Why is Cyber Security important?

Cyber security is indeed stealing the thunder as a lucrative career option, globally. This trend applies to Saudi Arabia as well because of the increasing use of technology in this Arab nation. To be precise, cyber security is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 12.4% between 2023 – 2028. So, this is the right time to explore the cyber security course offerings in Saudi Arabia.


Knowing the fundamentals of cyber security and implementing them to meet business requirements is, therefore, the first important step.

So, in this post, we will cover the institutes that offer cybersecurity training along with cybersecurity certification. But, before we start the journey, let’s understand the role cyber security plays in today’s business ecosystem.

Importance of cyber security

How does cyber security help?

Cyber security is gaining prominence over the years with the growing digitalization of the economy. This increases the number of online transactions where data is stored and shared over the Internet.

Consequently, companies in the medical, government and insurance sectors dealing with sensitive data run the risk of the data falling into the hands of unauthorized users. This is where cyber security comes to the rescue.

Put otherwise, cyber security is the backbone of any company in safeguarding its IT ecosystem from lethal attacks. In the process, companies can avoid cyber fraud. Else, they will face financial loss along with loss of trust of customers as well as shareholders.

The pivotal role of cyber security in securing business generates high demand for cyber security skills. To build these skills, let’s explore the institutes in Saudi Arabia offering the best cyber security training and cyber security certification. Here we go…

Benefits of Cyber security

Top 10 Cyber Security Courses in Saudi Arabia

1. Henry Harvin

Established in 2013, Henry Harvin has already positioned itself as a leader in the EdTech space. Operational in India, the US, the UK, and the UAE, it offers 600+ training programs across 27+ categories.

The Entry-Level Cybersecurity Certification Training program is one such offering from this premier institute. As the name suggests, this cyber security training gives a basic understanding of IT Security and cyber security.

Additionally, this cyber security course readies you for the Entry Level cyber security Certification examination.

Consequently, at the end of the course, you gain an in-depth understanding of the five cyber security domains:

  • Security Operations & Principles
  • Network Security
  • Access Control
  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery and Incident Response

Interesting to note that the course not only imparts theoretical knowledge in these areas. Instead, the trainers ensure that you gain hands-on experience so that you are ready for a cyber security role. In brief, the tools they use for grooming you include:

  • Bootcamps: Helps you participate in these camps spanning across 12 months
  • Hackathons: Enables you to compete with your peers
  • 1-year Gold Membership: Grants access to the e-learning portal rich with e-learning tools and techniques
  • Projects: Designs opportunities to work on projects that help you gain an understanding of the industry
  • Internship: Offers assignments to provide industry exposure
  • Certification: Guides you to earn the ELCC exam on completion of the course

Overall, this cyber security training ensures that you:

  • Learn the fundamental concepts of Information Assurance
  • Grasp an in-depth knowledge of cyber security practices
  • Gain familiarity with technical, physical, and administrative security controls
  • Understand Computer Network Security
  • Grow familiar with Network threats and vulnerabilities
  • Comprehend how TCP/IP protocol works and how they can be secured
  • Realise how you can use Encryption to secure data and communication

In summary, the cyber security training from Henry Harvin prepares you for the Saudi Arabian market teeming with opportunities for cyber security experts.

2. NobleProg

Operational since 2005, NobleProg is a leading international training and consultancy institute committed to delivering high-quality training. To be precise, it primarily offers training in cyber security, Artificial Intelligence, IT, Management, and Statistics.

The 1000+ trainers have already touched 58K+ learners worldwide through its rich catalogue of 1400+ courses.

Also, the institute offers courses in the form of online live training or onsite live training.

In brief, to tackle the growing menace of system breaches in Saudi Arabia, the course delivers product-specific cyber security training.

Additionally, NobleProg provides preparatory classes for earning industry-acclaimed cyber security certification.


Founded in 1989, SANS is an organization for information security thought leadership. It is committed to imparting cyber security professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge.

In order to fulfil this mission, they offer superior-quality cyber security training, cyber security certification, scholarships, Degree programs and more.

Interestingly, the courses are delivered by industry experts. They groom learners such that they are ready to add value to companies as soon as they join.

In fact, the expert trainers have already created 150+ cyber security tools. Further, they have authored 40+ books on Information Security and penned 3.5K+ research papers on Information Security topics.

Consequently, utilising their rich expertise, SANS offers a diverse catalogue of cyber security course options. These are designed to suit your level and career aspirations. To help you chart your training path, the institute has a well-designed roadmap.

Once you start the learning journey, the instructors guide you through the advanced programs. These programs containing 70+ cyber security courses train you on cyber defence, digital forensics, cloud security, penetration testing, and other critical areas of cyber security.

4. Mildain Solutions

Initiated in 2012, Mildain is committed to providing high-quality training covering a wide section of the IT landscape.

True to its mission, the institute offers well-crafted cyber security training. It equips you to spot vulnerabilities and design optimum responses to ward off cyber attacks. The theoretical knowledge coupled with hands-on practical sessions prepares you to become a cyber security specialist. This happens as you enrol for a basic course and then gradually progress to more advanced modules.

