Do you want a shift in your career and want to get rid of 9 to 5 strict routine work?

I’ve worked a lot in the corporate world, now I want to start my own business, what are the options for me?

I’m good at reading people’s minds, as a writer, how can I cash this attribute to earn?


I want to start Copywriting, but I’m not sure which course on Copywriting suits my needs?

The second source of income is needed these days.

The current job does not meet my expenses, I need to find something that is easy, passionate, and can give me enough in terms of finance.

If you are one of those having these things in mind, then you are exactly at the right place. Right now, you are going to have all your queries cleared. You are going to know about Copywriting, future prospects and of course, “Top 10 Amazingly Copywriting Courses Online”

But first thing first. Let me start with, what is Copywriting? Is it something like Creative Writing and Content Writing?

Copywriting is a type of writing which is written in a persuasive manner, the purpose of such writing is to convey your message to the reader and trigger the reader’s appetite to take some action. That action may be purchasing, subscribing to your web page, or brand promotion.

Copywriting Courses Online in this era of digitization has been a well-known career for writing professionals. What does a Copywriter do? It is simple, they write for the purpose of promoting a particular brand, product, or service.

But Hay! Don’t take it like this. They are not promoting something which is not worthy to be promoted.

Actually, the internet is full of content. The businesses are getting converted into the online ecosystem. Copywriters play the role of buying consultants. They guide you on what is good for you. They know what they are going to promote. They are just filling the gaps by identifying your needs as a customer and let you reach where your need best fits. The consumer has so many options. He / She needs literature, knowledge, education, and information about a particular product or service. Copywriters actually fill the gap between the product or service and the consumer. Copywriting Courses Online enables you to guide your consumer.

But Copywriters do write about products that they believe are worthy to look into. Copywriter’s on one hand understand the needs of the consumer, and let the producer know what has to be offered and in what manner. On the other hand, a Copywriter educates the consumer, what is good for the consumer, and why it is good for the consumer. The future of my Copywriting career is a brighter one. Copywriting as a career gives you options as long as earning is concerned.

According to American Writer Artist Institute (AWAI), an average Copywriter’s Salary per year is $62,170, with an equivalent hourly wage (Based on a 40-hour workweek) coming out to be $ 29. The highest 10% Copywriter makes over $121,670 with 58.50$ hourly. This way lowest 10% of Copywriters make $ 31700 per year with $ 15 per hour.

These statistics show that Copywriting as a career has quite brighter prospects.

You have some amazing Copywriting courses in India to start with. Below is the listing of the Top 10 Copywriting Courses Online, which you can choose from and start your journey today. Before giving you a detailed tour of the best Copywriting Courses Online, let’s know some basic things.

Should I go for Free Course or Paid One?

There is so many Copywriting Course in India, It depends on the course. It is not necessary that a highly paid course should have a better quality as compared to a free course. Sometimes a free course may have more effort being put in, than a paid one. Some Professional Instructors and Trainers have a brand identity, whether they offer a course free or paid, they will make sure the quality of the contents, the relevance, and the methodical organization of the contents for a better understanding of the learner.

Online Copywriting courses free and paid

Most Important Consideration while a Choosing a Copywriting Courses Online in India:

  • Before taking any course, the best way to research is to read the reviews of the trainees who have taken the course. Who offered the course is important to know. If a trainer is well-enough theoretically as well as can apply the field as well, then such a trainer may very well know how to put things in your minds, or how to train your hands.
  • Therefore look for those Copywriting Courses Online in India which are designed by trained professionals than for those who are highly paid.
  • Another piece of advice that I recommend is, always try to avail the free offers in the beginning, once establishing knowledge base of the subject matter, it is logical to go for a paid course then.
  • Based on my personal experience, as a beginner always go for a course that has a complete ecosystem of providing training as well as internship with real time support system.
  • The reason for this is that technology and consumer behavior never stay constant. Therefore you have to keep your knowledge updated. This may only be possible with a complete training system. As an alumnus, you will access to the new resources of that kind of learning system.

1. Henry Harvin – Copywriting Courses Online

Henry Harvin Writing academy offers a comprehensive Copywriting course that can be availed online. The course duration is 16 hours with instructor-led live sessions/Online classroom.

The course is being designed by the ninjas in the marketing and copywriting field with years of experience.

The exceptional learning environment of Henry Harvin in the provision of Educational services is an added advantage of this course. You’ll be trained as per the market demand.  The course consists of 7 modules with additional two modules on soft-skills development and resumes writing skills are included in the package.

Henry Harvin is an ecosystem of learning and practicing. Once you’re within the system, you never quit it. You will constantly be kept in the loop for any new development regarding your intended subject.

The unique features of the course are mentioned below.

Copywriting course online at Henry Harvin is augmented through live projects and case studies. It helps to train you in a real work environment from the start. Henry Harvin allows you to access their online resources. You can access the learning management system any time anywhere and through any device.

