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So, do you love to write? Do all these words keep popping up in your mind that you just HAVE to express through writing?

Well, then a content writing course may just be ideal for you to get your creative juices flowing……!

Perhaps having been forced to stay indoors for a long duration due to the COVID-Pandemic has inspired us …to dive deeper inside to find out the innate abilities that we had put to sleep due to our other more important commitments in life.

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Nowadays the whole world is an oyster for students to choose where they would like to pursue their degree, higher education, and short courses.

Unlike previous times wherein education was restricted to classrooms, in today’s digital era education has taken wings and readily available through ‘online’ sources as well.

This medium of learning is ideal for those who have big dreams of education but may not be having the necessary available budget or time to achieve it.

The same digital era has spawned content writing as a full-fledged and essential role in Digital marketing.

Today let’s look at some interesting content writing courses in Australia to give you a further nudge towards pursuing that writing dream of yours.!

Why not explore Australia as a study destination?

There are various factors contributing to the increase in the inflow of international students and making Australia an attractive study destination. Some being:

  • High-quality education,
  • offering some of the top universities to study in,
  • scholarships to students,
  • easy access to student support services,
  • multicultural society

and of course, the infamous fabulous laid-back style of living.

content writing course in australia

According to the official Australian government study in Australia website :

  • Australia is considered the third most popular International Study destination by the students
  • There are currently more than a staggering 700,000 international students studying in Australia.
  • As per the University College of London’s Centre for Global Higher Education, with the constant increase in Australia getting chosen as the preferred study destination among international students it’s expected to soon move up in its ranking to being the second most popular study destination from the UK.
  • The average cost of living and tuition expenses are comparatively lower in Australia than in the USA or UK.
  • You also get the opportunity in Australia to work part-time while studying to meet your study expenses.
  • Scholarships to international students are also offered in Australia aiding them to further lessen their study expenses.

If the above points didn’t convince you to choose Australia then no worries read along to be convinced more…😊

Writing is easy peasy …. so why do I need a content writing course?

Oh yes, like you many may find writing as too easy peasy….and may also have the skill and art to write as well.

However, it may not seem so easy when you are looking at a wider reach of your content to as many readers as possible because then you need to go Digital.

And when Digital comes into the picture …it’s a different ball game altogether!!!

You need to understand the intricate nuances of Strong keyword research skills, Search engine optimization{SEO}, Social media optimization{SMO}, etc.

Hence a Content Writing course will educate you on the ‘How’s’ and Why’s which will in turn enable you to become a successful content writer.

what all goes into a content writing course
SOurce /

A content writing course will further enhance the possibility of increasing your website traffic as you would have learned how to present your content in a user-friendly manner.

If you are wanting to foray further into making a full-time paid career out of content writing then a content writing course will aid you in converting your website visitors to potential customers in turn generating business and revenue.

How to make the correct choice?

Those of you who are foraying into the ‘literary’ world recently may get a little bogged down by the myriad choices of content writing courses available in Australia.

Also, content writing encompasses a variety of categories to choose from depending upon your interest and true calling!

Consider the 4 C’s when choosing a content writing course :

how to choose a content writing course
  • Course Content
  • Course Description
  • Course Venue
  • Course format

Let me try to give you a quick walkthrough about the general types of content writing so that you are able to reflect on the choices of content writing courses available and make an apt decision.

Now let’s understand what all imbibes the so-called content writing.

Know more about Content Writing

 Gone are the days when ‘writing’ was directly linked to a hobby or simply a way to pass time. Though content writing is a skill-based role, it’s rather not a cup of tea for everyone!

We can say Content writing is simply putting in words your thoughts /ideas /particular message targeted at a particular digital audience and influencing them to take any action- it could be that of visiting a website, buying a product or service…anything.

However, if you are looking at a full-time opportunity then your prospective employer may prefer at least a bachelor’s degree in the said course or in English/Communications or Journalism with a major in Content writing.

Freelance content writing necessarily doesn’t need any specific degree or qualification for providing content writing services.

Flavors of Content Writing

Content writing is a broad term that encompasses various different types or what i like to call…as.. flavours!

With the pass of time and the advancement of the digital revolution, various types of content are getting introduced.

However, I have tried to present below the most common ones that all of us would have heard at some point of time.

You can choose one of them depending upon your style of writing or interest.

  1. SEO writing
SEO content writing course

This type of content writing will help you in writing articles in a particular style by following a methodology to rank your article high in Google‘s search engine.

