Want to take up technical writing as a profession? In today’s world, it is one of the most sought out positions. With a little effort, you will be able to become a Technical writer. To easily become a Technical writer you can take up a technical writing course. A Technical writing course can be taken up online or in the classroom depending on your preference. An online course would be easily accessible and convenient.

To help you choose the best course we have come up with the Top 13 technical writing courses in Patna.

1. Technical Writing Course by Henry Harvin

This technical writing course from Henry Harvin teaches you to transform data and information accumulated through process or experiment work into technical documentation and guides.  This course from Henry Harvin is ranked as the number one course in India. Henry Harvin’s Technical Writing Course provides you with a lot of course benefits and it is available online. 

Henry Harvin course benefits

  • You will be able to improve your technical writing skills.
  • You will gain awareness of ethics in scientific communication. 
  • You will also get the ability to prepare comprehensive research proposals.
  • You will gain the ability to explore and identify different types of literature review.
  • You will be able to write a thesis and research papers for journals.
  • You will have a clear idea of what to write in all parts of every section of research papers.

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Henry Harvin® Technical Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by The Tribune


  1. Your Blog is very nice. Wish to see much more like this. Thanks for sharing your information about the top techical writing courses in patna which clear all the misconception of the courses and gives a clear details .

  2. Great blog of the top technical writing courses in patna is a very engaging and informative course for those wishing to use their writing skills to create a business.

  3. Before taking the courses of the top technical writing courses in patna, I wanted to start my freelance life but was uncertain about job perspectives. HENRY HARVIN institute showed me a spectrum of writing career opportunities and helped to fill the gaps in writing education. Now, I am more confident .

  4. I was new to this and the teachers have done an incredible job explaining the topics and with the materials also. nice technical writing course.

  5. I feel confident I could apply for a technical writer position and succeed. My advice is to stay ahead in the course because 5 weeks time goes by quickly and you may need extra time to pass some of the tests or finish assignments. I’m excited to add this piece of learning to my resume. Thank you for a great class!

  6. Ashwini kumar Reply

    The information is presented in a sorted way. It makes the reading easy and gives an understandable approach to the content.

  7. In a city like Thiruvananthapuram, it is hard to find some decent institute for Technical Writing Courses

  8. surbhi rajput Reply

    The content is presented in a systematic form in this blog. The information is presented and explained very well. Enjoyed reading this blog.

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