Preface of English Language

English is the most exquisite language. However, if we want to enhance dexterity in this language, we need to read books regularly. We come across different courses in our daily life. Moreover, we are baffled to choose one course. For instance, TEFL certification, CELTA certification, TESOL certification, etc.


TEFL, TESOL, CELTA is the best option. Which course we have to choose? That is a big question mark. It is hard to decide. However, one needs to do research. Moreover, after the survey, one can reach one conclusion.

To embark on this article, I would like to describe TEFL certification. Furthermore, we will understand more about TEFL and CELTA.

TEFL Certification

The Full sort of TEFL is teaching English as a far-off language. Anyone is interested in the teaching profession. TEFL provides the perfect platform. The best part of this course is if you failed in exams. You can prepare for your exams and give them again.




Availability of TEFL Course

TEFL course is available everywhere. It’ simple to understand. You can attend the lectures online as well as inline. TEFL is four weeks intensive course. After the accomplishment of this course, nothing can be an obstacle in your career.

 TEFL providers can help to learn English at your ease. You want to teach abroad. You have to be certified with TEFL or any other courses.

It provides an opportunity to get a salary hike. Nowadays, TEFL certification is in demand to teach English. If you would like to realize success in your life. You can go for this course.

CELTA Certification



CELTA An Emerging field of Teaching English

CELTA course is promulgated among everyone. It is a full-time long length course. It is globally accepted. If anyone is coveted to complete this course. Certainly, it is going to help them.

CELTA Makes You Confident and Smart

CELTA helps you to boost up your prowess. You can augment your efforts to achieve a good rank in the teaching field. CELTA gives you the way for flawless performance in the English language. After the attainment of CELTA certification. One can reach up to the climax of victory.

During this course, teachers are certified by Cambridge University that adds value to their degrees.

Now a very obvious question arises in our mind. Which Acronym is the Best to Pursue?


Life is full of perplexion. However, exploration can help us to plump for one course. I explored and acquired lots of knowledge. I want to share few facts about TEFL Vs CELTA. We need to know the major differences between TEFL and CELTA.

Let’s illustrate this with one live Example.  

If anyone wants to attain a consummate approach in any subject. In that case, that person has to expedite their endeavour. The most vital part is, one should know all aspects of that particular subjects.

It needs hard work and dedication. We should have a propensity for learning. Learning is the modification of behaviour. We need to learn through experiential experience. However, in the same way, we can learn or opt for any subject after full investigation.

Two Angles of Any Course

Everything has two aspects. Merits and drawbacks. It is rightly said that anything has two sides. The brighter and darker side are the two aspects. It is up to us that how we ramp up our skills from both segments. TEFL and CELTA courses are beneficial for career growth.

However, if we have to select one. We need to know the whole information about TEFL certification and CELTA certification.

Let’s Understand the Ten Major differences Between TEFL and CELTA.

1.Duration of Course (TEFL Vs CELTA

CELTA is an intensive course. It can take four weeks to three months for the accomplishment. It is a full-time as well as a part-time course. It provides more homework assignments to the students. TEFL can take one weekend to 300 hours for the completion of the course.

TEFL and CELTA providers can give you both virtual as well as physical classroom platform. It depends upon your stipulation. How much time one spare for completing the course? It can also be the one-factor to select. One can ponder and then decide.

2. Differences in Potency Between TEFL and CELTA

CELTA demands students to do the full-time course. It provides hands-on experience. It expects a firm grip on the English language from its teachers. It requires more hard work and dedication to complete the course.

It provides written assignments and more workload to the students. CELTA provides a part-time course as well. However, they give more emphasis on a full-time course. On the part-time course also, is more intense and students have to complete more written work.


TEFL is not a very intensive course. It provides a foundation course in grammar. There is a difference between TEFL and CELTA in terms of intensity of courses. TEFL can be for a short period. It can be for the weekend or can proceed for months.

3. Differences in Price Between CELTA and TEFL

CELTA is more expensive than TEFL. Price can also be one of the deciding factors for the students to opt for CELTA or TEFL. CELTA can cost anywhere from $ 15,00 to $4,000. CELTA is a globally recognized course. If anyone has completed the CELTA course and written that in their CV. That part can add up value to their CV.

TEFL is cheaper than CELTA. However, some TEFL courses can also be expensive as CELTA. TEFL courses can cost $200 to $4000. Online TEFL courses have a reasonable price.

CELTA is one of the most prestigious programs. Which can give an excellent way to move forward. The quality of course in CELTA is guaranteed. However, for the TEFL program, you need to do more research.

4. Work differences between TEFL and CELTA

CELTA is internationally recognized which can be the ladder for success. CELTA is a course which is designed for inculcating adults. If you want to teach kids or teens then TEFL is the best option. TEFL certified teachers can get in-depth job options.

