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An Academic writing internship could be your next professional move if you enjoy nothing more than sitting down with a blank piece of paper and letting your thoughts flow from pen to page—or, for that matter, sitting down with a blank computer screen and letting your thoughts flow from finger to pixel. The internship opportunities for prospective writers are vast, ranging from creative writing to technical writing, from pithy to eloquent.

However, just because you’re a brilliant writer doesn’t mean you’re an interviewing virtuoso. You’ll want to brush up on the interview essentials and update your writing samples once you’ve scored an interview for the writing internship of your dreams. Then go over the following crucial writing interview questions and responses. You’ll make sure your interview is as captivating.

Henry Harvin provides an academic writing course and prepares you for the interview to ace it.

1. How do you prioritize projects in academic writing?

“I try to keep track of project deadlines and work on many projects at the same time. Every morning, it sends me a reminder with all of the projects due that week, so I know right away if I’m behind—but there’s still time to reprioritize and get back on track. I establish a separate project folder for major jobs, breaking them down into smaller chunks so I can keep track of my progress. Another thing I can do is to directly go to my manager to ask him which is more important.

(Unless you plan on writing your work full-time, every writer must be able to manage various projects. Your response should demonstrate your organizational and time management skills, as well as your ability to meet deadlines and manage stress. Clearly outline how you maintain track of your many tasks (and their related deadlines), as well as how you distinguish between less important and urgent initiatives.)

     2. Do you prefer to work independently or with company/ others?

“I enjoy working autonomously since I spend a lot of time in my thoughts as a writer. I have control over the timeframe, can concentrate, and am confident in the quality of my work. However, I enjoy working in groups since I believe that many heads are better than one. We can bounce ideas off one another and come up with even better ones.”

(Every career necessitates teamwork, but as a writer, you’ll spend a lot of time working alone, followed by time collaborating with other authors, editors, designers, and stakeholders. Your interviewer wants to know that you’re focused but adaptable, so the perfect response should include what you like about each working style)

      3. Where do you spot yourself in 5 years in your academic writing career?

(This traditional interview query is your interviewer’s manner of making sure you’re there for the proper reasons—and the lengthy haul. Make it recognized which you haven’t any compunctions and emphasize what drew you to writing and this precise enterprise. You don’t should have an in-depth 5-12 months plan, however, make certain your professional desires observe a herbal development from this internship to extra senior roles withinside the industry. A stable reaction may appear to be this:)


“With this internship’s expert improvement opportunities, I’m hoping to get a position as a replica editor post-graduation. From there, I’d want to tackle extra senior roles, running my manner as much as a role wherein I can mentor and manipulate different writers, which include handling editor or innovative director at an agency.”

4. How do you comprise remarks into your academic writing work?

(Put any other manner, this query is looking the way you take care of criticism. Not anyone can write, however, anyone has an opinion. In your profession as a creator, you’ll discover ways to take care of constructive, in addition to much less constructive, remarks. In answering this query, emphasize which you recognize that revision is an essential part of the writing process. Your interviewer desires to recognize which you are bendy and open to edits—and which you won’t be angry via way of means of big rewrites.)

“No one is aware of everything, and I welcome the possibility to examine from others and enhance my writing. I’m a corporation believer in usually having a second—or a third—set of eyes on a chunk of labour earlier than it is going out into the world. While I’ll stand by way of means of content material picks that I consider in, I’m very receptive to remarks. In fact, I usually have a peer replica edit my essays earlier than I flip them in.”

5. How do you seize a client’s voice?

(Each creator has his or her very own particular voice, however, an academic writer or creator running for an enterprise wishes for you to position that apart and seize the emblem voice. Your solution has to mirror your flexibility—and your familiarity with the enterprise’s present content material.)

“Before writing for a client, I overview their present substances to get a feel in their voice. For example, earlier than coming here, I study over your internet site and your blog. Your voice is authentic, warm, and friendly—and I’d deliver that to something I wrote for you.”

6. What’s your revel in content material control systems/layout software/internet publishing software?

(Your interviewer desires to make certain you could produce wonderful content material, however, additionally, they can also need you to get the content material out into the world. Depending on the specifics of your position, they could need you to do a little mild layout work, recognize the fundamentals of WordPress, or recognize email marketing. Be sincere approximately your revel in, and in case you don’t recognize the way to respond, spotlight your capacity to examine new gear fast)

 “I most effectively recognize the fundamentals, however, I honestly loved gambling round with it, and my teacher changed into inspired via way of means of how fast I picked it up. I even have a knack for gaining knowledge of new applications and like to stretch myself, so I’m assured that I can examine any new applications you want me to recognize.”

