If you are looking at this blog I presume you are looking for further details on taking the Six Sigma certification courses. Here we will be able to look at the benefits of taking the Six Sigma certification course, is it worth taking the course in this current economic state.

Six Sigma certification is one of the most fastidious and improvement programs were majoring in certification in it would lead to drastic changes in your career and provide you exposure for various jobs in different kinds of industries.


Six Sigma is a quality program that improves your customer’s experience, lowers your costs, and builds better leaders when all is said and done. — Jack Welch

Six sigma is used in almost all the industrial sectors and the growth of the industries implementing the same has been drastic over the years. The Six Sigma certification course will be able to add value to your resume and also to your overall experience when it comes to career opportunities.

Six Sigma- Origin and Meaning

Six sigma first began to be implemented in the year of 1980s, it was developed by Bill Smith at Motorola. This method was majorly developed to measure the defects and improve the overall quality of the products produced. From that time there were few additions made to this methodology like improving the process with regards to interaction and product design

Six Sigma’s name is derived from the bell curve used in statistics where one sigma represents one standard deviation away from the mean. When Six Sigma is applied the defect rate was found to be low, where three are above the mean and three below. Six Sigma involves measuring a process capability using statistics, rather than going into the details.

Six Sigma – In Manufacturing Industries

Six Sigma is used widely in almost all industries starting from construction and healthcare to education, and hospitality. Six Sigma tool is used for process improvement and quality control in this way it paves way for improving the process and increasing the levels of customer satisfaction. It also works towards eliminating the defects/errors, by reducing the cycle time and operational costs for business.

According to the recent journal from Global Business and Management Research, the industries currently are going through uncontrollable variations in the workflow. When a variation is caused it leads to low efficiency, poor quality, and slow cycle times down in manufacturing. Applying the Six Sigma approach will have a potential change in the production processes and also help in gaining new products through a design/redesign approach.

The main approach of Six Sigma in manufacturing industries includes:

  •         A focus on the impact of financial goals through process optimization as it is tied to customer satisfaction.
  •         Focusing on the needs of the customer and improvements in the process that are crucial for quality characteristics- each being an important and distinguishable feature of the product and service.
  •         Focusing on the quality parameters that are important for customer satisfaction.

Levels of Six Sigma Certification

There are various levels of certification in the Six Sigma certification course, described below,

Six Sigma White Belt – In the Six Sigma certification course White belt is the most basic course with all the basic concepts of Six Sigma. The introductory level of knowledge about the course.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt – In the Six Sigma certification course, the yellow belt helps you with acquiring knowledge on how its objectives can be applied in the workspace and how to support the team with problem-solving tasks

Six Sigma Green Belt – In the Six Sigma certification course, the green belt gives you advanced knowledge in advanced analysis and can resolve problems that affect quality faster. Green Belt can lead and manage the projects while giving support to the black belt.

Six Sigma Black Belt – In the Six Sigma certification course, black belts are experts and agents of change in an organization. They can provide training along with leading the projects.

Six Sigma Master Belt – In the Six Sigma certification course, this is the highest level of achievement in Six Sigma topology. They can run all the errands in an organization when it comes to the quality of an organization and is leaders in their fields. 

Impact of Six Sigma Course in your profile

Completing any level in Six Sigma certification can make drastic changes in your profile

Prerequisite – Unlike many other courses there are no set standards for becoming a Six Sigma certified professional.

Growth in Organization – For beginners, companies give the opportunity of taking the Six Sigma training for their employees, as it helps the employees who already understand the internal culture and business operations work better. In such a work culture gaining the Six Sigma Certification would be able to boost up your opportunities for promotion.

Help reduce risk and eliminate defects. Getting Six Sigma certification would assist your organization big time. The employees with this certification can identify and eliminate errors with precision and accuracy, giving the benefit of becoming more knowledgeable and visible within your organization.

High-Quality Standard – Six Sigma demands can be met only with a high-quality standard. For this reason, vendors, procurers, and other organizations apply six sigma standards when evaluating products or accounts. A professional with Six Sigma Green belt certified professionals can assist by meeting the likes of the parties with international standards.

Visibility of Profile – getting any level of Six Sigma Certification gives priority to your profile while attempting for an interview with the companies. The possibility of your profile showing up highlighted in the job portfolio, as it will meet the companies requirement of a Six Sigma expert is also more.   

