Before we jump into finding Best SAP FICO Training in Illions let us understand what is SAP FICO?


Experience hands-on training with industry projects during the Certified SAP FICO Training Course. SAP FICO stands for (Financial Accounting and Controlling), SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling module can be identified with all other SAP modules including Production Planning, Human Resource Management Material Management, Sales and distribution, etc.


Now here we have SAP FICO and its key highlights:

SAP FICO is one of the dominant modules of SAP ERP. SAP FICO is used to collect and reserve the financial data of an organization. To analyse the financial conditions of a company in the market SAP FI is helpful. It can integrate with other SAP modules like SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP PP, SAP SCM, etc.


Following are the top 10 SAP FICO Training Institutes in Illinois

1. HENRY HARVIN (SAP FICO Training in Illinois)

Henry Harvin is one of the top leading key institutes among the Top 10 SAP FICO courses, which is well furnished with all the facilities. The visionary aim of Henry Harvin is basically to provide support and shapes the individuals and organizations by giving them outstanding training and all the necessary services and also to establish continuous products, people, and markets.

Henry Harvin support to employees

henry harvin logo

All the current employees who are hunting for a better role to demonstrate to their employers the value of their skills, need to enroll through Henry Harvin for the SAP FICO course to be certified as it provides a vast number of career options within its domain.

About the SAP FICO Course at Henry Harvin

  • Conducts 44 hours of classroom training.
  • It is devoted to undergoing projects in SAP FI, SAP CO, and more
  • The internship assistance is also provided
  • After completing the training you become qualified for the certification of SAP FICO S/4 HANA.
  • The institute gives a 100% employment guarantee support for the 1-year post you have completed the course.
  • E-Learning access with all the tools and techniques, video content, and many more things are also provided
  • There are regular boot camps over the next twelve months
  • You are facilitated with 1-year gold membership of Henry Harvin for SAP FICO S/4 HANA Training Course

SAP FICO Training Course Learning Benefits 

  • Learning SAP FICO course can be extremely useful for both, an employee and the employer.
  • This SAP FICO certificate will be helpful in building your career and it will boost your carrier.
  • It will help you gain appreciation from your employers.
  • you will get many excellent job opportunities in reputed companies after the SAP FICO training
  • SAP FICO certificate supports you to get a job with handsome salary in reputed companies.
  • SAP FICO training in Illinois helps the organizations to their business and grow altogether.
  • It builds better understandings with clients to get business.

Fee Structure:

There are two methods through which you can go for this SAP FICO course and the respective fees structure:

The First one is – Self-Paced Course where You get lifetime support and access and a 24* 7-lifetime free upgrade. (The fees would be ₹ 26550/-)

The second one is Live Online Classroom where You get 1-year gold membership, get the recordings of all the sessions, and flexible schedules. (The fees would be ₹ 29500/-)

Other Courses Provided are such as –

  1. SAP HANA Course
  2. SAP MM Course
  3. SAP HR Course

Duration of these  Course are   44 hours of Live-Training.

Henry Harvin Ranks is ranked as no. 1 SAP FICO Training Course in Illinois in the Top 5 by Higher Education.

 SAP FICO S/4 HANA courses in other cities are like

Agra, Ahmedabad,  Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon,  Hyderabad,  Noida, Pune & Surat.

Henry Harvin is one of the best place for you If you are looking to make a career in SAP FICO. In this field, both beginners/ trainees and experts can reach out to a successful career.

Henry Harvin is offering their SAP FICO training in Illinois at affordable prices.

As an essential part of SAP ERP, SAP FICO holds an important position in the SAP system. Every industry relying on SAP features depends on SAP experts for growth and advancement.

Therefore, learning the whole SAP FICO module brightly is not just a career prospect but also an essential requirement to help industries throughout the world grow.

Here, we have listed the top 10 SAP FICO training institutes in Illinois that offer the best kind of education in this sector.

Henry Harvin has been named among the Best SAP FICO COURSE.

This award-winning institute delivers the most structured learning experience to the students.

During the SAP FICO training course in Illinois, each and every student gets access to live projects, real-time classes, complete career support, monthly Bootcamp sessions, sure grooming for the real world and internship for better understanding.

Learners can even have the training details accessible easily all the time  by simply downloading the E-learning portal of Henry Harvin’s SAP FCO training course!

