Are you looking for the best agile project management certification in Dubai? Or are you confused about choosing the best? 


First, let us see what exactly is agile project management. 

When you search for the meaning of agile in Google, it says agile means able to move quickly and easily. So when you add the word agile to project management it refers to a quick and easy approach to building a project.

Agile project management started becoming popular since the early 2000s.  Prior to that, many companies have been following something called a waterfall methodology in which all phases of a project were done in a step-by-step way. In this kind of traditional approach, you can only go to the next level of the project only after you complete the current phase. Similarly, you cannot start a new phase of the project without fully completing the previous phase.

But there are also instances where the previous phases of the project need to be checked on again. In the agile methodology approach, a project is made by breaking into several sprints. It is much more flexible than the waterfall project management methodology because the project can move between phases much more smoothly. 


There is no hard and fast rule to complete the previous phase before going to the next phase. The flexibility of agile project management cuts down on heavy reliance for a project manager as well.

Why are more and more companies adapting to agile methodology?

Agile methodology has many advantages such as:

  1. High quality. You are building the product as per the stakeholders’ demand. And the testing is also done at very frequent intervals.
  2. Customer satisfaction. Because the customer is involved in every stage of building a product, whatever changes you make in the project is also known by the customer.
  3. Risk is relatively lower. As the project is divided into sprints if at all any problem happens it will affect only one sprint, not the whole project.
  4. Faster financial gain for the company. As mentioned above, because the project is divided into sprints the companies can market the product after the completion of a few sprints. This will make the company a market leader compared to those who are not following the agile methodology.

So, agile management certification is in high demand because of its growing popularity. As the name suggests, this certification gives candidates the knowledge of how to effectively implement an agile project.


Top 15 agile project management Certifications in Dubai

  • The Learning Initiative
  • Knowledge Hut
  • New Horizons Computer Learning Centres
  • SMG (Specialized Management Group) International
  • Greycampus
  • Meirc Training and Consulting
  • The Knowledge Academy
  • NobleProg
  • Simplilearn
  • Invensis Learning
  • Cambridge Educational Institute
  • Icert Global
  • SitesPower Training Centre
  • Sprintzeal
  • Knowledge Berg

1. The Learning Initiative

Contact no: +971 4 369 3453

Established in 2006, this company is focused on providing world-class agile training in Dubai to candidates that enable them to enhance their workshops. The training is given by internationally experienced experts who help people to develop key critical business skills. 

This certification includes a 2-day classroom workshop and 90 days of online access to learning modules. The company also provides mock exams and PMI accredited student manual. This agile project management certification offers 21 contact hours and a certification of attendance as part of the PMI accreditation.

Their course objectives are:

  • To familiarize the candidates with agile methodologies and approaches.
  • Learning and adoption of agile practices.
  • To learn about the application of Scrum management principles.
  • Practice and plan agile project activities.
  • Understand and manage agile team performances.
  • Learn about stakeholder engagement
  • Last but not least master agile concepts and pass the certification.

2. Knowledge Hut

Knowledge Hut is a reputed organization with expertise in providing high-value training to students in agile methodology. They help candidates to get exposed to job opportunities in the agile project management field. The training is given by highly qualified trainers who have 20 plus years of experience in the training field.

What is more interesting is that when you buy any course from them they offer one-year free access to 100 e-learning courses.

Moreover, you will be able to earn 21 PDUs and 21 SEUs in three days under some highly professional trainers, and also they will prepare you with two mock exams. They will also prepare you through various case studies and learning activities.

According to them, this agile project management certification is a globally recognized credential that gives its holders lucrative career opportunities and higher salary packages.

They also claim that upon completion of the agile project management certification, candidates will gain expertise in other methodologies like Scrum, FDD, Kanban, etc.

3. New Horizons Computer Learning Centres

Contact no: +971 4 42 89 440

Agile technology goes beyond techniques such as Scrum, Lean, etc when talking about quality projects delivered at any time.

