In the world of content writing, the word content marking strategies play a wide role. Without content marketing, your content will not get any weightage. So, not only content writing but also content marketing has the same importance.

Content marketing strategies are focused on creating, publishing, and sharing content to build a reputation and visibility to your brand. It also involves planning, developing, and managing your content.

Before we jump into content marketing strategy in detail we should understand the below two questions:

1. What is content writing?
2. How to write content?

1. What is content writing?

Content writing is a digital marketing process that involves planning, writing, and editing content. In the content writing process, you will start writing content for blogs, articles, scripts, videos, podcasts, and different social media platforms.

Why proper content writing is important?

Usually, when people think about the content, they assume that content writing is all about writing articles. But writing involves many types of writing formats. Such as :

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  • Video scripts
  • Email newsletters
  • Keynote speeches
  • Social media posts
  • Podcast titles
  • White papers
  • Web page copy
  • Landing pages
  • YouTube video descriptions
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2. How to write content?

When we usually start reading any content the first thing which flows in our mind is how to write content?

Below are the few tips which explain how to write content?


Before start writing any content, it needs more research and analysis on the topic. This will help the content to flow easily

Create your unique style:

Getting into other’s shoes and start writing in their style will suppress your ideas. To read related articles on the topic in which you are willing to pen down and put your thoughts and ideas to them and create fresh content.

Stick to the point:

Every topic should stand on its topic. It’s OK to discuss the related topic a bit but that should not take away the essence of the original topic.

Use effective headline:

Whenever you start writing articles headline is the first important thing which attracts your readers. So choose your heading more attractive that should drive your readers into the article.

This is where your readers will decide they want to go ahead and read your article completely or not.

Use simple sentences:

As much as possible keep your paragraphs simple, don’t us complex words or jargon. Keep it simple so that layman can understand your language effortlessly.

Always keep readable words, short paragraphs, and write neatly which makes your writing smooth flow.

Edit and re-edit:

It’s difficult to edit your writing, but make sure you should edit and reread your content to make it error-free content.

From the above lines, we got a clear picture of what is content writing? And how to write content? Now we will move forward to discuss how to market the written content effectively to reach the targeted audience?

The content marketing strategies based on 4 important elements.

Positioning your brand

Every content writing required a clearly defined brand and product positioning. This will help you to provide a consistent experience for your audience and also serves in building the right image of your brand throughout content marketing channels.

These are the few questions helps you start brainstorming about your position in the content market:

  1. Who are my existing and potential customers?
  2. What kind of experience are they looking for?
  3. What is the competitive landscape?
  4. How do my top competitors market their brands?
  5. What is my brand’s unique value?
  6. What problems does my product help to solve?
  7. What makes it a better choice over my competitors?
  8. How can I highlight my brand’s personality?

Owned Media Value Proposition

This creates your brand as a credible content publisher. Does the value proposition explain as a writer what unique value do you provide to your audience? How different you are in creating content? Why should the audience choose to follow your content?

Before marketing your content start researching your readers’ to identify their favorite topics, channels, and resources. It’s also important to analyze your competitors’ content strategies to discover your writing niche.

Nowadays there are too many rivals available in content marketing, who don’t pay enough attention to other content creators. Once you start writing and publishing content you should consider all publishers in your area of proficiency as prospective competitors.

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Also, you should keep in mind that the unbranded media, like influencers’ video channels, online magazines, or industry blogs are a fragment of your competitive research.

Business Case

The foremost important success of a content marketing strategy is to understand your audience and value them. Apart from attracting your readers, content marketing should drive your business to a peak.

Recognize the business goals of your organization and figure out how content marketing strategies helps your business to grow and to reach targeted goals. Being a writer should focus on the resources that you need to invest in your content marketing strategy and the outcome of that.

The perfect document of the business case will help you in comprehending the cost, benefits, and risks factors involved in the content marketing strategy in your organization.

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan emphasis your goals and how accurately you will attain them. It will help you to think through each step of your content strategy.

This plan will help you decide to whom you want to connect with to showcase your content marketing efforts, how you will going to deliver the content to them, and how you will accomplish the targeted results.

We came across the elements of the content. Come now let’s discuss the importance and the goals of content marketing strategies.

Why a content marketing strategy is important?

A content strategy can help you to improve your writing and a better understanding of your audience. This also focuses on the relevancy of the content that your readers are expecting from you.

The content marketing strategy also helps in distributing your content on the right channels.

What are the goals of content marketing strategy?

I ever wonder why content marketing plays a wide role in developing a few businesses. At the same time, some content doesn’t do anything to the business.