How can you highlight your profile?

       Getting anyone of the lean six sigma certification course can add value and weightage to your profile. Companies will give you preference when it comes to job interviews.

Mention the certification institute and also the on-job training that you have achieved. List out the various kinds of experiences you have had as a trainee or if you have prior work experience mention the same.

Points that you can show highlighted in your profile once you complete any of the Six Sigma courses are  

  •         Tools that you have gained knowledge about
  •         The DMAIC basics
  •         How you have learned various measurement guidelines of six sigma
  •         Mention the On-job training experience
  •         How your experience can assist in improving the process more.  

To up-scale your profile, the above-mentioned pointers make a crucial change in the profile building. This leads to an increase in companies’ salary packages and will give you confidence in salary discussions. 

For individuals who are already employed in an organization empowered with Six Sigma, completing the courses from step-1 will lead to visibility in the organization along with a change in your work and salary structure. It will take you many steps forward and leads to managerial promotions.   

Six Sigma – Courses

Six Sigma tools are used by companies to improve production, eliminate defects from the system, and guarantee quality. The Six Sigma certification helps in choosing the right bunch of people for the job.

Getting yourself certified with the Six Sigma Certification course will be able to increase your level of experience and testify your proficiency.

Where can you start with Six Sigma Certification?

Six Sigma has become a crucial part in the industries around the globe, thus Six Sigma Certification has also become a go-to course for an employee already working in it and for individual who wants to start their career fresh.

Below are some of the institutes that provide Six Sigma certification courses online.

1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin has various options for the Six Sigma certification course based on your requirement. The courses are provided online with the training sessions recorded for future reference. List of the courses provided

 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course – This six sigma certification course of Henry Harvin is a 28 hours interactive live session with trained professionals. Hands-on practical experience provided.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course – This six sigma certification course is 36 hours of a live online interactive session with 100% placement guarantee support for a year.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Course – This six sigma certification course is 60 hours of a live online interactive session with major subject coverage provided on working sessions to create project opportunities, learning the usage of tools for project determination,  along with organizational culture and human dynamics for enhancement of the project.

Combination course – Marketing Analytics training course and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification training course – This six sigma certification course is 64 hours of a live online interactive session with professional perks from the CMAP+CSSE-GB course and knowledge gain from the CMAP+ CSSE-GB course.

Advanced Statistics For Six Sigma Course – This six sigma certification course is 8 hours of instructor-led post-training course where an online examination is conducted based on the certification. 24 hours project support is also provided.

Post Graduate Program in Lean Six Sigma– This six sigma certification course is 6 months of a live online interactive session with 1-6 months of guaranteed internship to gain practical experience.

Lean Six Sigma IT Course – This six sigma certification course is 28 hours of a live online interactive session with the facility to undergo projects in related fields.


100% guaranteed internship with placement assistance.

Course Fee

Varies depending on the course

E-Learning Access

Access to the various tools, techniques, video recordings, online content, and more.


Online sessions, Bangalore, Indore, Jaipur, Pune, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi. 

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

Henry Harvin Provides Six Sigma Course in these Cities:


Media Coverage

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business StandardIndia Today , The Tribune , Prime Insights

2. Benchmark Six Sigma

Benchmark provides all kinds of six sigma courses certification. Below is the list of courses provided.

  •         Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  •         Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  •         Master Black Belt
  •         Business Modeling Expert
  •         Lean Practitioner and Lean Guide

Key Features

Online interactive sessions with a schedule that you can choose based on your flexibility. They have 1200+ batches conducted every year with 8+ online batches every month. 32000+ trained professionals every year.


Globally recognized Six Sigma certification with a membership of largest business improvement community and free online assistance

Additional project completion certificate

Pre- Requisites

No prior qualifications are needed for registration of the course.


Online sessions with accessibility to take the sessions from anywhere.


Corporate training with companies that are best established with Six Sigma is provided.

3. Council for Six Sigma Certification

This council is providing the Six Sigma Certification course in two categories

       Primary Certifications     

  •         White Belt
  •         Yellow Belt
  •         Green Belt
  •         Black Belt                

Advanced Certifications provided are

  •         Green Belt Level II
  •         Black Belt Level II
  •         Black Belt Level III
  •         Master Black Belt

Key Feature

This course description provided by the team has a classification of what best course you can choose based on your course requirement. They have a classification that provides individuals choosing the type of belt that they can take away from the course.  