New Horizons is the world’s largest independent training company that offers students innovative learning methods with its top-class training methods. The reason for their high-quality training is because of the expert trainers with plenty of experience.

Their agile project management certification course duration is 3 days (24 hours). And the course objective is to teach candidates the basics of agile project management. This certification also aims at covering roles and responsibilities, requirements, and estimating and how to deliver a project successfully.

4. SMG (Specialized Management Group) International

Contact no: +97143453033

Established in 2006 in Dubai, SMG provides internationally accredited agile project management certification with their expert trainers with 10 plus years of experience.

They also offer career-oriented skill-enhancement programs with the objective of taking students to the next level. They have trained over 15,000 delegates across 3 continents which makes them one of the reliable institutions.

The course mainly covers tools, techniques, and skills to pass the certification. This course also provides an in-depth overview of agile technologies, adaptive planning, and stakeholder engagement.

The course fee is AED 2,750 and the duration is 3 days.

5. GreyCampus

Contact no: +1 347 994 9941

GreyCampus is a well-known organization for agile training in Dubai that offers more than 100 online courses. Its objective is to train individuals to acquire new skills and certifications. And they have trained more than 15,000 students across 60 countries over the last five years.


Their online classes are conducted by expert instructors and tutorials and you will also get 2 simulated exams. They also have partnerships with leading software companies like IBM, IASSC, and Microsoft which makes them an organization with the highest success rates.

The following topics are covered in the course curriculum:

  • Agile principles and value-driven delivery.
  • Stakeholder management and team performance.
  • Planning, problem detection, and resolution.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Tools and techniques.

The course duration is 3 days and you will be given 21 contact hours certificate. Additionally, you will also get one year of access to audio/video lectures and practice questions.

6. Meirc Training and Consulting

Meirc Training and Consulting is established in 1956 and it’s one of the oldest and most reputed companies for agile training in Dubai. They are known for their innovative training and consulting service. Active participation of competent subject matter experts is also one of their success mantras

The agile project management certification in Meirc includes presentations by candidates and group study. The highly qualified tutors also give participants an insight into projects through process analysis and enable them to build a high-performance project.

The course objectives are:

  1. Understand project management frameworks and methodologies.
  2. Apply agile tools adhering to PMI standards.
  3. Management of stakeholders to identify potential risks and defects.
  4. Help the team members to build a high-performing agile team.
  5. Implement planning on the agile project.
  6. Include improvement to project management through process analysis. 

The course duration is 4 days and the fee is $4,900.

7. The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is one of the world’s famous agile project management certification providers spread across 200 countries.  They claim that they are one of the market leaders with the capacity of delivering over 30,000 courses in 1200 locations.

They primarily focus on delivering training in IT technical, human resources, IT service management, etc. Also, their subject matter experts keep the course engaging so that the candidates get a valuable learning experience.

At the end of this course, you will be able to enhance your agile skills and gain an understanding of the different agile methodologies.

At the time of writing this, due to the COVID-19 situation online instructor-led agile project management training is offered at $1495. On the other hand, a complete agile project manager course packages are also available at a higher rate. The duration of this course is 3 days and 24/7 support is available which will allow the problems to be solved immediately.

8. NobleProg

NobleProg is an international training and consultancy organization that has trained more than 50,000 people from different companies. They have both classroom and instructor-led online classes so that you can choose according to your time and budget.

With 15 years of industry experience and high-quality trainers, NobleProg is one of the top institutions that provide agile project management certification in Dubai.

Candidates can opt for both onsite and online training. While online training can be taken from anywhere remotely, onsite training is given either at their training centers or customer places.

The course duration is 21 hours. And the course objective is to train people to understand how to efficiently Manage Requirements on the basis of the product vision until guiding developers accurately in implementing them.


