Students are often overloaded with queries regarding what to do after the 10th grade, especially after the recent implementation of the NEP (National Education Policy) in India. To make a choice, it is best to be aware of the subject in the arts stream in 11th and their courses to construct a brighter future. In order to help you, this blog includes a list of arts stream subject in 11th-class with courses and occupations that will be available in 2024.

What is an arts stream?

Subject in arts stream in 11th

The arts are a broad field with a variety of job options in many sectors and industries. Because of the extreme diversity of the arts stream, it is challenging to define it precisely. Art is a broad category of human endeavours in which individuals produce visual, auditory, or artistic works (sometimes known as “pieces of art”) that show their imagination or technological processes and are intended to be admired for their visual appeal or seductive strength. The combination of principles and art-making factors frequently puts art to the test.

Movement, harmony, unity, diversity, balance, contrast, proportion, and pattern are the main tenets of art. Texture, space, shape, position, colour, value, and line are their constituent elements. The numerous interactions between various parts and artistic principles aid in the organization of emotionally engaging artworks and give viewers a framework for debating and analysing concepts of beauty.

Among Indian students and parents, there is a misperception about this stream. Many of them believe that only academically weak students choose the arts stream. This fact is untrue, though! This field also has many difficult courses, and passing its tests also requires a special aptitude. After choosing to major in science in college, it is definitely possible to have a fulfilling profession! In actuality, a lot of the subjects in the arts stream will aid in a thorough Civil Services exam preparation.

Some of the main courses offered in the Arts stream subject in 11th class include English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Subject in the art stream in 11th grade

Subject in arts stream in 11th

The following is a list of the main arts disciplines covered in class 11:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy
  • Music
  • Human Rights and Gender Studies
  • Informatics Practices
  • Public Administration
  • History
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • English
  • Home Science
  • Legal Studies
  • Mass Media Studies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Physical Education
  • Fashion Studies
  • Fine Arts

Core- subjects in Arts Stream in 11th

The following are the compulsory arts stream subject in 11th  class:


Subject in arts stream in 11th - History

Who survived and who perished in history? Why did they not? What are the greatest mysteries on earth? One of the most traditional subjects in the arts stream is history. It is a compulsory subject in arts stream in 11th. It teaches about the development of human civilization from the Middle Ages to the Present. Major historical occurrences that formed the basis for today are covered by history. History places a strong emphasis on art and architecture, particularly the history of Indian art. It also imparts a thorough understanding of historical architecture and provides insight into the creations of famous people from throughout the world. The mystery subject’s curriculum will take you from prehistory to insights into the future of development.


Subject in arts stream in 11th - geography

Why is our planet’s structure the way it is? What is wrong with the choices we are currently making? Will they have an impact on the planet’s future? Yes, but how? The relationships between people and their surroundings, the physical characteristics of the earth, etc. Are all topics covered in geography classes. It is a compulsory subject in arts stream in 11th. One of the most popular courses in the Arts stream is geography. Concepts relating to landforms, population, economy, flora, fauna, economy, transportation, environmental qualities, etc. are built upon firmly in the geography courses. A career in geography can be pursued by those who are really interested in learning about the environment and understanding the locations that exist in the geographical world by enrolling in a Bachelor of Arts in Geography program. You can pursue a career as an environmentalist or GIS after completing the course.

Political Science

Subject in arts stream in 11th - political science

 One of the core disciplines in the arts stream, it deals with political systems and behaviour-based scientific examination of various political activities. Political methodology, political economy, public policy, and international relations are just a few of the administrative ideas, concepts, principles, and topics that are covered in the political science course. It is a compulsory subject in arts stream in 11th. Let’s say you want to pursue a profession in political science. In that scenario, you can choose to pursue a Bachelor degree in Political Science, which will progressively help you cover a wide range of political topics and prepare you to work in a variety of political organizations, government agencies, law firms, research fields, law enforcement agencies, etc.


