This article will help to understand how Instagram book marketing is effective and useful.

To begin with a Systematic Content Strategy must be chiefly established for Instagram book marketing.

Instagram is the best visual medium rewarding all original content. Success on social media platforms is achieved by a planned content strategy. A few strategies for book bloggers useful in creating original visual content are listed below.

How to market your book on Instagram?

Instagram marketing is very efficient.

A few tips to follow for Instagram book marketing are – 

  • Try to Share different versions of your book’s cover design certainly even before the book launch. Ask followers to vote for their favourite design.
  • Post snapshots of your favourite lines from your book.
  • Share your photos with your favourite books.

 Create an Insta story about your book-  

  • Create an Insta story about your writing process and book launch.
  • Try to connect with writers around and promote each other’s books to your readers.

 Plan a systematic Instagram book marketing strategy.

How to improve rank on Instagram search –

Try to reach new readers.On Instagram search, Improve Your Rank.

Rank on Instagram search can be improved by using tips like –

  • Post Few Interesting and Creative Ideas.
  • Use the right Hashtags.
  • Advertise Your Post.
  • Focus on Influencer Marketing.

All tips will only work if you have huge number of Instagram followers.

Reach New Readers :- 

What if you are a beginner and don’t have any followers to spread the word about your book? Here are a few tips that will help you in Instagram book marketing.

Why keyword selection is important?

The keyword must be selected after thorough research. An Appropriate keyword helps your post to appear higher in the search results. It has been noticed that every day millions of users will be clicking on the “Search” option of Instagram, henceforth try to focus on Improving Your Rank On Instagram Search.

The Instagram algorithm in the process of ranking posts on search will consider data points like relevant hashtags, engagement levels on posts, location tags etc.

A useful and short guide for how to rank higher in search function.

1. Post  few Interesting and creative Ideas

The ideas should be that it will help you to earn many likes and comments and to promote your book in a non-salesy way.

2. Use The Right Hashtags

Hashtags are an important part of Instagram, add the best tagline to your posts and help readers find your profile.

For e.g #instagood, #instacool, #followme are the few popular hashtags

 Instagram lets its users follow new posts tagged with specific hashtags. This will provide writers an opportunity to promote their books.

To promote your book find out the trending hashtags and use them along with attractive photos related to the hashtags selected.

Use trending hashtags.

Search the list of popular hashtags and think of ways to publish content related to your book with popular hashtags.

Search Instagram book marketing accounts of the most popular writers in your genre and make a list of hashtags they use to promote their books. 

Take care that exclusive hashtags are not used. Generally the ideas must be altogether unique so that whenever your Instagram followers are most active submit posts with location tags that will help to maximize visibility among followers

3. Advertise Your Posts

Instagram advertising is definitely related to Facebook ads. It will target viewers based on different aspects such as the books they like or TV shows they watch.

Advertising the post is best way to promote.


Advertising helps to reach the maximum number of target groups in a very short span of time. It increases engagement and makes your post most frequently appear on Instagram search results.

4.Focus on Influencer Marketing

The next strategy to use when promoting books is to focus on marketing by influencers.Firstly with users that have good followers with a niche interest such as book reading. For intance as a writer you will target must be tho influencers who are popular among book lovers.Prepare list of all the influencers with a large number of follower,may be either book lovers or read books in your niche.

Influencer marketing is the best.

How Influencer Marketing is effective.

Whenver you discover any posts having huge number of follower,try to analyze the book marketing strategy followed by them. Are their posts related to books or your genre? or the book-related content is just one of many things the person posts?


Reach out to those influencers  via Instagram DM or email and express interest in working with them.In two ways

Partnership with influencers ultimately works in two ways. First off all Influencers either expect compensation for promoting your book. Secondly If you have the same number of followers that influencers you can also expect some compensation from them.

Focus on Influencer marketing to promote your book.


In Instagram book, marketing Influencer marketing is more efficient if done correctly and appropriately. As users trust the people they follow. If influencers will recommend your book it can be highly effective in sales generation. 

Publishing a book is altogether a very big task and hence the marketing of the book.

This post will help basically to understand how to promote your book by using Instagram’s book marketing strategy. In conclusion, all strategies and tips mentioned in the post will help new and well-known writers. It will help in spreading the word about their book launch to targeted book readers using Instagram.

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Due to digitalization, Instagram is the most used social media platform now a days. Instagram is very useful in marketing your book as you can reach a number of people at a time. Marketing your book using Instagram is also cost-effective and time-saving.So, what are you waiting for use Instagram for marketing your books?

For more details of the course refer to the below link-
1)What is Digital Marketing?

The use of digital channels to market various services and products in order to reach consumers.

2)How much money should one invest in Instagram marketing?

No need to spend much money .At first you should invest little on a good graphic design ,logo,images for your profile,once you are ready with your book invest on ads or influencers.It will be always cheaper than physical marketing. 

3) What’s the advantage of Instagram marketing over other platforms?

Since the very beginning Instagram has been used as a marketing platform where people go to see videos and cool pictures related to stuff they like and that’s the reason it is a good place to promote your products. Instagram users are more active and engaged than users on other social media platforms.

4)Why use Instagram book marketing?

As marketing, your book on Instagram is a cheap and time-saving process.
Today the whole world has gone online and Instagram is used by a large number of people.

5)How is the Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Course?

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