Financial Management and Accounting standards for businesses and professions in financial management are always in evolution, and it is difficult to escalate your professional skills a few grooves above the traditional and normal.

SAP FICO course training advertises and promotes profitable and responsible deviations in the business and is absolutely versatile, giving you the efficiency and credibility  to effortlessly change and edit the data as per the requirement. SAP FICO is far more secure , and the database is dependable and has exquisite coverage and broadcasting potentiality.

Furthermore, there are uncountable job opportunities in the field, so if one wants to elevate the career, pursue a SAP FICO  online certification course to get updated and  ahead of the graph and grasp the recruiter’s attention.

What is SAP FICO?

SAP FICO is an essential crux utilitarian component in SAP ERP Central Component that permits an institution to modify and manage all of its financial data. SAP FICO permits an institution to save and store a complete version of their financial transaction data. Specifically, the requirement of SAP FICO is to guide companies develop, engender and manage financial statements for inquiry and reporting, as well as to benefit in efficient business planning and decision-making.

SAP FICO is divided into  two parts, SAP Finance (FI) and SAP Controlling (CO). Each of these is utilized for a unique financial process. SAP FI focuses on overall financial accounting and reporting, whereas SAP CO deals more closely on monitoring and planning costs. SAP FI and SAP CO were in reality released as two modules separately but are now so efficiently integrated that almost all refer to these as one module.

Here below is a list of the 10 best SAP FICO courses online in California


1. Henry Harvin (SAP FICO Training in California)

henry harvin logoHenry Harvin Education’s SAP FICO online course is considered as one of the best of  the top 3 courses by course imparts students with very specific and technical information over financial controlling and accounting, which promotes mastering the art of  successful usage of the software. Henry Harvin Education is equipped well with highly advanced lab tools and the most updated course structure that rely on industry standards.

Henry Harvin Education gives you the benefit of a 12 month free subscription of LMS and certification of industry-acclaimed SAP FICO ECC training on course completion. Get an opportunity to work on live projects to get the practical knowledge of the implementation of SAP FICO in the financial industry.


Why choose Henry Harvin Education?

On successful completion of the course, you get 100% placement support for a complete span of 12 months with Harvin Education,and Gold membership at the SAP academy along with the SAP FICO course.

Unlimited access to E-learning with various technical tools and techniques, assessment and video content. The certification course will motivate you for a better relationship with clients’ business targets and gain a lot of acknowledgement and experience in professional life. You can excel your  knowledge in implementation of SAP FICO implementation with placement assistance and monthly bootcamp sessions.

Duration of course: Both instructor-led and self-paced courses are offered by Henry Harvin Education. 24-hour access to the course, free upgrades and lifetime support is included in the self-paced course.Live Online Classes impart 44 hours of  interactive classroom training sessions which is conducted by certified industry professionals.

Course Fee : (No Cost EMI available for both modes with 0% interest rate.)

Self-paced INR 20250.

Instructor-led INR 22500  

Other SAP Courses provided by  Henry Harvin-

Henry Harvin® SAP FICO Course Ranks #1 in India by Higher Education Digest 

Go through the Customers Reviews of Henry Harvin:

Mohd Sharoon, Urvashi Agarwal,Simran Kaur, Alisha Sinha, Hammad Akhtar, Ashi, Naren Roy, Vinay Kumar Mehta,Balraj Singh, Radhika Bharti

02. Udemy

Udemy is a popular one among the open learning platforms that offer a SAP FICO online course that focuses on both configuration as well as end-user processes for the SAP FICO module. They have designed the  course in a way that helps you gain knowledge on how a required business process functions on SAP business analysis to modify financial activities. The course needs a basic knowledge with understanding of Accounting and Finance Business Processes.

The intention of the course is to deliver and educate students on the end-to-end implementation procedures for configuring SAP FI and CO modules in any company or firm and also enlightens the necessary documentation and methodology used in the implementation of SAP FICO projects. Udemy facilitates its students with lifetime access to the articals, course material,  and the convenience to use it via mobile or television. Udemy is also confident enough as it gives a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Duration of the course: 40 hrs and 30 mins.

Course Fee To Be Paid: INR 8640.