7. Tell me approximately a time whilst you skilled warfare and the way you resolved it.

(In any internship, you’ll be running with several one-of-a-kind people, and your interviewer desires to make certain that you could get in conjunction with others and live cool below pressure. You can use the STAR technique for this traditional behavioural interview query. In academic writing telling your story, briefly describe the bad part of the situation, after which consciousness at the decision and wonderful outcome.)

“One of my classmates and I had very one-of-a-kind thoughts approximately the way to circulate ahead on a set time period paper. We sat down and mentioned every one of our thoughts, and shortly found out they each had merit. So, we mixed them and supplied a unified, more potent front to the professor. By training empathy and information from my classmate’s perspective, we wrote a wonderful paper.”

8. What is your favorite way of communication?

(Your interviewer wants to make sure that you can communicate effectively in any situation, not just long articles! Share your actual communication method (face-to-face, via email, etc.), and then describe your personal communication method, whether it is straightforward, diplomatic, or more than one listener. And, as always, let them know that you are very adaptable, linking specific forms of communication to specific situations. It might look like this:)

 “For a quick question, I use Skype or SMS; great for “yes” or “no”. If I need to have a real conversation, I will pick up the phone. I will schedule a meeting for any new projects or deeper conversations; I want to make sure everyone is ready for deeper discussions. I believe a lot in frankness, so I try to be as direct as possible and leave no room for confusion in my communication.

9. What is the most recent book you read?

(Good writer at reading. Your interviewer tries to learn more about you as a person and writer. You don’t need to talk about the last book you read; instead, focus on what you read, like, and remember, and use it as a way to share new things about yourself. A reliable and creative answer might look like this)

“I recently read “Sisters and Brothers” by Patrick DeWitt. As a writer, I am always happy to read a book that both inspires writing and inspires Content-inspired books. This book is original and his voice is smart. When I read, I like to try all different genres and authors; it keeps my writing fresh and allows me to step out of my comfort zone.”

10. What is your experience with social media?

(Writing is a way of communication, and many writers want to learn about major social media platforms to spread their work around the world and make it accessible to different audiences. Highlight all the platforms you know, big or small, if you have any specific information to share, please share.)

 “I know all the basic platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I am proficient in writing for specific platforms, ensuring that Instagram posts are image-centric, Twitter posts are concise, and LinkedIn posts are purely professional. In my last internship, I used Hootsuite in advance. Schedule my posts to ensure consistency and quality.”

11. Tell me do you favor paintings together along with your thoughts primarily based totally on the assignments or couple up with the one’s situations?

 Answer: This will assist to recognise whether or not the author is having thoughts to include and convey out new mind. Based on the talent or expertise you will want to recognize the way you rent any other author who could be supportive. Or if the author is satisfied to put in writing contents at the problem being given, you then definitely could want to make preference primarily based totally at the form of paintings assignments or form of paintings to be carried out instance whether or not advertising or net web page contents.

Some writers do have a lot of thoughts and minds however they will now no longer recognize what’s the requirement withinside the marketplace and may be inclined to conform themselves. Such writers are now and again desired as they may be inclined to alternate in keeping with the state of affairs and write content to shape the trend.

12. What is the form of articles you’ve got written? Please offer samples of as a minimum 2 of your best?

 Answer: From this query, you will be capable of deciding the form of articles that they may be ‘involved’ to put in writing. Then you will be capable of allocating particular contents to such men and women relying on their interests. But now and again, some writers do manipulate to put in writing a lot of topics. This could imply that they have a dependency on analyzing and accumulating information.

Based on the form of content you are involved in displaying, you want to be cautious in choosing writers. By analyzing the articles you will be learning how a whole lot of intensity they may be concerned withinside the associated problem. Besides, getting writers for writing technical associated topics desires to be primarily based totally on their technical writing capabilities and their schooling qualification.

 Answer: ☛ Why it is essential to invite this: The candidate might also additionally apprehend Google ranks content material primarily based totally on inbound hyperlinks, however additionally they want to recognize how to build up inbound hyperlinks. ☛ What to appearance for A true content material marketer is aware of the way to get hyperlinks through generating amazing hyperlink worth content material, and selling it smartly. Here are a few true responses to the questions:

 ☛ I interview influencers, now no longer simplest due to the fact they have got true matters to say, however, due to the fact they sell the ensuing content material to a massive target market as well-and a number of the ones human beings will grow to be linking lower back to my interview.

☛ I encompass content material others can reuse. For instance, I might also additionally create a short infographic that different bloggers might also additionally need to curate or encompass their posts, with a hyperlink lower back to mine.

 ☛ I write lengthy shape content material so I have the maximum complete and authoritative put up on a specific problem, which tempts others to hyperlink to me because of the reference source.

14.Tell me how do you kick off a task with a brand-new customer?

 Answer: What you are searching out right here is listening. A true content material author will spend time with the customer to get an experience for the brand’s character in addition to the desires of its goal target market.