Learning on the go has been ensured at Henry Harvin. You can install Moodle application, where you can manage all your course materials in your mobile set. You can keep learning continue even if in travel.

best copywriting courses online

Unique Features of the Course:

  • Trainer’s reputation is of international level with global certification in Copywriting industry.
  • Henry Harvin as Academy has the experience to train almost 500 individuals, who are leading copywriters now.
  • You’ll be trained on the latest online tools, which certainly is the requirement in the international job market places, which is mostly digitized now.
  • Once you enroll, you have the freedom to choose any instructor of your choice.
  • With gold membership at Henry Harvin, you can access to relevant learning resources, monthly brush-up sessions or any other Educational event arranged by Henry Harvin Academy.
  • One feature that makes Henry Harvin unique is its internship. You will be trained through an internship and be in a position to connect to a network of people across the globe.
  • This Copywriting course gives you an opportunity to be a part of Elite Writing Academy, where you can connect to a vast network of writers’ professional.
  • With the provision of training on modern tools, you get abreast with the correlation between social media and business, you will be taught how to effectively utilize social media for the promotion of businesses, brands, services through Copywriting.
  • As the winner of the top corporate training award, Henry Harvin updates its contents from time to time.
  • This academy is affiliated with international forums like American Association of EFL, ISO, etc.
  • New aspirants who want to start their career as Copywriters and polish their skills in the Industry, Henry Harvin is the one among the best choices.
  • You will be certified with an internationally recognized certificate.

Course Types, Benefits & Fees:

To know more information about fee structure please check it here:-

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Copywriting Course is provided:


Check Other Henry Harvin Courses

Do Check:

2. Udemy:

The Beginner’s Guide to Copywriting- Sell with your words is a fundamental Copywriting course for beginners in the field, offered by Udemy. The Course consists of a five-hour video tutorial self-paced.

Through this course, you learn the art of Copywriting skills. You can play with persuasive writing and promote your brand irrespective of the target audience and the brand. The Course is created by Bryan Guerra-a corporate professional trainer with 386,844 students being trained through 59 various short courses, Bryan Guerra has an instructor rating of 4.3.

This particular course is designed for beginners in mind, but the foundation for the course is such that you can lead yourself ahead once gone through these fundamentals of Copywriting. 

The specialty of the course is that you will be trained on how to start your own business. Here you learn not only Copywriting but also to apply these skills to become an Entrepreneur.

You will be trained to speak your customer’s language. Once you are in the shoes of your customer, you can definitely promote what you believe is worth promotion.

The course also provides templates that are proven in the Copywriting industry.

   Features of the Course:

  • All courses of Udemy offers 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • This course has valuable resources which are downloadable for off-line use.
  • Once enrolled, you can have full-time access.
  • The courses dashboard of every Udemy course is very well-organized, the user can trace his/her progress easily.
  • You will be awarded an Udemy certificate to display on online job market places
  • You will be guided on the most common mistakes that most of the copywriters make in their career. That means you will benefit from the experiences of others
  • Most important Copywriting tips and tricks will be given during the lectures
  • The course is self-paced, therefore it offers you a flexibility if you’re a working professional.
  • This course also teaches you the 7 most effective ways how to write sales copy.

3. Creative Academy – Copywriting Courses Online

Creative Academy is a world-Class Virtual Academy offering this course. Here the creative techniques of the experienced Copywriter guide you on some proven methods. The real-time support of the Industry gurus is an additional advantage of the course. The course is equally applicable to all across the globe. A person from Europe and UK can benefit in the same way as someone in India.

The course is made to train you from start to finish. The course has vast community support, where feedback on your work will be given to you not only by the instructor but also by the other trainees. The feedback on your creative work will also be given from seasoned copywriters in the industry.

The course is best-fit to be completed in 1-2 months, but if you want to take it on the fast track, you can.

Once enrolled, the course access is unlimited. That means you become a part of an ecosystem where the changing pattern of the skill will be provided from time to time.

Features of the Course:

  • The Copywriting Course in India offers you both videos as well as printable materials.
    • You can have multiple ready-to-use templates and worksheets
    • Agency professionals will provide you with real-time support
    • You will be getting individuals’ attention as well. Once a week the course organizers will arrange a meeting of the trainees with professional copywriters from the Industry including the CEO or other head writers.
    • The course is broken down in a very simple but methodical way.
    • One of the amazing features of this course is that from the start you will open an online folder where you put all your work and can present it as your portfolio later on.
    • The course web page is exceptionally an interactive one. The FAQs related to the course have clearly been explained.

4. SkillShare:

Skillshare once again has been on this list of Copywriting Courses Online. The Complete Copywriting Course- Writing every word your business or brand needs” is another Copywriting course created by Rozi Bell- a writer, editor, and teacher.

