Financial Analyst deals with a diverse range of research responsibilities to inform investment strategies and make investment-related decisions for the respective client or company. They take a role to intensify the data using strong mathematical and analytical skills. Some of the opportunities in the Financial Analysts field involve large corporations also like Insurance companies, Investment banks, and many more relative organizations.

Pune is known for the automobile, manufacturing, private, and government sectors in research and information technology. With the well-developed labour force and strengths in the educational firm, it is called the “Oxford of the East”. With many multinational companies investing in this city, Pune is also raising its bar in the IT sector. There are multiple industry plants and invariable growth in every sector of the industry. With the increase in these sectors, maintaining the details has become a huge focus area of Pune. Pune holds a good seat for education and is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. This is where we see many Financial Analyst Course in Pune offering the learning and earning prospects for each candidate.

Below are a few top 15 Financial Analyst courses in Pune. 

1. Henry Harvin

Recognized for its quality and uniqueness Henry Harvin is the leading educational platform to help candidates learn Financial Analyst Course in Pune. Henry Harvin ranks in the top 500 Global Edtech companies and ranks in the top 100 Edtech companies in India.

The Financial Analysts course in Pune is imbibed with R and Python to help candidates to understand the business decision-making analytics to drive the company’s ROI. They offer both online and classroom learning facilities to help the candidate fit into their respective schedule.

The Financial Analyst course in Pune has the below points as part of the program 

  • Access to the E-learning including recorded sessions, case studies, PPT, etc. 
  • By this, you can explore Analytics tools like R and Python to understand the “how and what” aspects of the collection of Data.
  • Goal-oriented analytics based on financial decision-making challenges by analyzing transactional data.
  • Along with the curriculum benefits, you will learn the interview skills to get into your dream career.

2. Imarticus

Imarticus is an award-winning Educational firm offering a Financial Analyst course in Pune. They deliver online and classroom learning opportunities, certification, job assurance, and executive courses.

The Financial Analyst course in Pune is well-designed to help me learn critical skills like modeling, financial statement analysis, equity, and research, along with PowerPoint and Excel. 

Career transition along with the certification testifies to your financial skills endorsed by most industries.

Live learning facilities provide the best learning platform with an effective investment in the finance background.

3. Talentedge

The Financial Analyst course in Pune at Talentedge is a blend of easy-to-use statistical tools with complex machine learning algorithms. This course imbibes the candidates with the requisite skill sets to analyze the data. So, by the end of this course, candidates can perform the required financial analysis by using tools like Python and R.

4. Finxl

Finxl is a Financial Analyst course with a certification program offering online and classroom learning options. This also includes practical knowledge with exposure to effective learning with the variety of Financial Analyst roles and responsibilities. The main role of the Financial Analyst course in Pune allows the candidate to take informed decisions by utilizing resources to get the best commercial outcome. 

By the end of this course, you will learn to take effective decisions in the areas of Equity Research, valuations, financial planning and Analysis, valuations, budgeting, forecasting, M&A, IPOs, planning, etc along with the hands-on knowledge skills in financial analysis. 

5. HeroVire

The Financial Analyst Course in Pune at HeroVire is a program focusing on the core areas of finance with fundamental concepts and theoretical knowledge. These concepts include portfolio theory, financial statements, time value, and accounting.

With 40+ hours of live sessions, instructors provide deep industry knowledge along with  domain models and case studies. The program also focuses on placement assistance and job support.

6. EduDelphi

The Financial Analyst course in Pune at EduDelphi is designed with the help of qualified and trained experts having significant experience in the domain. The EduDelphi offers live interactive sessions with access to the class recordings and all the practical sessions. The course materials are self-paced with international-level study materials with access to the e-learning portal.

Learn to improve and advance in your career with proficiency in external clients. This can help you practice the industry standards.


KPMG offers the Financial Analyst course in Pune to help working professionals reach the next career step. The course program provides the domain knowledge of investments, corporate strategies, start-ups, and private equity focusing on hands-on learning opportunities. 

