What to do after B Tech and Why go for Job Guarantee Courses?

Bachelor of Engineering (B Tech) is one of India’s most demanding lines of education. After putting in hard work for 4 years most of the students land up in the land of confusion “What to do after B Tech?” “What all job options are available”.  Are you also one of them? In short, if you are confused and don’t know about the options available then this blog is for you. Increase your knowledge on job guarantee courses also along with career options after B tech.

Everyone wants to earn money in the end. Therefore, one can either go into a Job or can-do higher studies to get their specialization done. If you enter the job with one specialized skill instead of the general skills learned in BTech, no doubt you will step into a better opportunity. There are multiple Job guarantee courses also available in the market which one can go for after their graduation degree in engineering.  Firstly, understand what are the options if you want to enter into the job, secondly what job guarantee courses are there to choose from. 

List of the career options after B tech

1. Campus Placement

Job Guarantee Course

It’s one of the reasons people prefer doing B tech from a college where the percentage for campus placement is good. You can get into a very high-paying good job through campus placements. Competition in the interviews within the campus is always lesser as compared to off-campus jobs. Certainly, job aspirants should work on a few points to crack the interview.

  • Firstly, have a good resume. Keep it updated always. You can learn the skills of Resume building through the short course video of Henry Harvin.
  • Secondly, be proactive in extracurricular activities.
  • Score good marks in subjects. Certainly, have good knowledge of your B tech projects and internship projects.
  • Additionally, always practice for group discussions.
  • Watch videos on how to present yourself in interviews and do the mock practice. As a result, you will be more confident at the time of the interview.

2. Masters of Engineering (India/Abroad)

The next option which is very popular among students in the final year of B tech is going for higher studies which is a master’s degree. You can get your master’s degree from India or from abroad depending on your interest.

  • Prepare for GATE (Graduate aptitude test) and score a good rank on that.
  • Good scores in GATE can open doors of IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), IIIT (Indian Institutes of Information technology), and NIT (National Institutes of Technology) for you.
  • No doubt that the Chances of landing a high-paying job, and a good profile are very high if you do a Master’s from these institutes.
  • Other colleges also take admissions based on the results of a state-level exam called the Post Graduate Common Entrance Test (PGCET).

3. UPSC civil services/ Engineering services

After engineering, you can go for the civil services exams. If you get through this exam along with serving the nation you would be having one of the high-paying and lucrative jobs in India. However, a few points need to consider if you are aspiring for Civil services.

  • Start preparing one or two years before as the competition and difficulty level of the exam is very high in UPSC civil services.
  • There are three stages for selection in this exam. First is stage one also known as the preliminary stage. The second stage or Main stage comprises conventional-type questions.  After that comes stage three which is a personality test.
  • If you clear this exam with a good high rank, you can be an IAS, IFS, or IPS. 

4. Banking

Banking is one of the oldest industries to get a job. However, now the face of this industry has changed a lot. Many candidates prefer to enter the banking line instead of taking an engineering-related job. The benefits of entering into banking sector are

  • Banking jobs provide you with financial security
  • You can have equal opportunities in Private banking jobs and government banking jobs. So, the scope of jobs is more.
  • If you have good engineering background you can perform excel in the banking sector as nowadays the banking sector also runs on software and computer programs.

Here is the list of Investment banking companies in India where you can apply for jobs.

5. Entrepreneurship

Now the era is of new entrepreneurs. we all can see clearly that now people are changing their way of thinking and becoming more open towards entering into the business line. Similarly, you can also choose to walk on the path of entrepreneurship after completing your engineering.

  • Entrepreneurship will give u the freedom of implementing your ideas.
  • Always be in learning mode, as this is a key characteristic of an entrepreneur.
  • Although it’s an interesting field to enter, be ready to take a calculated risk. This line has its challenges also along with benefits.
  • Government is also promoting young entrepreneurs in India, as a result, the unemployment problem will become less.
  • Learn the skills need to become an entrepreneur.            

6. Master of Business Administration

After completion of B tech on the other hand you can choose to do an MBA also.  Studying Business and Management can be very helpful. For example, you can build managerial skills, can become an entrepreneur after MBA, can qualify for higher-profile jobs in companies.

  • Colleges have their entrance exams; you need to crack that to get admission.
  • The common exam accepted by most of the leading colleges is the Common Entrance Exam (CAT)

7. Indian Armed forces

If you are one of those who have dreamed of serving the nation then entering into Indian Armed forces is one of the best ways to fulfil your dream. It’s a Prestigious and adventurous job.