You can  go about it by using a certain tone of words, keywords, inbound and outbound links, usage of shorter and simpler sentences, etc.

2. Blog writing

Blog writing is sharing your perspective/experience on a varied range of topics that is often in an informal style. You can post this content online where it gets an opportunity to be viewed by worldwide web users, in turn, inviting their comments on the same.

We can say it’s a platform where you can interact with others. Although it started off as a literary outlet for people who could share their views or ideas/travelogue etc it is now increasingly becoming an important online marketing tool.

3. Academic writing

academic writing in content writing course

This is a nonfictional type of content writing. If you love data, research, and to put gently nerdy stuff…. this will work wonders for you!

In academic writing, you can present reports, research papers, etc on your research data.

It is also used for publications for teachers and researchers.

Academic writing is based on a particular subject on which you have done though and in-depth research.

4. Technical Writing

Now when we talk about Technical writing it may be more suitable for those of you who either have a Technology degree or experience in consumer electronics, hardware, and software, engineering, biotechnology, robotics, aeronautics, chemistry, etc.

Technical Writing is a type of content writing course

This type of content writing involves creating technical documents like instructions manuals, user manuals, Product manuals, how-to guides, etc. The focus is on presenting complex technical information in an easily understandable form to the common end-users.

5. Creative Writing

creative writing in content writing course

As the name suggests this type of content writing is for those of you who love to imagine…spin stories…create a fictional world of your own….

Creative writing will give you wings to explore ideas and present them as a story/poem/play …. for that matter why not a movie!! …

It is used as a pure form of entertainment and is not curtailed by any facts or figures hence giving you a free hand to explore and write.

6. Copy writing

This type of content writing is a major business marketing and sales tool. The main reason is that when used in an effective way, it can elicit an active response from the target group.

copywriting is a type of content writing course

So next time you end up doing a recent shopping by simply seeing an advertisement for TV or a billboard…owe it to a brilliant copywriter behind it!

Within copywriting, you can also foray into SEO copy, direct response advertising, or writing copy for certain specific industries.

Hopefully, by now I have been able to provide you a fair understanding of the different forms of Content writing.

Moving on lets now explore the various content writing courses in Australia…

Outline of Content Writing courses in Australia

 Australia offers many diverse courses ranging from full-time to part-time courses, off-campus as well as online.

Apart from Universities, there are some private organizations run by renowned content experts who offer certain courses as well.

In the below list I have tried to provide a mix of both formal University degrees as well as private organizations that seemed to offer interesting content writing courses to pursue!

  1. Henry Harvin
  2. University of Sydney
  3. University of Technology Sydney
  4. Australian Writer’s Centre (AWC)
  5. Deakin University
  6. Curtin University
  7. Swinburne University of Technology
  8. Australian National University (ANU)
  9. The University of Adelaide
  10. Edith Cowan University

You need to choose a certified training course in content writing that covers all the necessary modules needed to enhance your writing skills.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the Universities are starting online classes for their full-time courses and looking at later moving into the classroom mode. Some have even revised the entry requirements for the courses offered.

Lets get started……


Digital Content Writing Course (CDCW)

Henry Harvin is one of most sought-after organization for content services, training, skill development, assessment, and higher education.

Established in 2013 the organization shares its vision with that of Mr Henry Dunster (The first president of Harvard University) and aspires to become the ‘Harvard’ of Edtech Industry.

With a global customer base of over 7,00,000+Students across 97 countries, Henry Harvin certificate gets a global acceptance.

Some interesting facts about Henry Harvin:

#ISO 29990:2010 certified recognition from UKAF, UK Cert, American Association of ESL, MSME, & Project Management Institute (PMI).

# Over 3,00,000+trained, in over 25+ cities

#Offices in India, USA and Sri Lanka

Location: India, USA, Srilanka

About the course:

The content writing course offered by Henry Harvin is one of South Asia’s oldest content writing courses. It is recognized by the American Association of EFL content writing.

The course focuses on experimental learning using popular GCAO (Goal centric and action-oriented) Pedagogy.

It encompasses more than 30+ flavors of content writing like creative writing, Business writing, Technical Writing, etc

Some of the benefits of the content writing course include:

  • Training from seasoned industry experts with more than 10+years of experience
  • Live projects
  • E-learning access to recorded videos, projects, case studies for 1 year
  • Free 12 months brush up sessions
  • Guaranteed internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms

The course curriculum incudes:

  • Language Skills
  • Internet Skills
  • Business and Marketing writing
  • Content strategy
  • Technical& Research writing
  • Academic writing
  • Creative writing
  • Earn online and  get International Projects

Duration: 32 hours Training+24Hrs Brushup Sessions +50hrs E-learning Access

Cost: INR 12500 (Approx.)