The fact is that content all by itself is just content, the success and loss of any business are based on the marketing strategy of the content.

Build More Targeted Landing Pages

Every content strategy focuses on well-optimized SEO. This involves linking your content or article into multiple other blog pages, publishing related articles, images, PPT and videos in social media, etc.

Each of those advanced guides should have an individual landing page, optimized for the applicable keywords.

The usage of optimized keywords in your landing page will generate more revenue and this will helps in learning more about your content market and customer. This leads to discovering new content creation.

Ex: The Copyblogger Media is having multiple landing pages, each page aimed at different keywords that the readers are passionate about. This explains to you better than when you are creating more landing pages think strategically and build your content around them.

The easy way to create an effective landing page is to use templates. There are many templates available for free online, such as Unbounce, Instage, and many more.

Segment Audience to Increase Engagement

The content marketing strategy is segment centered. Which means it involves segment their readers based on product needs. The fundamental need for segmentation in every content marketing is that few of your readers may not be buyers but some of them are.

It’s mandatory to keep your marketing efforts by segmenting customers based on their identity. Don’t forget that a buyer persona is an elaborated profile of one segment of your readers. This permits you to create content that engages in segments more efficiently.

If you feel tough to segment your target audience on your writing that is from the blog or website, its better idea to use an autoresponder email.

Email list segmentation is a must if you want to get the most from your list. According to Emarketer, 39% of email marketers who segment their email lists see better open rates. And, 28% report better email deliverability and increased revenue.

Know Your Audience, and Give Them What They Expect

Before creating effective, successful, and engaging content you have to well aware of your audience and their expectations.

Always craft an article based on on-trend topics that are in demand. To make sure the search results of the keyword which you have used in your article, type your keywords in the google search box and check how many search results it received within a specific period.

Remember, the more you understand your audience, the more precisely you can produce your content based on their interest, and this will help you to make your content marketing strategies more efficient.

Focus on Facts and Think Tactically

In this fast-growing world, no reader will accept false information. So it’s important that when you are producing any content add factual data, which may be graphs, experiments which you have undertaken. This will make your readers trust you.

So, instead of accommodating whatever you have referred from the other sites, blogs, and articles at a face value, think about the topic tactically and critically to make sure what you have read is the right content to produce a perfect article.

Many times it happens that after reading, observing, and brainstorming, you may come up with a new idea and concept that will be entirely different from what you have read which will a unique content.

Target the millennials with adaptive content

The millennials are a special segment of the human race. A 2014 report from the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers revealed that, as a group, millennials value community, family, and creativity at work. They’re also the largest and most diverse generation in the U.S.

Similarly, millennials establish a large piece of targeted readers. So, always your content should focus on their need and values. Most of your readers may use laptops, desktop, or smartphones to access your content.

So your content must optimize to all the devices. Be adaptive while generating any content, which makes easy accessibility for your audience.

In other words, the readers should access your content without any hassle on their laptop, desktop, or mobile app.

The goal for 100 visits per month instead of 1000

Initially don’t expect 1000 visitors for your blog per month, instead focus 100 visitors and work on your content marketing strategy to reach that.

Slowly you increase your strategy to increase blog visitors to more and more to reach your target and make sure your goal should be measurable and realistic. If you can hit the expected target, obviously you will be able to reach your aimed target and beyond.

Learn From Topic Training Modules

These days content marketing has become easier because most of us can use social media channels to market our content which is the fastest reaching platform and available for free accessibility.

The social media channels have grown significantly and proved themselves. People visit these free sites for E-learning which is way more effective the social media and E-learning sites are getting visitors.

This is a good platform for content marketers. They can make use of it by creating reading modules and post on platforms like Udemy, Lynda, and others out there to get more traffic of the existing blogs or articles.

Many platforms will provide you the ideas about the content topic. It became easier for you to search for your trendy topic to produce your content.

Ex: Udemy is a platform, through which you can research your topic. Below are the steps to explain how to search for your topic.

Step #1: Log in to, enter your keyword, and hit enter/search.

Step #2: Check the courses from the top results and choose one that suits your keyword and read the module.

Step #3: Gain the ideas from that module and there will be many modules that are related to the same topic. If you need you can go through a few of them extract more knowledge on the same topic.

Use Native Ads, But Don’t Be Misleading

Native Advertising

These are a form of online advertisement that matches the form and functions of the platform. In most cases, it acts like videos, articles, and manifests. These native ads are promotional pieces that add value to your article. 

The native ads are an integrated part of content marketing strategies. These ads convey unique and useful information to your targeted audience.