  • Firstly, you have the option to choose The Indian Army, The Indian Airforce, the Indian Navy
  • Secondly, you can choose from different roles like Combat roles, and technical roles.
  • For the technical role you have options for various entry courses like the University entry scheme, Technical Graduate course, short service commission etc.

8. Job guarantee courses (certifications)

Job guarantee course

Job Guarantee courses are in so much demand nowadays. As they not only make you learn new specialisation along with that it gives you job security also. These are short courses one can easily opt for and get enhanced with that skill which is in demand.

Many institutions offer job guarantee courses. Putting in extra effort for such a short duration can be very beneficial for your whole life. Doing these courses are just like an investment. Put money and effort now and get fruit for a lifetime. Let’s understand in detail what are the job guarantee courses available in India.

List of 8 Job Guarantee courses available after B tech.

1. Post-graduate programme in Data Science

Job guarantee course

One of the job guarantee courses which you should go for is Data Science. The reason is obvious the demand for data scientists is increasing. In today’s times, most giant business runs on data and algorithms. Data science is the study of the data (what information flows through that data). In the short study of data, algorithms along with technology. Data says 67% of jobs which get opened in data science are for freshers or ones having less than 5 years of experience. Many institutes offer Data science certification courses.

Henry Harvin offers a job guarantee Post graduate programme in Data science which is one of the many job guarantee courses. The details are as follows

  • Post Graduate programme of data science of henry Harvin is affiliated with AAEFL (American Association of EFL), UKAF, Jain University, and MSME.
  • It’s a 9-in-1 Course. This means it’s not only getting a certificate; you will be getting experience by going into training, working on projects, and internships. Placement support would be there. It’s an e-learning platform. You will also get a gold membership and a chance to participate in Hackathons.
Job guarantee course
Job guarantee course

2. Certified Java Full Stack Developer Course

Job guarantee course

Another one of the Job Guarantee courses of Henry Harvin is Java Full Stack Developer. A full-stack developer is in high demand nowadays. That a full-stack developer can understand or know all layers of an application which are Presentation, Logic and data. A full-stack developer knows how to run small projects independently.  They are 3 in 1 package for any company that’s why they can be an asset. Therefore, a full-stack developer can have a very lucrative package in the job.

Henry Harvin Offers a job guarantee Java Full stack developer course. It’s one of the various job guarantee courses of the coding academy of Henry Harvin.

Details of the course

  • Certified Java Full Stack developer course of Henry Harvin have Accreditation and affiliations from AAEFL (American Association of EFL), UKAF, MSME, and UKcert.
  • Henry Harvin Have 2100+ hiring partners.
  • You can expect a maximum of 150% salary hike after doing this course whereas the average salary hike is 95%.
  • You will get a guaranteed Internship and 100% Placement Support for one year after completing the course.
Job guarantee course
Job guarantee course

3.Post-graduate programme in AI and Machine Learning

Job guarantee course

AI is one of the technologies which has been used the most nowadays. every sector is adapting automation to reduce workload and increase efficiency also. Opportunities in AI and machine learning are very vast. One can achieve success in this field if having the proper skill set. Certification courses in AI and Machine learning give you a way to enter and grow in this field. Among many Job Guarantee courses of Henry Harvin, the post-graduate programme in AI and machine learning is the one to go for.

Details of the Course

  • This course has accreditations and affiliations also from ISO, Henry Harvin AI & Machine Learning Academy along with other affiliations.
  •  AI and ML engineers can pursue this course along with data scientists, Data science instructors etc.
  • Henry Harvin offers a 100% job guarantee till one year after completing the course.


Job guarantee course
Job guarantee course

4. Post Graduate programme in Robotic Process Automation

Going for job guarantee courses in robotics process automation is nothing less than a magical path to success. It’s now not the future, even today also this is the most demanding skill. every company is shifting to automation and Robotic Process Automation is all about helping organizations by streamlining the workflow. Therefore, reducing the manual workload on the workers of the organization. Let’s have a look at the details of the one of the Job Guarantee courses by Henry Harvin that is Post Graduate programme in Robotic Process Automation.