Subject in arts stream in 11th  - English

 No matter what other subjects they choose, English is a core cours. English is the most commonly spoken language on earth and one of India’s official languages. It is a compulsory subject in arts stream in 11th. It offers a carefully planned curriculum that covers a wide range of subject areas. The curriculum prioritizes reading skills improvement through English literature in addition to placing a lot of attention on writing and speaking skills improvement. English classes in the eleventh and twelfth grades aid students in getting ready for English Literature courses and exams like the IELTS, TOEFL, English Olympiad, etc.


After completing grades 11 and 12, you can select the courses that interest you. The list of a few degrees relevant to the arts stream subject in 11th class is shown below.

Subject in arts stream in 11th - degrees

1. Bachelor of Arts in-

  • History and Archaeology.
  • Hindi.
  • Humanities.
  • Finance.
  • Foreign Languages.
  • Regional Languages.
  • Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • Literature.
  • Philosophy.
  • Music.
  • Theatre.
  • Yoga and Naturopathy.
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management.
  • Library Science.
  • Applied Science.
  • Advertising.
  • Fine Arts.
  • Mathematics.
  • Retail Management.
  • Fashion Merchandising.
  • Culinary Sciences.
  • Anthropology.
  • Home Science.
  • Hotel Management.
  • Computer Applications.
  • Finance and Insurance.
  • Interior Designing.
  • Psychology.
  • Economics.
  • Animation and Multimedia.

2. Bachelors Degree In Economics

3. Technical Courses

Some Technical courses you can take if you select arts stream subject in 11th class. They are;

  • BCA.
  • B Architecture.

4. Law Courses

Students have the option to pursue law school in an integrated course arrangement after completing their 12th year of arts. Integrated Law is a five-year course. For students in the Arts stream, some well-liked Integrated Law courses are-

  • BA + LL.B.
  • BBA + LL.B.

5. Management Courses

Students in the arts stream who don’t want to take regular courses might enrol in management courses. Following are some renowned Management courses, if you select arts stream subject in 11th class.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration.
  • BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies).
  • BBA + MBA program (Integrated 5 years duration).
  • BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management).
  • Retail Management (Diploma).

6. Designing Courses

Students who are selected subject in arts stream in 11th class are also able to pursue diploma, degree, and certificate programs in the field of design. These well-known courses include-

  • Bachelor of Interior Designing.
  • Bachelor of Design (Accessory).
  • Furniture and Interior Design course.
  • Bachelor of Design (Leather).
  • Art Degree on Bachelor of Textile Design.
  • Bachelor of Product Design.

7. Physical Education Courses

  • Bachelor of Physical Education.
  • Diploma in Yoga Education.

8. Fashion Courses

  • Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology.
  • Bachelor of Fashion Communication.

9. Bachelor of Performing Arts

10. Other Diploma Courses and Bachelor’s Degrees (Including from Other Streams)

  • B Social Work
  • Diploma in Education Technology
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Air Hostess/Cabin Crew training course
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • D. Film making and Video Editing
  • Diploma in Retail Management


  • B.El.Ed. (4 years-long courses)
  • Diploma in Elementary Education
  • B.P.Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education)
  • Primary Teacher’s Training course


  • B.Voc.
  • D.Voc.
  • Skill Diploma programs
  • Domain Skilling programs

Career options in the arts stream

The Arts Stream offers a wide variety of job choices due to its broad subject coverage. Depending on their interests, abilities, and depth of knowledge in various sectors, art students can pursue employment. A student majoring in the arts has a variety of professional opportunities, including:


After completing the curriculum, the law is regarded as one of the best job options. Any career path is open to aspirants, including those in corporate law, law firms, legal publications, and teaching at law schools.