9. Simplilearn

Simplilearn logo


Simplilearn is a leading global online company that provides coaching in almost all domains. What is unique about Simplilearn is its highly qualified trainers and the course content that meets up with the industry standards. 

As the name suggests, it’s simple to learn.

The agile project management certification they provide trains you to become a skilled professional and make you familiarized with the methodologies easily.

The key features of this course are 38 hours of blended learning, five simulation exams, 26 self-paced learning PDUs, and 28 instructor-led training PDUs.


10. Invensis Learning

Invensis Learning is another trustworthy organization that has transformed many people by helping them to acquire newer professional skills.   They are one of the market leaders who have provided training to more than a lakh of people across the globe.

Invensis Learning offers many agile project management courses in Dubai.

The APMG accredited agile project management foundation course helps clients to deliver projects in a quicker and organized manner. The cost of this course is $495 and the PMI-ACP exam prep cost is $ 895. The duration of the courses is 2 days and three days respectively.


11. Cambridge Education

Cambridge Education is one of the most preferred organizations that offer training in a number of domains including the IT sector and project management. Established in 1987, it has branches all across the Middle East, North Africa, and India.

The unique features of Cambridge Education are:

  • They are registered education providers of PMI, USA.
  • They give unlimited access to simulation exams and a certificate of attendance will also be provided.
  • The 21 hours of in-house training are conducted by high-class professionals with 20 plus years of experience.
  • They also provide assistance in PMI membership and PMI-ACP exam booking.
  • Last but not the least, they have been in the industry for 31 years and their subject-matter experts provide real-time case studies and examples.

Cambridge Education provides both online and in-class training sessions. The cost of the self-paced online course is $345 and the instructor-led live online class costs $480.

12. Icert Global

icertglobal logo

Icert Global is one of the fastest-growing accredited training organizations that are in the process of reprocessing the training industry. It’s spread across 3 continents having its base in the United States.

Interestingly, the name Icert Global suggests, (though not directly expressed), I will be certified.

They claim that the instructor-led agile project management certification offers 100% money-back guarantee and 97.6% success rate. They also offer online instructor-led live classes which will be very convenient for people, especially during this pandemic.

Two key features of this course are that there will be interactive sessions with real-life samples and 21 Contact Hours Certificate also will be given.

The 90-day PMI-ACP e-learning course fee is AED 299.

There are many add-on features that makes Icert Global one of the leading agile training provider in Dubai.

13. Sites Power Training Centre

This customer-driven corporate training institute focuses on customer service and pre-course and post-course consulting. Apart from international accreditation, they are also authorized by the UAE Ministery of Education which makes them a trusted organization.

This internationally recognized organization also provides a high-quality course curriculum and tips and strategies to clear the exam at the first attempt.

The agile project management certification will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to the agile framework.
  • Value-driven delivery.
  • Stakeholder engagement.
  • Boosting team performance practices.
  • Adaptive planning.
  • Problem detection and resolution.
  • Continuous improvement (knowledge sharing, process analysis, etc).

This is a 3-day instructor-led course with 21 Contact Hours.


14. Sprintzeal

Sprintzeal is a global training provider that offers high-demand top-paying courses and certifications. They offer both onsite and online live training courses not only in Dubai but in several other parts of the world as well. It’s an accredited institution with trainers who are subject matter experts across the globe.

Sprintzeal has trained over 26,000 plus candidates and they also offer 100% money-back guarantee.

The agile project management certification offered by Sprintzeal is a 3-day course for in-class trainees. They will also provide you 21 contact hour training certificate and 1000 plus mock exam prep questions. You can also get one year of e-learning access for free.

Their live online class fee is AED 1585 and it also has the above benefits.

15. Boston Management Consulting International

With its headquarters in the USA, Boston Management Consulting International is a leading training provider in Dubai. They offer training in many different domains including project management, business analysis, quality management, etc.


Their agile project management certification is designed in such a way that it will help you to clear the exam in the first attempt. In addition, this course will also help you to be an agile professional with the knowledge of Scrum, Lean, etc.


