Are you getting tired of searching for a decent and satisfactory training institute and job in a technical writing course in Bhopal? If you are interested in writing and not able to find out a correct way. Do not wait for the right time, make the time right for itself. Are you aspiring for a technical writing course certification? Are you interested in technical writing? Do you have doubts regarding technical writing? Do not believe in the notion that technical writing course is only related to the technical field. Here is some beneficial information about the technical writing course certification and technical writing course in Bhopal.

Furthermore, in this pandemic situation, a Technical writing course is designed to provide a new platform as a career option. Some numerous institutes and organizations offer technical writing courses in Bhopal through offline and online mode. Here illustrating some of the institutes,

 1. Henry Harvin Education


Unique features of Henry Harvin

  • Education is becoming more digital and advanced technological knowledge or courses are more influential than any other.
  • Henry Harvin is one of the most popular and globally known training institutions. The main office of Henry Harvin Education is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • This Institute has assembled several branches that have been spread all over the country. In this pandemic rigorous condition, Henry Harvin Education develops a better educational atmosphere by providing online courses, certification, internships, or job training.
  • Henry Harvin generates several online course classes and training.
  • It offers technical writing courses in Bhopal.
  • Henry Harvin delivers numerous benefits of technical writing courses.
  • It helps to enhance your technical writing skills, teaches you ethics in scientific communication,
  • Effectively communicates the technical details to a non-technical audience, Explores and identify different types of literature review, and mastery in writing thesis and research papers for journals, facilitate our writing process to achieve a better paper in less time, delivers lectures on Master English expressions that professional writers use to write clearly and concisely and allows to operate free software to create accurate and precise citations in seconds.

The Certification

  • Henry Harvin’s, course certifications enable global acceptance.
  • This institution is recognized as one of the best institutes for a technical writing course certification with gold membership and it has newly included a postgraduate technical writing course. The Institute has very well-experienced trainers and a supportive relationship manager who directs and guides throughout the course completion.
  • The institutes promote internship programs boot camp sessions facilities and 100% guaranteed placements.
  • They capitalize on technical writing courses all over the country.
  • Henry Harvin is popularly known for technical writing course certification and it has included postgraduate technical writing courses.

The trainers

Post Graduate Program in Technical Writing

Strengthen your Writing prowess as you master the art of simplifying Complex Technical details into clear and well-structured documents

View Course

  • The trainers of this institute deliver lectures and projects and they promote teamwork. The trainers always come up with new ideas and programs which are specifically designed for the learners who want to pursue knowledge and develop skills without step outing from home

How they upgraded themselves

In this current situation, the institute produces many opportunities for learners by promoting online technical writing courses which can be easily accessible. The trainers are highly qualified and experienced.

How to get certified?

First of all, get registered then attend technical writing training classes and submit projects that are assigned, and last or final procedure get certified. 

The institute offers pupils a free 15 minutes course guidance session and much more such as the technical writing course with gold membership, detailed orientation program, teamwork, writing skills, etc.

Method of Training

The institute delivers 16 hours of live online class interaction sessions, 24 hours of live online brush-up sessions, and 50 hours of e-learning access. It also includes one-year LMS access, live projects, and Alumni status. They also ensure 100% placement supports and an internship proposal. There are many more other plans and offers are available for amateurs. 

Other Courses

 Henry Harvin includes various courses such as Content Writing, Medical Writing, Instructional Design, Six Sigma black belt certification and other skill development course. They have certified learners who get many perks and advantages to achieve their goals in their chosen area. Henry Harvin collaborates with many reputed national and international companies and business authorities.

Also, Henry Harvin Provides these Courses


Henry Harvin® Technical Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by The Tribune

2. VSkills Certification

Vskills Certification is one of the most outstanding online platforms which helps to find out the generous institute for the learners and job applicants. The organization provides free online business writing courses or technical writing courses and they deliver tools and techniques through which learners can improve the quality of studying and aid confidence among the students.

The institute has designed the technical writing course for professionals and graduates who are wanting to excel in their chosen field and also applicable for those who are struggling and would like to take certification for further career. 

The technical writing course helps to develop skills necessary to communicate information accumulated through a process of technical or experimental work. The course highlights the facets that specify the degree of technicality of the language and concepts involved. You will learn how to write different technical reports, e.g., laboratory reports, research reports, consulting reports, design and feasibility reports, progress reports, etc. The course also approaches several languages, structure, style, and content issues that you can encounter while reporting the results of your research. This Institute has composed government certification in a technical writing course with 9 hours of e-learning classes.

It also conducts online test exams which are for 60 minutes, consisting of 50 questions, the maximum marks are 50 and the passing marks are 25. The foundation also provides lifelong e-learning access. The certified learners are also tagged in reputed job-seeking sites like and 

Vskills Certification offers several technical courses and digital courses which helps to groom the learners for further digital and technical challenges. The institution’s main motto is to produce better learners for a better future. 

