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Metaverse is a new version of the internet based on augmented and virtual reality. So, many changes are going on and many hopes for the future; what can be done in the Metaverseworld, slowly coming together to replace our two-dimensional digital reality. When the internet came into our lives, there was a massive shift in jobs toward programming and adapting to digital work. It created a huge demand for computer courses. Now that Metaverse is about to change how we use the Internet, it will also hugely affect jobs and ways to make money. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 Metaverse courses that will help you make money online and prepare for careers that still need to be made.

What is a Metaverse?

Metaverse is known as another reality called virtual reality. This is where consumers can interact, play and get an experience of everything just like in the real world.

It uses Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology. It helps in communicating with the overlaying objects and people using the help of visual projection.

Benefits of Metaverse :

  • Metaverse is usually used for gaming expertise.
  • Since interaction is the main goal of Metaverse, it can do much more in reality.
  • This can help fashion brands by expanding e-commerce.
  • Its 3-D visuals help in creating a space that makes people believe that they are present in it.
  • The normal “image masking” technique can be upgraded even more by the use of 3D avatars to represent.
  • Metaverse is also used in education, tourism, advertising, design, engineering, etc.
  • The combination of mixed reality and virtual reality offers solutions for offices that conduct virtual meetings.

Difference between Virtual Reality (VR) & Metaverse:

  • Virtual Reality is just one of the elements within the Metaverse and is itself is a very in-depth concept.
  • It combines all the digital area concepts in one and makes it one whole concept.
  • Metaverse aims to change our 2D view into a 3D view concept.
  • It works in a way that allows changes to be done to the connection and interaction of the people with the world.
  • It mostly works on providing a realness to any virtual situation.
  • Metaverse cannot be considered to be of a large-scale value when compared to AR/VR technologies.
  • The concept of Metaverse futuristically gives an extended user experience compared to VR.

Metaverse with the usage of AR/VR Technology:

  • The worldwide goal of Metaverse technology is to make people interact differently with the internet.
  • It is mostly used to enhance the gaming software for a better experience.
  • This has also benefitted the virtual ecosystem.
  • Creators are trying to expand the usage of Metaverse technology for the use of other businesses like real estate.
  • With the use of VR technology in Metaverse, many e-commerce services have extended their many brands of service.
  • The companies like zoom and Skype use this technology of VR/AR to make theirs unique.
  • In this heavily competitive world, we need to be careful about how things are handled based on circumstances.
  • Virtual meetings used mixed reality and VR technology nowadays to make their presentation feel office-like at their home.
  • Metaverse is a very flexible technology that when used in real-time works like magic.

Here’s a list of the top 10 metaverse courses in Bangalore, India.

1) Block Chain Council

About :


The Blockchain Council is considered one of the topmost trending contenders of the year 2021.

This certification course provides an in-depth understanding of the Metaverse.

They are a group of experts who work in converting Blockchain Technology.

It has created a surrounding that gives awareness for businesses, developers in educating them.

Blockchain Council work individually as an organization.

Why Choose BCC:

This certification helps in getting a glimpse of the future of how a web would look like.

BCC course helps in exploring the many technologies available in the Metaverse.

Metaverse helps in economic prospects from virtual music events, NFT-based products, etc which this institute helps in covering.

Blockchain Council helps to explore, learn different Metaverse ways.

Many high-end companies started jumping into Metaverse as they foresee the future of the same.

It makes the users explore every tool.

They have teachers who help in giving practical experience to the students.

In no time we could be an expert in this field with the help of this certification.

They allow lifetime access to the contents of the course.

Available Course :

Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Chat Bot

Course Metaverse
Duration 5 hours
Fee INR 11,499

Location :

Based in the USA and Bangalore, India.

2. NobleProg

About :

It is an international training consultant which helps in achieving a specific goal.

It is considered as one of the well-known centers in Bangalore delivering high-quality courses.

This is present in the Central Business District location of the state.

The updates about the latest developments are given on time.

Why Choose UB City :

They provide seminars and presentations for solving problems in their course.