The course is perfectly fit for those who are non-native speakers and are struggling with confident English writing. Your skills of perfect English writing will be enhanced. It would refresh your persuasive writing skills and will add more to your existing knowledge base.

It’s a short course of 11 short lessons, which you can watch and learn even on the go with your mobile device.

The course is designed to keep in mind that you’re a novice in the field or that you are still trying to understand your brand or business. The course will let you go through over 50 tested practices that have been proven in the Copywriting industry. You will be trained from the start as like goal setting, understanding your audience, and setting the tone for your copy. The course equally gives weightage to Social Media Marketing.

Copywriting business

          Features of the Course:

  • 32 Positive reviews are being given about the course.
  • The most-liked feature of the course is 30 helpful examples, which are being demonstrated in the tutorials
  • 29 of the total reviews consider the teacher and tutorials to be very engaging
  • Most of the reviewers are of the opinion that there is full clarity of instruction in the course.
  • 72% of the reviewers say ‘Yes, when asked about, if their expectations were met or not.
  • The course is best-fit for all those who want to start their own business
  • The course is although much suitable for the beginner’s need but equally important for the intermediate learners as well.

5. Alison Online Academy – Copywriting Courses Online

This copywriting course is offered by Alison Online Academy. The course duration is 3 hours in total with 8 modules. In the end, an assessment of the module is also part of the course. The course is specifically designed to get people towards the desired actions. The desired action may be purchasing or subscribing to an email list or maybe letting the user visit your web page.

Even if you have no intentions to start your own freelancing copywriting business, still as a business owner you need to compete in the industry. This course not only helps you write effective persuasive content but also to know the core tricks of marketing and selling.

The course designer Theo MacArthur has experience of over two decades in online marketing. She has to her credit more than 100,000 students trained and built 100’s of websites and blogs.

She has methodically and precisely put all her efforts to create this short 8 module course for beginners in the copywriting field.

Copywriting Training Online

Features of the Course:

  • The course is demonstrated with pictorial contents. The trainer explains the views of other’s and also in the light of her own experience.
  • All aspects of Copywriting have been well-explained. From buying a product to email listing or subscribing to service or requesting more information. These aspects of the field have been explained with relevant examples
  • The brief about AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) has been well explained.

6. Eduonix Course

The course is equally useful for beginners as well as intermediate learners. The designer of the course has brought all the core skills of the field from known writers and has put them together in this course.

This is a step-by-step tutorial. All the tutorials explore the secrets of the field.

These tutorials will train you to adjust your content according to your audience.

  • You will be trained to know the fine difference between writing and copywriting.
  • The attributes of a successful Copywriter will be explained.
  • You will know the qualities necessary to become a master copywriter
  • You will be trained to produce a master copy.
  • This course is also a self-Paced course

7. Learning to Write Marketing Copy – Copywriting Courses Online

Ian Lurie, the instructor of this course demonstrates this course in a way to enable you to tell the story of your product and sells your service, and promote your brand.

You will be trained about the benefits to draft on paper, observation of general rules about copywriting, selling the page, and optimizing the existing copies for better results.

  • This course lets you know how to manage your copywriting and editing team.
  • The course offers a certificate that you can display on LinkedIn- one of the trending job portal nowadays.
  • The trainees will learn to optimize the same copy for different platforms. It is obvious that a copy made for a web page is not suitable to be a copy for a social media platform or elsewhere.
  • There are assignments and tasks in this course that would enable you to master the tricks yourself.
  • The course resources are accessible both online as well as offline.
  • The course has been designed in such a manner that keeps the learner engaged.

8. Copywriting for beginners- “Writing Web-Copy That Sells without Being Cheesy”- By Skillshare:

“Writing Web Copy that Sells without Being Cheesy”, is another amazing short course of Copywriting offered by Skillshare. Due to the boom of e-commerce, the course is mainly focusing on the website copywriting aspect. These tutorials are the best fit for beginners in the field of copywriting. The trainer has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and has written more than 150 copies that worked excellently.

  • This is another one of the best Copywriting Course in India
  • The course is highly engaging and interesting
  • The tutorials are no more than 60 minutes with short duration videos, telling you the crux in an interesting manner.
  • With this short Copywriting course in India you will better be in a position to read the minds of your audience.
  • You will better be in a position to speak the language of your clients in an easy but interesting way
  • Understand the difference between copywriting and content writing in an easy, simple way.
  • You will also be trained how to confront writer’s block phenomenon.

9. Hustle Post Academy India – Copywriting Courses Online

Hustle Post Academy has put another amazing effort to enable passionate writers to become Copywriting professionals. Here you get trained on how to write a sales copy, how to influence the consumer, and how to convey your message to your ultimate target audience.