15.Do you know the way does Google ranks content material?

 Answer: Why it is essential to invite this: I am constantly amazed by how few entrepreneurs at any degree apprehend how Google genuinely ranks content material. Though you are now no longer interviewing for a search engine optimization position, content material advertising is intrinsically tied to go looking engine optimization; everybody has to recognize the fundamentals whilst growing content material. You do not want a candidate to recognize the PageRank formula, however as an alternative the primary premise in the back of Google’s rating algorithm, at the side of different auxiliary elements that assist with search engine optimization. For instance, many naive entrepreneurs assume Google ranks content material in large part on meta tags and keyword stuffing. In reality, Google frequently ranks content material on inbound hyperlinks and the authority of the websites doing the linking. It’s an advantage if a candidate can point out different contributing elements including the textual content of the hyperlink, the identify tag, key phrases withinside the URL, and others.

17.Tell me do you recognize something approximately Search Engine Optimization (search engine optimization)?

Answer: Although content material writers are not speculated to recognize a whole lot approximately search engine optimization however if they do it is a delivered bonus due to the fact writing and search engine optimization cross hand-in-hand and internet site recognition relies upon the proper stability among the 2 and now no longer simply one in all them.

Obviously when you have noted search engine optimization as one in all your capabilities then be organized for a few looking search engine optimization questions from the interviewer. Even in case, you point out search engine optimization as a separate talent as awesome from search engine optimization content material writing, point out it after your writing talent and now no longer earlier than that.

But manage all search engine optimization associated questions with tact. If the interviewer simply has a few primary search engine optimization expertise then you could persuade him/her pretty without problems through speaking approximately on-web page and off-web page optimization however if the interviewer has intensive expertise then you’ll want extra than simply search engine optimization fundamentals. So it is beneficial to the kingdom in advance your consolation degree with all matters search engine optimization.

18.Tell me how can you say whether your substance has performed well or not?


☛ Mediocre Response:

☛ Usually, I simply know whether it’s progressed nicely or not.

☛ Great Response:

☛ I take a gander at Google Analytics following a couple of days to perceive the number of pages sees it has gotten.

☛ I search on Google for the objective watchword I was improving to check whether it was positioned on the principal page.

☛ I take a gander at the Twitter counter on the post to perceive the number of tweets referring to this post.

19.Explain the best book you’ve perused as of late?


The best journalists love to peruse, and not simply sites and e-zines. On my rundown of adequate answers would be any promoting or general business book, just as any book that shows your author is a balanced person.

20.Tell me for what reason would you like to work here?


I needed to move to a foundation like this that focuses on great showing practice and devoted peaceful consideration of understudies. I trust I can offer this because of [x and y instances of involvement from your past career].

21.Explain after you have distributed your substance, how would you advance it? Answer:

☛ Mediocre Responses:

☛ I distribute my substance on WordPress and afterwards tweet it out also.

☛ Great Responses:

☛ I distribute the post on our blog utilizing WordPress.

☛ I then, at that point plan at least four tweets at various times in HootSuite.

☛ I email colleagues to retweet and share my post too.

☛ I ask the interest age group to remember it for the following email pamphlet to our data set.

22. For what reason would you like to work here?

Answer: ‘I needed to move to an organization like this that focuses on great showing practice and devoted peaceful consideration of understudies. I trust I can offer this due to [x and y instances of involvement from your past career].

23.What makes you not the same as different applicants?

answer: Although I am an all-rounder and could add to departmental life from various perspectives, I realize that I have the global exploration profile that you are searching for. [Go on to give subtleties of books and articles composed, prizes won, and so on

25.What are your arrangements for research?

the answer: ‘in the following year I will wrap up the modifications on my original copy for x book which is expected for distribution on x date. I have a few different activities in a hurry that I wish to seek after that [give details]

26.What academic writing course could you offer to educate?

answer: ‘I would be glad to add to a portion of the current courses you run, for example, x and y however I likewise have a couple of thoughts of my own.

27. What do you do to research the target audience in academic writing?

answer: As a content writer, I need to identify the target consumer and understand his/her personality, preferences, and needs. For this purpose, I take assistance from analysts and review the data provided by them. I also often take insights from the Sales/customer-service teams and once in a while interact directly with the customers.

28.How do you ensure the credibility of the information?

answer: personally prefers to gather information about a subject from popular journals and published researches and reports from credible news organizations, magazines, etc.

29.What content management systems are you familiar with?

answer: I am very well acquainted with CMS systems like WordPress and Joomla. I have worked on these systems in the past and find these very useful for various content management activities.

30.What book are you reading currently?

If you are a content writer, it is assumed that you are also an avid reader. In answering this question you can share your choice in blogs & also demonstrate your taste in literature.


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