Co-Working Space Address in illinois – 25 N River Ln, Geneva, IL 60134, United States

2. Igrowsoft

Education has never been better! Igrowsoft excels in offering the finest kind of SAP FICO TRAINING in the whole country. Its vital education system welcomes students from all over the country.

 IgowSoft Solutions provides a unique amalgamation of cost ratio, flexibility, work quality & convenience.

SAP FICO Course Overview

 Igrowsoft provides Subject-based learning, as well as theoretical and practical assignments, preparing them for the top industries.

The students at Igrowsoft get the possibility to enter leading industries.

The SAP FICO training course at Igrowsoft is exceptional. The teachers here have come from the greatest industries all over the world,  And also, for the students get an idea of the real-world scenario the course structure has been prepared by these teachers.

Job Support

At Igrowsoft, the trainees are offered a world-class studying environment along with 100% job support.

This Institute offers the finest quality  SAP FICO Training in Illinois At the most affordable fees.  IgrowSoft supports one on one training with end-to-end solutions & also corporate training.

3. TechnoPad (SAP FICO Training in Illinois)

TechnoPad (SAP FICO Training in Illinois) logoThis institute is one of the finest SAP training school. TechnoPad provides  Real-Time SAP FICO Training. 

TechnoPad SAP FICO Course Overview

This SAP FICO Training institute provides both online and offline classes to the trainees, which is the best thing about TechnoPad.

 From working professionals curious about learning SAP FICO Training in Illinois to freshers wishing to gain technical knowledge, the institute is a place for all and welcomes every student. 

Job Support

From training period to the internship program to employment, TechnoPad stands by the trainees throughout their journey. The trainees in TechnoPad get complete job support in the top industries. 

4. Emax Technologies

Emax Technologies logoEmax Technologies is a software training institute that provides excellent learning, knowledge, and exposure to students. The SAP FICO Training at Emax Technologies has been designed by knowledgeable masterminds. 

Emax Technologies SAP FICO Course overview

The SAP FICO trainees at Emax Technologies are provided with full time i.e 24/7 student support, flexible class times, live training, and amazing instructors.

With exclusive projects, real-life case studies, and both practical and subject-based education, the students get to enter into a lifetime experience. On top of that, access to its E-learning portal for the whole life is provided by the institute.

Job Support

Emax Technologies provides 100% job placement to its trainees at top most industries.

5. Pragna Technologies

Pragna Technologies logoPragna Technologies holds a striking position on the list. This institute not only supports the course training but also get ready the students to face real-world challenges.

Pragna Technologies SAP FICO Course overview

 The learned teachers in the institute coach the students psychologically and physically.

The SAP FICO Training Course at Pragna Technologies has been designed to let the trainees gather wholesome knowledge about the full module.

Job Support

This training course offers the students understanding of this SAP FICO Training in Illinois module in-depth and also provides total placement support. Furthermore, the students have an option of getting to choose the mode of training from online and offline classes. 

6. Atos

ATOS INDIA logoAtos is ranked among the top SAP FICO Training Institute because of its active and vital study structure and brilliant job placements.

Course Overview

The institute helps the trainees acquire their place among the best masters. Atos have tutors from leading industries.

Their massive knowledge makes the students acquire an in-depth understanding of the SAP FICO module very smoothly and efficiently.

Job Support

At the completion of the course period, none of the students has ever had to stand jobless. Atos offers quality SAP FICO training in Illinois to every eager student. All, you need to have, is devotion and motivation to learn and understand the SAP FICO module. 

7. Primemark Technologies

Primemark Technologies logoPrimemark Technologies is a software training institute that provides excellent learning, knowledge, and exposure to students. The SAP FICO Training at PrimemarkTechnologies has been designed by knowledgeable masterminds. 

Course Overview

The SAP FICO trainees at Primemark Technologies are provided with full time i.e 24/7 student support, flexible class times, live training, and amazing instructors.

Primemark Technologies is certainly one of the most excellent IT training institutes.

Primemark Technologies offers the students the freedom to choose their mode of education With both classroom and online training.

Learning SAP FICO Training in Illinois at Primemark Technologies gives exposure to the trainees to a world-class education system that hardly any SAP schools offer.

