Enjoy your successful career as a content writer


The major function of content writing is to express ideas, transfer messages or opinion through words. He is the one who builds a strong bridge between the audience and any topic which the readers are searching for.


The basic idea of a content writer is to convey the message to target audience in a precise way and in a layman language.


A content writer writes any topic given by the client. A writer’s goal is that his content should reach targeted audience and to satisfy his clients through writing.


Usually there is a misconception that content writers job is just for the people who prefer freelancing. It’s true for some extent, because lots of people are working as freelancers for different geographical areas.


Actually content writing job has lots of scope in many companies for fresher and well as experienced who are looking for enduring job opportunities.


Content writer is one who writes promotional and informational content for websites and other company portals. It is a process of planning, writing and editing web content, typically for digital marketing purpose.


Great need to become a writer:

Being a content writer you should be perfect with some great revives. It’s completely depends on your interest, flexibility to work from home or your favorite spot like coffee shop.


Decide the topics on which you want to write about and emphasis on your work published, give factual value to readers and generate real traffic in google page.


Always writing wouldn’t be an easy task, you have to focus on few areas and become an expertise to have successful rather than a great writer. Here are few essential skills that any successful writer needs to adopt to continue to hone over their career.


Basic skill sets of a content writer:

1. Adaptability

This skill is most obvious because every writer should adapt various styles and tones of writing, otherwise the purpose of writing will not be fulfilled.


Ex: The landing page probably contain content that is short and build to motivate the reader to take action where as a white paper will likely to explain a more complex issues.


2. Strong research and analytical ability

To become an eminent writer one should have a strong research and analytical ability. It adds credibility and significant value to your work. It’s a great technique to gather and analyze the information to give a meaningful structure.


3. A concrete understanding of SEO

Successful writer hangs on top of SEO trends. Even the best content won’t be effective if it won’t reach the audience. It’s essential to know how to craft SEO-friendly titles and descriptions, usage of keywords should be effective and know how to track the traffic in the google page.


4. Organizational skills

It’s very difficult to efficiently manage your time and workload, but it’s very essential for every content writer to manage a clean workspace. Turning a writing in late submission will end up in bad message to your audience. Prioritize your work, so that all your writing will get proper justice and reach the readers on time.


5. The ability to get focused

Its human tendency to get distracted very soon, but a good writer requires focus which can sometimes be hard to find. Get rid of distractions and focus on your work.


6. Capable to meet deadline

Delivering excellent content will show your professional reliability at the same time delivering it before deadline is more important. Time management plays a vital role in determining your capability of work and delivering the content.


7. Communication

Without proper idea or clarity on the topic your content will not be a complete piece. Communicate with your client before get into your work. Be clear on the topic to give what the client is looking forward.


When you mail your client, consider it as an official communication. Proofread your message, be polity so that your client will remember your courtesy.


8. Editing, Editing, and More Editing

Editing/proofreading is very crucial part of writing. It requires lots of patience and keen eye view. You should have strong knowledge of grammar, spelling, and punctuation to look out for redundant points and overused words.


9. Deliver Quality

Always content should be unique and qualitative. Articles should engage your audience, it should be grammatically correct and precise. Consistently delivering good content will eventually create more clients and higher-pay.


10. Staying in Demand

You could be an excellent writer, but if you don’t stay up-to-date with the latest trends, and not maintain an active presence on social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook your job opportunities will be limited.


Create writing and freelancing accounts, improve your online profiles, leverage different social platforms and market your work examples.


In addition to above skills a writer should perceive a good education background.
  • Masters, engineering and other technical background candidates are generally sorted for technical content writing.
  • Applicants who studied Bachelor Degree in communications, journalism or any other fields are suitable for general content writing.
  • It’s basic acquaintance that every writer should perceive a savvy knowledge of computer and internet usage.
  • One should expert in grammar, ready to write in all fields and good written and communication skills
  • Should have good typing speed
  • Should be aware of basic writing formats

Throughout India there are various content writing career opportunities awaiting. A writer can work as freelancer, online content writer, article writer and also can work as part-time writer.


How to become a freelance writer?

1. Working with clients and getting paid

It’s very difficult for a new writer to get recognized than experienced. Usually every client needs unique content, same way it’s mandatory to keep your every writing unique. Often a question arises in writers mind that: What type of content do client like?


The simple answer is they like all kinds! Hence every time to satisfy client is bit difficult and you should be patience to write and rewrite same work.


At the same time many companies are expanding their content beyond blogs and are working with many freelance writers. Because of all these freelance content writing jobs are streaming through the world.


2. Creating a portfolio

Creating an effective portfolio is very important for a freelance writer because a good portfolio showcases your writing ability and attracts your clients. A good portfolio is a source of passive income.


