Let us understand SAP GRC

SAP GRC: Understanding 10 Core Modules? Before getting verse with Core modules, let us know about SAP GRC. SAP GRC symbolizes from Governance, Risk, and Compliance. It is a powerful software solution. It helps the business sector in risks aspects. These solutions manage risks and work according to guidelines and business standards. It assists to manage the resources of the company.

The software comprises of tools intended to include compliance for everyday business activities. The compliance exercises incorporate risk management strategy, and crisis access management. Also, include role management.

SAP GRC Implements to vast area of business. It is very well carried at IT sector, security, business activities, and auditing.

How does SAP GRC course, train a scholastic?

A Scholastic learns various concepts about security and authorization. It trains the candidate in removing the risk. Thus, helps in the management of the prime operations of an organization. The growing business sector is facing different situations. Evaluators and regulators do not accept inappropriate archives and bookkeeping sheets. So, every organization needs SAP GRC experts. The Following are major concerns that need to learn:

  • Access Management
  • How to assess risk factors
  • Workflow integration
  • User privilege
  • Process Control
  • Mitigation Control
  • Risk Management
  • Implementation of plans and factors with effect
  • Risk analysis through enhanced quality

10 Core Modules of SAP GRC

1.SAP GRC Risk management

It is an enterprise hazard management solution. It upholds recognizable proof, examination and checking of risks. Also, allows to extricate detailed knowledge into risk factors. As a result effect on activities and repute of the company.

One can plan before recognizing hazards and executing measures to oversee the same. It permits to settle on the best choice. Thus, contributes to better performance.

Following are the steps to manage the risks involved:


Identify those activities which imply hazards. It lays out a progressive system of business risks. It allocates hazard proprietors and define liabilities.


Recognizing the connection between risk and activities. Then, inspecting and making cause and effect documentation. Keeping an eye on reforming activities.


Risk analysis to know about main risks. Know what, when and how?

Risk monitoring

Computerize the risk monitoring using various applications.

There are following forms of risks:

  • Operational Risk
  • Strategic Risk
  • Compliance Risk
  • Financial Risk

2. SAP GRC Process Control

The software assists an organization to ease its burden. It takes care of their consistent processes with efficiency. It has highlights like control, observing, computerized risks, and investigation. Utilizing this, an organization can further develop its consistency program. Moreover, it helps organizations to adjust their business systems to their objectives. Thus, it assists to make the best choice.

The design of the work process module permits sending notifications to various partners. Moreover, there is an inbuilt vault. It oversees processes, legitimate guidelines, and policies. There is a link between strategies, controls, business dangers and activities. Associations, with full energy, can fix any recognized issues. Also, they guarantee and report on the general condition of the related compliance exercises.

Few steps followed by SAP process control:

  • Make a collective stage for process control data

Avail a solitary vault to oversee compliance methods and administrative strategies. Improve control testing and assessment exercises.

  • Assess control processes

Perform comprehensive assessments to further develop control and compliance. Deal with the whole approach and smooth out issue resolution.

  • Computerize work processes and notifications

 Limit manual inclusion and empower quick response to control exemptions. This way, important partners may associate with assignments when vital.

  • Empower interactive structures

Avail interactive structures for undertakings like sign-offs and testing to    help in offline methods. Distribution of the surveys to important stakeholders.

3. SAP GRC Access control

Programming that helps the organizations to search for the hazards. Also, forestall access hazard infringement across the system. In addition, helps in reducing the costs of consistency and control. The software accompanies adjustable work processes and cycles for changing jobs.  This application diminishes the time taken for supporting access to different IT frameworks. There must be clarity in defining liabilities. This solution manages the roles and access for an important clients.  It is critical for overseeing hazards in an association.

The software smoothes out management and approval of client access. It implants preventative approach checks to uphold governance and screen emergency access.

  • Access hazard analysis

Recognizes and remediates isolation of obligations (SoD) and critical access infringement with accuracy.

  • Client access Management

Mechanizes client access tasks across SAP conditions as well as third party instruments.

  • Job/Role based admittance control (RBAC)

Characterizes and keeps up with compliance jobs. It synchronizes with authoritative design and business language.

