Table of contents


I What is interior designing

II. Scope of interior designing in India

III.What are the skills needed to become an interior designer?

IV. Eligibility criteria to apply for an interior designing course

V. Choosing the ideal interior designing course

VI. Course curriculum

VII. Top industries that offer employment for interior designers

VIII. Interior design courses, what do you need to know?

IX. High Ranked Design Entrance Exams of India

X. Ten top Ranking Interior Designing Courses and Institutions

XI. Salary of Interior designers

XII. Latest trends in interior designing

XIII. Key Takeaways

XIV. Frequently Asked Questions

I What is interior designing

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Interior designing is the art and science of creating, planning, and designing man-made space. The primary role of an interior designer is fixing design problems thereby creating meaningful and functional spaces. They work closely with multiple professionals to produce ideal interior space. To make a proficient interior designer, an aspirant must be well-versed in concepts such as colour schemes, the texture of raw materials being used, style inspiration, and much more.

Simply put, a poorly illuminated, inadequately ventilated tiny place can be miraculously transformed into an elegant, airy, and bright space on account of the skills of an interior designer.

II. Scope of interior designing in India

Recent years have seen a meteoric rise in the interior designing industry. It is regarded as one of the most creative professions in India. Passion and creativity to design corporate and residential spaces make interior design an excellent career choice. Nevertheless, it is a global career opportunity while having the scope for private practice.

Securing an interior design degree on completion of interior designing courses enables an individual to pursue careers like

Space DesigningYou will design the interior space, furnish the place, enhance the infrastructure, and more.
Exhibition designingYou will be responsible for the design and enhancement of large commercial spaces
Theatre and movie set designingYou will design the set or production and work in collaboration with the director and producer to devise ideas that will blend with the film’s plot.
Designing merchandiseYou will have to conceive themes and visual concepts for marketing events.


III.What are the skills needed to become an interior designer?

Enlisted here are a set of skills an aspirant must build and nurture on

  • Aesthetic sense
  • Communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Creativity and focus on detail
  • Ability to flex and adapt
  • Knowledge of spatial balance
  • Ability to manage time and organisation
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Budgeting skills
  • Simple hand-drawing skills
  • Visualisation ability
  • Colour basic knowledge

IV. Eligibility criteria to apply for an interior designing course

If you believe that loads of creativity and a good measure of designing skills are sufficient to become an interior designer then you are wrong. The industry is very competitive and in order to emerge successful it is necessary to get qualified by applying for interior designing courses.

You can opt for an undergraduate B.Sc interior designing course followed by a postgraduate degree to attain the appropriate knowledge, skills, and training the job demands. There are colleges that offer Diploma courses in interior design as well. If you want to kickstart your own interior designing company then it would be good to pursue full-time interior designing classes from the top interior designing colleges in India. This will aid in launching your independent practice.

In order to pursue an undergraduate B.Sc interior designing course, you should complete 10+2 in any discipline from an institute recognized by the education board with an aggregate of 50% marks to apply for a postgraduate degree, you need to have an undergraduate degree in any discipline from a college recognized by the education board with a minimum of 50% marks.

It is not mandatory to have work experience while applying for an interior designing course although prior work exposure can provide a better understanding of industry requirements.

V. Choosing the ideal interior designing course

 There is no dearth of options for an individual seeking to pursue an interior designing course. However, it is important to select the one that fulfils your requirements.

That said, 5 pivotal factors to consider before choosing a particular interior designing course are listed below

  1. The university offering the course should be accredited by CIDA.
  2. Analyse whether a flexible or focused programme works for you.
  3. Closely study how relevant the course content is to the field work.
  4. Understand the eligibility requirements and see if you meet them.
  5. Check if you wish to work on huge commercial projects or if you want to design domestic and  Private spaces.

VI. Course curriculum   

   The best designing colleges in India have adopted a curriculum that encompasses an array of subjects like

  1. Interior Design Studio
  2. basic design studio
  3. cad
  4. furniture history
  5. drawings and interior representation
  6. interior construction
  7. design aided by computer
  8. drawing interior work
  9. interior professional practice
  10. interiors of landscape
  11. art and architecture history
  12. science of interior designing
  13. technique of construction
  14. cost estimation

Additionally, the curriculum entails lab work and enhancing skills through hands-on project work.

VII. Top industries that offer employment for interior designers

  •       Architecture companies
  •       Furniture Companies
  •       Construction firms                                                    
  •       Public Sectors
  •       Hotel industry
  •       Self Employed
  •       Resorts and Clubs
  •       Corporate firms
  •       Private firms
  •       Healthcare sector
  •       Interior decorators and furnishing firms
  •       Residential space planning


VIII. Interior design courses, what do you need to know?

Several colleges offer various courses in interior design. The courses available may be short-term courses, diploma courses, undergraduate courses, and postgraduate courses.