Job Support

 Primemark prepares the student to reach their aim through knowledge and brilliance. Also, the students get job assistance from this institute from the beginning until they receive the desired one. As partners with leading industries throughout the world, the students at Primemark get the chance to earn fineness explicitly. 

8. Version IT

VERSION logo Version IT is one of the most incredible SAP FICO training institutes in the whole country. Version IT has been holding excellence for years. This institute back ups the students until they reach their goals.

The SAP FICO Training Course at Version IT has been planned by instructors who have  several years of experience in the leading industries.

Course Overview

With a fantastic course structure, the students experience an amazing learning journey. Students are offered Both practical and subject-based education, so the students can be prepared for a real-time situation in the future.

Job Support

 Version IT offers excellence with quality training, therefore they support their trainees with job placement to the top industries.

9. Avina Technologies

Avina Technologies has been ranked among the top best SAP FICO Training institutes because of its remarkable education environment.

Course Overview

The SAP FICO training course at Avina Technologies has been designed in such a way that helps the students understand the module ingeniously. 

From subjective studies (theory) to practical projects, the students get to the core of in-depth knowledge about the entire SAP FICO module.

 Also, the teachers at Avina Technologies train the trainees in the best way so they can take on any tribulation with ease.

Job Support

This institute commits smooth functioning and, in the end, provides so with 100% success in Job assisstance.

10. Oasis Technologies

Oasis TechnologiesOasis Technologies has taken hold to make a prominent position in the list of best SAP FICO Training Institutes because of its brilliant education preparations.

The institute has been supporting the future SAP ERP experts for years. 

Course Overview

The SAP FICO training course at Oasis Technologies has been structured in a way that each and every student becomes able to be successful in the future.

 They do not only collect knowledge but also govern the system like a pro. Oasis readies the trainees for industries.

Job Support

The best thing about the institute is that it provides quality SAP FICO Training at the most affordable fees. Also, the Job placements at Oasis Technologies are more than just great.

To sum up we can say that these institutes have built up these positions for their liability to take part in casting fineness. The SAP freshers become experts within no time after passing out from these institutes.


SAP FICO module is significantly very powerful and covers essentially overall business cycles experienced in various ventures. It is one of the vital and generally constructed modules in SAP.

SAP FICO Training Module is a center module of ERP measures, wherein frequent monetary exchanges are integrated with different equal SAP modules for best outcomes.

Financial management needs are constantly changing as per demand, and it’s more important than ever to keep your skills brushed up as per the current situation and demand in the market.

SAP Financial Accounting (FI) and SAP Controlling (CO)  FICO process and consultant training deliver the knowledgeable and experienced professionals need for better management of finance accounting and reporting in Business enterprises.

All you need is getting a training experience that’s aligned with your requirements.

Find the right path for learning, training, certification, and skills to meet your requirements based on your learning preferences and job role.

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Q. 1 What is the use of the SAP FICO course in companies?

Ans. The purpose of the SAP FICO course in companies to generate and manage financial statements for analysis and reporting, as well as to aid in effective business planning and decision-making. SAP FICO allows an organization to store a complete version of their financial transaction data.

Q.2 Where can we go for SAP FICO course training?

Ans. Henry Harvin is providing this opportunity for online classes for SAP FICO Certification course training from any place without disturbing your routine (amid covid-19 situation)

Q.3 How to become certified in SAP FICO ?

Ans. To become an SAP FICO certified professional, you will need years of hands-on experience. SAP courses TFIN20, TERP21, TFIN22, TFIN50, and TFIN52, will help you to polish your skills and master your SAP FICO knowledge.

Q.4 What are the Career Options in SAP FICO?

Ans. Following is a list of what you may do after skilled on SAP FICO:
1. SAP FICO End-User (Executive).
2. SAP FICO Super-User (Sr. Executive, Team-Lead).
3. Support Consultant.  
4. Consultant or Sr. Consultant
5. Power-User (Managers).
6. Testing Consultant (Tester)

Q. 5 What will be the duration to learn SAP FICO?

The duration to learn SAP FICO is 60 days. This 60 days course is Online. SAP FICO Course is structured and planned to prepare you for entry & advanced level jobs and also provides fast-track classes of SAP FICO to working people or students of which the tentative time duration is 2-3 weeks


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