  • Crisis access-arrangements

An impermanent super-client status utilizing “fireman” login IDs. It is set in a controlled climate.

4. SAP Audit Management

This solution utilizes for upgrading the review management processes in the association. This improves and computerizes the interval review processes. Organizations use it to record business artifacts. It also, coordinate work documentation and foster review reports. There is facilitation of device coordination with GRC arrangements. This will empower organizations to adjust their business goals of the audit management. The software streamlines the internal reviewing using mobile-friendly tools. Also, it works with efficacy when integrated with the SAP process and risk management.

  • Audit planning and management using mobile

Develop, track and oversee audit issues using a steady method.  Simplified drag-and-drop interfaces and mobile helps you catch documentation right away.

  • Work on Audit Planning

Using tools and simple connection points one can improve on assignments for auditors. Includes Managing assets, performing audits and planning. While at the same time advancing usage and diminishing travel costs are an additional advantages.

  • Checking reviews/Audits

Using online surveys to improve review issue reporting. Review results produce at the undertaking level utilizing a natural point of interaction.

  • Computerized tracking tool solves all the audit issues at a faster pace.

5. SAP GRC Business Integrity Screening

The software recognizes blunders. Also, it can prevent blunders and fraud s in business with real time scans of data. It can recognize irregular conduct considering prescient examination and rule sets. It recognizes design that could show fraud.

The software solution helps you to take the following steps:

  • Recognize special cases and check compliance

Get cautions for pertinent exemptions. These are corrupt worker, guarantee frauds, dubious exchange of money and worker burglary.

  • Forestall and hinder

Figure out how you can forestall a recurrence of special case situations.  Examine and decide the best approach against each fake action.

  • Screen your colleagues/partners

Stop or prevent dealing with, authorized or high-risk organizations. You can screen partners enlisted from different associations or government organizations.

  • Screen business integrity screening

Use enormous information for screening to identify and forestall inconsistencies. Also, relieve the risks related to misrepresentation.

6. SAP GRC Business Role Management

This is a digital application that allows clients to make business management. It carries out the best methodologies. It guarantees job creation, testing and support stay predictable across the execution interaction.

This product permits job proprietors engage with the role building process. They can analyze the risks and report the job testing process. Moreover, making and keeping up with job definitions is less complex with SAP GRC BRM.

Pros of SAP GRC

  • It offers the elements like risk investigation, alleviation, job accreditation, and reproduction
  • Cost improvement in various frameworks and conditions. Possible while job creation is conceivable with BRM
  • The change executives interacted for the jobs controlled without any problem
  • Turf chances disposed of in jobs
  • The inward and outside audits during the role management process are smoother.

7. SAP GRC Fraud Management

SAP Fraud management is a powerful tool. The purpose of the tool are examining, distinguishing, and forestalling fraud. The apparatus used in areas like medical care, banking, and innovative environment. SAP Fraud management allows client to make location systems. It can use the power of SAP HANA. These are helpful in screening high volumes of information. Outputs performed to enormous measure of information with more precision. Also, fraudulent exercise distinguishes with an ease.

The Benefits of this software

  • The software framework permits identification of cheats very fast.
  • The SAP HANA used for identifying cheats at the underlying stages. These, in coordination with business processes helps better.
  • Utilizing predictive investigative, cheats forestalled better.
  • Simulation and Continuous change can better analyze enormous volumes of information. It diminishes the chances of misleading results.
  • Easy examination of high volumes of exchanges and business information.

8. SAP GRC Global Trade Services

SAP GRC Global trade helps the organizations to diminish the risks. It relates to International Trade Regulation specialists. Likewise, helps in upgrading cross-border trade management. It mechanizes the control undertakings, worldwide trade management processes. It diminishes the risks of punishments. The software offers a storehouse for taking care of all compliance information. The solution works regardless of the size of the association.

Advantages of SAP GRC Global trade services

  • Screen for authorized parties

Install a sanctioned party list (SPL). This list examine accomplice deals, acquirement, money and circulation. The software impedes any transaction. The solution sends it for the survey. Use work records to handle obstructed archives.