Whereas CELTA certified teachers access to job boards through the program. In terms of flexibility, CELTA courses demand students to be on the school premises. Moreover, TEFL students can attend lectures online.


5. Certification and Credibility (TEFL Vs CELTA)

TEFL certification is globally discerned. It provides a reliable course. It will provide you the real competence. TEFL course will provide a minimum of 120 hours of blend with both research and practical experience.

CELTA credentials are internationally recognized. It is a great opportunity to pursue this course. It provides a longer-term way overseas. It is an intensive course so it will give you a new door to success. Both courses are valuable and will give away to your life.

6. Career Prospect (TEFL Vs CELTA)

TEFL and CELTA both can give you the incredible course of action to attain a better position. Moreover, it is up to you also that how much effort you take to expand your career. For example, if anyone wants to succeed in their life. They have to strive. In the same way, if you want to take a particular position. You have to be pliable and give your best to achieve the best career.

7. Precondition

To pursue the TEFL course one needs to be over 18 years. Learners who want to enroll in TEFL should speak fluent and coherent English. It does not require higher credentials.

However, for CELTA course student undergo rigorous selection and needs higher credentials.

For the CELTA course, one needs to give an interview. One should have robust command of the English language. CELTA course gives you a significant platform to rise in your career.

8. Prominence of the Course

TEFL and CELTA both are equally important. It is up to your requirement. If you probe these courses you will conclude equal importance. CELTA is gaining popularity worldwide. Moreover, TEFL is also very recognized worldwide. It is more popular in UAE, Japan, the United States, Malaysia China, and many more.

TEFL is obligatory for the person who wants to pursue their career in the teaching profession. Without a TEFL degree, one can’t work overseas. Even can’t a get salary hike. If you want to captivate by showing your CV. You have to complete an essential course.  

9.Adhesion (TEFL Vs CELTA)

If anyone wants to attain an outstanding career in the teaching field. Then one can select any one of these. It all depends upon your expectations, financial position, desires your prospect. You can see your needs and apply for that course.

TEFL is a short-term course whereas CELTA is a long-term course. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You can pick out one according to your requirement. Choosing any one course can be pivotal for your future. Both courses can help you to grow in the teaching field.

10.Advantages (TEFL Vs CELTA)

TEFL is more versatile than CELTA. It gives you a chance to glitter like the star at the age of 18. It is a short-term and low-cost investment. After completing the course, you can achieve a good position in your life. You can make yourself holistic and independent. It is widely known so it will be easy for you to apply for a job anywhere.

CELTA is an iconic course that provides a new approach to success. CELTA is costlier than TEFL. However, it is a long duration course that can give more experience in the teaching field. You can understand the pedagogy and new methodology of teaching. It will reinforce your career.

Now the question arises that what should you choose (TEFL Vs CELTA)                                                                                                                                       

The answer can’t be anyone. To ascertain any one course. You need to check your financial conditions, presupposition, inclination, time constraints, etc. If you are impulsive and want to achieve something in your life. You have to accept the hard challenges of life.

TEFL gives you the basic platform whereas CELTA is specific for teaching adults. TEFL is a well-designed course to teach English abroad. You can teach from anywhere in the world. It can be both online and physical classroom.

CELTA is purposely designed to teach adults. CELTA course is more stringent than TEFL. It requires more effort. Moreover, students need to complete many tasks. CELTA course certificate is issued by Cambridge University. Cambridge University is renowned and its certificate is valuable.

Important Points to be Noted

  • If you are certified with a TEFL degree, you can teach all of the categories of students. For instance- children, teens, those who are non-native English speakers, business professionals, etc.
  • Beginners can also pursue the TEFL course.
  • An experienced person can pursue CELTA. If you go for this course you have to give an assessment. Moreover, you have to give an interview as well.
  • Without TEFL certification your job options will be limited. Moreover, you will not get a salary hike.
  • After completing the TEFL certification, you can build up the foundation of the English language.
  • CELTA is a branded course of TEFL.
  • CELTA and TEFL open a new journey in your life.
  • You can acquire knowledge after completing these courses.
  • Both courses are accredited by the organization.
  • CELTA is costlier than TEFL.

Many other job adverts can give you information about CELTA and TEFL. Nonetheless, I tried my best to convey to you all the information about CELTA and TEFL. CELTA and TEFL can groom your personality. You can think of a good salary after completing the course.

Importance of English language

English is one of the most important subjects. However, we need to practice and go for TEFL and CELTA. First, you have to be well-versed with grammatical concepts. Moreover, CELTA and TEFL can motivate you to achieve success in your life.

