TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification is a certification that is recognized internationally to teach English anywhere (especially abroad). TEFL certification is an entry-level credential to teach English as a Foreign language in institutes and schools. This certification makes you qualified to teach English to non-native English speakers across the world.

You will find attractive salaries in the competitive job market for teaching jobs. Become confident in your teaching knowledge along with managing a classroom. This course provides almost all the necessary skills needed to uphold your teaching and learning skills. Like you learn to teach every student with varied aspects of the subject and the lessons. Even you as a teacher become capable to handle the classroom in a better way by making the learning joyful and interesting.

Topics covered in the TEFL course

The TEFL course usually consists of English language, including English teaching skills, lesson planning, grammar, and classroom management. The TEFL course covers-

  • Basic English language skills – The English language skills include language learning – speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, and listening.
  • English grammar concepts – Basic English grammar concepts are included. Like vocabulary, pronunciation, tenses, etc. 
  • Lesson planning – Learn to make lesson plans and deliver effective lessons to the students. This can help you promote your productive teaching aspects.
  • Classroom management- Students may have different behavior and their perspective of learning and teachers can be different. So, you will learn to manage your students and classroom which can create a welcoming and safer learning environment.
  • Determine learning styles – You can learn to make out the learning styles and revise your lessons that can suit the needs and learn of the students.
  • Learn to make effective materials – Engage students by providing effective learning materials. This can help you to make your students know about the subject easily with better details of the topics; You can make digital or paper materials to attract students’ attention towards learning.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is ranked in the top 500 Global Edtech companies with more than 3,00,000 alumni. They have almost 900 plus clients inlined up with the academy. Having their base in almost 97+ countries across the world.


You can upgrade your learning aspects by joining Henry Harvin where the TEFL course is designed to help you learn teaching details. There are many features involved in learning like recorded videos of class sessions, live projects, internships, job assistance, career services, and access to E-learning.

More than 1000 students have gained the TEFL certification from Henry Harvin and are placed in reputed positions. 

Get 100% internship for beginners, intermediates, and advanced levels. These include real-time activities and projects. This is how the faculty helps each candidate to get into better job opportunities.

Henry Harvin provides an online learning facility with an online TEFL certification cost of INR 26500

You can become efficient in teaching by enrolling in Henry Harvin with 40 hours of learning patterns.

2. ITTT – International TEFL and TESOL Training

The TEFL course here is well-designed to help each student to get the best teaching knowledge. The mission of this academy is to help candidates who are willing to teach English and take it as a career option. Online and In-class courses are available for the TEFL course at ITTT. 

Online courses are flexible and self-paced to help you work at your convenience from anywhere. The online TEFL course cost starts from US$ 249.

Whilst in-class TEFL course cost starts from US$ 1490.

3. International TEFL academy

The TEFL course at International TEFL academy is designed to meet the international standards of teaching. They have well-qualified professional TEFL instructors to provide each student with proper assistance to get hired for the perfect job.

The TEFL course cost for 11 weeks online starts from $1,399.00 and the 4-week intense online starts from $1,799.00.

The TEFL course cost for in-class starts from $545.00.

4. Bridge TEFL

Teaching methodologies and strategies like grammar skills, lesson planning, and class management are the concepts included in the TEFL course at Bridge TEFL. You get assignments and assessments that are also conducted to check your ability to learn with the help of the instructors. 

The TEFL course cost for the online 40-hours basic class starts from INR 17,378, the 60-hour introductory course starts from INR 26,480, and the 100-hour introductory educator plus starts from INR 28,963.

5. i-to-i 

Get started with the basic level 3 to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to become an effective TEFL teacher. You can learn from planning effective lesson planning to class management skills also.

The TEFL course cost for the online basic level 3 starts from $129.00, level 5 starts from $199.00, and the level 5 diploma starts from $299.00

6. TEFL Institute

The TEFL course is designed with the help of academic instructors having a higher standard of teaching techniques and strategies. They provide an online course that is efficient to learn at your ease and convenience.

The TEFL course cost for the basic 120 hours starts at $149.00, 240 hours starts at $179.00 and 180 hours starts at $275.00.

7. The TEFL Academy

The TEFL course is designed for online learning with continuous teaching assistance and practice for better knowledge. Instructors are involved in the regular assignments of projects to uphold your skills having years of experience.

The TEFL course cost for the online 120-hours level 3 starts at $139.00, 168 hours start at $229.00 and another 40 hours start at $110.00.


The CIEE TEFL course is accredited by the ACCET as a reliable academy to provide third-party education and training practices. Each session is designed as per industry standards by well-experienced instructors. Get feedback and necessary comments on your assignments. The certification course for TEFL training cost 30 hours for $270, 60 hours for $300, 150 hours for $1,195, and 180 hours for $1,295.

9. UNI-Prep

It is the leading TEFL course-providing institute offering better online teaching techniques and access to teaching. The TEFL course certification is internationally accepted, authenticated, and authorized around the world.

