In today’s era, data is crucial, it may be your personal data or company’s data. Therefore, proper management of the data is essential. As a result, it has led to a massive demand for skilled professionals in this area. Thus, you can have a great career ahead with the best data analytics certifications. When we use data to make the perfect decision, we call it Data Analytics. We collect, clean, and analyze data. Also, we find the most strategic and optimal action to achieve a specific goal. 

What are the Applications of Data Analytics?

Within a short period, Data Analytics has many potential uses. Recently, many organisations have considered it essential. Here are some of the critical applications of data analysis:

1. Marketing, Advertising and Sales


Having a large set of data about a consumer is beneficial. However, it’s only valid if you get the necessary information from them. Here, data analysis becomes essential. Again, it helps you comprehend consumer behavior and purchasing habits. Also, using customer insights, you can offer personalised services. Besides, it enables you to promote products that customers will likely buy, leading to higher sales.

2. Social Security

Professionals who maintain society’s security find it hard to keep track of all crimes. However, police organisations study data to understand crime rates. It depends on location, time, and other factors.

3. Fraud and Risk Detection

Financial institutions risk losses if they fail to implement robust anti-fraud mechanisms. Also, they have to deal with people who do not repay them. However, banks have vast customer information. Thus, they use it to determine if customers might not repay them or if there is a fraud risk.

4. Education

Data analytics is vital in education. As we all know, students have different learning abilities. Eventually, data analysis helps educational institutes create class-specific courses based on each student’s abilities. 

Top Best Data Analytics Certifications 

If you want to become a data analyst, many certification courses are available for beginners and those with experience. We can use the popular certification courses below to find the best that helps you achieve your goals. 

1. Henry Harvin’s Data Analytics Using R Course

Henry Harvin offers an online course on Data Analytics using R course. The course introduces R programming in easy steps. It guides us through the main steps, like questioning, data handling and research. Meanwhile, the program assists in setting up key tools like R-Studio and Githtub. Moreover, hands-on imparts practical skills in effective R programming. Using real-time information, we can build data products. It’s a direct path to enhance your abilities.

2. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate is an online and beginner-level course. Moreover, it is one of the best data analytics certifications. Above all, the course offers the fundamentals of Data Analytics. Also, it includes data collection and cleaning, visualisation, and statistical analysis. Furthermore, this certification includes SQL, Spreadsheet, Tableau, etc. Thus, it strengthens your data analytics fundamentals.

3. AWS Data Analytics Course

The AWS Data Analytics course is for experienced individuals. The target audience for this course is industrial-level professionals with some experience in data analytics. Also, they want to learn about the AWS services for data analytics. Furthermore, the course includes instruction on creating, developing and sustaining solutions using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Additionally, it offers insight into data warehousing, data lakes, machine learning and other functionalities.

4. SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional

Another best data analytics certification is the SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional course. The course is for advanced-level professionals. Moreover, it is for experienced data analysts who want to demonstrate their predictive modelling and statistical data analysis skills. The SAS Programming knowledge is the only prerequisite.

5. Professional Certification Course in Data Analytics

The Data Analytics Professional Certification Course is for individuals with a background in data analytics or who are professionals in the field. This course welcomes both programmers and non-programmers. Throughout the program, participants will be exposed to tools such as Tableau, R Programming, MySQL and Microsoft Power BI. Moreover, to enhance skills, participants will engage in three real-world projects to gain hands-on experience.

6. Advanced Certification in Data Analytics

The Advanced Certification in Data Analytics program provides training for individuals who understand data analytics and its associated tools. Also, experienced professionals with prior data analytics experience or understanding are the target audience. The tools covered in this course include R Programming, MySQL, Tableau, and R Studio Programming. 

7. IBM Data Analyst Professional Course

The IBM Data Analyst Professional course is also an online certification course. It is for entry-level data analyst professionals with no prior experience. Generally, this course covers beginner to advanced-level topics. Also, you can gain hands-on experience. Finally, the course emphasises practical experience with IBM tools and technologies in data analytics. 

8. Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate

Microsoft offers the Power BI Data Analyst Associate course for experienced individuals. It is highly regarded as one of the certifications for data analytics. Moreover, this course focuses on instructing participants on utilising Microsoft Power BI, a software tool for analysing and visualising business-related data. Individuals with prior knowledge of data analytics can enroll for this certification course. Also, they can improve their skills and gain hands-on experience with advanced concepts. 

Benefits of Data Analytics Certification

A list of benefits of getting a data analytics certification are:

  • Skilled data analytics professionals are in demand due to the growing field and numerous job opportunities. Obtaining certification can enhance one’s marketability. Also improve their prospects of securing employment.
  • Data analysts with certifications receive higher income. Certifications provide proof of knowledge and experience.
  • Through certification, people gain new skills. It helps them increase their value in the job market. It also helps them achieve their career goals.


These are some of the best Data Analytics Certifications. Accordingly, you can select any of them based on your requirements or preferences. Moreover, you can choose any certification based on interest, costs, timing, flexibility, career goals, etc. Suppose you want to pursue a career in data analytics. In that case, any listed certification courses are a good starting point. 

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A few of the recommended readings on data analytics are:

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Next step

A professional certification signals your expertise to current and future employers. In view of this, enroll in Henry Harvin’s Data Analytics Using R course to learn more about data analytics. The course offers various R skills and techniques. Also, it is a 32-hour Two-way Live Online Interactive session. In addition, Henry Harvin offers a one-year Gold Membership of Analytics Academy, including e-learning access. Moreover, this program, led by industry experts with 10+ years of experience, offers valuable perks. In addition, these include Alumni status, guaranteed internships, weekly job opportunities, and live projects. Thus, it’s a comprehensive package that ensures practical skills and continuous support for professional growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which data analytics certificate course is best?

Ans. The following are the Best Data Analytics Certifications:

  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate.
  • IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate.
  • Power BI Data Analyst Associate.
  • AWS Certified Data Analytics.
  • CompTIA Data Analytics Plus Certification.
  • Associate Certified Analytics Professional. 
  • Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

Q.2 What certifications are in demand for data analysts?

Ans. Use the below list of popular certification and certificate courses to identify the option best suited to your goals:

  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate.
  • IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate.
  • Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate.
  • AWS Certified Data Analytics.

Q. 3 Which exam is best for a data analyst?

Ans. These typically include the following:

  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate.
  • Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate.
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate.
  • Google Data Analytics Certificate.
  • Cloudera Data Platform Generalist.

Q. 4 Is certification necessary for a data analyst?

Ans. A certificate or degree in a relevant field like data science, statistics, mathematics, computer science, or a related discipline can be beneficial. Also, it can make you a more competitive candidate. However, it is not a strict requirement. 

Q.5 Will AI replace data analysts?

Ans. Generative AI will not replace data analysts. It can help analysts improve but cannot provide the human insights and knowledge needed for the job. Also, generative AI won’t replace data analyst jobs or jobs in other fields that require human empathy and insight. 

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