India. Henry Harvin’s Technical Writing Course provides you with a lot of course benefits and it is available online. 

Henry Harvin course benefits

  • You will be able to improve your technical writing skills.
  • You will gain awareness of ethics in scientific communication. 
  • You will also get the ability to prepare comprehensive research proposals.
  • You will gain the ability to explore and identify different types of literature review.
  • You will be able to write a thesis and research papers for journals.
  • You will have a clear idea of what to write in all parts of every section of research papers.

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Henry Harvin® Technical Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by The TribuneHigher Education

2. Oregon State University

The online technical writing course from Oregon State University will help you in gaining an overall idea of technical writing and it will help in preparing informational documents based on well defined and achievable outcomes. This course will help you in learning the process of analysing writing context.  It will help in creating reader centre documents efficiently.

This course also provides you with expert feedback on your chosen writing project. If you have any technical documents, it can be reviewed and critiqued by an experienced and personalised instructor. You will be expected to spend 3-8 hours per week. 

3. Communicaid

Practical frameworks will be provided to you by Communicaid’s technical writing course. Technical writing skills will be taught to you in this course. At the end of this course, you will be able to create technical documents that are reader-friendly and effective. In this course, you will be learning to use visuals effectively, awareness on principles of English, editing and proofreading techniques. 

You will be able to plan techniques, analyse the audience, present numbers, charts and graphics at the end of the course.  You can schedule this course after talking with the Communicaid representatives. 

4. Society for Technical Communication

Post Graduate Program in Technical Writing

Strengthen your Writing prowess as you master the art of simplifying Complex Technical details into clear and well-structured documents

View Course

The Society for Technical Communication is one of the world’s oldest and biggest professional associations which focuses on advancing the field of technical communication. The STC offers you with a certified professional technical communicator program. This course certification enables you to validate knowledge, competency and money. 

This professional association was the beginning of all technical writing courses. All of the technical writing courses we have today followed the footsteps of Society for Technical Communication.

5. Coursera 

Coursera is an online training module. They provide you with courses on different streams. The technical writing courses provided in Coursera are taught by top professionals. The course will be on the recorded video form and doubts are cleared from time to time. At the end of the course, you will also be receiving an electronic certificate. Most people today prefer Coursera as their online learning platform, because of the convenience it provides.

6. Udemy

Udemy course is for beginners. It is on the principles of technical writing. You will be learning to create a document template. In the end, you will know to write a user guide. You will be required to have a Windows PC and Laptop. You will not be asked to get any additional material. The course is simple and easy to understand. 

Udemy is also one of the largest learning platforms as of today. It is very user-friendly. Since it starts with the basics, it will be easy for you to start from the beginning. You can learn it without any struggles.

7. Emphasis

In this course, you will learn to write precisely and to the point. A key feature of this particular course is you will be receiving a unique pre-course analysis. This course includes 15 different writing skills. The course will help in building your confidence. The course is flexible and you can typically take it up in one day. You can choose a convenient time for taking up the course.

The course is taught using real-life examples to make it easy for you. You will also be able to learn to make your content relevant to the target audience.

8. Tech Writer Certification

Dr John Reid and Dr Kenneth Rainey originally initiated online technical writing courses which they taught in their respective institutions in Georgia. The certification from tech writer certification is extremely valuable. If you aspire to enhance your technical language and communication skill, you can take up this course. You will also advance yourself in the documentation. All these come with a certificate credential from an accredited university.

9. Nestsoft Content writing course

Nestsoft is a content writing course in Trivananthapuram but they also provide you with the basics of technical writing. Netsoft also provides you with internship opportunities. You will be able to enhance your writing skills when you complete the course.

These are the top 9 technical writing course in Patna, that we have come up with. It might be hard to decide on one course but go through all the course features and apply for the course which you find suitable.

10. Google Technical Writing
11. Learning Tree
12. Technical Writer HQ
13. Education and Career times

All the best.

What is technical writing? 

Technical writing is the communication of specialised technical topics like medical procedures, environmental regulation. Technical writing is detailed and the reader can use the information for a particular purpose. As a technical writer, you should possess certain skills. 

  • Your writing will have to be clear and concise.
  • You will have to be proficient in using trade tools.
  • You will have to have the calibre to choose correct visuals.
  • You should know to ask the correct question.
  • Most importantly you will have to have the curiosity and interest to learn. 
  • You should be patient and persistent.

Basic requirements

Your education doesn’t play a major role when it comes to technical writing. You should know to write clearly and easily. The major role of a technical writer is to grasp facts and make it easy for others to understand. The most important thing when it comes to writing is proofreading. It doesn’t matter what you are writing but editing and proofreading is the key.


Technical writing is a fast-growing profession in today’s world. The average salary of a technical writer in India is Rs 494,374 per annum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it mandatory to take up a technical writing course?

No, it is not mandatory but a technical writing course will help you to become a proficient technical writer easily. 

2. What is the Henry Harvin Course duration? 

It is a 24-hour course.

3. Will Henry Harvin provide guaranteed internship opportunities?

Yes, Henry Harvin provides you with a guaranteed internship opportunity.

4. Is the Henry Harvin technical writing course available online? 

Yes, it is available online.

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  1. I was new to this and the teachers have done an incredible job explaining the topics and with the materials also. nice technical writing course.

  2. I feel confident I could apply for a technical writer position and succeed. My advice is to stay ahead in the course because 5 weeks time goes by quickly and you may need extra time to pass some of the tests or finish assignments. I’m excited to add this piece of learning to my resume. Thank you for a great class!

  3. Ashwini kumar Reply

    The information is presented in a sorted way. It makes the reading easy and gives an understandable approach to the content.

  4. In a city like Thiruvananthapuram, it is hard to find some decent institute for Technical Writing Courses

  5. surbhi rajput Reply

    The content is presented in a systematic form in this blog. The information is presented and explained very well. Enjoyed reading this blog.

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