3. Sulekha

Sulekha is one of the most generous and supportive online organizations. It has included high technical and software skills. Sulekha lists various courses and business institutions where you can easily search for your desired course list with detailed information. It not only delivers various courses for the learners but also recommended companies that hire job seekers.

Sulekha is originally designed for professionals and graduates. It recommends numerous courses and training institutes with tangible opportunities in your desired city. Sulekha association is regarded as one of the generous establishments which helps to find out the best and suitable courses for the learners. This organization has brought a new and fresh platform for professionals and armatures. It requires little information and they connect you with the counselor as soon as possible and they guide you with a decent course for which you are seeking. 

Sulekha, this digital platform recommends top-rated institutes in your surroundings with updated information. Sulekha mainly focuses on the expert employment crowded over a home, life, and for start-ups and where the users need to customize.

4. Udemy

Udemy is one of the globally leading organizations which is mainly formulated for learning and pedagogy. Udemy generates the best online learning and teaching resources that command all over the world. This institute is working for individuals to achieve their goals and pursue their dreams. Udemy has recently launched an app for easy access.

Udemy enables advanced learning tools and techniques with vital courses. Udemy entitles beginner-level principles and techniques for learning and teaching. Udemy offers top technical writing courses with high quality and affordable prices. Technical writing course certification added to the courses list and Udemy offers downloadable resources with full lifetime access. 

Almost every industry obtains technical writing for documentation, socialization, and reporting. Without satisfactory technical writing, businesses don’t live up to their broadest aptitude. Technical writers work as translators between organizations and their audiences, creating user manuals, reports, and supporting literature that outlines new products, services, and technologies.

For technical writing courses, Udemy recruits students who have basic English grammar knowledge. The students should have a mobile or Windows PC with MS office (word and excel) and everything else is included in the course. So, the student does not need to go through with any other resources like books and videos, etc. to follow the course.

 5. J.K Institute of Applied Physics and Technology

J.K Institute of Applied Physics and Technology is one of the prominent universities of Bhopal and it is a very well-known college in India.  The University department intends for the highest level of excellence in technical education, training, and research and presses for the development of new generation engineers and software professionals compelled by the fast arising global environment today.

The J.K Institute of Applied Physics and Technology university department approach courses in the field of Electronics and Communication and Computer Science. The department leading up to the degrees of bachelor of technology and master of technology and master of science. These courses have been mainly composed to fulfill the modern challenging demands of the nation. 

In the technical writing course, the institutions have included hard copy study materials and various projects that improve your writing skills. The course provides significant information on the technical writing field. You will learn how to produce quality technical documents, including instructions and technical reports.

6. Technosoft Computers

Technosoft Computer’s coaching institute was originally situated in Daranganj. This coaching institution assigns vital courses for employment and business. It has also included a technical writing course which has paved a new path for those who prefer to build a career in the writing field. They help to cultivate the training of technical writing courses. The trainers of this institute have always tried to make a better way of learning for the learners.

In a technical writing course, you will learn to write effective technical documents, manuals, and white papers, how to examine your audience, and develop documents to meet their needs, create effective sentences and sections that explain information clearly, and to employ diagrams, tables, charts, and other graphical tools effectively and helps to develop informative content that your readers will understand and use. The institute delivers certifications or credits and placement to prestigious companies.

Technoscomputerser’s is very well-known for its Certification and training which is mainly for experts and graduates. If offers HR and Administration job training and technical writing course.

 7. United Institute of Technology

United Institute of Technology is a top-rated institution established in 2007. This institute was approved by all over councils for technical education. UIT offers professional technical study materials and the educator or trainers are highly qualified and experienced. 

UIT considered the best technical colleges has built a healthy relationship with the United group of institutions, and academic collaboration with international universities or organizations. The institute offers outstanding coaching and job training for learners and job seekers with a broad range of courses at the lowest price. The Institute includes technical writing course training. It is a great opportunity for those who want to pursue distance learning. It has a highly qualified educator who guides throughout the course till placements. 

 8. Winprotech

Winprotech IT Solutions India Pvt. Ltd is a leading training solutions provider, transmitting customized and packaged learning solutions to companies since the best-growing company skill spectrum.

The company located in BangaloIndia, Winprotech provides advanced information technology training solutions and Managed Learning services to a host of corporate clients in the Technology, BFSI, Educational, Telecom, Manufacturing, and Retail Domain across the globe.

Winprotech has been supplying corporate clients directly with complete training solutions. These include onsite, instructor-led, classroom training as well as consultancy and remote support. Winprotech supplies quality training in 3 main areas:

  • Soft /Business Skills
  • IT Technical
  • IT Functional

Winprotech is the best-growing company that works continuously for the satisfaction of valuable clients. Wirpotech delivers various training Courses like Technical Writing Training, Cyber Security Training, XML DITA Training, API Documentation Training

Winprotech offers 100% placement, and trained candidates have been placed in these prominent companies such as HP, HCL, Wipro, JBA Infotech, Sanavi Technologies, Info Bridge,  Softweb Solutions,  JP Morgan, Dell, Oracle, IDS Software, Checksum Info Soft, IRCA Global and many more.