The training schedule can be chosen based on the availability of the individuals

Fee Structure

Varies based on the course you can choose and the exam fee would also be free of cost


Here they are providing an option of open-book, multiple attempts, non-timed examination option available


Online sessions

4. KPMG – Lean Six Sigma course

KPMG is proving a lean Six Sigma certification course with a schedule that you can choose

  •         Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  •         Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  •         Lean Six Sigma Master Belt

Key Feature

They are providing virtual programs all over India and internationally as well


A list of batch timings is provided for individuals to choose from along with the contact number and email of the individual to get in touch with separately for further inquiries.


Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Pune, and Hyderabad. 

Practical Approach – Project Management

In an industry when Six Sigma is implemented it normally works through 5 phases

Project Initiation – Before implementing the process, theoretical preparation of the process is important, Project initiation is a series of efficiently connected documents that are used to plan the project and its order of duration in an accurate manner.

It begins with

  •         Project proposal
  •         Project Scope
  •         Structure of product and workflow
  •         Tentative scheduling of project
  •         Analyzing the Business needs and project Measures
  •         Budgeting
  •         Stakeholder Analysis
  •         Project Charter

Project Planning: After initiating stage, planning the project to set all the details in order. Planning the available resources along with the schedule and constraints are important steps in planning the process

  •         Methodology of project management should be determined
  •         Scope
  •         Team selection
  •         Product and work structure as per deliverables
  •         Identifying project activities to achieve all the projects goals
  •         Resource requirements
  •         Work schedule creation and budget management
  •         Risk Management

Project Execution – Execution happens as per the terms and conditions decided in the previous stages. This part is a more crucial stage in the industries, proper management of the resources at one’s disposal takes place along with financial maintenance.

Executive of every process workflow created as physical documentation leads to the success of the project. Hands-on physical documentation is a must when it comes to the proper implementation of the project.

Project Monitoring – Even though the process is running successfully proper supervision of the execution of the project needs to be done, to remove all the possible hindrances and hassles that can be identified with time in hand, and corrective measures can be taken.

Regular tracking of the project and its procedure to check if anyone is deviating from the current schedule or violating its terms and conditions.

 Project Closing– Finishing the process formally, storing the files, and taking notes from the project is the most important step.


Doing the Six Sigma certification course is worth the time and money you are utilizing. Give yourself the benefit of doubt by taking the course as it takes you to a completely different milestone in your career. 

The six sigma certification course has brought about drastic changes in the career of people. As it mainly works with process improvement, quality assurance of the products, and eliminating errors in the system individuals having their qualifications in this play a major role in industries.

The complete process workflow starting from theoretical preparation till the practical completion of the process is worked and reworked upon, corrected, and implemented righteously. 

Completing the course and getting the right amount of experience from it will bring drastic changes and also will give the confidence of speaking up even if a minor error occurs in the system.

Six Sigma being implemented in almost all the industries like manufacturing, finance, healthcare, IT, and the military gives you a wider range of options for jobs and experiences.

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Q.1 What are the Industries implementing Six Sigma?

Ans. Industries that use Six sigma are manufacturing, finance, healthcare, IT, and military industries use six sigma for improving the quality and eliminating the errors in the system. 

Q.2 Are Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, and 5S interconnected?

Ans. Yes Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, and 5S are interconnected in one way or other but implementing all together would be a risky task, as all differ in their motto of making things work in an organization. One should always make a clever decision when it comes to choosing the right team and path for improving their workplace.

Q.3 How long does it take for completing the Six Sigma Certification?

Ans. On average, it will take 2 to 7 weeks to get a Lean six sigma green belt certification for the rest it might differ based on the level you choose the certification. 

Q.4 Is it required that one should complete a yellow belt before undergoing green belt certification?

Ans.No, there is no such requirement for the person to go through the yellow belt and then take the green belt certification process. 

Q.5 Is it required to take the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course before the black belt course?

Ans.Yes, one should complete the Lean Six Sigma green belt course before taking the black belt course as the basic concepts for the black belt course are taught already in the green belt.  

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