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As per a recent report by the leading job site Indeed, a high-demand career with blooming opportunities is a machine learning engineer with an average salary of 6.9L per year. Therefore, it will surely strengthen you by gaining knowledge through a machine learning course. Following are the top 10 institutes that offered the best Machine learning course in Mumbai.

Machine Learning Course in Mumbai
“Hello from the City of Dreams”

About Mumbai


Mumbai ranks as the 17th-largest city in the world by GDP. Doubtedly, It was one of the cities in India with the highest rate of business start-ups in 2009. Along this, Bombay is another name for Mumbai, the capital and financial hub of the Indian state of Maharashtra. With a population of almost 20 million as of 2018, the eighth-most populated metropolis in the world is Mumbai. And the second-most populous city in India after Delhi, according to the United Nations (2 crores). Afterwards, In the latter half of the 20th century, Mumbai started to grow its information technology (IT) industry. A special economic zone was established in the northern portion of the city in 2000 and facilities for IT businesses in Navi Mumbai. It is a noteworthy example of how technology companies were encouraged to relocate, particularly to the northern and eastern suburbs.

Product recommendations at Walmart, fraud detection at numerous prestigious financial institutions, surge pricing at Uber, as well as content used by LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on users’ feeds, are just a few examples of how machine learning algorithms are powering the world around us

Hence Machine learning engineering is an evergreen field in Mumbai. Thus, acquiring information and a certificate in machine learning courses becomes necessary. Following are the top 10 Machine learning courses in Mumbai.

Machine Learning Course in Mumbai

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

Machine learning course in Mumbai - Henry Harvin

Rating: 9.9/10

“Focus on Value Education” is the motive of Henry Harvin incepted in 2013 and is one of the initials in the Ed-Teach space. Henry Harvin is a registered training provider to more than 210+ corporates out of 900+ corporate clients and 130+ universities worldwide. With a portfolio of 400+ upskilling and reskilling training programmer across 27+ categories, Henry Harvin has trained more than 3,00,000 people. Their Vision is to give top-notch training and services using resources, materials, and cutting-edge technology to alter the progress of people and organizations worldwide.

About Course

  • Instructor-led instruction for 32 hours includes all of the Excel, R, and Python-related tools.
  • Unlimited access to recorded lessons, internships, employment opportunities, brush-up sessions, and more are included with a one-year Gold membership.
  • Throughout the machine learning course, there will be more than five projects, including Multi-domain Business Analytics Optimization, Employee Attrition Rate, Predicting Department-Wise Sales, Website Trend Analysis, and ETF Trend Analysis, among others.
  • Through this course get specific insights from experts on the practices’ that factories require.
  • Study the fundamentals of machine learning through intense training. Learn more predictions on a set of data.
  • Utilize lifetime prediction to learn more about consumer behaviour. Additionally, learned how to identify financial fraud, make better financial decisions, and so forth.
  • Get used to the prediction models’ larger alterations. Support new businesses for a high return on investment.
  • The most significant work in the field of machine learning.
  • Highlight your profile among your peers by utilizing the special CMLP certificate.
  • Establish a start-up in a promising area of machine learning course in Mumbai.

Henry Harvin Machine Learning with Python Course fees:

Cities in India Where Henry Harvin Course is Provided 

DelhiBangaloreHyderabadKolkata, Chennai, Jaipur, Pune, GurgaonNoida


Henry Harvin® Ranks in Top 30 most Trusted Companies by Insight Success

Other Henry Harvin Courses

2. Learnbay

Machine learning course in Mumbai - Learnbay

Rating: 9.8/10

Learnbay aid in profile development and interview preparation for MNCs. Personalized training that is hassle-free for MAANG business interviews. Landing your desired job even after a professional hiatus is possible. even with no prior knowledge of coding, assist you in making a successful career change. Every course is created with working professionals in mind and follows an industry-specific syllabus. The best technical knowledge is provided to participants by Learnbay machine learning course. You will be able to master machine learning even if you don’t have a master’s degree. This places Learnbay as one of India’s top institutions for machine learning course in Mumbai.