  • Oversee exports

Associating with essential logistic processes. This is to classify items, screen for endorsing parties and oversee export licenses. Install certified interface with government customs frameworks and screen it.

  • Oversee imports

Handle strategies, processes for the acquirement and inbound items. These uses SPL screening, item classification, and management. Perform ISF (importer security filing) and use various connection points. These interfaces are ABI from U.S.  Border Protection.

  • Empower ongoing compliance checks

To guarantee that both items and the information are vital. These are essential for consistence, incorporated with processes like request and shipments.

9. SAP GRC Access Risk Analysis

The Access Risk examination allows clients to characterize access and distinguish risks. Likewise, it permits clients to distinguish access infringement. Look at features with the ARA approach SoD infringement, and approvals. Likewise, essential exchanges, profiles, and critical jobs were performed with this instrument. Analyzing these infringements, ARA implements a bunch of rules. Then, the framework analyzes these characterized rules from the ruleset of approval scopes.  Any infringement if identified, must report.

The benefits of this software

  • Execution of Mitigation controls.
  • Producing SoD reports, supports risk examination
  • Handling of the current processes utilizing the SoD struggle framework
  • It offers a reenactment for upgrading the dynamic process. It allows access to new clients
  • Dangers related to approval and access of clients, are easy to identify.

10. SAP GRC Privacy Governance

The Software helps to achieve

  • Transparency
  • Governance
  • Monitoring
  • Compliance

Compliance means standard compliance like HIPPA, GDPR.

Features of Privacy Governance are:

  • Recognize security and Risks

Make a remedial strategy to assist you with meeting targets and gain consistence.

  • Install and oversee development evaluations

User configurable and adaptable formats.

  • Oversee and screen

Screen ongoing consistence. Likewise, oversee security and protection control assessments.

There are two types of features related to data:

Data Driven assessment features

  • Privacy Data intelligence
  • Privacy assessments
  • Screen program activities

Data Subject Rights Features

  • Subject’s Right requests
  • Computerized verifiying identities
  • Computerized treatment of personal data

SAP GRC Watch List Screening

The solution gives a computerized screening system. Screening diminishes the work and expenses related to the third party.

Screen for confined and denied parties

Coordinate and expand

SAP GRC Enterprise Threat Detection

Here are various features of SAP Enterprise threat detection

  • Analyze log data
  • Correlation of the information
  • Perform detection and identify unknown threats.
  • Customization with other components and systems 
  • Secure communications with API

      Computerized Threat detection features

  • Detection
  • Codeless
  • Alerting
  • Privacy

SAP Cloud Identity Access Governance

Features of Modules are

  • Updated use access
  • Customized access
  • Continuous access analysis
  • Analytical intelligence
  • Guided remediation
  • Segregation of duties
  • Formatted Audit report
  • Extended access control

SAP GRC Emergency Access

There are two methods for emergency access.

  • Make a User ID and then make a firefighter ID
  • Implementation of Firefighter job

SAP GRC Capability Model

It is a model which merges many disciplines into one single model. These approaches are IT, Audit, Compliance, Governance and Risks. As the name suggests, there are three major capabilities

  • Analyze
  • Manage
  • Monitor

It includes the sum total of all main features of the software.

GRC capabilities for auditing

  • Computerize and speedy Auditing cycle

Automation makes the whole process fast and effortless. In contrast manual work use lot of efforts. It supervises the whole criterion and resolve the issues.

  • Focus on issues for more profound examination

This permits Auditors to check any risk and paying attention to the main issues.

  • Keeps a track of individual transactions

SAP’s examining can identify those transactions that abuse security regulations.

  • Recognize malevolent transactions

Includes example of extortion/Frauds and Segregation of Duties infringement.

  • Conform to standard guidelines and principles

 SAP Auditing checks the SAP framework. They have an eye on the treatment of confidential data. Data should follow guidelines, norms (like HIPAA).

  • Uncover unapproved changes to client profiles or expert information records.

SAP GRC works on this interaction with assessment ability.

Who can have the benefit after SAP GRC Course?

