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Every organization strives to be the best in today’s business environment. For this reason, timely and prudent decision-making is crucial to success.

Financial Analytics works to develop and successfully deliver the future goals of an organization. It is a concept that shows different aspects and views on the business financial data and gives in-detailed knowledge about it.

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Financial Analytics is essential and crucial as it provides an estimate of the business profit and helps to forecast the future of an organization.  

On the other hand, R is an open-source programming language or a tool for statistical analysis based on exhaustive data.

The combination of Financial Analytics and R course will give a new edge to your resume and a great boost to your analytical skills.

We have listed the top 10 institutes that provide the best education on Financial Analytics with R. Here are the institutes that you can opt for Financial Analytics with R course online

1. Harvin Harvin Education

Henry Harvin logo

Henry Harvin holds a prestigious reputation in the field of educational institutions and has been awarded as Best Corporate Training platform with clientele like Adobe, Tech Mahindra, Oracle, American Express, and many more. 

Financial Analytics Course with R enables professionals to understand analytics-based business decision-making to drive the company’s ROI.

Financial Analytics course with R helps professionals to make decisions based on the analytics which further drives the company’s Return on investment. 

Financial Analytics Course with Henry Harvin provides 06 major benefits:- 

  • Henry Harvin Analytical courses are well recognized and valued globally.
  • It has been ranked as the top analytical course in the industry by and this assures you that you are in safe hands and the course is designed in the best possible manner.
  • Practical Training on Financial Analytics with R, which allows you to focus on learning along with practical knowledge to have the best of the learning experience. 
  • Learn and work on multiple projects along with Popular GCAO Pedagogy. 
  • With Henry Harvin, the biggest advantage that comes along with extraordinary learning experience is the job support and alumni status. 
  • Henry Harvin education institution has a separate dedicated team to prepare you for regular call interviews and career-related services. Apart from the job opportunities, you get the alumni status which enables you to network with 23000+ Henry Harvin alumni.

Career Benefits at Henry Harvin

01 Year Analytical Academy membership is given to the students which offer multiple benefits like; working on live projects, guaranteed internship, access to recorded videos, job support, and brush-up sessions spread across a year. 

You will be excited to know that it is the only analytics course that is recommended by IIM Ahmadabad and IIT Bombay Alumni and thus listed top on our list as Best Financial Analytics with R certification course online.

Henry Harvin’s close association with leading corporates such as Abbott Pharma, Avon Cosmetics, Fidelity Investments and trusted brands declared by colleges like IIM Calcutta and Delhi makes it a highly trusted institution to invest in for your analytical course. 

Supported by one of the bests trainers in the field of Financial Analytics

Henry Harvin Education focuses on an in-detailed and quality curriculum that enables its students to gain maximum benefit. The backbone of this education system is the trainers who have industry experience with multi-national brands as practitioners of Financial Analytics. 

This gives the benefit to get up-to-date knowledge and the learning basis current pattern of the industries. 

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Financial Analytics Course is Provided:


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2. Talent Edge

talentedge logo

Talent Edge is a renowned educational institute that offers courses in alliance with various institutes and corporate. Due to their close association with the industry, the courses offered are industry-specific and market-relevant. 

The Talent Edge has an association with reputed top international and Indian institutes, and corporate like Jack Welch Management Institute, IIMs, XLRI, MICA, (JWMI), OLX, Society of Human Resource Management, Viacom 18, and many more. 

The institute focuses on a classroom-like environment for online courses by well-trained trainers to give you a real classroom-like experience. 

Here are the major benefits of the Financial Analytics Course Online with The Talent Edge;

  • After the completion of the Financial Analytics Course, you will receive a certification from XLRI.
  • Get the opportunity to learn and master powerful and valued tools like python and R, and gain practical knowledge.
  • A combination of Practical and Theoretical knowledge imparts maximum learning to the students. 
  • Opportunity to learn and perform predictive and exploratory analysis in Finance, and building advance financial models. 
  • Lectures are given by experienced and industry expert trainers. 
  • Lectures scheduled on weekdays and weekend as well, that helps you to choose the batches as per your convenience.
  • Courses are specially designed keeping in mind the working professionals in the field of finance, analytics, and executive. 