About Course

  • The institute offers ML courses with work on an IBM-certified project and earning a global certification.
  •  Additionally accessible is lifetime access to the course materials.
  • Create a compelling profile and get ready for interviews with prestigious multinational corporations.
  • Training for business interviews that is hassle-free and specifically tailored by Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google (MAANG) organisations.
  • After training at Learn Bay, you can land your dream job, whether employed or taking a professional break.
  • Learnbay can assist you with developing a lucrative career even if you have no prior programming knowledge.
Course Duration: 350 hours
Fees: INR one Lakh plus GST for intense live training sessions.
Phone: (+91) 96069 50936

3. Excel R

Machine learning course in Mumbai - Excel R

Rating: 9.8/10

Excel R’s curriculum is tailored according to the recent industries’ needs. They offer a blend of classroom, instructor-led online and E-learning. That ensures a comprehensive learning experience for the learners to enhance the learner curve. They offer extensive support even after completion of the course through modes of WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms. They provide peer group experience to guide and help the current participants with past candidates.

About Course

  • ExcelR provides machine learning course classes that offer ideas on how to resolve challenging business issues and increase your company’s profitability.
  • Instead of emphasising theoretical knowledge, the institute places more emphasis on practical training for real-world experience.
  • A qualified professional who has years of training experience.
  • The curriculum also complies with standards set by the business world.
  • Participants can select a mix of in-person, online, and distance learning instruction.
  • Additionally, you will have access to the recorded sessions of our instructor-led online e-learning courses, allowing you to review the material whenever you like.
  • For new participants, former participants serve as a guide. Not just employment support, but also assistance following education.
Course duration: 40 Hours
Phone: 1800-212-2121
Visit the website for fee structure and further inquiries.

4. Imarticus Learning

Machine learning course in Mumbai - Imarticus learning

Rating: 9.8/10

Imarticus believe that learning is a continuous process. Their objective is to prepare a global learning community for a futuristic, tech-driven world by arranging information with cutting-edge technology and making learning accessible. Institute’s goal is to “provide intentional learning experiences to develop the leaders of tomorrow.” They help you to identify potential career paths. Boost your employability. Create personalized career plans. Ensure the development of necessary training and skills. Industry-recognized certificates are available. They create tough programmes that are experiential, worthwhile, and progressive and deliver top-notch education from renowned universities around the world. Institutes strike a balance between classroom learning and real-world experiences by putting a heavy emphasis on experiential and hands-on learning.

About Course

  • At least 8 hours per week of live online instruction of machine learning course.
  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree with a minimum cumulative grade point average in computer science, engineering, statistics, math, science, or economics is required.
  • IIT Guwahati’s E & ICT Academy issued the certification.
  • Campus Immersion at E& ICT Academy for three days. real-world initiatives.
  • Hackathons and career assistance.
  • Scholarships are available if you pass the necessary test and are qualified.
Course fees detail: INR 2,40,00 (Scholarships up to 40%).

5. Great Learning

Machine learning course in Mumbai - Great Learning

Rating: 9.8/10

Great Learning is recognized and numerous awards are received for their skill courses. They offer individualised attention in small groups of 5–15 students coupled with weekly mentorship sessions with industry experts. Through projects that are pertinent to your sector, gain practical experience. They offer mock interviews to help you prepare for your dream career. To keep ahead of the competition, take part in hackathons and employment fairs. With peer interactions, meetings with business leaders, and access to a personal programme manager to help you with your problems, you can expand your professional network.

About Courses

  • The 12-month online postgraduate programme in artificial intelligence and machine learning includes mentoring.
  • They offer assistance with placement.
  • This course incorporates Python, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Computer Vision.
  • Along with the aforementioned, there are also industry panels, hackathons, 1:1 career coaching sessions, case studies, etc.
  • Additionally, there is the option of learning through recorded classes for working professionals.

Course Duration: 12 Months

Contact No.  08047189251

For fee structure, visit the website.

6. Edureka

Rating: 9.7/10

The ongoing education offered online is Edureka’s area of expertise. They have a dedicated group of mentors and trainers who, in reality, give it their all to improve the academic standing of their pupils through a variety of courses. A postgraduate diploma programme in machine learning course and artificial intelligence is available from Edureka. Another important issue is that the E 7 ICT Academy, NIT Warangal, designed the vocational curriculum.

