Six Sigma is a market approach that focuses on reducing variance in the manufacturing process in order to increase the efficiency of the products or services that a company provides. Six Sigma leaders understand that if a manufacturing process lacks the consistency to reliably produce high-quality results, it will continue to produce inferior goods until anyone intervenes and fixes it. 

As processes deteriorate if not held in check, reducing variance necessitates continuous control and evaluation. Six Sigma Green Belt Certification experts have developed a range of techniques and procedures for managing, fixing problems, and developing systems in order to reduce errors and waste over time. Here are a couple of the most important ones.

Six Sigma is the use of statistical calculations and methods to remove errors, variance, and waste in a product or operation.

For example if you want to find the average height of male population in India, you cannot bring the entire population of more than 2 billion into one room and measure their height for a scenario like this we take samples that is we pick up sample (people) from each state and use statistical formulas to draw the inference about the average height of male population in a population which is more than 2 billion.

Consider taking an Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Bhubaneswar

in 2021. We’ve hand-selected the best of the best for you, and we’ve outlined their advantages below. Starting one of these courses might be the start of a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Following are Top 10 Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Bhubaneswar

1. Henry Harvin 

Henry Harvin Education is a prestigious and one of the world’s few Competency Development Organizations, providing targeted Learning Solutions to a wide range of business and university audiences. We put forth a few learning strategies that we think are important in today’s world.Our learning solutions are a derivative of Competency Research conducted by gathering many inputs and millions of data points from across geographies, industries, functions and domains. These inputs and data points are then compared using complex analytics with need and market data to identify what learning solutions can cultivate distinguished professionals of the time. The translation of this research to delivery offering also is a cautious choice where our experts brainstorm and challenge with peers, competition and worlds consulting firms to conclude right fitment.

Course Duration:

  • Instructor-led classes 28-hour preparation.

  • After 15 days, an online test is administered based on the preparation, and a credential is awarded.

  • Over the course of a year, 24 hours of Project Support and Bootcamp sessions are given during the preparation.

Henry Harvin Academy membership is a great way to further your career.

Get 1-year membership of Henry Harvin and avail the following benefits:-

  1. E-learning access: Access to recorded videos, games, projects, and case studies is available through e-learning.

  1. Bootcamp Sessions: Free 12-month bootcamp sessions to catch up on topics, valued at Rs. 6000.

  1. Internship: Internship with Henry Harvin or a joint company is guaranteed.
  2. Work Vacancies: Job openings are sent out on a daily basis.

  1. Interview Techniques: Help with clearing conversations for startups and Fortune 500 firms.

2. Metaphor Networks

Metaphor Networks Pvt. Ltd delivers the necessary training to the appropriate person at the appropriate time. It is undertaking the Training & Growth under the brand name Metaphor networks Pvt. Ltd to better balance training demands identified with skills that need to be built for individuals. Metaphor networks Pvt. Ltd is not only a company in training technologies but also a driving force behind the Modi government’s initiative for skill creation. Indian government has taken good initiative and started Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Bhubaneswar

3. Mamata Mahapatra

Description of the course In this course you will learn the respon­sibility of QA/QC in the building in­dustry directly and straight to the mark, how to build quality strategy, process statement, inspect, audit and engage root cause analysis Create metrics to track how well work is being implemented. Produce both precise and general data on the topic of quality.

4. Baftek Infosys 

Baftek Infosys Private Limited was founded on February 16, 1996. It is a non-government organisation that is listed with the Cuttack Registrar of Companies. It is involved in the manufacture, delivery, and documentation of ready-made (non-customized) software, operating systems software, enterprise & other applications software, and video games software for all platforms. After evaluating the customer, does consultancy require finding the right approach in the form of custom software?It is one of the good and well-known institute Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Bhubaneswar

5. Bdps Software 

Bdps has you covered whether you’re hunting for lean Six Sigma certification online or the best Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Bhubaneswar

. You can select from over 10+ confirmed and best institutes for six sigma qualification in Bhubaneswar to take a range of Six Sigma training courses. Start by looking for the most well regarded and well-known Six Sigma Green Belt Certification credential institute.

7. Excel R Solutions

Excel R Solutions is an IT consulting and professional certification training provider catering its services globally across 30+ countries including Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, USA ,India etc., With over 200 consultants and trainers from across the globe, we have one of the largest pool of experts in the industry. The course material, training contents and methodology have been developed by in-house subject matter experts and accredited by international authorizing bodies to ensure the highest quality training experience. Contact us for your needs.

8. holds over 5 years of experience in the hard work and have eminent professionals who can provide you with the best training. We shall stick on to deadlines and distribute prompt services to you. provides services such as APMG Training, PMP Certification Training, Project Management Training, Scrum Training, Prince2 Certification Training, ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) Training, QTP Certification Training and Six Sigma Training. Feel free to contact us.