One-on-one training would take place with the students to help them understand the details better.

Training sessions would happen only when the student wants it.

There are various centers available on both weekdays and weekends to help students keep track.

The courses provided are handpicked with various checks and updations.

We can get to know more about the tools and techniques used in-depth.

The insights of use cases, scenarios, lectures are all available at the right time.

Available Courses:



Artificial Intelligence

Robotic Process Automation

Course Metaverse
Duration 14 hours
Fee INR 51,689

Location :

Bangalore, UB City

3. Team InfiVR

About :

They have over 15 years of experience in Augmented and Virtual Reality in terms of products and solutions.

There are multiple researchers and designers available in this enterprise.

Various courses allow users to get to know more about Metaverse in detail.

Their core technology always helps in developing solutions and applications accordingly making it simple.

Why Choose InfiVR :

They help in solving core problems with the help of AR and VR applications.

Their main focus is creating clean energy which allows them to provide certain developments on time.

Sales and marketing, product support, maintenance are all part of their schemes to ensure a perfect balance in nature.

InfiVR helps in empowering the workforce of the future with VR and AR by making it efficient.

Available Courses :

Aero Space


Clean Energy

Oil & Gas

Course metaverse
Duration Internship duration

Location :

Michigan, USA

Bangalore, India

4. STEM Metaverse

About :

STEM Metaverse has won a national award for its start-up finalist position.

They hold an IIT-WEE grant certification.

They provide products, teachers, and an online platform which helps in a child’s future.

Why choose STEM:

There are various services provided by the STEM Metaverse center.

They help in providing a holistic learning experience for students.

This center makes students innovative, thinkers, and problem solvers.

They have various streams of courses in which students are being trained.

They give high-quality content of education for the lowest price possible.

A personalized learning style is present here. They provide a 5G infrastructure to make the internet faster.

This can provide a great medium for education in our country.

Scientific materials are expensive nowadays. Metaverse can help in reducing the infrastructure in a digital space.

Available Courses:


Mental Health



Course Metaverse

Location :

Alpine Eco, Bangalore.

5. myTectra

About :

They are a global learning company that has helped many to transform with great benefits.

myTectra was recognized for its excellence in training services by maintaining time again and again.

myTectra won the Gold winner in the year 2014 for their training skills and have been winning many awards since then.

It provides good online classes that have helped many people in many ways.

They provide the flexibility to learn and work better.

Why choose myTectra:

They have brilliantly experienced faculties who help bring out the colors from within the students.

They provide the highest training quality with 100% placement assurance and real-time internship projects.

myTectra has flawless customer support 24×7 to help cope with their customers and their needs.

They have industry expert trainers who help in all business functions and technologies.

They provide cost-effective training that allows employees to cooperate and to be trained as much as possible.

This has helped them in providing a response so sound that people have no idea how it is done.

Available Courses:

Digital Marketing

Finance Accounting

Food Safety and Hygiene

Women Leadership Development

Course AR training

Location :


6. invact Metaversity

About :

The Invact Metaversity is a university that helps in enabling students to scale and tech billions.

It is a place where students will know what combing a virtual world and the real world would be like in real-time.

One of their goals is to not make the online learning experience lonely.

Using quality education they want to make employability worthy.

Why choose invact?

Metaverse has nowadays spread through so many places to help people get a good online learning experience.

Due to the pandemic situation people, have come up with this note.

This combination will bring out a healthy peer pressure that helps students to cope with their work.

They provide a virtual reality just like a real-world reality to students in the comfort of their homes.

The Metaverse becomes pervasive with the use of this experience.

Available Course:




Course metaMBA
Duration 16 weeks
Fee INR 2lac

Location :


Bangalore, India.

7. Republic Realm Academy


The Republic Realm Academy offers Metaverse and NFT courses online.

Their main mission is to grow in the same business and to provide good service to others.

They have a diversely experienced team located in three continents.

Each of these teams provides the skill set needed to make this function.

Cathy Hackl is a Metaverse expert and is the current dean of Republic Realm Academy.

Why Choose Republic Realm?