About Course

  • You may learn all there is to know about Edureka’s Python training through machine learning course in Mumbai.
  • They provide live, instructor-led sessions to assist you in learning the fundamentals of machine learning, including what data science is, the era of data science, data extraction, wrangling, and visualisation.
  •  An introduction to machine learning with Python supervised learning phases I and II, unsupervised learning, association rules mining and recommendation systems, reinforcement learning, time series analysis, and model selection.
  • Course curricula are created by subject matter experts and are suitable for both beginners and specialists.
  • Additionally, real-world case studies and hands-on projects are part of the machine learning course training offered in Mumbai by business experts, helping students better understand the principles.
Course Duration: 450 Hours
Fees Details: INR  2,22,450+GST
Contact No. +91 89517 55408

7. Datamites

Rating: 9.7/10

One of the top training companies is DataMites, which offers affordable, high-quality, and in-demand training programmes in a variety of areas of the burgeoning analytics industry. Both Minitab and deep learning. The primary goal of DataMites is to develop individuals capable of tenaciously overcoming the challenges of the highly competitive analytics industry.

About Course

  • Machine Learning Foundation, Machine Learning Expert, Machine Learning with Python, Machine Learning with R, and Machine Learning – TensorFlow are some of the courses offered in this area of study.
  • You might choose to participate in a 2-month-long live online virtual training of machine learning course.
  • We now offer e-Learning (self-study), where you can access all of the course materials and other study resources.
  • Additionally, they provide 2-month classroom Machine Learning training programmes in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune on weekdays or weekends.
  • These programmes also include a 3-month live project component.
Course Duration and Fees

The machine learning course are offered in three modes.

1.       Instructor Led Live Virtual Training (INR 35,000)*

2.      Blended Learning – Self-Paced + Live Mentoring (INR 16,900)*,

3.      Classroom Training – Classroom Training (INR 37,900)*.

Phone: 1800-313-3434
For Further inquiries visit the website.

8. upGrade

Rating: 9.7/10

The organised platform of upGrade Campus provides you with the assistance you need to stand out from the competition. Learn about inferential statistics, A/B testing, regression, clustering, decision trees, random forests, and other advanced topics in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Learn from some of the most well-known Data Scientists and Machine Learning Experts in the nation today. Work on actual projects to learn how to put the program’s lessons into practice. With the help of this curriculum, you can acquire entry-level positions in data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Get evaluations that are marked and ungraded based on difficulties and situations that occur in the field.

About the Course

  • This certification programme in artificial intelligence and machine learning course in Mumbai for beginners establishes your knowledge of Python and SQL fundamentals as well as data analysis and visualisation techniques.
  • Acquire knowledge on how to construct decision trees, neural networks, clusters, and other structures.
  • With this Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning curriculum, you can gain practical experience with the tools, languages, and libraries used by qualified Data Scientists.
  • Acquire a comprehensive knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence
  •  Attend live expert industry sessions
  • Create evidence of your work and get ready for interviews by learning and using the necessary tools.
Course Duration: 8 months, 400+ hours of instruction
EMIs for course fees begin at Rs. 6111 per month. Scholarships are offered.
contact No:-   18002102020

9. Intellipaat

Rating: 9.6/10

The goal of Intellipaat is to provide learners with world-class pedagogy. The advantage of enrolling in Intellipaat’s machine learning course in Mumbai is Fun Hands-on Exercises & Assignments for Learning experience taking part in group activities and hackathons. Building a resume and preparing for mock interviews. 400+ Hiring Partners have exclusive access to the Intellipaat Job Portal. 24/7 education Support your peers, network, and interact with business leaders.