There are many ways to create a portfolio but the best way to showcase yourself is to start writing every day to become a best writer.


The good way you can take your portfolio to higher level is by posting prominent blogs and websites in your industry.


There are many sites like Huffington Post and TechCrunch from which a freelancer can get recognized. They commonly feature works from freelance writers who are trying to build their portfolio and increase their reach.


The other consideration for creating your portfolio is having different variety of content writing and content writing course. Client looks for lot more than just a blog post, so there can be gigantic value in expanding the scope of your writing.


4. Creating a professional profile

The best way to start as a freelance writer is building a professional profile in the social platforms like twitter, LinkedIn and also create accounts in freelancing sites such as freelancer.com, upwork.com many more. This helps to showcases you as a great writer and also gives a summary of your skills and experience to potential clients. It offers a glimpse into your personality and brings value to your real work.


5. Increasing your writing range

In this competitive world the content writer should really look for interesting and knowledgeable topic that everyone is looking for. But often this will be very difficult.


Being a professional freelancer you bound to find yourself create writing materials less than exiting topics or with more or less knowledge. But this should not prevent you from creating interesting content. And most of the time your topic is not your niche, but it’s an opportunity to expand your knowledge and writing range to grow an effective network.


Expanding your writing range includes learning to write in various fields which give you a platform to shine throughout the world as a freelance writer.


Always it’s not so easy to adapt a new style of writing or research for unknown topics.


So, here are few suggestions which helps expand your writing and research skills.

6. Decide your goal

Content writing is a vast field so, being a writer you should be focus on new content topic what is in demand. And also you should learn other forms of writing such as press release, whitepaper, e-book many more to expand your knowledge in other forms of writing as well.

You might be having huge knowledge in a particular field which you would like to work on, but at the same time deciding your goal helps to determine your next step of achievement.


7. Ease into New Topics

If you’re anxious about researching on new topics, take a gradual approach. Try exploring new topics that are related to your areas of expertise. If you’ve desire to write on travel articles, explore topics on hotel management and world of hospitality. If you have knowledgeable about fitness, try writing about nutrition food or health.


8. Enlarge Your Portfolio

Its foremost important task to every freelance writer to showcase his portfolio in an effective manner. Because based on your relevant work samples your client can recognize you. So, craft a few work samples for your catalog.


9. Be a good researcher

No matter in what field you are expertize or in what filed you are focusing on, but its good idea not to limit your research just on one topic. Always search for new ideas and do not let a potentially great idea to slip away from you.


Whenever an interesting idea passes in your mind, just jot it in a notepad and think about it. Also you can take help of online tools like Evernote to facilitate your new ideas.


To become a professional freelancer might be a tough job. But if you cultivate a broad thinking and become a good researcher writing will be an ease task for you.


Here are a few freelancing and online career opportunities which you are looking for:


Rank #1: SEO Copywriter


SEO writing is the most important job, because it helps your work to become more visible to major search engines. That’s way more freelance writers begin their career as SEO writers. Usually SEO writers do not have a ton of industry experience, but typically they costs less than other type of writers.


Rank #2: Social Media Writer

In this fast growing world everyone are interested in social media. Usually business men love social media, because for them it’s a means to connect with potential customers. They build a community around their product, and generate some buzz.


A key to become a social media writer is to understand how to get people speak. You should focus and learn on more platforms. You should be throw with when to post a work? What is the popular forms of writing? Many more.


Rank #3: Technical Writer


Technical writer is one who transfers complicated topic in to an ease understandable material. Most common examples of technical writing is user manuals, standard operating procedures (SOP), guides, employee handbooks, legal disclaimers, annual reports and proposals.


Rank #4: Ghost Writer


A Ghostwriters is one who writes any piece of work for other person. Writer name is not displayed as author instead he works for someone. It’s a common practice in the business world as well.


Ghostwriting for companies’ means usually creating expert content for a management. Before landing on this role you should have fair knowledge about industry experience.


Even though the ghostwriters paid high in the industry they face a drawback. Being a ghostwrite you don’t get credit for your writing and can’t mention your experience in your portfolio.


Rank #5: Copywriter


Copywriting is an art of writing copy that sells your product and satisfies potential customers to take action.


It’s typically hiring a salesman to reach all your customers. A sales team contacts customers one at a time, a copywriter reaches all of them at once through blog post, ads, billboards, sales letters and more.


Rank #6: UX Copywriter


In this fast growing world we are spending much time online. So it’s easy to get a good user experience for granted. We are facing a terrible UX when it becomes apparent how clear navigation and strong calls to action are.