3. 360 Digi TMG

360DiGiTMG logo

The Digi TMG is leading and India’s one of the first domain-specific data science courses institutes. It offers courses in over 16 plus domains and has a close partnership with top industry leaders like IMP, Skill India, UTM Space, and others.  

You get trained by the best trainers of the industry like IBM, IIT, and IIM along with an opportunity to earn IBM Certification at an additional cost. 

Here are the few highlights of the Financial Analytics course including R with 360 DigiTMG.

  • Know about financial services insurance overview
  • Understand the various financial analysis and results
  • Know about pricing models
  • Get acquainted with analysts who work with financial Analytics
  • Time series forecasting would help gauge financial analytics risk
  • Develop an understanding of descriptive analysis
  • Know about predictive analytics
  • Data-driven machine learning application to make business decisions
  • Applications of data optimization in the financial services industry or companies
  • Represent data in an easy and appealing way by using data visualization
  • Optimizing data aptly
  • In detailed learning into Financial services insurance and pricing models. 
  • Quiz Questions and case studies make learning fun.
  • 24/7 live support and free webinars in addition to the course. 
  • Assistance in job placement
  • Flexible timings work out conveniently for the working professionals
  • Strengthen the practical learning with opportunities to work on real projects by analytical organizations.

4. Jigsaw Academy 


Jigsaw Academy has been able to grab the Number 1 position for data science training in India for many years. It is a part of UNext, supported by The Manipal Group. 

The academy offers customized and interactive learning courses on emerging technologies. Their courses are designed keeping the industry trends in mind. 

They have partnered with reputed corporate for the training of employees in Cloud computing, Cyber Security, Product Management, IT, and many more domains. 

Have a look at the highlights of the Institute for Financial Analytics course online with R;

  • In detailed aspects of financial analysis along major emphasis on R programming language will be covered throughout.
  • Access to Mobile App to encourage learning on the go.
  • Option for the online self-paced course is available, which will work in favor of working professionals. 
  • Complete support by Trainers and technical support team.
  • Industry-relevant curriculum designed along with case studies to make the learning interesting.

5. XLRI 

XLRI logo

XLRI, Xavier School of Management, aims at creating responsible and qualified global leaders.

As every industry produces numerous data, they believe every leader should be well versed with analytical skills. This aim proves to be an advantage for both an individual and the growing organizations. 

XLRI equip professionals with multifunctional viewpoint and with insights to overcome various challenges in the business. 

Financial Analytics with R course enables the individual to develop strategies that lead to successful outcomes in the business. 

Here are the few highlights of Financial Analytics with R course online with XLRI:

  • Covers Python and R programming language. 
  • Students will be given access to the SLIQ Cloud campus through which you can refer to learning guides, reference materials, various assessments, projects, and assignments.
  • Live lectures online include teaching through presentations, various exercises, and encouraging general discussions amongst students to create a classroom-like environment. 
  • Make your industry ready and will develop the skills and knowledge to use Python and R to successfully build advanced financial models. 
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to predict analysis and perform exploratory in Finance. 
  • Experienced and friendly trainers who are approachable to clear doubts.
  • A test will be conducted after the completion of the course to earn certification.

The course is suitable for Finance professionals willing to learn the application of analytics tools in Finance, working professionals who are required to deal in complex and immense financial information, and analysts who need to utilize tools to help in making financial decisions.

6. Nulearn

Nulearn logo

As the name suggests Nulearn aims to transform the professionals into new individuals working for the new business era in short imparting education that focus on current business trends and industrial development. 

It provides in-detailed solutions to all the business-related issues through its association with reputed institutes including the Indian Institute of Management. They are specialized in 20 plus courses and more than 100+ staff including trainers to take you through a knowledgeable journey during your learning experience. 

One of the best courses amongst many is their Financial Analytics course with R. Have a look at the following points:

  • Certification upon completion of the course from IIM Kashipur
  • Weekend batches available keeping in mind the work schedules on weekdays
  • Campus visit during the course duration
  • The curriculum is designed with a major focus on case studies
  • Live online sessions and encouraging interactive lectures
  • Insights into Financial data analytics
  • Detailed sessions on long term financing 
  • For a better and brighter future, career counselling events are organized.

7. Imarticus

imarticus logo

The Imarticus is known to have the right approach to bridge the gap between industry and academics with its alumni working at more than 300 leading global organizations. It provides a valuable financial analytics course in India which is designed curriculum keeping industry trends in place. 