  • Beginners with keen interest in SAP security careers.
  • SAP scholastics with will for upgrading
  • Staff of Audit team
  • Graduates and Postgraduates in the HR and students interested in IT career
  • Project managers and Risk Managers.
  • Team leaders.
  • Technical Assistants.
  • Business owners and IT Monitoring Specialists
  • Project executives
  • Software engineers 
  • Application Advisor

Course eligibility

A candidate must have

  • Knowledge about SAP concepts.
  • Java-based SAP systems.
  • Understanding about SAP Securities.

Benefits to organizations

SAP GRC assists the association to deal standard guidelines and compliance. It plays out the following exercises –

  • Simple joining of GRC exercises into existing processes.
  • Automates the key GRC exercises.
  • Low intricacy and overseeing hazards with great care.
  • Developing the hazard management exercises.
  • Management of extortion/fraud cases in business handled. Also, Reviewing the management of such cases.
  • Association’s better performance.
  • Organizations can safeguard their qualities.
  • SAP GRC covers the three primary regions:
  1. Analyze
  2. Manage
  3. Monitors 

Benefits to Scholastic

  • Functional effectiveness

Creating a GRC system, prompts automating normal processes. It is because of the constant monitoring, KRIs and risk exposure. Thus, outcomes in more productive ways of running tasks. Also, decreases copying endeavors across the association.

  • Higher quality data

A Management team can view organization as a whole unit by following a coordinated way.  It deals with administration, hazard and compliance. Thus, the team works with efficiency to settle on smart and productive choices.

  • Decreased costs

SAP GRC characterizes business rules, auditing and combining controls. Also, it pictures GRC guide. So, the association will encounter lower costs.

Course Providers

Henry Harvin, Udemy, eCorp Training, Cranesoft, Primus Education etc..

Henry Harvin offering SAP GRC

For a decade, Henry Harvin has been contributing to prepare skillfull work force. With their advance courses, they enlisted them among top most education institutes. Company seeks interest and needs of scholastic. Thus, a popular education delivery institute. They offer many courses. SAP Courses are the demand of modern business industry. Henry Harvin has a team of trainers with experience from the industry itself. Thus, they can better guide on real time scenario.

Course Details

This course is a data security course. It covers different nine programs. This program removes obstacles in safeguarding the data of a company. Every organization demands updated candidates in SAP GRC to maintain authorization standards. SAP survey observed the market share of GRC (2.2%). So, It covers a huge area of demand.

There is the provision, of course, curriculum with projects. This helps the scholastic to learn real-world protocols of the industry. The Course includes

  • Projects and assignments
  • Placement support
  • Access to E-learning materials like video lectures
  • Internship
  • Hackathons for one year
  • Even Bootcamp sessions for one year

Course Duration

  • Self paced or online live classes
  • Corporate Trainings
  • Focus on one to one training
  • 32 hours ( live online course)
  • Flexible batch- weekday or weekend

Course Fee

  • Self paced – ₹ 26500
  • Online live classes – ₹ 29500

Extra benefits

  • Job security in companies of progressive profile
  • Makes you handy with all the concepts. Examples are RAR rules, Stakeholders, enterprise role management
  • Improves Resume or CV
  • Help in Resume writing
  • One year gold membership with Henry Harvin.


With the business growth, comes the responsibility of protection of business information. Every business has confidential information. Thus, demands for official protection. For all such demands, the only solution is SAP GRC expert. SAP GRC Streamlines and optimizes efforts of whole organization as a team. It enables better communication across the association. Thus, GRC achieves collaboration and maintains an environment of trust. Hence, keeping in consideration the changes around, it is imperative to use SAP GRC.


Q1. What is the job demand in SAP GRC?

There are many career options after SAP GRC in the business sector.

Q2. Can I join SAP GRC after graduation or after school?

Yes, anyone can join the course after high school with basic knowledge of SAP. Even graduates or postgraduates can join the course.

Q3. Is SAP GRC an expensive course?

No, the course costs INR 20,000-30,000. But the cost is worth being full of career options.

Q4. Is there any age bar in joining the course?

No, there is no age bar to join the course. Many professionals of any age join this course.

Q5. Does SAP GRC for government sector?

No, it is for any type of economic sector either private or government.

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