And that’s where UX copywriters comes into picture.


UX writer know how a website works and he recognizes the objective of each page, link and button. He knows how to guide a user to attain anticipated results.


UX copywriter understand how to lead people through a digital journey. He know word choice, color, style which inspire people’s understand of a page.


Rank #7: Blog Writer


Blog writer writes regularly for an online journal and website. Blog writer is often referred as blogger.

A blog can be produced both for personal use and one who is having handful of experience can write business blogs which brings you money.


Rank #8: Advertising Copywriter


Advertising copywriters are most skillful writers. They conveying a brief and powerful message. They understand the importance of each word.


The most important skill of advertising copywriter is capability to embrace a brand voice. He should understand every brand has a personality, and its writer’s responsibility to show unique tone for each copy.


Advertising copywriter commonly found working on agencies, home page, online ads and traditional ads.


Rank #9: Grant Writer


Grant writers are the most niche writer. Their roll is to prepare necessary documents in order to protect financial grant from governments and financial institutions.


A grant writer has to have the capability to understand the needs of both the agency in need of funding and the organization that is offering the grant money. He must have great organizational knowledge.


Rank #10: Freelance Journalist


Now a days news media is playing a vital role in every ones life, hence freelance journalism is becoming gradually popular for writers.


Telling story is an essential skill of a journalist. They are expert in finding the human element in a story and use that to invoke emotion, build anticipation, and create a narrative stories. Journalistic articles can be range from a hundred to thousand words.


Usually companies hire these writers to help articulate their company history or to craft customers success stories.


Other Best Career Opportunities:-


Online content writing

Online writing refers one who intended to create content for online viewing such as computer, smartphone, or similar digital device. Online writing is also called digital writing.


Online writing include blogging, texting, emailing, instant messaging, tweeting, and posting comments on social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn.


Because online readers tend to scan, a Web page or e-mail message should be visibly structured; it should have what [Jakob] Nielsen calls a ‘scannable layout.’ He found that frequent use of headings and bullets can increase readability by 47 percent.



And since his study found that only about 10 percent of online readers scroll below the text initially visible on the screen, online writing should be ‘fronted,’ with the most important information placed at the beginning. Unless you have a good reason otherwise–as in a bad news’ message, for example–structure your Web pages and e-mail messages like newspaper articles, with the most important information in the headline (or subject line) and the first paragraph.”


Article Writing

Article is a large piece of writing targeted for large audience. The main moto of writing article is that it should published in magazines, journals or in newspapers.


Article writer should have his own opinion on the topic which he desire to express in front of public. Many a time you have observed writer express their problems and suggestions in some newspapers, magazines, and journals or in their blogs.


It is a form in which the writers are conveying their opinion and beliefs in the form of an article. There is lots of scope for article writing jobs.


An article should be structured in an appropriate way to draw attention of the readers.


Part-time writing

A part-time writing require few hours per week than a full-time work. Basically part-time writer uses their free time for writing.


Most of you who are knotted with gigantic life, but also desired to write. So for them part-time content writing jobs are suitable.


content writing henry harvin

Dreaming to become a wonderful content writer?

Writing in general is easy task but the difficult phase is to edit and proofread your own writing. It involves lots of tolerance. There are many institutions and organizations available throughout India to give training to become a professional writer.


In such organization Henry Harvin is one of the best trusted training center. They offer training related to most forms of writing which we discussed in this blog, including six sigma, TELF, marketing academy, analytical academy many more.

Henry Harvin offers internship to learn many things in one platform.


Throughout India there are many job opportunities available for a content writer. The only best part to become a writer is to study, research and analyze what you have read and give them your own thought.


However reading is an ongoing process for every writer, you should update your knowledge in all current and fast running topics. Also write and practice daily.


Remember nobody is a perfect writer, but the way you present your content to your readers is most important. The content should be precise and understandable.


Also there are chances to optimize your content even after it go live, you can check the website, improve its performance to get more traffic.


Ready for writing?

“This piece of writing gives an insight for everyone, who aspire for a content writer. Also helps to create an effective content to become an eminent writer or a freelancer.”


What is online content writing?

Online writing refers one who intended to create content for online viewings such as computer, smartphone, or similar digital device. Online writing is also called digital writing.

What is article writing?

The article is a large piece of writing targeted for a large audience. The main moto of writing an article is that it should be published in magazines, journals, or in newspapers.

Are content writing career Opportunities available in India?

People aspiring to become content writers or those who want to build their career in content writing as a content writer are advised to learn content writing courses provided by many institutes for content writing in India.

  1. How much a writer can earn?

    Generally a good writer can earn 40 to 50 thousand per month. Based on experience his earnings go more than that.

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