Details of the course

  • Post Graduate programme in Robotic Process Automation of Henry Harvin is affiliated with Henry Harvin Automation Academy, AAEFL (American Association of EFL), UKAF, MSME, and UK cert.
  • Here in this course also you will get 100% placement support for one year after completing your course.
  • Guarantee internship to all students. You can receive the opportunity of an internship from Henry Harvin or their partner firms. Certainly, this opportunity can brush up your knowledge skills to practical skills.
Job guarantee course
Job guarantee course

5. Post-graduate programme in lean six sigma

Another wonderful opportunity to get your specialization done is doing one of the job guarantee courses of Henry Harvin that is Post graduate programme in Lean Six Sigma. It’s a managerial approach or teamwork which helps in minimizing or removing waste and defects. Henry Harvin’s course in Lean Six sigma equipped you with full knowledge of the different belts in the organizational structure. In addition, it will make you understand how lean sigma works in different industries like healthcare, Information and Technology, Banking and Financial services etc.                                                  

Details of the Lean sigma course

  • Different accreditations and affiliations Quality Management Academy of Henry Harvin are with N.S.D.C(National Skill Development Corporation), ISO, IASSC, CSSC (Council for Six Sigma Certification), and a few more.
  • This course of Henry Harvin has been Ranked #1 amongst the top 5 by Business Standard and Best course news.com
  • Most importantly one can expect an 80% on average and a maximum 150% hike in salary after doing this course.
Job guarantee course
Job guarantee course

6. Big Data Analytic Certification Course

Getting a job as a big data scientist is very good career start. Nowadays data is increasing every day in all areas like the stock market, social media, Customers, online transactions etc. therefore demand for concepts like big data is a must thing which can manage a high volume of data effectively. There are many institutions providing big data courses, at the same time you can choose to do one of the best course that is big data analytics at the data science and Analytic academy of Henry Harvin. its one of the most demanding course out of many job guarantee courses. Below are the benefits of the course.

Details of the Course

  • This course has accreditations and affiliations from UKcert, AAEFL, UKAF, and MSME.
  • No use if we don’t get a chance to have practical hands while doing training hence Henry Harvin provides 100% practical hands-on bid data and analytic training
Job guarantee course
Job guarantee course

7.Oracle Apps R12 Technical training

Another course one can do after B tech is Oracle apps R12 technical training which is another best option to choose from many job guarantee courses by Henry Harvin. Oracle has been in the market always. As oracle is very popular with big companies. If you aspire to get a job in one of the big companies this course can help you. Henry Harvin offers job guarantee technical training in Oracle Apps R12.

Details of the course

  • Job guarantee course of Oracle app R12 technical training by Henry Harvin has Accreditations and affiliations from AAEFL, UKcert, UKAF, MSME
  • Well-curated course with a focus on live training during the course period.
  • Chances to get hired by Amazon, JP Morgan, Google and other big brands.
Job guarantee course
Job guarantee course

8. Auto CAD (Civil Engineering) Course

This Job guarantee Auto CAD (civil engineering)course is for someone who is from a civil engineering background when it comes to questioning what to do after BTech. Getting the certification in this course will make you learn Auto CAD software which is used to visualize and formulate architecture plans. One can learn a different skill set in this course like Auto Cad tools, Design layout, Civil design, CAD skill set and many more.

 Details of the course

  • You will get a Hallmark Certification of AutoCAD Course from Henry Harvin. This certificate is globally recognised. So it opens up the scope of job in other countries also.
  • Get ready with job-ready skills after the completion of the course.
Job guarantee course
Job guarantee course

How to decide which course to get enroll?

Now question comes how to choose which course is for me? Here are few pointers you can consider while choosing the course.

  • Everyone has different area of interest, figure out what is that for you and accordingly you decide which line you want to enter.
  • Always choose the area which has scope in future also.in short go for the futuristic skill.
  • Look at what type of job that course offers and what’s the financial growth in that line
  • Finally decide what type of skills you have learned so far and how this new skill will help you in your career life.

Risk is everywhere in life but it makes sense to take a calculated risk. So consider the above points and take your decision.


It’s always so confusing when the time comes to take decision in life, therefore no doubt same happens when it comes to the time when you are going to complete B tec. Nowadays there are multiple ways to proceed further in life after BTech. Get your research done, and explore all new options also like certification courses. These job guarantee courses can uplift you in your career path.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1.  What is the scope of the Job guarantee courses certifications?

Answer- All certification courses are affiliated with renowned bodies, henceforth these certificates are accepted globally which increases the scope of these courses.

Ques 2. How much is the fee for these job guarantee courses?

Answer- Every course has a different fee. you can check out the link provided for the details of the fee. EMI option is also available.

Ques 3. How to choose which job guarantee course to choose?

Answer- Choose a course according to your previous field of B Tech and your area of interest.

Ques 4. Can these job guarantee courses be done while doing the job?

Answer- Yes, definitely. These are online courses which can be pursued parallelly to the job.

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