9. Tetralance Pvt Ltd

Tetralance Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 01 June 2018. It is classified as Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Cuttack. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 100,000 and its paid up capital is Rs. 100,000. It is inolved in Business activities n.e.c.

Tetralance Private Limited’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was last held on 30 September 2019 and as per records from Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), its balance sheet was last filed on 31 March 2019.

What is DMAIC?

When we look at the concept of DMAIC, we see that it is a five-phase technique for optimising a wide range of operational processes, including software creation, production, and others. While this approach is synonymous with Six Sigma, it can also be extended to lean and other process-improvement methods. DMAIC is a data-driven problem-solving method for identifying and addressing inefficiencies in a mechanism, thus improving the outputs and making these changes more predictable.

The acronym stands for the five phases — Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control, and it is pronounced “duh-may-ik.”

Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control are the five steps of Six Sigma application, and we’ll go over each step and the different approaches used in Six Sigma in depth.

  1. Define:

During this phase, we recognise the most significant and impactful areas for change. This step often involves mapping the mechanism, focus, scope, and end target, as well as deciding how the issue affects all parties involved. The problem statement is the best way to kickstart a DMAIC loop.

The other critical steps at this stage are:

  •   Identify the areas where there is a lot of need for development.
  •   Describe the project’s scale.
  •   To log each step in the process, create a value stream map (VSM).
  •   Build a voice of the customer table (VOCT) to describe customer requirements.
  •   Make a list of all stakeholders.
  •   Estimate the project’s effects and timeliness.
  •   Determine and chart the existence of a market opportunity.

  1. Measure: 

In the Measure phase, baselines are established to determine a process’s success. It’s difficult to chart change without good metrics to compare against. As a result, at this stage, we:

  • Develop the methodology for gathering data that would be used to assess effectiveness.
  • Recognize metrics for data, systems, and performance.
  • Data on the actual state of affairs should be collected and examined.
  • Write a summary of the failure modes and consequences review.
  • Analyze the capacity of the mechanism

3. Analyze:

The aim of this step is to define and test the fundamental causes of problems in order               to ensure that change occurs from the root of the problem.

    The following are important steps to take at this point:

  • Full root cause analysis (RCA), which encompasses transition analysis, incidents and causal factor analysis, and the Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving and Decision Making model, among other methods and methodologies.
  • FMEA (failure mode and consequences analysis) is used to classify all potential problem points, inefficiencies, weaknesses, glitches, and flaws.
  • Using a multi-vari map to get a graphic representation of the variations within a given phase.
  • Putting process management in place.
  • Creating a strategy for change.

4. Improve:

    Now that you’ve completed the review and have the evidence in hand, it’s time to get to work on making progress.

  The following activities are included in this stage:

  • Ideas for suggestions should be brainstormed and discussed.
  • To assess the desired benefits of a solution, create a design of experiments (DOE).
  • Revise method maps and proposals based on the details obtained in the previous level.
  • Plan and describe a prototype solution.
  • To boost the operation, keep Kaizen events.
  • Both stakeholders should be informed about the solution.

5. Control

It’s time to get the process under check and maintain its long-term viability after reforms have been implemented and are effectively solving challenges to enhance the operations.

Here’s how it works:

  • Determine and record the latest job standard.
  • Create a quality management strategy to guarantee that everybody on the staff is using the same strategies and measurements.
  • Confirm that the intended cause is causing less errors.
  • Statistical process control (SPC) may be used to monitor the progress of a process and detect any problems that could occur.
  • Determine whether any further changes are needed to achieve the process’s goals.
  • Using Lean’s “Five S’s,” streamline method changes.
  • Integrate, document, and share what you’ve heard.

Types of Six Sigma Belt 

  1. White Belt:

If a professional hasn’t completed a rigorous certification programme or extensive preparation, they are classified as Six Sigma White Belts. A single session with an outline of applicable LSS approaches and terminology illustrates how workers at all levels lead to effective, dependable outcomes. With this foundation in place, you’ll be able to go on in confidence.

  1. Yellow Belt:

A Yellow Belt has had more exposure to Six Sigma principles than a White Belt and has moved past the basics. Yellow Belts could have spent a day or two in school, gaining the skills they need to be allocated to a project as actively participating team members. They can assist managers at higher belt levels and lead limited-scope projects.

  1. Green Belt:

Professionals must complete a full course that exposes them to Six Sigma Green Belt Certification approaches for designing and optimising products, programmes, and procedures to earn a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification. They learn to use problem-solving mechanisms like DMAIC, which stands for Describe, Calculate, Evaluate, Develop, and Manage. This improvement cycle lays out a series of steps to understand the problems in a business process, set useful metrics for measuring changes, examine relevant data, implement solutions and then sustain the results over time.