For further details please visit the official website


Web writing with SEO Course

The University of Sydney offers various interesting short courses at its Centre for Continuing Education.

The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) was founded in 1984 by the University of Sydney to offer various Short courses. These courses are spread across many areas.

  • Location:

New South Wales, Australia

content writing course in university of sydney
  • About the Course:

This type of content writing course is an online one aimed at Web content writers or anyone who wants to write Web content for Business purposes.

It covers all the necessary skills and techniques in detail that goes into you becoming a successful Web writer.

  • Duration: 2 Sessions, 8 Hrs total

For further details please visit official website.


Master of Arts in Creative writing

Founded in 1988, the University of Technology Sydney(UTS) is ranked the top young university in Australia as per the QS top 50 under 50 ratings 2016-2021.

Additionally, it is also ranked in the top 200 Universities globally as per Times Higher Education World University rankings 2020.

It is a public university that offers over 130 Undergraduate and 210 postgraduate courses across various disciplines!

University Of Technology Sydney offers content writing course
  • Location:

New South Wales, Sydney

  • About the course:

This content writing course is designed for experienced as well as newbie writers.

It aims at developing your practical skills in writing, as well as your familiarity with various writing practices.

All applicants must meet the minimum English language requirements and possess the required IELTS score.

  • Duration: 18 months

For further details please visit official website


Online course in Content Writing

Founded in 2005, AWC is a world-leading writing center based out of New South Wales, Sydney. It offers a range of Business, Freelance and creative foundation courses.

They conduct both classroom courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth as well as Online courses.

The content is taught by experienced professionals who are Australia’s top authors, publishers, bloggers, etc. So, you get to interact with them and learn from their experience.

The online courses are 10 hours long taken over a period of five weeks. Whereas the classroom business courses are typically one-day seminars.

They offer variety of online classes:

#Online Live: This content writing online courses are conducted in Zoom and gives you the flexibility to study from renowned tutors from the comforts of your home.

#Online classroom: This course, requires around 3-4 hours of yours per week. However, you again have the flexibility to choose the time and duration.

# Online Self-paced:  This type, of course, gives you instant access to the course content. Although you do not have an e-tutor you can self-read with the content that is available for you for a period of 12 months.

Australian Writers' Centre offers content writing course
  • Location

New South Wales, Sydney

  • About the course:

This type of content writing course is the online self-paced one by AWC .

Created by Valerie Khoo, the CEO of the Australian Writer’s Centre who is also a renowned author, keynote speaker, and business owner.

Catering to content writing for blogs or articles for business. This content writing online course includes

  • 10 modules
  • 9 video lessons
  • 9 easy to follow templates

As soon as choose the course, the course content is available for you online. You can access the same for a period of 12 months and read it at your own pace.

So, if you are already a content writer but thinking of brushing up your skills then this is just the course for you!

  • Duration:

12 months

For further details on other courses please visit official website


Graduate Diploma of Professional Writing 

Established in 1974, Deakin University is ranked among Australia’s top 10 universities to study in.

It is a public university named after the second Prime Minister of Australia, Alfred Deakin.

In 2020, the QS 50 Under 50 ranked Deakin University 26th in the World among the top Universities under 50 years old.

This is not all, with the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)  Deakin is also in the top 1% of the world’s universities.

  • Location:

Melbourne and Victoria

  • About the course:

This flavor of a content writing course is designed for you to get an overall understanding of the necessities involved in writing and editing. It gives you exposure to a wide range of contexts.

It also aims at developing skills for freelance writing, blogging etc.

The course covers the entire cycle of Writing, editing, and publishing for you to get an overall understanding of the nuances of Professional writing.

Another bonus is the course being taught by well-known writers and editors.

All applicants must meet the minimum English language requirements and possess the required IELTS score.

  • Duration:

12 months (Full time)

For further details visit the official website.


BA Professional Writing and Publishing

Curtin University is a global University having campuses in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, and Mauritius.

It is another University in my list which has been named after one of the Prime Ministers of Australia-John Curtin.

Curtin University is one of the largest Universities in Western Australia with a five-star rating in the Good Universities Guide 2020.