The UNI-Prep has online TEFL course costs ranging from $95 for 120 hours, $145 for 250 hours, and $695 for weekend classes.

10. Teaching Nomad

Teaching Nomad is a partner of the University of Nothern Colorado, and provides TEFL certification which is recognized globally.  The course is well-designed by the instructors as per the University with 8 modules having video content for the sessions. 

The Teaching Nomad offers TEFL course costs ranging from $249 for 120 hours online.

11. Mytefl

The TEFL course is well-structured to empower teachers with a better destination for teaching. 

The MyTEFL starts with the Basic course at $139, the advanced course at $249, the professional course at $299, and the master course at $349.

12. ITTO

ITTO is an internationally recognized online Teaching English program with the course matching the trained requirements of the schools. The TEFL course content includes all the necessary skills, abilities, and confidence to hold a good teaching career across the world. This course is about teaching methodologies, designing activities, managing classes, etc for better job satisfaction.

The TEFL course costs range from $250 Basic course to the Standard course is $275 and the advanced course is $325.

13. Premier TEFL

The TEFL course here is regulated by the government which is recognized at the international level. Together with qualified academic trainers, they teach English with accredited courses and certified practices. As per the trend, you can enjoy your TEFL career with better opportunities.

The TEFL course starts with 120 hours of learning for $199, 270 hours of learning for $239, 180 hours of learning for $399, and 300 hours of learning for $499.

14. Teaching House

Gain TEFL course certification approved by an educational center providing quality courses with diverse knowledge. As part of learning, Teaching House assists to find better employment opportunities. 

The TEFL  course cost is around $2100, adding the $1900 and $200 as the enrolment fee.


This is an online learning platform where you can enroll at any time during the academic year whenever suits you. The course offers new insights into language learning and understanding of principles. They focus on the theory and practical aspects of the English language.

The TEFL course cost for a Master’s Diploma in TEFL is $199 for 250 hours and is free for the Teaching Practice certification course.

Benefits of earning TEFL course certification

  • Better job opportunities

While browsing for international teaching job opportunities, many countries are asking for TEFL certification. This TEFL certification helps you get the necessary administrative paperwork to make you work legally in other countries.

There are few academies providing reimbursement for housing and flight charges.

  • Better pay-pack

Another benefit can be getting a pretty better penny after the TEFL certification course. Institutions and many schools pay better pay, expecting you to have some skills needed for teaching. You learn many skills during the TEFL certification course which can help get a better pay scale.

  • Gain confidence

Teaching is not an obvious talent that everyone can have. Teaching is not as easy as it looks, it needs patience, knowledge to deal with the students, lesson planning and so many things which are taught during the TEFL course. So, learn the TEFL course and become confident in your teaching.

  • Teaching skills

As said in the above point, teaching is not as easy as it looks. Teaching is a lot about your perception and little about the student’s understanding. Many teaching skills are taught in the TEFL course curriculum including multiple aspects of levels of learning. 

  • Easy Visa

Earning TEFL certification can help you get riskless teaching offers, especially in China. Few agencies hire you and also provide working visas. They also help with the necessary paperwork needed to go through the visa process. 

  • Expected across the world

The TEFL certification course does not expire and is valid for a lifetime. As there are many cultures across the world, recruiters sneak peek over the TEFL certification and give priority to them. This course is so expected in almost all countries across the world.


TEFL course provides higher qualifications with better-paying job opportunities. In some countries, there is no compulsion to get a teaching job with a teaching qualification. But earning TEFL certification can give your better pay and positions across the world. Many organizations are helping you to teach abroad and provide help to get through the paperwork needed for visa processing.


Q.1 Is a TEFL certification course enough to get a chance of getting a better teaching job abroad?

Ans. The TEFL certification course is one of the major requirements to teach English abroad. Overseas job seekers also find a variety of teaching requirements for hiring in multiple countries. Even though TEFL certification may not be mentioned in the job requirements, 

But recruiters always expect to have one. Every recruitment agencies and schools look for candidates with TEFL certification.

Q.2 What are the minimum criteria to join the TEFL certification course?

Ans. There are no specific criteria to join the TEFL certification course. Atleast you must complete a minimum of 18 years.

Q.3 Is the online TEFL certification cost costly?

Ans. Online TEFL certification cost is almost affordable for most people.

Q.4 Do TEFL course certificates expire?

Ans. No, the TEFL course does not expire. It is a lifetime certification.

Q.5 Should I take the TEFL course online or classroom?

Ans. Classroom learning is intense and has a connection with the instructor in person. People with classroom learning are always preferable for having a competitive environment where you find fellow peers with the same standard of learning as you are. This grows your enthusiasm for learning.

Online learning is convenient and is considered to have the same materials as in the classroom. Schedule flexibility and online format help you maintain your busy schedule with self-paced learning.

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