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What is Technical Writing?


Technical Writing course is a discipline in writing, which focusses on replacing the jargons with easily understandable layman’s language. It is a valuable expertise which involves collection of high-level information, and breaking it into comprehend able content.

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To simplify the complex, is not easy. As Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”.

Technical writers have a specific area of expertise and they also know the skill to communicate it clearly to the target readers in a lucid manner.

The main goal of technical writing is to help the readers understand complex information related to a subject about which they don’t have any prior knowledge.

Technical Writing is quite different from the other writing styles like fiction, creative writing, academic etc. Here are some key features to be kept in mind while writing a technical write up.

Top 10 Technical Writing Courses in Mumbai

1. Henry Harvin – Best Technical Writing Course In Mumbai

Henry Harvin Contact No:-  +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a celebrated name in the field of online education. Its authenticity and quality in training is proven time and again. The institute has been recognized by renowned publishers like Hindustan Times, the Statesman, etc for its excellence.

The institute delivers one of the best training online. The faculty at Henry Harvin too are knowledgeable and experienced.

Henry Harvin provides one of the best technical writing courses in Mumbai.

The technical writing course in Mumbai here includes 16 hours of live online interactive classroom sessions. The learners also get access to the Learning Management System (LMS) which enables them to get back and see the recorded session in case of any doubts.

The technical writing course at Henry Harvin guarantees

100 % placement to its trainees.

The course curriculum is divided into nine modules which help the learners to get acquainted with various authoring tools like MS word, notepad, google docs, etc. It also enables the learners to know about presentation and template infographics like canvas, piktochart, etc.

The trainees at Henry Harvin’s Technical Writing program are given a weekly assignment in order to train them to write errorless.

The learners are made aware of various SEO tools and also tools like Grammarly so that they can write a perfect article.

Information to check the plagiarized content is also shared with the trainees.

Mode of study: Online

Henry Harvin Technical Writing Course fees:

Henry Harvin Provides Technical Writing Course in Theses Cities:

BangalorePuneLucknowCoimbatoreJaipur, NagpurFaridabad


Henry Harvin® Technical Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by The Tribune

Also Henry Harvin Provides these Courses

Also, check this video:

2. Ibruk Consulting – Best Technical Writing Course In Mumbai

Contact No: 098200 54581

Ibrik Consulting is a technical writing and course development firm which is located in Mumbai and was established in 2007.

It deals with eminent clients like IBM, TCS, Lionbridge, Tech Mahindra, etc.

The technical Writing Course at Ibruk Mumbai is created to meet industry requirements. The duration of the Technical Writing Course is one month.

The course is divided into nine modules and includes hands-on training, giving practical experience to the trainees.

In order to make the learners competent, the course includes two projects. The participants are expected to complete these projects independently in the time specified.

On completion of the course, the participants receive a certificate from the Ibruk consultancy. The institute also supports its trainees in job settlement. However, it does not guarantee any job placement.

Mode of Study: Online

3. Udemy – Best Technical Writing Course In Mumbai

With 480 M course enrollments, Udemy is one of the leading choices of learners for online learning. There are about 40 M learners in Udemy. Udemy’s founder Eren Bali, is a Turkish who got inspired to make learning within the reach.

Udemy, can also be a good choice for the ones who are looking for a technical writing course in Mumbai.

Udemy has a wide range of courses both for beginners and also advanced levels. The instructors at Udemy are the most skilled and focus on delivering the most updated content to the learners.

All levels of Technical training courses at Udemy provide certification and downloadable resources, along with lifetime access.

The technical writing course at Udemy not only provides theoretical knowledge but also helps the students to get practical exposure.

Mode of Study: Online

4. K3 Infotech Mumbai – Best Technical Writing Course In Mumbai

Contact No: 9920314502

K3 infotech is based in Mumbai and has been offering services in the field of technical writing since 2000.

This institute provides both online and offline training. The course is designed in a way that provides positive output to the trainees like demonstrations, simulations, exercises, case studies.

This could also be a fair choice for learners looking for technical courses in Mumbai.

K3I also provides an online learning platform. The online technical course at K3I is designed to provide flexibility to the learners, enabling them to learn at their own pace.

The institute provides both individual and corporate training.

It is located at Dombivli ( East), Maharashtra.

Mode of Study: Online and Offline

5. Coursera – Best Technical Writing Course In Mumbai

Coursera is also becoming one of the leading online platforms for learners. The institute has about 5100 courses and specializations. It provides the learner access to the best online courses.

Technical Writing Course at Coursera aims at creating technical writing skills in learners. The course structure is divided into five modules and helps the learners to get experience writing different technical reports. The duration of the course is 19 hours approximately.

It prepares the learners for a very dynamic job market.

The reviews from the students who completed the training stated that the writing assignments gave practical advice and the course proved to be beneficial for most of the students.

Mode of Study: Online

6. Communicaid

Contact No: (888) 853-2083

Communicaid could be a nice choice for people looking for an opportunity to pursue Technical Course in Mumbai. The course aims at developing the skills necessary to decode technical jargon into skim-able documents.