Important to note that this cyber security training covers all major platforms. These include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux, and Mac Operating Systems. Additionally, you master the techniques of threat modelling and risk assessment across all these platforms.

Overall, you earn the cyber security certification by successfully passing this cyber security training course. Subsequently, you are industry-ready for the abundant opportunities awaiting cyber security professionals in Saudi Arabia.

5. New Horizons

The unique feature of New Horizons KSA Integrated Learning is its phased learning approach.

It starts with the Assess phase in which trainers work with you to understand your learning aspirations. Accordingly, a learning roadmap is prepared for each student.

In the Learn phase, you have the option to select the learning methodology best suited to your learning style. This helps both you and your trainer to agree on the timetable, content, and pace of the training.

In the Reinforce phase, as the name suggests, you reinforce what you have learned so far. This happens in the form of hands-on sessions, learning guides, assessments etc. and firmly instils the theoretical concepts.

The Support phase is an extension of the Reinforce phase. In this stage, the institute offers the Learning Management System LMS) and consultations.

Finally, the Validate phase is the time to evaluate the knowledge and skills you gather during the course. This evaluation happens in the form of post-class assessments, Certification exams, surveys etc.

Overall, this cyber security course is effective for cyber security training and cyber security certification for any cyber security role.

6. Careerera

Realising the growing demand for cyber security specialists in Saudi Arabia, Careerera offers specially designed cyber security training programs. Depending on your knowledge, expertise, and career aspiration, you can select the appropriate cyber security course from the rich catalogue.

Further, you grow familiar with the industry by working on a Capstone project. So, you learn the theoretical concepts as well as earn experiential learning. This indeed speaks volumes about the well-manicured cyber security training curriculum.

7. igmGuru

One of the renowned online training providers, igmGuru collaborates with industry leaders to offer high-quality training across 200+ courses. Passionate to add value to its learners, the 1000+ trainers mentor you for your dream job.

In fact, the cyber security training from igmGuru imparts knowledge on the basic concepts of cyber security. They cater to freshers as well as those with 1-2 years of industry exposure.

Moreover, the cyber security Certification Training program builds cyber security skills such as encryption and ethical hacking.

8. Skillogic

Founded in 2007, Skillogic is a leading Consulting and professional certification training provider in the Edtech space. Powered by its 200+ consultants, the institute is operational in 30+ countries including India, the US, the UK, the UAE, the Netherlands etc.

The secret behind its success is the well-crafted curriculum designed by in-house experts and validated by global certifying authorities. As a result, keeping with its spirit, the cyber security course builds a robust foundation for students.

In other words, this cyber security training prepares you for the industry. Here, you master the expertise to spot vulnerabilities in IT systems and devise appropriate controls to secure them against possible cyber threats.

Additionally, Skillogic trains you to earn the dual cyber security certification of ethical hacking and Certified cyber security professional.

9. 360digitmg

An eminent training provider committed to developing skilled cyber security professionals to address the growing threat of cyber attacks. In the long run, therefore, the course design helps students identify and analyse security breaches and build resilient IT systems.

You also learn the basics of Cryptography along with some encryption techniques. Notably, you also grow familiar with the development process of security software applications. This knowledge comes in handy at the time of designing controls to protect IT systems against hackers.

10. Omni Academy

One of the prominent Training and Consulting firms, Omni Academy Consulting & Technologies, works towards building a trained digital workforce. Therefore, since their inception in 2010, they design and deliver courses that equip you to engage closely with customers using disruptive technologies.

In other words, it aims to build a knowledge society that fosters the exchange of best practices, collaboration, and an environment of experimentation and innovation.

Hence, the Professional Diploma in cyber security course from the Academy offers a wide coverage of topics. Some of the key topics include Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing, Network Security etc.

Cyber security in Saudi Arabia

Summing Up the Cyber Security Course Journey

That completes the list of the top 10 cyber security courses in Saudi Arabia. You now have all the necessary information to select the cybersecurity course that best suits you.

Enrol yourself to acquire the necessary cyber security training and cyber security certification. You are then ready to hit the market booming with opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What is the eligibility to get a cyber security job in Saudi Arabia?

If you are seeking a job in Saudi Arabia, you should complete Class 12th with Maths, Physics, and Chemistry as the core subjects. You must pass out from a recognized Board or University.

Q2 Do I need to learn to code for cyber security?

Coding is not needed for entry-level jobs. However, when you want to advance to senior roles, coding skills may be needed.

Q3 Which language is used for coding in cyber security?

The cyber security languages primarily used include Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL, PHP, PowerShell, and C. Depending on your career path, however, there may be other languages you find useful.

Q4 What skills do I need to get a cyber security job?

Apart from mastering the skills imparted in a cyber security training course, you must possess some soft skills. These include Communication skills, Problem-solving skills, Analytical skills, and Attention to detail.

Q5 What is the salary of a cyber security professional in Saudi Arabia?

Based on data gathered from a survey of some cyber security professionals working in Riyadh, it is estimated that the average salary of a cyber security analyst is around SAR 12,000 per month.

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