9. Suchita Web Developer Pvt. Ltd.

Suchita Web Developer Private Limited foundation offers various opportunities and courses for technologies. The institution provides training for a technical writing course with certificates and placements. Their educators are well-experienced in their certain area. The educators enable interesting classes with new ideas and information. They try to figure out a new way of learning in a learner-friendly environment. This institute has promoted supportive software skills and various projects help to grow the learners.

Like many other institutions, Suchita Web Developer Pvt. Ltd. organization offers Oracle training, Web technologies training, Enterprise software training, Quality management training, SAP training, and so on. It has also included a technical writing course. This organization primarily originates certification and job training. Suchita Web Developer Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known training institute for HR and Administration job training and Technical writing course.

 10. Ganpati Infotech Services

Ganpati Infotech Services is a highly recommended institution. This coaching institute offers various courses for the technical industry. It provides HR and administration job training and technical writing course.

This Technical Writing course delivers a complete process for planning, writing, and editing technical documents, including assessing the needs of users, selecting document formats, and making effective use of graphics. Successfully transmitting complicated content to end-users both internal and external. It is vital and greatly enhances the value of products and services. This Technical Writing course will teach you to effectively assess your target audience and develop documents that meet their needs.

Ganpati Infotech Services has been included a technical writing course and HR and administration job training. This coaching institution is popularly known for its interesting training classes with new ideas. The trainers are well-qualified and highly experienced. 

More about Technical Writing

 There is a wide range of different forms of writing skills to transmit information. Technical writing is one of them. Technical writing is used to convey accurate and specific information to the target audience. The main purpose of technical writings is to inform, instruct and direct a certain audience with a factual motive. However, technical writing is focused on being accurate more than being interesting.

technical- writing-course


Technical writing

Generally, technical writing is referred to as business writing because it is used in a variety of businesses and disciplines. Moreover, technical writing is not specific to the technology-centred field. It is used to persuade the persuasion indirectly through informing, instructing, or directing. There are some examples of technical writing that are Lab reports, Manuals, Directions or Orientation, Factual data statistics, Handbooks, or Training materials, Forms, and Survey of government laws or Enactments business documents (e.g. founding documents, proposals), Contracts, or Guidelines and Job application materials, etc. Technical writing is similar to other writing skills, in this expression Research and analysis, Time and efforts, Writing Strategy, Rules, and requirements, Dominant language techniques. These are the systematic procedures to write a technical composition effectively. There are some rules and strategies that make, technical writing unique from other writing skills and such as

● Presentation

First of all, in technical writing, it is necessary to understand the target audience, topic, and purpose of the writing throughout the research and analysis process. If you are not clear with the purpose and facts you cannot achieve the desired results.

 ● Visuals 

In the process of presenting technical writing, the writer should be aware to make good visuals and use them effectively. Content design or page design and graphics urged the powerful impact and visuals used to explain the better information.

 ● Knowledge 

Technical writing should be planned systematically like pre-writing, drafting, revision, or editing. Always remember the purpose, topic, or product and its particular requirements. In technical writing, facts are the key factor. 

● Information

 Information should be as clear as possible with no ambiguities, misinterpretation, or questions. The choices of good quality of specific words that deliver precise information or implication. The technical writer should be 100% sure and clear about the certain idea and information.

● Languages

 In technical writing grammar, punctuation, spelling sentence structure, and choice of words are more important than anything else. The technical writer should avoid using difficult words. There should be more focus on readability and comprehension. Simple and reasonable sentence structure keeps the reader away from getting lost. 

 ● Tone 

Technical writing should be concise and concrete but it does not mean easy or fast. Use a stylesheet and follow the instructions consistently. The active voice is easier to read and understand than the passive voice. WheInactivesible, choose the active voice in your sentences. Inactive voice, the subject of the sentence is the doer of the action. The presentation of information should be factual. Misleading information can be dangerous in some instincts.

 ● Audience

The audience is always at the vanguard of the technical writer’s mind. The reader defines the text. Generally, the technical information does not change. The only thing that changes is how those facts are conveyed. A good technical writer revises the text based on the reader’s context. Most technical writing projects required expertise and use of the fields of writing convention and a style guide. Always understand and remember the target audience. 

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Is technical writing different from content writing?

Yes, technical writing is a little bit different from content writing because in technical writing facts and accurate information are more important than an interesting one.  

What are the skills required in technical writing course certification?

A technical writer should be aware of basic technical writing tools, teamwork, research and exploration skill and critical thinker and so on.

What are the eligibility criteria for a technical writing course?

There are no specific eligibility criteria for a technical writing course. Anyone interested in technical writing can easily apply and get certified.

Is technical writing course certification a good career?

Yes, because it offers numerous job opportunities and it has variation in itself.

How long does it take to get certified in technical writing? 

It approximately covers 6-8 weeks.   


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