About Course

  • Across 50 live classes over seven months.
  • 218 hours of self-study. 200 hours of assignments and practice.
  • More than ten tools, including data science, Python, and data analysis.
  • Career services and hackathons.
  • Creating a profile, preparing for an interview, and then obtaining a certification in machine learning. discover in-depth information on creating ML algorithms, data modelling analysis, logistic and linear regression, using data to train machines, etc.
  • Through mock interviews and resume development, they will also help you get ready for a job in machine learning.
Course Fees: INR 85,044
Course Duration:  Seven months course
Contact detail: +91-7022374614 

10. Techstack

Rating: 9.6/10

Techstack provides a comprehensive understanding of the complete course, assisting you in gaining in-depth information. To assist your career to reach new heights, Techstack offers a variety of courses outside of your area of expertise. They lay up a plan for your path, from being a beginner to being an expert. After finishing the course, you will become a Techstack Alumni, a designation you will have for the rest of your life. One of the greatest machine learning course in Mumbai is provided by TechStack, and it includes placement. The university offers comprehensive learning using numerous technologies and ideas pertinent to the industry as a connected partner of businesses like Google, Forbes, and Yahoo.

About Course

  • Mentoring both in person and online.
  • Working on more than 25 case studies at Techstack Academy is another way to advance your skills.
  • In addition, there are numerous job alternatives available, such as Machine Learning Engineer, Software Engineer – ML, Applied ML Engineer, Core ML Engineer, ML Specialist, and Data Analyst.
  • In addition to your coursework, you will produce projects for your professional portfolio.
  • Obtain the knowledge and abilities necessary to launch your startup.
Course fee and duration: The price for two months of rigorous TechStack training is INR 11,000/-.
Phone: 09319844494

Perks of being a machine learning engineer

Machine learning is the fuel we need to power robots, together with AI. In order to do activities fast and effectively, we can use ML to power programmes that are simple to update and modify to adapt to new contexts and tasks. A crucial component of artificial intelligence is machine learning, or ML (AI). It is one of those subsets that is crucial for advancing artificial intelligence today and is related to processing languages and images. In machine learning (ML), specific techniques are used to train a machine to work autonomously, much like the human brain. The reasons why it is an evergreen career field are stated below.

The future’s skills

Considering machine learning’s rapid advancement, a skills gap exists in the industry. If you can meet the needs of large enterprises by becoming an expert in the subject, you will have a stable career in machine learning.

Unstoppable career

Basically, machine learning (ML) is in high demand and by entering the sector early on. you may observe trends first-hand and keep on raising your market relevance, which will increase the value of your business.

High-demand career

One of the main reasons why ML strikes many of us as a lucrative career is the average compensation of an ML engineer. After some time, it is likely to increase the number even more since the expansion of the industry goes on.

Always keep you interested

Businesses today face numerous problems that ML claims to address. You will tackle real-world issues as an ML engineer and develop solutions that significantly influence how people and businesses thrive. Having a job you can do.

World of Data science

Machine learning skills can open up new employment opportunities in the world of data science. You can wear two hats if you have ML skills; the other is that of a data scientist. Become a sought-after resource by acquiring knowledge in both professions at once and set out on an exciting adventure full of difficulties, chances, and knowledge.


Popular machine learning course in Mumbai will shape the direction of many different digital industries. Additionally, the majority of industries incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence in their systems. Innumerable work chances result from this. Therefore, taking a machine learning course in Mumbai is advised if you want to always be one step ahead. Machine learning course in Mumbai has a wide range of applications in all industries, which is the main cause of the rising demand for jobs in that industry. Incase you’ve been holding off, the time is now to think about a career in machine learning. You can develop a solid foundation for your career by attending one of the top 10 institutions for machine learning course in Mumbai listed above.

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Q.1 Does the machine learning job have a future?

Ans. Yes, It is a booming field.


Q.2 Who earns more AI or ML engineers?

Ans. ML engineers are in greater demand and hence bag a relatively higher package than other AI engineers. Similarly, the greater the experience in artificial intelligence, the higher the salary companies will offer.


Q.3 Is machine learning a high-paying job?

Ans. According to famous job sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed, it is a high-paying job.


Q.4 Does coding required in machine learning?

Ans. Yes, if you’re looking to pursue a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning, a little coding is necessary.


Q.5 Are Machine learning and Artificial intelligence the same?

Ans. Machine learning is a subfield of Artificial intelligence that deals with the algorithms used to develop artificial intelligence.

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