Also, it has a strong partnership with the London Stock Exchange Group and the course is designed with the industry-first approach for higher employability. 

Here are the few benefits of doing a Financial Analytics Course including R with Imarticus:

  • Well-trained faculty with years of industry experience. 
  • Personalized placement assistance and strong association with top-tier firms.
  • Industry-relevant learning and opportunity to earn industrial recognized certification.
  • Hugh-Technology driven classroom to ensure a better experience online.
  • The course covers risk-return and project finance modelling.

Financial Analytics Course with R is most suitable for working professionals who want to upgrade their skills and career in the field of Finance and Analytics, Finance managers who wish to upgrade their profile and learn analytics, and any professional who wishes to learn and make a career in Financial Data Analytics. 

8. EYEY logo

In this era of the fast-paced world, EY aims to focus on nurtured working world and professionals. It offers insights and quality services to develop trust in economies of the world.  

The Financial Analyst course with R certification by EY will help you develop deep business insights. It will prepare you to make a quick and prudent decision in the complex business domain. 

Financial Analytics Course with R online will not only help you develop and master the analytical skills but also increases your efficiency in contributing to the organization.

The few main highlights of the course are following:

  • Introduction to R and learning building blocks, and structure of it.
  • A detailed introduction to Analytics
  • To strengthen your knowledge, the MCQ test is conducted before the certification. 
  • Online recorded videos for later reference.
  • Relevant study materials and presentations are shared on the topics.
  • Assessments are given throughout the course duration to help to boost the performance.
  • You will be equipped with the knowledge to analyze and identify business-related issues faster.

9. Great Learning

Great Learning Logo

The Great learning is a known name in the world of tech companies and its courses are preferred by professionals and individuals seeking higher education. Many learners across more than 160 countries have gained experienced and earned certification through its online courses offered. 

Great Learning provides the most in-demand skills with its multiple online certification courses. Gain jobs and up skill your learning. Learners from across 160 countries have experienced Great learning through the courses offered. 

The focus of this educational institute is to transform the career and they even provide few free courses intending to spread education to all. They have partnered with top industries like KPMG, HSBC UBS, and many more to provide training solutions and empower the employees. 

The key highlights of the course and institute are the following:

  • In-detailed coverage of Python Learning
  • Machine learning enables the learners to stay at pace with growing rapid technology. 
  • Industry-relevant skills including SQL features
  • Online weekend batches led with mentor guidance
  • Assistance in interview preparation and resume building
  • Sessions on business analytics and an opportunity to work on live projects. 
  • Dedicate program manager to ensure the candidates progress and have successful completion of the course. 


S P Jain Institute of Management and Research logo

SPIJM has carefully designed a course for Financial Analytics with R for finance professionals who particularly like to learn to evaluate opportunities in financial investments. It further offers many opportunities that can be a boost to your career. 

The course content is designed with a strong understanding of analytical market trends that can be beneficial to take up in the future. It also focuses on planning and strategizing techniques.

The benefits of completing the Financial Analytics course with R online by SPJIMR are:

  • Introduction and understanding of R programming language along with its usage in financial analytics.
  • The concept of capital budgeting is covered
  • Opportunity to work on real-life financial proposals.
  • Learners are equipped with skills to manage working capital.
  • Learning regression to be used in finance. 
  • The course will be highly beneficial for managers at any level of financial organization. Independent and financial consultants can also develop and hone their skills.


The development in technology, constant changes in the traditional finance department, and the emergence of new business models have led to the importance of financial analytics. 

Financial analytics helps in shaping up the organization and prepare it to achieve future goals. It plays an important role in decision-making and maximum utilization of business resources.

Unnecessary investment in business could be reduced significantly with correct planning and this unleashes new growth opportunities, thus Financial Analytics plays a vital role in today’s time.

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Q. What are the prerequisites for financial analytics?

Ans: Mathematics is mandatory. Basic knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint is required.

Q. Is it a compulsion to need CFA to become a financial analyst?

Ans. It is not mandatory to have a CFA to be a financial analyst however nowadays most employers preferred employees to gain CFA credentials as it improves the advancement level of financial analysts.

Q. Which is the best institute for online certification in Financial Analytics Course with R in India?

Ans. Henry Harvin Education takes the top spot for the certification in Financial Analytics Course with R online.

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