They have multiple Metaverse experts lined up who would provide a perfect teaching experience for users.

It focuses on corporate executives who are looking to know more about Metaverse and what it does.

Investors who are currently in need of more understanding about the updates that would help them futuristically.

People who would love to know more about web 3.0 updates would find this academy useful.

They also help graduated students who require a traditional education along with futuristic updates.

Available Course:

Wallet course


Blockchain technology

Crypto infrastructure

Web 3.0

Course Metaverse
Duration 3-4 weeks
Fee INR 80k

Location :


8. Koenig Solutions


Koenig organization was established in the year 1993.

Their main goal is to create a prosperous world with the help of education.

They thrive to provide respect and peace of mind for their customers and themselves.

One of their policies is to hire people from disadvantaged communities.

Why choose Koenig:

Koenig provide a scheme called Ultra-fast track where experienced professionals can get a knowledge upgrade.

It helps drive their users to earn more money with the pride of their placements.

This institute trains about thirty thousand students every month based on their skills.

More than 35 organizations are authorized under them and have 30+ years of service.

They help support the environment for the welfare and ambiance importance.

They also give more importance to the customers and their interests.

Their In-house lab helps reduce the downtime by enhancing flexibility with the help of extended practice time.

Additional Course:

Game development


Unity for Automobiles

Course Mixed Reality
Duration 5 days
Fee INR 104,000

Location :








9.  ACTE


They provide live instructor LED online training for students who are actively in need of practical growth.

ACTE has been given more than 9 years of service for AR & VR training.

More than 350 clients are recruited and worked with.

They have trained more than 12500 students all these years.

They make the learning experience consistent and students find it more pleasing to learn.

Why choose ACTE:

It has both beginner and advanced level classes conducted regularly at their premises.

They provide the course at a very affordable fee with the help of industry experts.

ACTE provides good practice for the sake of preparing for the interview technique.

It provides good interview and placement offers for its students along with resume preps.

It also provides an industrial experience along with their courses.

They act as a one-stop recruiting partner with candidates who can be good in productivity.

Onsite and remote desktop training are both provided to students across the country.

They help students to tackle various hands-on exercises daily.

Available Courses:

Cyber Security Expert

Software Testing

Six Sigma Expert

Digital Marketing

PMP Masters

AWS cloud

Course AR & VR
Duration 40 hours
Fee INR 18000






10. Udemy


Udemy is a destination for online-based learning globally.

It helps in growing the knowledge of users with the help of their online scheme.

They have more than 75 languages related teachers who would educate students all across the world.

It has about 64k instructors offering 185k courses for more than 49M learners across the globe.

Why choose Udemy:

They help organizations across the world using their business and technical strategic knowledge.

The Metaverse course provided by them consists of tools that are used in a vast diversion.

They help students to understand and provide in-depth knowledge according to their course of interest.

NFTs are included as a chapter within the Metaverse course. This helps them understand a vast number of perspectives.

They provide both basic and higher levels of teaching to students depending upon where they stand.

Available Courses:




VMware vRealize

Course Metaverse
Duration 21 hours
Fee INR 3499


San Francisco



11. Metaverse Masterclass- Udemy

Senior Blockchain project manager Henrique Centieiro teaches this course on Udemy.

After you finish this masterclass, you’ll have a good idea of what the Metaverse is, how to invest in the VR space, how to own land in the Metaverse Bangalore, how NFTs unlock the future’s potential, what platforms are involved in extended reality and mixed reality, etc.

What are AR VR courses in Bangalore?

  • You will learn about cryptocurrencies, Web 3.0, blockchain, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • How the metaverse has changed some industries
  • Metaverse-related tokens
  • How to get money and make money in Metaverse?
  • Asset classes, land ownership in the Metaverse

12. AR and VR Metaverse Business

If you want to start a business right away in the Metaverse, you should take these AR VR courses in Bangalore on Udemy. The course, given by Alex Genadanik, lasts 4 hours and 16 minutes.

In the first part, Genadinik helps first-timers learn about AR and VR. In the second part, he talks about many good business ideas for the generation. If you sign up for this course, you will get 58 lectures split into 11 sections.