Interior designing Courses vs Architecture  , your choice !

Short term courses·         Print design, apparel, and home certificate·          Interior styling professional certificate·         Home styling certificate·         Textiles for interiors and fashion certificate 
Diploma courses·         Diploma in interior designing·         Master’s diploma in interior designing·         Advance diploma in interior designing
Undergraduate courses·         UG program in interior designing·         B.Sc in interior designing·         B.Sc in interior design and Decoration·         Global double degree program in interior designing
Postgraduate courses·         PG ( interior design and style)·         M.Voc( Interior Designing and Business Management)

 Interior Design courses, duration, and approximate fee structure

CourseDurationFee in INR(approx)
Bachelor of Interior Design (BID)4 years60000-4,00,000
B.Des Interior Design4 years10,000-5,00,000
BArch Interior Design5 years20,000-6,00,000
M.A(Interior Design)2years1,20,000-1,50,000
M.Sc(Interior Design)2years20,000-4,00,000
MBA Interior Design2years80,000-2,50,000
Diploma in Interior Design1year1,00,000-12,00,000
Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Designing1year30,000-3,50,000

IX. High Ranked Design Entrance Exams of India

  • SEED 2023-Symbiosis Entrance Exam for Design…
  • UID Design Aptitude Test2023-Unitedworld Institute of Design Aptitude Test….
  • Pearl Academy Entrance Exam….
  • AIEED 2023….
  • IIAD Entrance Exam…
  • CUET 2023….
  • ISDI Challenge 2023…
  • GD Goenka DAT 2023…
  • CEPT Entrance Exam 2023…

X. Ten top Ranking Interior Designing Courses and Institutions

  1. ARCH College of Design and business

    Located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, ARCH College ranks as one of the top design colleges in India.


DegreeNo of CoursesTotal Tuition FeesExam
B.Des(4 years)5 Courses( 150 seats)Rs 17.2 LAIEED
M.Voc(2years)5 Courses (150 seats)Rs6.9LAIEED

Other courses

  • B.A (Interior Designing)
  • B.Voc (Interior Designing and Entrepreneurship)

Special features of the college

The infrastructure of the college is excellent. A well-equipped library with over 4000 books is an important feature. Interior designing classes are curated in such a manner that students are educated in the most updated methods, procedures, and thoughts.

  1. Vogue Institute of Art and Design

  Located in Bangalore, Karnataka, Vogue Institute of Art and Design is considered one of the best choices for Interior Designing Courses in India.



B.Sc (3years)Rs 3.87L(1st year fees)10+2
Diploma(1 year))Rs 95,580(Total fees)10+2
B.V.A(4 years)Rs 2.28L(1st year fees)10+2
Graduate Diploma(1 year)Rs 1.59L(Total fees)10+2

 Other Courses

  • M.Sc(Fashion and Apparel Designing)
  • M.Des(Fashion Design)

Special Features of the College

Recognized by AICTE and approved by UGC Vogue Institute of Art and Design boasts the highest percentage of rank holders and toppers in the University exams. The interior designing classes are conducted under the SKKY scheme and offer skill-based training projects associated with the government of Karnataka.

3. CEPT(Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology)

Located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, CEPT University focuses on consulting programs that help in creating liveable habitats.



B.Des(5 years)Rs 3.2L(1st year fees)10+2 with 50%
M.Des(2 years)Rs 3.78L(1st year fees)Graduation with 55%
BUD(4 years)Rs 3.2L (1st year fees)10+2 /Diploma+NATA
B.Arch(5 years)Rs 3.2L(1st year fees)10+2+NATA
M.Arch(2 years)Rs 3.78L(1st year fees)B.Arch with55%

Other Courses

  • M.Tech
  • MUP(Master of Urban Planning)
  • MUM(Master of Urban Management)

Special features

The interior design school was launched in 1991. It is an extension of the Faculty of Design. Here, the interior Designing classes are dedicated to interiors, crafts, processes, and items that are related to habitat. Project management and habitat are the key factors of the faculty’s specialties.

4. Pearl Academy

One of India’s pioneer design, fashion, business, and media schools, the academy has campuses in Delhi-West, Delhi-South, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Bangalore.



CourseTotal feesEligibility criteria
UG Pathway(4 years)Rs 26,23,00010+2 in any discipline from a recognized board
PG Pathway(2years)Rs 10,00,000UG from a recognized board

Special features of the school

Other than Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in Interior Design, Pearl Academy offers a plethora of choices apart from interior designing classes. Through a wonderful environment for students, staff, and industry partners, their mission is to be among the top-ranked institutes in architecture, fashion, business, and media literacy.