It is an art, a science, and a career. In every industry, management experts are required. A student of the arts has two choices. – He or she can first choose management degree programs like Bachelor of Business Administration or BBM after completing the arts stream subject in 11th and 12th grade (Bachelor of Business Management). Second, the student has the option to pursue a 2-year Master of Business Administration program or a Postgraduate Diploma in Management program in a variety of specialities, including finance, human resources, marketing, operations, etc.


Teaching is the noblest of all occupations. You can work as a teacher if you select arts stream subject in 11th class in a school, college, or university. You can also open coaching and tutoring facilities. By giving pupils advice and expertise, teachers shape their students’ lives.


The media sector is constantly expanding. The media is regarded as the fourth pillar of the nation. Media comprises a range of platforms, including radio, television, newspapers, magazines, etc. You can work as a journalist, radio host, news reporter, news anchor, news editor, speaker, etc. if you wish to pursue a career in the media sector.

Hotel Management And Tourism

This is yet another discipline that is incredibly broad. India offers a large number of tourist destinations that draw both domestic and foreign visitors. So, it is crucial to offer them appropriate services like hotel and lodging services, etc. To meet all the needs of the guests, professionals in hotel management and tourism are created.

Fashion Designing

Creative students can enrol in these schools in fashion design and go on to have independent careers. Throughout their undergraduate and diploma programs, students can choose from a number of specialities in fashion and design. The opportunity to cooperate with the film industry, fashion agencies, textile companies, etc. exists for fashion designers.


 The field of journalism plays a crucial role in the advancement of a country. There are more media outlets and communication channels in our nation. There is a sizable audience base. So, there is a lot of room for growth in the journalism sector.


 The top post in administrative services is held by an IAS, or Indian Administrative Service Officer. Indian Police Services (IPS) is the position that follows IAS. To become IAS or IPS officers, candidates must pass the UPSC CSE exam. The Arts track is typically chosen by candidates who are certain they want to work for the Indian Administrative Services. A student must dedicate a lot of time to the extensive study for the Civil Services Test.

Emerging Trends

There are many options to examine because this field is so big. With changing times, history, and cultural shifts, the field becomes more and more knowledgeable. More content will become available for study as this field of study expands.

Here are a few recent trends in the arts that show that is not only professional potential but also an exciting and forward-thinking place to be in the future:

  • Digital art galleries, museums, and public spaces.
    •  Product branding and marketing now take place on social media and online platforms. Screen real estate is in great supply, as are digital producers.
    • Artificial intelligence-based high-tech art.
    • Services like counselling are now easier to access thanks to social media platforms and video conversations.

Average Salary

After graduating or completing their studies, art student finds employment. He may receive a salary of between Rs. 3 and Rs. 7 lakhs every year (Approx.). The average salary rises as a candidate gains education, experience, and innovative ideas. The income increases over time with increased education but is initially modest at the entry-level.

Average Salary
JournalistRs. 4 lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
Art TherapistRs. 4 lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
Fashion DesignerRs. 4 lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
Writer/EditorRs. 5 lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
CuratorRs. 3 lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
Graphic DesignerRs. 4 lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
AnimatorRs. 6 lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
PhotographerRs. 4 lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
TeacherRs. 3 lakhs p.a. (Approx.)
Social WorkerRs. 3 lakhs p.a. (Approx.)

Top Aboard University for Art Stream

  • Columbia University, USA.
  • Stanford University, USA.
  • University of California, Berkeley (UCB), USA.
  • Oxford University, UK.
  • Harvard University, USA.
  • University of Cambridge, UK.
  • University College London (UCL) , UK.
  • Yale University, USA.
  • University of Tokyo, Japan.
  • Princeton University, USA.

Top Recruiters in Arts Field

  • Times of India.
  • Ernst and Young.
  • HT Media.
  • Netflix.
  • Amazon.
  • Wrangler.
  • Nike.
  • NDTV.
  • NGOs.
  • Shutterstock.
  • Digital Camera World.
  • Dell.
  • Marriott.
  • Wizcraft.
  • Pixar.
  • Disney.