The Bangalore Metaverse course’s most important points

  • What AR and VR and how they work
  • AR app business ideas that could make money
  • Find out how to work as a freelancer in the AR and VR space
  • Find out how to hire developers to help you make AR apps.

13. Virtual Reality Specialization – Coursera

The metaverse lives in the virtual world. So, having skills in virtual reality is essential for the metaverse to grow. This specialization will teach you about virtual reality and how to build virtual reality apps.

The host runs the AR VR courses in Bangalore from Goldsmiths, the University of London, and the industry. Metaverse Bangalore is a six-month online course that you can do at your own pace and get a certificate for the course.

Here is a summary of everything you will learn in the Bangalore MetaVerse course:

  • The basics of virtual reality, including how it works and what learners can use it for
  • How three-dimensional graphics are used in environmental design and how they work
  • Using virtual reality technology to do things.
  • During the program, you will work on different projects that will help you learn about virtual reality.
  • You will also learn to design interfaces and make three-dimensional computer graphics.

14. Virtual Reality Specialization- University of London 

The University of London approves this 5-course specialization. It is for people new to VR who want to learn about the environment and tools.

In these AR VR courses in Bangalore, you’ll learn about everything from the basics (like hardware and the history of virtual reality) to the problems and psychological aspects of VR. Get ready to look at mobile devices and hardware like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

After the first lesson, students will start making their first VR project. Students will learn about the basics of 3D graphics, how to make things look more accurate, and essential audio techniques.

Then you’ll interact with the virtual world, which is one of the essential parts of virtual reality. This Bangalore Metaverse certification course will teach you how to work in the virtual world as you would in the real world, going beyond the idea of keyboard interaction.

15. SuperHi Intro to User Experience Design

These MetaVerse courses in India will teach you how to design interfaces that give users the most immersive experience possible. It is a course for people who have never used a computer before.

User experience (UX) design principles, such as user research, wireframing, prototyping, user interface (UI) design, and user testing, are looked at in this course. It also makes it clear how UI design, UX design, and graphic design are different. You will learn the following in the MetaVerse certification course:

  • They will learn how user experience is different from the visual design.
  • UX design processes
  • How to use insights to make personas, user journeys, site maps, and user flows
  • Putting together wireframes and models
  • How to make a user interface that works well


Nowadays, the concept of Metaverse looks like a promising technology shortly. The whole development of 5G technology may let us know more about the growing interest among people towards AR&VR.

The part where standardizing the currency comes to a full figuration Metaverse would become popular. Although, it would become a challenging one for Metaverse creators.

There are so many applications that are selling well with the use of AR & VR technology. This shows a preview of how the future holds for metaverse technology.

In the future, Metaverse has to work on a huge quantity of data that is currently being worked upon.

There are certain drawbacks such as poor internet connection in some areas and the large cost of hardware equipments and high maintenance.

In conclusion, many top companies like Google, Zoom, Microsoft are ready to invest in this Metaverse technology. Since Metaverse completely relies on AR & VR technologies, the future of Metaverse looks good.


Q1. What does Metaverse simply mean?

It is another reality called virtual reality. This is where consumers can interact, play and get an experience of everything just like in the real world.

Q2. Which institute offers the lowest fee for studying Metaverse?

Udemy Education offers the lowest fee.

Q3. What is the role of VR in Metaverse?

With the use of VR technology in Metaverse, many e-commerce services have extended their many brands of service.

Q4. Drawbacks of using Metaverse?

There are certain drawbacks such as poor internet connection in some areas and the large cost of hardware equipment’s and high maintenance.

Q5. How many years of expertise does InfiVR has in AR/VR tech?

They have over 15 years of experience in Augmented and Virtual Reality in terms of Product and solutions.

Q6. Which academy offers an MBA course using Metaverse?

Invact Metaversity Company.

Q7. Which institute is located in Central Business District?

NobleProg institute.

Q8. What are the suggested courses to study along with Metaverse?

NFT course would be useful.

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