5. LISAA School of Design

LISAA is a reputed design school in France. In India, LISAA has a campus in Bengaluru.



CourseTotal tuition feesEligibility
Diploma(5 courses)1.65L -1.9L(1year)  10 with 50%
B.Des(3 courses)10.6L(for 4 years)10+2 with 50%
B.Sc (3 courses)7.8L -10.6L(for 3-4 years)10+2 with 50%

Special features of the School of Design

The international student exchange programs are among a few of the many benefits of LISAA, Bengaluru. The interior designing classes are renowned for their industry-designed curriculum.

6. United World Institute of Design

Located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, this institute was established as a competition to India’s top design colleges.



CourseDurationTotal fees
B.Des(Hons)4 yearsRs22L
M.Des2yearsRs 10L

Special features of the institute

The institute has been felicitated for being the Best Design Institute at the Asia Education Summit. Both the B.Des and M.Des interior designing classes syllabi have been transformed to reflect current industry standards

7. International Institute of Fashion Technology

Located in Delhi, IIFT has launched over 70 branches to impart education and provide consulting services to the industry, IIFT also offers consulting services for Dubai and Mauritius markets




  • BBA and MBA in Interior designing courses.

8. Sir J.J College of Architecture (SJJCA)

Located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, SJJCA boasts of being named Asia’s first architecture school. When it comes to recruitment SJJCA has attained a remarkable rate of over 90%.


  • B.Arch and M.Arch

9 . JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh JD Institute of Fashion Technology has grown to become the epitome of the fashion world in Lucknow.JDs courses comprise a comprehensive compilation of the latest university curriculum. The institute offers undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to collaborate with accomplished business figures, fashion companies, design companies, and international organisations. The interior designing classes span from apparel to creative interior design that encompasses continents.


  • Diploma in Interior Designing
  • B.Sc(interior designing courses)
  • Advanced diploma in interior designing courses.

10. Amity University

Located in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Amity University houses a huge campus that is home to world-class labs and infrastructures. The university puts a strong emphasis on college placement and aids in helping students build their future.




  • B.Sc and Bachelor in interior designing courses.

XI. Salary of Interior designers

The pay of interior designers may vary among several states and cities within the country.

  • An interior designer earns around Rs 2.5L to 20L per year
  • Approximate interior designer salary per hour is Rs 250 to Rs 350.
  • As per the information, the maximum rate per hour is Rs 820.
  •   Entry-level pay is around 4L per annum
  •   Senior interior designer could earn up to 30 L per annum

XII. Latest trends in interior designing

  • Luxe outdoor lights are gaining popularity
  • Irregular rags can enhance interior looks
  • The kitchen, exterior, and interior of homes can use coloured concrete themes.
  • Aqua shades used creatively can bring positive energy and add elegance to the room
  • The art of weaving using reeds, rattan, bark material, and other natural resources is making a comeback
  • Moderation and minimalism are trending.
  • Bringing nature within the four walls of your home is in. Allotment of indoor gardening space with conviction is rising.
  • A combination of Japanese and Scandinavian interior design patterns that are synonymous with minimalism are doing the rounds.

 XIII. Key Takeaways


  •  If you are considering a Bachelor’s or a Master’s in interior design at a premier institute, it is important to create a portfolio of your work.
  • A good portfolio can lead you to your dream school easily.
  • Quality is of utmost importance in interior design. If you have to use quality materials in your practice you have to manage your finances well.
  • Quality does not always mean expensive. Remember this at all times.
  • A career in any domain entails dedication, aptitude, hard work, and patience. Interior design is not an exception.
  • The skills you acquire towards the end of your interior designing classes would play a pivotal role in fulfilling a successful career

   XIV. Frequently Asked Questions

 How much does a fresher interior designer earn?

A fresher may earn anywhere between INR 30,000 to INR 40,000 per year

Can you do the interior designing course online?

Yes, it is possible to learn interior design skills through online courses.           Initially, check out the free courses to get familiar with the curriculum. If you are comfortable, you can enrol in paid online courses.

Which is better, a diploma interior designing course or a certification course ?

They are both similar. However, if you prefer a comprehensive study of the stream, you can choose Diploma in interior designing, if you are inclined to a short-term course with a certificate you might choose Certificate in interior designing.

Why should you consider interior design courses?

Interior designing courses are. one of the few courses that provide an exciting career path as well as exposure to an ocean of opportunities .They offer a platform where you can display your entrepreneurial talent.

 What are the top countries to pursue an interior design course

   Best countries that offer interior design course are

       6. Who is the best interior designer in the world?

        If reports from Architectural Digest 2022 are to be believed Amy Lau Design is the best interior designer in the world.



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