They state that the following topics will be covered:


  • Introduction to PMI-ACP exam.
  • Implementing value-driven delivery.
  • Maintaining stakeholder engagement.
  • Boosting team performance practices.
  • Implementing adaptive planning.
  • Problem detection and resolution.
  • Facilitating continuous improvement.
  • Preparing to pass the exam.
  • Assessing exam preparation.

The Duration of this course is 3 days.

Please follow the link below to know more about one of the best companies that offer agile project management certification.


The agile methodology has completely changed the concept of conventional style project management. The conventional project management style is also known as waterfall project management.

In the conventional style, all phases of a project were done in a step-by-step manner with the desired outcome. The traditional project management was also done within a planned budget. Moreover, in the waterfall approach, people can only go to the next level only after you complete the previous phase.

On the other hand, in agile or non-conventional project management a project is made by breaking into several sprints. It also helps the team to release the completed segments of the project. Moreover, this does not heavily rely on a project manager. And more customer feedback is involved in agile technology which means that the projects can be delivered more accurately.

There are a number of companies across Dubai that offer agile project management certification. The top 15 are as follows:

  1. The Learning Initiative
  2. Knowledge Hut
  3. New Horizons Computer Learning Centre.
  4. SMG International
  5. Grey Campus
  6. Meirc Training and Consulting
  7. Knowledge Academy.
  8. NobleProg
  9. Simplilearn
  10. Invensis Learning
  11. Cambridge Education
  12. Icert Global
  13. Sites Power Training Centre
  14. Sprintzeal
  15. Boston Management Consulting International
What is meant by agile project management?

As the name suggests, it’s an approach of project management using agile methodology. In this, a project is made by breaking it into several sprints. Because of this sprints technique, you don’t have to wait until the end to deliver a project. Also, this type of project is completed without too much dependence on a project manager and a lot of customer feedback is also involved in this.

What is the difference between conventional and agile project management?

In conventional project management, people used to follow the step-by-step method. In that, they could only go to the next phase of the project after completing the previous one. And also a project manager was involved in every stage of development. And if something goes wrong, it will affect the entire project. On the other hand, using agile technology you can break down the project into sprints. The advantage of sprints is that the risk factor is less. If any risk happens, it will affect only a few sprints and not the whole project. 

Why do many companies prefer agile project management technology?

Companies prefer agile methodology due to various benefits. The main important benefit is customer satisfaction. In an agile project, management customer is involved throughout the project, unlike the conventional method. The entire project is built with customer feedback which means a happy customer at the end. The risk factors are also very less as the project is broken into different sprints. This sprint technique also helps companies to market their project quicker than the regular projects because a few sprints can be marketed and not the whole project. 

What are the top 15 companies that offer agile management certification?

There are many companies that offer online and onsite agile project management certification. Some of them are as follows.

1. The Learning Initiative
2. Knowledge Hut
3. New Horizons Computer Learning Centre.
4. SMG International
5. Grey Campus
6. Meirc Training and Consulting
7. Knowledge Academy.
8. NobleProg
9. Simplilearn
10. Invensis Learning
11. Cambridge Education
12. Icert Global
13. Sites Power Training Centre
14. Sprintzeal
15. Boston Management Consulting International

Is agile certification worth it?

Agile certification is always worth it because it makes you more marketable. It’s a very efficient way of project management, but it depends on your aspirations as well. If you are confident enough that you can transition into the agile team quickly and more efficiently it’s worth doing it. But you need to consider the cost of the certification as well. In some institutes, they charge as high as up to $1000 whereas in some companies the cost can go as low as $200.

There are also many different types of certifications such as Scrum which can give you an upper hand when managing projects. If you are looking for a career path in effective project management, certification will be largely beneficial and a worthy investment. Prospective employers also look for certification and some amount of experience when hiring for project management roles.

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