Are you trying to find ways to acquire new skills?
Are you seeking to revamp your career or unsure about your career path?
Do you need guidance for your start-up?
Are you a teenager finding areas to consume your summer onto productively?
Are you hesitant if you will fit well into the Mini-MBA program?

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Well, here you will find answers to all of them regarding the Mini MBA or Junior MBA!

What Is A Mini MBA?

A mini MBA for teenagers is an introduction to the fundamentals of business. Skills include team management, negotiation skills, problem tackling strategies, networking techniques, keys to the way of becoming a successful leader, and much more learnings. Learn more about Mini MBA here.

For instance, the teenager after completing the course, gains an advanced perspective and therefore is able to solve problems more wisely as well as analytically.

Fun fact: McGill University in Canada introduced the first Mini MBA course. Through the years, the US, UK, as well as India, now offer many Junior MBA programs!

As a result of its positive factors, it is highly recommended for teenagers to take up such courses.

Top 5 skills that Mini MBA teaches teenagers

1- Leadership skills and more of it

Due to changing structure of today’s corporate world, where it’s more fluid and less hierarchical, practical leadership skills are greatly important for efficient working and essential to create an impact on team members and improve results.

Being patient with everyone, being fair with everyone, and listening to everyone’s ideas is what a leader does.

Being gentle, diligent and at the same time assertive is what spotlights a leader.

Powerful speaker, motivating his/her members is one of the characteristics of a strong leader. So, it is essential that a leader understands his team’s issues and solves them in a right way.

Only a leader can take the team forward together at the same pace towards success!
This video will explain the ‘path of becoming a powerful leader’.

2-Entrepreneur skills

Teenagers are ‘the future’, who are going to create, develop, improve the world.

Therefore, it is essential for them to develop entrepreneur skills which are basically creating your own unique idea and bringing it to work in the real world.

This certainly requires a wide passionate imagination, strategic thinking, and planning. Resilience, time management, and efficiency are what is need for being an entrepreneur.

Click here to learn about what Top 20 entrepreneurs in the world suggest.

3- Presentation Skills

For any idea to take a form in the world, it is important it is presented well.

For instance- if you would want to explain an idea to your boss, a well-drawn presentation will always enhance your performance. Your presentation communicates confidence to you.

Today, it is necessary for employees to know basic editing and presentation tools in software like MS Office and Word.

Because of this, the Junior MBA teaches the formatting of presenting an idea and how to make it captivating and appealing to a large public.


believe in yourself

4- Confident communication skill

It is said that impressive communicating skills will take you to the pinnacle of success. Always remember confidence, clarity in thoughts, good listening skills are the main ingredients of good communication.

Only through a clear and powerful speech will make you able to easily express your ideas to a different person. Therefore, it is a very important skill to develop.

4-Analyzation skill

Most people consider that one has to be analytic just in detective jobs or in economics or math but the truth is that you need to be analytic in all fields.

Analyzing means viewing a story or idea from different perspectives with an open mind. These skills are important because it allows one to find logical and apt solutions.

Henry Harvin Teen MBA course ensures to enhance your knowledge in all these areas and also help you learn about different professions, like doctors, income tax officers, and more.




I hope through this article you will learn why and in what ways Mini MBA Course/ Junior MBA courses are helpful!

Comment which more skills you search in such courses.


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