03. Kits Online Training (KOT) (SAP Fico Training in California)

Kits Online Training is a leading institute among all others that provide SAP FICO training in California to people all around the world. After completion of  the course, the candidate receives a live demonstration of every topic by instructors that are efficient and expert , LMS is also accessible for each session. At the Online Training for SAP FICO, you will attain all the required knowledge and prerequisites to be eligible as a certified master for various FICO topics for example cash, general ledger accounting, and bank accounting, accounts payable and accounts receivable with real cases.

04. GangBoard (SAP Fico Training in California)

GangBoard SAP Fico Training in California is a platform that is interactive and it holds a ranking among the top providers of SAP FICO  online courses around the globe. With a certification course, Gangboards will give you assistance where one can master SAP FICO fundamentals such as  bank accounting, general ledger accounting, and cash. The duration of course is 30 hours inclusive of 15 hours of assignment time. With 100% placement support and  top-trained instructors, one would improve the professional possibilities and excel in the career with theoretical knowledge.

Duration of the course: 30 hours.

05. Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies is accredited globally for SAP FICO online course and training imparted by certified industry experts. With an experience of  over 7+ years and imparting education and training to over 2000+ students per year.The course would train the participants in SAP Financial Accounting, Cash Management, Management Accounting and Treasury Management with practical Projects. On completing the training successfully and practical projects, the certification of SAP FICO course is provided.

Course Fee: INR 23000

06. Ravh IT Solutions

Ravh IT Solutions SAP Fico Training in California make available SAP FICO course online training along with specialists that are certified. SAP FICO is certification of core that verifies the participent’s technical skill and knowledge over  SAP Financial Accounting. Ravh IT Solutions also gives a simple SAP FICO  online course that would add value to your career profile and help you elevate and get recognized by top companies through expert career assistance. Addition to it, you would be accessible to 15+ in-demand tools and  practical skills by engaging yourself and working with industry specialists who are highly experienced and certified.

Duration of the course: 35 hours.

07. Multisoft Virtual Academy (SAP Fico Training in California)

The Multisoft Virtual Academy SAP FICO online course prepares its candidates to work on and deal with the application of SAP ERP and helps a particular company to regulate its transactions more effectively and to  manage its financial accounting than ever before.

Students learn how to make reconcilable financial and balanced statements for the company as a whole or for certain units or as a whole, such as a regional office, profit center,continent-based department, and so on. One who takes this course will get a grasp of Accounts Payables (AP),Accounts Receivables (AR), and other concepts of financial theories and requirements.

The SAP FICO online and offline courses have incorporated modules that cover concepts such as terms of payment,interest calculation, and carry-forward balances. Candidates develop technical skills in analyzing, acquiring, and allocating costs in order to calculate profits and benefits received from various customer groups and markets.

Course Duration: 24 hours.

 Fee for the course: Instructor-led INR 22500.

08. Tech Vidya

Tech Vidya is an institute that has been leading among all other training institutes with over 12+ years of experience in delivering SAP FICO courses online in India. The SAP FICO course structure is designed as per  the needs of both advanced-level and beginners students. The SAP FICO online Course is moduled  in accordance with present industry standards and makes sure to give live project-based training. They also give candidates a one-on-one and complete Online SAP FICO training program.

All SAP FICO-related subjects are handled in a more practical and straightforward manner, including relevant examples. This SAP FICO online course provides training to applicants in simply and rapidly understanding the overall SAP structure. The Tech Vidya SAP FICO online course is moduled to prepare you for advanced-level and entry-level work techniques in both functional and technical domains.

09. ZaranTech (SAP Fico Training in California)

ZaranTech is a leading institution that provides an E-Learning platform globally. It gives SAP FICO online courses with a certified program to companies and individuals. The SAP FICO Courses are made using a paradigm that is role-based. Appropriate  training programs are arranged for both seasoned and new professionals who want to get certified , learn the latest technology and  improve their abilities. Financial controlling –tax code, maintaining fiscal year varient, credit control,  assigning of the firm code to account chart, and other important accounting and reporting topics are taught and included in the training program.