The Financial Analyst course in Pune is a program with the certification to facilitate the professionals to get into global corporates. 

8. EduPristine

The Financial Analyst Course in Pune is focused on helping the candidate to make the learning easy to understand about finance concepts. The program is well-versed with many real-time case studies and examples to help students to pass the exams. The course has the highest standard of professional knowledge and excellence.

Candidates help to get trained in all the aspects of finance by estimating and analyzing to forecast the future performance of the company. The Financial Analyst course in Pune has extensive learning with the knowledge to choose the best career in the Financial field.


Live sessions with world-class faculty are one of the most knowledge-gaining aspects focusing on the Financial Analyst course in Pune. The course consists of weekly assignments and enterprise-level projects with experimental learning options. 

Learning along with the placement assistance is the best part of the Financial Analyst course in Pune and can be a positive aspect of your career selection.

10. myGreatLearning

The Financial Analyst course in Pune is taught with Python to understand banking and financial institutions. This program offers a live session for modeling the risk to know the competitive industry knowledge. Fundamental principles of Finance include financial analysis, investment decisions, and risk management. 

Mentors are well-qualified and have good experience in the industry. They have a dedicated team to support the job assistance program. 

11. Udemy

Analyze the business with better prospects, and become proficient in Financial analysis by enrolling in the Udemy Financial Analyst course in Pune. The curriculum is designed to learn Microsoft Excel using vast data used in accounting principles. Udemy offers an online learning platform with projects feasible to know and understand the business.

12. Fintreeindia

The Financial Analyst course in Pune at Fintreeindia is designed for professionals who have working experience in finance. Even the ones who is intending to switch jobs can enroll here. The curriculum equips the recognized credentials to invest in career growth.

13. ICoFP – International College of Financial Planning

The Financial Analyst course in Pune is globally recognized with professional credentials offering US-based Certification. This certification is the most respected and recognized finance qualification recognized across the world. The standard for measuring the efficiency and proficiency with the integrity of the financial and investment professionals. With this certification, the candidate can excel in all the stages of their career.

14. Coursera

Understanding of the financial aspects of the business with a better perspective and fundamental principles of Accounting and Finance. The Financial Analyst course in Pune is designed to identify the financial statements and understand the company’s position. Financial strategies and operational decision-making are the important points of this course that help in accounting and financial analysis.

15. Educba

The Financial Analyst course in Pune at Educba provides an opportunity for candidates to get ready for effective and efficient learning. Candidates with financial and non-financial backgrounds can enroll here to learn Financial analysis and statistical knowledge of the business.


The Financial analyst course in Pune offers financial and data analyzing trends to predict the outcomes. This involves utilizing marketing techniques to understand the overall performance of the analyst’s career path. Almost every industry generates data and businesses can understand the data of making sense of decision-making. Hence, the Financial analyst course in Pune enables the candidate to learn the internal and external financial information relating to the business.


Q.1 What is the role of a Financial analyst?

Ans. Financial analysis involves learning to utilize marketing techniques relative to the overall cost performance.

Q.2 Is there a good career after the Financial Analyst course in Pune?

Ans. There is a massive demand for Financial analysts in almost every workplace like insurance companies, investment banks, pension funds, and start-ups.

Q.3 Can I explore my career in the Financial analyst field in Pune?

Ans. Pune is leading in establishing many firms relative to IT, financial, or start-ups. So, you can get the best job after completing the Financial Analyst course in Pune.

Q.4 What are the major aspects involved in the Financial Analyst course in Pune?

Ans. Accounting, Ratios, and  Financial statements help in understanding the credits and debits, profit and loss statements, liquidity, balance sheets, solvency, and growth ratios.

Q.5 Where is all the financial analysis used?

Ans. Financial analysis is used by internal and external stakeholders for evaluating the business values and its performances.

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