The English language is in demand. Now everywhere or in every country English is needed for any job. Without the knowledge of the English language, we can’t get a salary hike in any of the jobs.

English is a fascinating language. The English language can give you confidence. English   speakers can captivate anyone. Now is the best time to groom your personality and move   ahead in your job. CELTA and TEFL is the best option to grow in English teaching job.

If you want to rise in the teaching field. You have to be optimistic. There should be positive vibes around you. There are no differences between the courses. The main thing is you need to explore more and think positive.

You have to endeavour for success. TEFL and CELTA offer one of the most coveted credentials in any of the countries.


It is the simple logic if you want to move forward in any stream. You need to enhance your efforts. If you are baffled and not able to select the right career. In that case, you need to recognize your talent.

You have to check that you are interested in which field. Recognition of your talent and area of interest can help you to move on a successful path. Success needs hard work and willpower. If you want to enlighten yourself from in-depth knowledge, you have to continuously work for that.

In the same way, if you want to be the best in the teaching field. You have to complete courses like CELTA and TEFL. Both courses can help you to rise in your career. In the teaching field, these courses can give you an outstanding platform for success.

Exploration of TEFL and CELTA can give you more ideas about these courses. If you want to achieve a good position in the teaching field. You have to strive and complete these courses. It will not impede your career.

Novice Learners

Novice learners can build up their foundation of grammar by completing TEFL courses. It will give a radical approach to understand the grammatical concepts. You can understand the basic concepts of Grammar after finishing the TEFL course.


TEFL and CELTA courses are vital if you are thinking of moving ahead in the teaching field. Instructors of these courses are well trained who can guide you. Moreover, you can strive and gain a reputation. You can imbibe the qualities of your mentor.

You will be gratified if you will complete this course. You can learn myriad methods of teaching and learning process. The best part is you can get good monetary benefits. You can get a good amount of salary after completion of this course.

You can make your mind broad and learn how to tackle students. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn new things.  CELTA and TEFL will not merely for understanding grammar however, they will give you a new door of a career.

We can’t say which course is the best. You should infuse learning in your mind and gain information.


For the CELTA course, you need to fill the application form. Subsequently, you have to go for an interview for the selection process. Competition is huge so we need to work very hard and fill the form early. CELTA and TEFL courses are in demand. So, we need to fill the form immediately.

Completion of TEFL and CELTA

Completion of TEFL and CELTA gives you a perfect apprehension about the subject matter. You can learn many things. You can learn the English language and go many steps ahead in your career. Apart from the English language, you will get knowledge about the pedagogy of teaching.

You can be confident while teaching after completion of the course. No one can defeat you if you strive during the course. You can learn how to tackle kids and teenagers. In the TEFL course if you get failed during an examination. You will get a second chance. TEFL Vs CELTA courses are very important if you want to earn a good amount in the teaching field.

Eventually, I want to conclude that if we want to achieve something different. We have to do something different. If you are at the top you will be gratified and will try to learn more.

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Frequently asked questions

1.What is CELTA?

ANS: CELTA is a course explicitly designed for teaching adults. CELTA provides intensive courses and more workload to the students. A physical classroom is the requirement of this course. Many CELTA providers conduct online lectures as well for the students. However, it provides more assignments and this course can be for several months. Moreover, CELTA can give you a salary hike in your job.

In the teaching field, CELTA can add value to the credentials. Anyone can rise in the teaching field after completing this course.

CELTA instructors can guide you in different directions. However, it is vast than TEFL because it conducts a more rigorous assessment and interview process.

2. What is TEFL?

ANS: TEFL is the certification designed to teach kids, business professionals, teenagers, etc. You can complete this course online as well as inline. The TEFL course can ameliorate your English. It is the best way to move ahead in your career. It can be a short-term course. You can attend lectures at your ease. TEFL course can give you more chances if you are failed during the examination. Teachers will be well trained. They always use an incredible pedagogy of teaching.

More Here:  What is TEFL?

3. What is the difference between TEFL, TESL, TESOL, and ELT?

ANS: TEFL means teaching English as a foreign language. Teaching English as a second language. This usually refers to teach an adult. TESOL means Teaching English to speakers of another language. ELT stands for English language teaching. These are the courses that can reinforce your future. TEFL and TESOL can be used interchangeably. These courses are widely recognized. These courses can give you the best option in the teaching field.

4. To pursue TEFL and CELTA how much knowledge of Grammar should we have?

ANS:  To pursue the TEFL course we need to know about the basic concepts of grammar. We should know about English coherently. Moreover, CELTA requires more workload for the candidates. It is a more tough course than TEFL. CELTA is a long-term course. TEFL and CELTA courses can ameliorate your English. However, you should have knowledge of grammar. CELTA course requires more knowledge from their candidates.

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