Are you running your business in an area that many are unaware of? With the expansion of internet services to every nook and corner, it has become important to let people know about your product and services. What is local SEO actually? Well, local SEO is local search engine optimization. If your business has services in a geographical or physical location, it is possible to track your business with the related keywords on Google.

Now, let us understand in simple terms what is local SEO. For instance, you want to order a pizza, searching it on Google shows the restaurants near your office address. If you go home and search with similar keywords, it will show you entirely different restaurant lists. Local SEO has certainly become a necessity with the increase in the number of business places.


What is Local SEO?

If you wish to be present online and serve your customers, then you must be correctly aware about local SEO. It is a marketing technique, a strategy which will promote your business in the local area where it is located. Google’s local search result will make you visible to the customers using the keywords that relate to your business.

What are its benefits?

While you may be in competition with the big business houses, since the customers have started looking for local places nearby, local SEO is a good investment as it is very helpful. Some benefits are-

  1. Online visibility – Local SEO will give you an opportunity to serve local customers through online mediums. So, be ready to deliver for online users.
  2. Increased footfall in store – Now, because your business is gaining name and reviews, there will be more customers wanting to visit your store.
  3. More calls and sales – With an online presence, more people know your business and would like to make enquiries. This will give you a scope to expand your product list and service those customers. Hence, increasing sales.
  4. Rise in Trust levels – Customers will trust you when you address their queries timely and manage your reputation.
  5. Increased competition – The competition levels increase with business growth, so make sure your content on the internet is optimized and managed well by experts.


There are many options for you to begin using local SEO. Some platforms that are famous based on rankings and features are-


There are many options for you to begin using local SEO. Some platforms that are famous based on rankings and features are-

  1. Facebook
  2. Google Business Profile
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Yelp
  5. Brightlocal


  • Go to Google My Business page and create your account.
  • Choose your keywords – for e.g., for a bakery business, keywords can be, baked, hot, puffs, bread, gluten-free, etc. 
  • Choose secured citations and business links – Citation is a mention of a full or partial name, address, or phone number of your business
  • Create attractive content – Content is the key to success. The more unique and innovative the content is, the more it is visible and likeable.
  • Be present for customer reviews – Reputation management is super important. Be interactive and fast in replying to your customers. Let them feel that you are listening and ready to change accordingly to gain trust.


Any business, big or small, that has a geolocation can use local SEO to optimize its business. For some, it has been beneficial, and they are-

  1. Hotels, restaurants, and cafés
  2. Electricians and Plumbers
  3. Hair Salons and spas
  4. Repair Services
  5. Medical services like dentists, hospitals, and clinics
  6. Law services


1. Choice of keywords-

Words play an essential role in letting your customers know what you do. So, use some common words which are known to your customers and are aptly related to your business.

Avoid using too fancy words that may relate to your business but need a dictionary to find its meaning. Use the Core-Modifier-Location strategy. Core is the main business-related name. The modifier is an adjective to explain the core business and finally, Location is the area you cater to.

2. Business Directories

All your business information should be properly documented in one place. The list of this information is-

  1. Business Name/ Tile given on the website
  2. Website URL
  3. Tag line
  4. Contact details
  5. Certificates of business
  6. Payment details

3. Building Link

Create backlinks for your webpage so that customers can get directed to your website easily. This way you can get organic traffic as well as referral traffic of customers.

4. Web Design

When you decide to go online, there is some cost definitely involved. Be wise in choosing a simple design that has all the necessary features like-

  1. Call to action
  2. Contact details
  3. List of services
  4. Reviews and ratings
  5. Link to Google Maps for navigation
  6. Correct prices and details about the products

5. Expert Consultation

If you are unable to manage the online service on your own, hire a professional freelancer who can help you monitor, manage, and regulate the business. This will keep you focussed on providing services without deteriorating quality. The professional help will guide you to take corrective actions timely and without spending too much on maintaining online services.

6. Mobile-Friendly website

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Customers should be able to easily search your business at the ease of their fingertips. Local SEO works best for these kinds of services, which are faster to locate.



Finally, we came to the end where we saw some good pieces of information that will promote your small business area-wise, town-wise, or city-wise. The above-mentioned details will be helpful and handy for you to begin your journey for online presence. Local SEO is all about simplicity and regularity for small businesses. If you want to learn local SEO then you can join the Henry Harvin Advance SEO course to start your local SEO journey.

This strategy will make people of your locality aware and indeed help you grow your business. “Slow and steady wins the race” Go slow but go the correct way. Times are changing and hence the need to change with time is crucial as well as mandatory.


Q1. How is Local SEO different from SEO?

Where local SEO helps you to build your presence in a specific area, town or city, traditional SEO gives you a global presence. It shows you online on a national level.

Q2. Procuring local SEO service expensive?

Local SEO is not very expensive. You can hire a freelancer or an agency that will not charge exorbitantly. There are some services available online for a monthly fee.

Q3. Is local SEO worth investing in to grow your business?

Absolutely. Local SEO will give visibility to your business and based on the higher ranking, people from all over can be your potential customers.

Q4. Why is local SEO crucial?

It is crucial to use local SEO for 2 main reasons-
a. We are living in a digital world and cannot solely depend upon physical business strategies. Internet, reels, influencers, and likes cannot be completely ignored.
b. There is growing competition with the big businesses that serve lakhs of customers online. To be present online is the only way to be visible to your local customers.

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