Skills Necessary for The Arts

  • Textual knowledge must be supported by additional skills and abilities as well. Skills are necessary because they help people work more productively and efficiently.
  • Creativity: Whether it comes from reading about philosophy, literature, or art, the art world depends entirely on inspiration and imagination.
  • Being an attentive listener, conveying ideas clearly and precisely, and speaking with confidence are all examples of communication skills. The capacity for bold, influential thoughts and an open mind.
  • Visualization: Graduates in the arts, particularly those who want to work as artists, photographers, or graphic designers, must be able to imagine and conceptualize ideas.
  • Presenting abilities are crucial to success in the performing arts.
  • control of language: Knowing multiple languages facilitates communication and provides knowledge of various cultures and traditions.

Art Scope in India and Overseas

The breadth of the arts field is both broad and unfathomable. A graduate in the arts might investigate a number of topics under it. The emergence of art and design structures, whether they are man-made or extrapolated, can be seen everywhere.

As a result, they offer fantastic flexibility to improve their cultural awareness and reactivity. It also fosters the development of analytical, writing, and critical thinking abilities. Students can find employment in a wide range of sectors, including education, hospitality, tourism, aviation, and the media. Both the public and private sectors are open to hiring them. The field is so vast and always brimming with potential. If a person is creative and social, they should enroll in this course. This field will appeal to those who enjoy reading about human societies and cultures. An art student can begin a professional career only after graduating.

Five reasons to think about this stream.

1. Detect societal issues

If you weren’t very concerned with social issues before taking Arts, you will be after enrolling in this subject. Instead of turning their pupils into bookworms, this stream aims to broaden their perspectives by helping them comprehend the problems facing their society and cultivate their empathic side.

2. Make time for your passion

You don’t need to study constantly, unlike in science or commerce, to pass your classes. Also, you can work on your interests concurrently and perhaps consider making them a full-time profession. Fortunately, selecting the arts provides you with both.

3. Embrace your creative side

Your ability to think creatively and write well will be put to the test in this course. If you decide to pursue a career in journalism or creative content writing, it will help you become better in your professional field.

4. Improved communication abilities

You need to communicate to be heard because there are so many cultural events and student gatherings to attend. Speaking with clarity and ensuring that your audience fully understands you are both facilitated by the art of speech. Those who want to pursue law as a career benefit from having good communication skills.

5. A range of professions

You can pursue a profession in media, politics, law, design, filmmaking, etc. after earning your 12th-grade diploma. There are several choices available. All of them will put your ability to be creative to the test, which you ought to have after finishing your PUC course.


From the above list, it might be very difficult to choose the best subject in arts stream in 11th for combination because there are so many options available. Everything falls under the purview of the courses offered in the art stream, from analysing social behaviour to grasping citizens’ legal rights. In contrast to science and commerce, students have a wider selection of disciplines to choose from in the arts. Choose the optional topic wisely depending on your interests.

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Q.1 Is art a suitable field to pursue after tenth grade?

Ans. Nowadays, the arts stream has become the most studied of the three and provides some unconventional, intriguing, and fascinating job opportunities. It provides you with a wide range of professional opportunities, including those in literature, journalism, social work, teaching, and many other fields.

Q.2 Is the arts stream challenging?

Ans. Many of them believe that only academically weak students choose the arts stream. This fact is untrue, though! This field also has many difficult courses, and passing its tests also requires a special aptitude.

Q.3 Is the future of the arts bright?

Ans. Through professional training, performers can obtain a competitive advantage and pursue careers in acting, singing, dancing, and more.

Q.4 Are employment in the arts in demand?

Ans. Between 2021 and 2031, it is expected that the overall employment of fine and craft artists will increase by 6%, which is about as fast as the average for all occupations.

Q.5 How much does the arts stream earn?

Ans. Depending on their specialty and level of employment, the typical income might range from INR 1,80,000 to 40,00,000.

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