The Technical Writing Course at Communicaid will help you to make technical content that is both readable and comprehend able.

The course content at Communicaid includes Audience Analysis, Planning Techniques, Layout and Structure, Appropriate use of jargon, etc.

At Communicaid, a strong emphasis is given to honing research skills. The learners are also motivated to create skim-able technical write-ups.

Mode of study: Online

7. Certified Technical Writing Course by Society for Technical Communication


Certified Professional Technical Communicator, is a professional certification program. The certification program is an effort made by the Society for Technical Communication (STC), whose mission is to promote the growth of technical communication.

The CPTC is a highly recommended certification option for anyone looking for Technical Writing Course in Mumbai.

It is a highly recognized certification course and may increase your value for anyone who is looking for technical writers.

The Course structure is divided into three tiers.

1. Foundation

This is designed for beginners. The completion of this level will ascertain that the trainee has knowledge of the principles of technical communication.

2. Practioner

This is the next level of certification and whoever acquires this has the ability and the skill to apply the principles into practice

3. Expert

The trainee at this level has high expertise.

It is essential to become a member of STC to get started with CPTC.

8. Tech Writer Certification

The Technical Writing Certification Course provided by Tech Writer is a career-building course for people who want to advance their careers in Technical Writing.

The main focus of the course program is to advance the writing skills of the trainees aspiring to be technical writers. A good technical writer should be competent enough to present technical reports and write user manuals, and other forms of technical correspondence. Hence, the course focuses on providing training in structured writing.

The Technical Writing Course at Tech Writer is a 10-hour course, which will provide flexibility to professionals to learn at their own pace.

The Students at Tech Writing are periodically assessed by assignments and quizzes given by the instructors.

Mode of Study: Online

9. Emphasis

The technical Writing Course at Emphasis is a comprehensive one that aims at making the trainees capable of communicating a message clearly and precisely.

Pre-Course Writing analysis is a key feature of this course. The Course structure covers 15 different areas of writing skills.

The training intends to make its delegates proficient enough to

  • Communicate Jargons in simple language
  • Present data effectively in the form of graphs, charts, etc.
  • Prepare technical write-ups keeping in mind the target audience.
  • Build trustworthiness through writing.

The learners looking for Technical Writing Course in Mumbai could choose this program as the institute provides excellent post-course support and have 19 years of experience in this field.

Mode of study: Online

10. Oregon State University

Communication is one of the key aspects most of the businesses. Sheer intelligence is not the only way to excel in a particular field. If you are unable to communicate your ideas to others then it may be your roadblock.

Here’s why Oregon State University outshines. It is because they focus on how to deliver your thoughts to others. The delegates pursuing an Online Certification Course from Oregon State University will be able to achieve the following results

  • Use the layout of written materials.
  • Write with clarity and precision.
  • Create a logical outline for a technical document.
  • Assemble the researched information in an appropriate manner with the help of graphs and charts.

Most of the trainees who successfully completed the Technical Writing Course from Oregon State University found the course beneficial and also found the personalized feedback on each assignment invaluable.

This course prepares you to prepare errorless documents designed for the user with clarity and precision of information.

Characteristics of Technical Writing.

Some essential characteristics of technical writing are stated below.

1. Composed with Clarity and Concision

The goal of any technical write-up is to communicate instructions to the readers. These instructions could be to use a product or, may give specifications about a drug. Hence, any technical write-up should always be easy to understand (by avoiding the use of jargon) and precise (created only to serve the purpose).

2. User-oriented

The technical write-up is designed keeping in mind ‘the user’. Unlike creative writing, it refrains from including the writer’s point of view. It is solely created for the user’s convenience. Hence, it only includes information that may help a user with a product or service.

3. Comprehensive

Technical Writing is very detailed and comprehensive. It helps the user to get informed in every possible way about a product or service.

4. Well Structured

A technical write-up facilitates its users to take action immediately. Hence, it is well structured and leaves no room for confusion. A user can step-by-step understand the way he has to take action.

5. Readability

A technical write-up should be readable. A reader should be able to skim through the article and get an immediate idea about what is expected from him. This is possible when the write-up is precise and is divided into headings.

6. Simplifies the complex

Technical writing is there to help a user, who has no clue about jargon associated with a particular field. It helps in simplifying complex technical language. Hence it is user-friendly.

3. How can Technical Writing be a good career choice for you in 2021?

1. Growing Demand

The US Bureau of Labour Statistics estimates that the demand for technical writers will grow at least 10% from 2014 to 2024. The chance of employment in this sector will aggravate as there is an increase in technical and scientific products.

2. Not limited to one domain

The scope of technical writing is quite widespread. Technical writing is not only limited to writing manuals but it is important in industries like aeronautics, electronics, engineering, biotechnology, finance, etc. Hence, there is a growing relevance of technical writers these days.