According to Brafton, 83% of digital marketers plan to increase audience engagement and promote brand visibility through native ads.”

If you want to join them as part of your content marketing strategy, make sure your ad is consistent with your other content. Above all, native ads should meet the needs of your readers and engage the audience, just like your other content does.

The main idea of the usage of native ads is to produce high-quality content that helps your readers to get fully-fledged knowledge by reading a single piece of work.

It’s important that if you want to post a landing page your page should be well-designed and filled will knowledgeable content to welcome your readers and convert them into email subscribers or buyers.

Be Ready to Evolve

According to Melissa Stanger,

Its survival of the fittest and your business has to evolve.” To “evolve” means “to change or develop gradually.

The fact is that content marketing is willing to acclimate to the latest developments in your organization. This might sound like enrolling in a content marketing institute, whereas for the readers they are extensively to stay on top of updated content.

Mainly the business models and content marketing strategy evolves around the most current information to keep your business viable. This is nothing but you are closely observing the google algorithm updates to keep a keen eye on generating search traffic.

The main target of your content marketing is to expand your search results and at the same time satisfy your readers with useful content. It’s your responsibility to evolve for the sake of your readers.

Conduct a Competitor Analysis and Work With the Data

The competitor analysis is mandatory while planning for a content strategy. You can spy on your competitors to identify what exactly they’re doing.

Competitor analysis is a fundamental part of search marketing success. Accurately conducted competitors’ analysis can improve many aspects of your content marketing and conversion rate.

The usage of right automated tools will capture your competitor’s details that is where they are getting backlinks and how they are creating traffic for their content, many more.

Content market Strategy

Get on the Local Platform

Content marketing strategy is a universal term that can be used by every content writer. The researches have rolled out that consumers use online for local products which is why the local placement has become part of marketing strategy.

The important aspect of the success of your content marketing is to find out the highly used keyword by customers in your locality. This will help you to get high-pay by your clients from your locality.

This local keyword strategy is only applicable for your locality and for other states and cities this might be different.

Create Headlines Based on Emotional Keywords

An effective headline is the foremost important part of any content. The headline should use emotional keywords.

This is the tactic to attract your audience and gain more traffic to your content. This influences your readers and they may share your content other social media platforms.

Always use the examples to support your keywords that maybe the video, images. This will leads your content to get more readers, clicks, and visits when you eventually rank on the google page.

Give Your Audience a Behind-the-Scenes Experience

If you need to boost your content traffic and attract your loyal readers just share the behind-the-scene experience with them before publishing your original content. Give highlights of the topics to them.

This will create a caloricity in your readers to wait and read your content.

Build Engagement on Your Own Space

This section explains to you that any writer should build engagement in their own space that is their blog. Instead of engaging in social media channels and get many fans, create engaging blogs, and bring fans to your content.

Give more consideration to your email lists and cherish your subscribers. At the same time pay attention to social media, this will create more traffic to your content.

In general content marketing strategy is not as simple as you think. When a writer creates content and publishes the task will get over but the purpose will not be fulfilled – that is when you write any content that should reach your audience and they should be benefited from your content.

They should post your content on other social media channels to make their friends go through the content.

This is where a writer’s dream will be fulfilled and in this fast-growing world, there are plenty of content writers available. If you want to shine among them you should produce engaging content and market that effectively to get more visitors and search results.

Are you interested in an effective content marketing strategy?

Here are the tactics that will help you to become an expert in the field of content marketing strategy.

General Questions:

What is “Native Advert”?
Native advertising – these are a form of online advertisement that matches the form and functions of the platform. In most of cases, it acts like video, articles, and manifests. These native ads are promotional pieces that add value to your article.

What do you mean by “Segment Audience”
Segment audience is a process to divide your audience based on different criteria. This helps you to understand your reader better. In this process, you will identify subgroups within the target audience to deliver more effective content.

What are the questions important to brainstorm your content marketing?
• Tell your existing and potential audience?
• Brief about their expectations?
• Explain the competitive landscape?

• How your competitors market their brands?
• Shed light on your brand’s unique value?

• Problems does your product help to solve?
• What makes it a better choice over your competitors?

• Suggest ways to highlight your brand’s personality?

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  1. This blog is so interesting. I learned a lot from the information.

  2. Got to know a lot about digital marketing and its importance in promoting a business from your blog. Thanks for the info and keep blogging!

  3. Got to know a lot about digital marketing and its importance in promoting a business from your blog. Thanks for the info and keep blogging!

  4. Got to know a lot about digital marketing and its importance in promoting a business from your blog. Thanks for the info and keep blogging!

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