The University has been rated well in overall quality of teaching, entire studying experience, and the availability of learning resources, etc.

The courses and curriculum offered are both classrooms as well as online and are built around high learning experiences and in lieu of the changing trends in industries and careers.

  • Location:

Bentley, Perth

  • About the course:

This content writing course is designed to develop your skills and knowledge in various different styles of writing and to bring out your inner creativity in the process.

curtin university offers content writing course

It aims at giving you in-depth experience in different types of content like website content, speeches, reports, media releases, discussion papers, etc. The nuances of copyright, plagiarism, etc of writing are also taught.

One of the perks being an opportunity to undertake a professional placement with an industry employer in your final semester of studies!

International students need to have proficiency in English with required IELTS scores.

  • Duration:

3 years (Full time)

For further details please visit official website.


Master in Writing

Founded in 1908, Swinburne University of Technology is a public research university based in Melbourne, Australia.

This year i.e. in 2020 Swinburne again has been ranked in THE young university Rankings at number 63 out of the 250 listed institutions.

It is considered to have one of the best high-quality research and teaching faculty who have industry experience as well as impart that experience to you through their teaching methods.

Swinburne University of Technology offers course in content writing
  • Location:


  • About the course:

This postgraduate content writing course allows you to gain skills in professional and creative writing.

It covers the needed concepts required for successfully applying the art of writing.

This course is based online and supported by e-tutors, industry professionals through online workshops, print materials, websites, and CD-ROMS’s.

  • Duration:

18 Months (Online)

For further details please visit official website.


PGRD-Creative Writing

Ranked one of the top Universities to study in as per the QS World University rankings 2020. It offers a wide variety of programs, support services, and activities to enhance the overall student experience on their campus.

It encompasses teachers and students from around the world, thus giving a supporting community to study in.

  • Location:

Acton, Canberra

ANU offers content writing course
  • About the course:

This content writing course is mainly for those of you who like to write and develop their own poetries and prose.

The course adopts a Workshop model. It also covers editing and publishing of content so that towards completion you are equipped with all the skills to manage diverse contents.

For further details please visit official website.


Bachelor of Creative Arts

Founded in 1874, the University of Adelaide is the third-oldest university in Australia. It figures in the world’s top 1% of universities to study in.

The University has been instrumental in producing 109 Rhode scholars and 5 Nobel laureates…..phew big numbers indeed!

The university offers an environment that promotes excellence, and values creativity.

  • Location: 
THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE gives content writing course


  • About the course:

In this program, you can choose from courses like Creative writing, music, and media techniques. The students in this course get an opportunity to take part in the placement of the creative arts through an internship program.

It offers masterclasses with visiting international academics.

  • Duration:

3 years (Full -time)

For further details please visit official website


Bachelor of Arts-Creative & Professional Writing

Edith Cowan University is one of Australia’s top Public University. Founded in 1991, it is the only university in Australia to be named after a Woman. (Edith Cowan, the first woman to be elected to an Australian Parliament).

 According to the Good Universities Guide 2020, Edith Cowan University has been rated 5 stars for teaching quality 13 years In a row!

The University offers more than 200 courses across its three campuses at South West campus at Bunbury and Joondalup campus (the university’s headquarters) and Mount Lawley campus in Perth.

Location: Mount Lawley Campus, Perth(Fulltime) and Joondalup Campus, Perth (Online/Distance)

About the course:

This content writing course offers you to choose between the full- time and online/Distance learning mode.

The course aims at developing your writing skills in a wide range of genres like an autobiography, poetry, drama, fiction, etc.

It will also give you an understanding of Professional writing by giving an insight into legal, ethical, and practical elements of editing and publishing.

   To be able to pursue the above content writing course on campus or online you need to fulfil the entry requirement and English competency grades (IELTS)specified in their website.

Cost:  # Full time course $ 29,950 (approx.)/year

   # Online/Distance $ 29,950(approx.)/year

For further details please visit official website.

Let’s summarise!

Australia is increasingly becoming a popular destination for students owing to its top-notch education opportunities as well as post-study employment opportunities.


There is also a very strong cultural mix available in Australia and excellent student support systems.

So if you are looking at taking up any content writing course, may it be full-time or online, with more than 1,100 institutions and over 22,000 courses to choose from…..Australia is truly the place for you !!

Are you ready to begin your adventure? …….start today…well on second thoughts ..why not start NOW!

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