Individuals in positions such as project management, health care administration, or financial management benefit from Green Belt preparation because it provides them with an appreciation of success metrics and techniques such as monitoring charts and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Professionals who have earned certification are able to take care of initiatives and make links between LSS principles and priorities.

  1. Black Belt:

Professionals show what they’ve learned and obtain hands-on knowledge by performing a project with their boss or a nonprofit company during a Black Belt-level course. Students gain the skills they need to make their firms more profitable and improve customer satisfaction by creating a project charter, gathering data, and using Six Sigma tools in a real-world environment.

  1. Master Black Belt:

A Master Black Belt in LSS is an experienced Black Belt with good leadership and problem-solving skills. This title signifies a professional who takes a wide view of policy within an organisation, managing teams from different divisions.

What is Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Bhubaneswar is available in various Institutes. Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is a qualification course that introduces graduates to the techniques and strategies needed to engage in DMIAC improvement programmes. The fundamental structure of DMAIC is discussed in this course. Professionals may recognise challenges and introduce ways to eliminate them by enrolling in this qualification course.

For whom is it intended?

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Bhubaneswar is a people-centered approach. The degree of Six Sigma project success continues to correspond to the individual team members’ patience, experience, and determination. When considering the different positions that apply to the project, the bulk of them consider the champion and Black Belt roles in order to deploy the project. Most institutes in India provide Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in various states like Mumbai, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar. The one who lives in Bhubaneswar and wants to complete certification can enroll in Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Bhubaneswar.

Green belts are highly qualified team players whose goal is to increase the efficiency of the operation. They aid in bridging the distance between Six Sigma theory and implementation in the real world. Candidates for the Six Sigma Green Belt play an important part in process improvement, data inspection, and project management. Green Belt training teaches applicants how to apply DMAIC skills to a Six Sigma project and how to use the basic techniques used by a project team.

Is it a good fit for you?

          Six Sigma certification is for individuals who are interested in the terminologies such as continuous improvement and waste reduction and work experience in any supply chain or business management. Six Sigma certification helps the professionals to boost their subject matter proficiency which leads to increased desirability by employers and salary. These are some prerequisites need to become a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Bhubaneswar:


Three or four years of full-time work experience should be required for professionals. Internships and part-time project work was not taken into account. To succeed as a Six Sigma Green Belt accredited professional, you’ll need the following qualifications in addition to experience:

  1. Perseverance
  2. A logical, analytical mind
  3. A passion for improvement
  4. Leadership skills


  1. Is it possible for me to enrol in a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification despite my lack of experience?

Yes Of Course, even you are newbie in this field Institutes like Henry Harvin have designed courses in way that you can learn from basics

  1. How can I start my career after completing this course?

You may begin by building an article and content portfolio, joining social media groups, and applying for work.

About Bhubaneswar:

Bhubaneswar, historically Bhuvaneshvara, city, capital of Odisha (Orissa) state, eastern India. It is situated in the eastern part of the state on the Kuakhai River, a constituent stream of the Mahanadi River delta. Bhubaneswar is on the national highway between Kolkata (Calcutta) and Chennai (Madras) and on the South-Eastern Railway, and it has an airport. Also within the city are the rock-cut caves of Khandagiri and Udayagiri, a zoological and botanical park, and the ancient excavation site of Sisupalgarh. Chandaka Wildlife Sanctuary lies just west of Bhubaneswar. Pop. (2001) 648,032; (2011) 843,402.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Bhubaneswar Career Opportunities :

  1. Six Sigma Consultant Six Sigma Consultants work closely with operations to evaluate existing procedures, challenge business decisions, and make suggestions for improvements that will enhance work flow and minimise waste. They use their project management experience and business acumen to analyse current processes, challenge business assumptions, and make recommendations for changes that will improve work flow and reduce waste.
  2. Process Engineer: Process engineers support a company’s leadership in evaluating internal process with an eye toward efficiency and quality. The salary in 2016 was $70K.
  3. Manufacturing Engineer: Manufacturing engineers develop and optimise the processes used to design, build, and ship products. Six Sigma Green Belts in this role use knowledge of lean methodology to troubleshoot problems and continuously improve the manufacturing process.
  4. Operational Excellence Manager: Operational excellence administrators partner with staff partners at all levels to coordinate an organization’s Lean Six Sigma programmes, reporting to senior leadership. Managers of operational efficiency are critical to the progress of improvement programmes.
  5. Quality Engineer: Quality engineers are in charge of making sure that a company’s goods fulfil consumer needs. Day-to-day activities as well as long-term improvement planning are common responsibilities for professionals in this role.


The start is always hard but once we get started we catch the right momentum and keep doing things and taking them to the next level. Students can choose to take two additional courses – Lean Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – and receive a Certificate in Six Sigma after completing the Six Sigma Green Belt certification course, which is applicable to several different industries.

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