With the master class on Copywriting at Hustle Post Academy, you will be trained on every aspect of copywriting. Unlike other, In Copywriting Courses Online the old-fashioned contents are not taught. You will be trained on modern trends in the digital marketing industry. 

It’s a 3-hour Copywriting Master Class, which is specifically focusing on Copywriting.

With the efforts of a young energetic trainer Saheli Chatterjee. The course is a kind of framework guide that teaches you from the start all the way to the finishing lines of the sales copy.

This Copywriting course is the best fit for all those who have a passion to write, who like marketing but need guidance on how to write sales copy and make it a valuable business. Those who want to start their own business from writing.

All those beginner freelancers or other professionals who want to have a second source of income will find this Copywriting course useful.

Features of the Course:

  • Just a three-hour Copywriting Course/ master class. That means you need only three hours to open new doors of income by polishing your existing marketing and writing skills
  • This Copywriting course includes a proven formula of copywriting skills. You get a 50 Copywriting checklist. The course also lets you get three samples and the trainee will get guided through these three samples.
  • There is access to the secret resources of the trainer as well as an integral part of this Copywriting Course, which will cost only 999 Indian Rupees
  • The samples are carefully designed to demonstrate the core skills to write emails in a persuasive manner.
  • You will be guided on Email Copywriting, Landing Page, Video Sales Letters, and Ad Copies as well.

10. Neville Medora’ Copywriting Course:

Neville Medora is a top-class Copywriting professional. This Copywriting course designed by him is the best fit for professional copywriters as well as business owners. The course is a paid one, but the commitment of the dedication of the instructor towards the field of copywriting is worth paying. Neville Medora will constantly be in touch with you once enrolled in the course. You will get regular emails that explain simple tricks and tips of copywriting other than the course itself.

  • The course has carefully designed templates to be used.
  • This course is designed to train you in an active manner, therefore taking the course is not a boring thing but will motivate you at each and every step of the course.
  • Your work will be presented to professionals in the field of copywriting by selecting this Copywriting course. That means you will face a critique for bringing more shine to your skills through these professional’s inputs.
  • The course contains progress logs that let you know your progress during the course.
  • The certificate of this Copywriting course means something. Due to the community support and a complete ecosystem related to this course, this certificate is valued in the industry. Therefore you can display your certificate to businesses.
  • You will be participating in live updates during your journey with this course.
  • Your comments, queries, and questions will be answered by the instructor himself as well as by the professional community of this course.
  • With this real-time support system, the course is a live experience to keep you abreast with day-to-day occurring in the field of copywriting.

11. Success Works Copywriting Course
12. IDM
13. CIM Copywriting course


All of these courses are amazing. The potential aspirants need to look into the content, duration, and flexibility. Similarly, the most important aspect as long as my experience is concerned is the opportunity of internship. Join any course which has online support, an alumni system, and easy-to-use LMS and practice copywriting pieces. As more and more businesses are becoming online, the need for copywriting professionals will increase.

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Q1. Is Copywriting the same as Content Writing?

Ans. No, both are different. Copywriting is writing for sales. It’s a kind of persuasive writing. The purpose of copywriting is to persuade the audience towards a call to action. That call of action may be to subscribe to your online resource, to purchase, or anything that may have financial implications for you.
On the other hand, the purpose of Content Writing is to share knowledge, information, or experience with others through writing.

Q2. What is the Purpose of Copywriting Courses Online?

Ans. The short and sweet answer to this is that Copywriting is any form of persuasive writing which has the core purpose to promote a product or service. The purpose of Copywriting is actually to advertise your brand, your identity as a resource person, your product, etc.

Q3. Does Copywriting the same as Advertisement?

Ans. Copywriters of course write advertisements but this is not the sole job rule of a Copywriters. They have to research, promote brand awareness. They also are supposed to know any reservations of the users of a particular product or service.
Copywriting unlike people’s perception is a very responsible portfolio. You cannot and should not promote something that you yourself don’t believe in. Therefore research and knowing the consumer’s likes and dislikes is an integral responsibility of professional copywriters.

Q4. Can I start Copywriting as a second source of income or do it part-time?

Ans. You can start copywriting as a part-time job. Though doing it part-time may limit your chances to excel speedily, but businesses nowadays are hiring professional copywriters to work online. Therefore there are a lot of chances that you can start copywriting as a second source of income.

Q6. Do I need to have a degree to become a Copywriter?

Ans. No, you don’t need to have any degree in Copywriting. It’s just persuasive writing sales copies. If you have the skills to read people’s minds and can trigger their appetite for a call to action, then you can be a copywriter even without any formal degree or qualification.

Q7. What are the core skills needed to be a Copywriter?

Ans. You need to be creative, having persuasive writing skills. You also have to meet deadlines and understand people’s minds. A good copywriter has to have a good command of research and SEO skills also.

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