3. Technical writing is not bound by your educational qualification.

Many times people who want to switch careers may think that they might have missed the train due to investing time, money, and energy in a particular field!

Well, if you have a good command over language and can express with brevity and clarity then you can be a technical writer whenever you wish to be with proper direction, diligence, commitment, and training.

4. Fewer chances of redundancy in this field

The 21st century has made technology omnipresent. Since technology is present everywhere, good technical writers too will never be short of work.

 We witness an increased relevance in fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, telecommunications, etc. hence, the content related to all these fields becomes inevitably essential. So, technical writing cannot become redundant in the near future.

5. Freelancing

Technical writing gives you an option to work as a freelancer too. If you don’t want to work with an employer, technical writing gives you the liberty to work on your own terms.

6. Blogging

If you think you have a great pool of knowledge and expertise in any industry and your experience could also help others then, starting a blog of your own and sharing your knowledge as an expert can be a great idea. You can create a niche based on your experience and start posting your technical write-up on your blog itself.

Top Career Options for a Technical Writer

Some examples of Technical Writing

1. User Manuals

A technical manual is mainly written to provide information to the user on how to use a product or service. It includes instructions. An Example could be the user manual with a washing machine. This kind of document is developed to ensure end-user clarity.

2. Technical Proposals

A proposal is a blueprint to a new project. It includes all the specifications as well as the budget.

3. Standard Operating Procedure

SOP is a step-wise instruction to improve the routine processes. This ensures an improvement in quality and consistency.

A Few Writing Styles to be considered in Technical Writing

1. Always choose to write in Active Voice

An active voice is a sentence, in which the subject is the doer of an action. A sentence in active voice is easy to understand. So, always choose to write in an active voice.

2. Clarity in language by using appropriate words

Technical writing is mainly chosen for your target audience to provide them with information and clarity in relation to a product or service. Hence, the language should be precise and clear. The choice of words should be such, that it enhances the understanding. Jargon should strictly be avoided.

3. Step-wise explanation

A step-wise explanation is recommended for user manuals. This will ensure that there is no room for confusion for the user.

4. Clear and Standard font

A clear and standard font is suitable for technical writing. Example, Sans Serif, font size,

5. Use Diagrams and Flow chart

A pictorial representation will boost the understanding of users. It is particularly useful in Instruction and User Manuals.

Technical Writing is gaining momentum worldwide due to increased technological dependence. A Technical writing course could prove to be a breakthrough in your career. According to the Asian Educator Magazine, about 35000 technical writers are needed in the next five years.

You can be a part of this booming profession too.

The Technical Writing course can be useful to a fresher who has a great interest in technology and can also express with clarity and precision. It is also useful to an expert who has a vast experience in a particular field and who loves to share his knowledge and experience with others.

If you happen to be in the city of dreams, Mumbai, you can check the institutes mentioned below to get the best certification and training in Technical Writing.

Things to be kept in mind once you finish pursuing Technical Writing Course

Remember to follow the following things once you pursue your Technical Writing Course

1. Start Writing

Don’t wait for a breakthrough opportunity. Practice makes a man perfect. Hence, write every day and make it a regular practice. You can share your articles in your own blog.

2. Be informed about your worth!

According to the statistics provided by US labor law, in 2016, the average salary of a technical writer is $34 per dollar.

3. Choose your industry

Select a niche for which you want to work. Choosing an industry to work for is foremost as every industry’s demand for the technical document is different.

4. Make a choice

You can work both as a freelancer and as an in-house employee. After analyzing the pros and the cons you can make a choice for yourself. The choice will also depend upon the time you can spare and also your convenience to work from home or from the office.

9. Conclusion

The new tag given to technical writers today is technical designers. Technical Writing skill is a valued and lucrative one. The Technical Content field is an ever-evolving field. It will grow and expand. Hence, technical writers will always be in demand.

Anyone who is passionate about new innovations, and technologies in a certain industry and who also has a knack for communicating ideas precisely should definitely hone their skills in the technical writing area!

Hope the article gives you an idea about the institutions which provide the best Technical Writing Courses.

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Q1 . How can I build a strong network as a technical writer?

Ans. A strong network can be built by joining a professional association. The society for Technical Communication (STC) provides the biggest technical association at present. Paid membership for the same is also available.


Q2. Where can I find Technical Writing Jobs for Freelancing?

Ans. If you want to work as a freelancer, you can find jobs on a number of online platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork,


Q3. What is the difference between Technical Writing and Academic Writing?

Ans. Technical Writing is always designed keeping in mind the target audience. It is user-specific. Academic Writing is confined to a particular discipline of study. The main objective of technical writing is to explain things to the user hence, it is written in points in a structured way. Whereas, Academic Writing is written in paragraphs.


Q4. What is the best way to be updated in the ever-growing Technical Writing field?

Ans. The best way to remain updated in the field of Technical Writing is to read about different innovations and discoveries in different platforms and to upgrade your writing skills through different training programs provided by various institutes.

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