No special qualification is required for a candidate who wants to enroll in this course. Some basic understanding of finance and accounting is required.For those who want  to learn the fundamentals of accounting and finance,  Finance Domain Materials is provided by them.Self Paced Video training and Mentor/Instructor-led Live online training are two modes available. Each session is scheduled for approximately 2-3 hours for the instructor-led live online training program. As per the participant’s requirement they arrange for weekday and weekend schedules. If you aren’t able to attend the class for some reason, a recorded version (which is available on the LMS) is available for you to watch later. You will be provided with recordings of all topics that are covered in the Self-paced video training program.

Course duration: 60 hours.

10. ShapeMySkill (SAP Fico Training in California)

ShapeMySkill prepares and supports candidates to comprehend the complete procedure of implementing SAP FI and CO modules in any organization. SAP FICO online course also emphasizes the theory of paperwork and technical knowledge required for SAP FICO implementations. SAP-FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling) is one of the most remarkable among all SAP ERP modules. This module is used in the field/market in maintainance of financial management.

Candidates who acquire the knowledge from SAP FICO module and expertise have a wide range of career options, and their demand in the market as a professional increases  as the popularity of SAP-ERP grows. With the support of ShapeMySkills online SAP FICO training, you will attain every possible thing that is required to know about this SAP FICO, from beginning/basics to very advanced SAP FICO methods.

Importance of SAP FICO

These days, companies are expected to manage and work with a robust complexity in the process of their business. This led to increased demand for software that would give them assistance inefficiently and more effectively running their businesses. An appropriate and efficient software not only gives you assistance in progressing your business now but also lets you always top the curve. SAP FICO is one of the examples of software that gives effective and well-structured finance and control tools to businesses. Practically every element resulting in far-reaching, corporate operations, and beneficial changes are affected by these mechanisms.

Another additional advantage of the SAP FICO module is that it is easy and simple to interface with other modules of SAP such as distribution, material management and sales. Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Bank accounting, General and other ledgers, Cost along with profit centres, and Management of various other financial assets can all be effectively addressed with the use of this particular program. All of these cases have resulted in actively including this module in the operations of their businesses and are on a hunt for skilled employees who can work with the program. As organizations are highly dependable on the SAP FICO module, the demand for trained and educated SAP FICO candidates and consultants has increased significantly.

To function and operate with SAP FICO, a candidate will first have to understand the basics of operating principles of financial accounting of SAP.

  • Learning of the coordination of the finance module and other SAP modules together and how they work together.
  • Will have to Master SAP Financial Accounting’s essential concepts.
  • Recognizing the importance of General Ledger and becoming acquainted with its features and processes.
  •  Asset Accounting Roles, Sub-Ledgers, AccountsPayable/ Receivable, and the Responsibilities of an SAP FICO Consultant are only some of the important elements of the SAP FICO module.


Advantages of SAP FICO Training

If you are working in the industry of managerial accounting and finance or if you’d want to excel and rise high in your profession by accepting additional management roles, you should learn SAP FICO.SAP FICO training not only enhances your professional and technical abilities but also broadens and enlightens your understanding of the business operations of the organization or company. There are many certified programs and training modules that are to assist and guide you in mastering the application of SAP FICO. Hence, Joining the course SAP software gives you knowledge that opens up a new world of possibilities for you. 

Advantages of SAP FICO module training

  • Improves your understanding and gives you basic and advanced knowledge of the most recent financial developments.
  • For managing financial activities in your firm you are provided with the most up-to-date software solutions 
  • Gives you assistance to improve financial processes in your company, consequently enhancing and focusing on value-addition with coordination that is improved among various activities in the workplace, that results in smoother company processes.
  • Opens up new career chances and Improves your professional development 

Who can enroll in this course?

Students or candidates with a basic knowledge of financial concepts,  Financial Consultants,SAP Technical Consultants, and Developers who are interested in learning about the SAP Financial ERP tool. 

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Q1. What are the modules that are combined in Financial Accounting?

Ans. 1 Human Resource
2. Management of the material 
3. Planning of production
 4. Distribution and sales

Q2. What are the other applications of SAP FICO?

Ans. 1. Asset and cost accounting
2.  Real estate
3. Handling vital financial tasks
4. Consolidation

Q3. I’m in Economics. Can I opt for the course?

 Ans. Yes, Anyone with basic knowledge over finance and accounting can join the course.

 Q4. Is an online mode of payment available for the courses?

 Ans. Almost all the institutes have the facility of online payment.

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