Preparation books for IELTS

Books are our true companion. There are a variety of books for all the age groups from early readers to old age people. There are books for entertainment, informative, educational, instructional and simply to provide knowledge. Books enrich our thinking and broaden our horizon.

Planning to study abroad is definitely exciting but it is equally stressful as you have to make some hard decisions. Choosing the right course and taking admission is a very crucial part to go through. You have to pass a language proficiency test in order to get admission to any university. IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the most accepted English language ability tests. This Test ensures the counsellors that you can understand the English Language very well and you do not have any trouble communicating as well as understanding the language. Therefore you can fulfil your further education conveniently in a foreign country without facing language problems.

IELTS preparation books play an important role in getting desired band scores. You need to be careful about choosing your book as you have to ace the test on its basis. Apparently, IELTS is divided into two parts: Academic and General. IELTS consists of 4 modules: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Here are Top 12 IELTS preparation books that will be beneficial to students planning to appear in the test.

1. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

Can’t miss The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS as it is one of the best IELTS preparation books for both Academic as well as General tests. With unique design to help you achieve a high score it incorporates all the important tips and tricks.

This book shares hints and tips used by people in real life that means it gives result oriented answers. Step by step guide definitely is a great help to students even if they are preparing on their own without the tutor.

One of the best IELTS preparation book: 

  • It is based on information collected by people who have already given the exam            


  • Gives strategy advice which is relevant and easy to implement.
  • Provides detailed answers with proper explanation.
  • It includes DVDs for Listening and Speaking tests.
  • It covers all the sections of IELTS.

Without a doubt preparation and practice material issued by the British Council, who are official partners for IELTS. You get the most reliable and accurate study material for the exams. The book contains a number of volumes and all the volumes have audio and video CDs for practicing the listening module.


You can buy here-

2. Barron’s IELTS Superpack


This Barron’s IELTS Superpack preparation book comes with 3 modules and 2 audio MP3 CDs to do wonders in the Listening test. As the name suggests ‘Superpack’ it guides you with many tips and tricks to crack IELTS easily. 

Additionally the 2nd CD contains ‘Barron’s essential words for IELTS preparation’. This book is ideal for both Academic and General Tests. It gives you everything that you need to score high in tests.

Moreover it gives sample answers and exercise sheets at the back of the book.

What’s nice about this IELTS preparation book:

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  • It comes with 2 practice tests and 2 audio clips.
  • It gives essential words that are large enough vocabulary to focus on IELTS    


  • It covers extra important information.
  • It definitely is value for money.

This comprehensive pack provides test takers, a total of 10 full length practice tests with answers and extensive vocabulary to score high.

You can buy here- 

3. Simone Braverman’s Target Band 7

Among IELTS preparation books list Target band 7 by Simone Braverman comes in third position. This book aims to get maximum your IELTS band score through pointing out and also correcting the smallest problem that can majorly affect your band score.

It should be noted that this study guide consists of the best and the most effective techniques of cracking IELTS. This study guide is directly from those who have already given the actual exams.

In short, the language in the book is simple to understand. It is clear in tips and strategies. Explanation is done in an accurate way so it is easy to practice.

Besides, it is the best book for IELTS General Preparation as well.

Why among top IELTS preparation book?

  • Gives good tricks and strategy including shows to save time more effectively and 

to work faster.

  • It is clear and simple way to understand
  • It is written by someone who has already given the IELTS exams.

This book is easily available on Amazon-

4. IELTS Practice Test Plus 2


In particular this book has a lot to offer. In searching for an IELTS preparation books list you certainly can’t miss IELTS Practice tests Plus-2 as it is excellent for all the 4 modules.

Thus it is ideal in Academy and General Tests this book is in demand.

Since it shows how to analyze the components of a right and wrong answers. It will undoubtedly increase your score with audio scripts and useful tips.

What’s good:

  • The book provides sample answers in detailed explanation.
  • It is simple in language so anyone can easily catch up
  • It has 6 full tests that are 4 module tests.

Buy here- 

5. Cambridge IELTS 15 Academic 


Genuinely examining test papers from Cambridge Assessment English is a perfect practice as they are like real tests. In IELTS preparation book’s list this has to be mentioned as it has 4 complete examination papers with sample answers with scoring system. Definitely familiarize you with the Academic test format and practice your exam technique.

Meanwhile you can download the audio for the Listening tests, examples, speaking tests with video and answer keys with additional explanation of sample answers.

Lastly you can access your audio and video directly via QR codes given in the book. It has the most up to date version of the series.

Why it is helpful?

  • Section wise tips are divided
  • Explanations of answers are in detail for better preparation.

Get your copy here-

6. Road to Success

In this book generously 4 full length practice tests and training modules are given. We can for sure consider the Road to IELTS book when we have to list IELTS preparation books. This book also has a great official resource. The greatest strength of the boom is that it is not technically a book. It contains more material that could easily fit into a print resource.

Whereas it has a small disadvantage and that is it gets a little boring with skill building material. For instance, many IELTS books include activities like listening and reading. You will see integration of all the skills in the exercise for each of the four sections. Many students find it hard to focus on one section because of too much detail is mentioned about all the modules.

Furthermore Road to IELTS is a technical book that is an interactive online course that offers mock papers , tutorial and other interactive exercises.

You can download free IELTS practice papers if you want to register for the test through the British Council. You can avail some interactive activities and videos.

Good points about the book:

  • It’s quiet interactive and engages our mind
  • Provides great practice exams.
  • Many free features with this download.

Get more info here:

7. IELTS Trainer


This is the notable book if you are looking for IELTS preparation books because of 6 practice tests that it incorporates. The details of the test format, question types and scoring system for General and Academic Training IELTS. In the beginning two practice tests you will learn step by step guidance and tips on how to answer each question.

Take up the rest of the 4 exam tests to develop your technique, Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing practice exercise. Try and find your common mistakes and how to improve them. The answer key includes tape scripts, explanation and model writing answers. The book contains 3 CDs that contain all the Listening tests.

Why we like it:

  • It has sample answers for other tests and CDs for listening tests.
  • Has all the answer sheets
  • Complete guidance through two tests.

This book is available on amazon-

8. Mometrix IELTS Book


Mometrix Test Preparation IELTS book is one of the most in demand amongst IELTS preparation books. IT has both Academic as well as General Training tests. The secret study guide for IELTS is the ideal solution for any candidate learning this course. The exams are extremely challenging and mind engaging because of the time constraint.

  • Test guides to help you master difficult concepts
  • Tips to help you get your best test performance
  • A complete inspection of all IELTS test 
  • Listening Module 
  • Reading Module
  • Writing Module
  • Speaking Module

The Mometrix guide is full of critical information that is needed in order to clear your IELTS exam: the concepts, principles, procedures and vocabulary that the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations expects you to have mastered before sitting for your exam.

plus points:

  • It covers all the four test modules
  • Video tutorial has great result with the students
  • The price of the book is affordable.

Buy this book here:

9. Check your English Vocabulary for IELTS

If you want to expand your vocabulary then this book is for you. IELTS preparation books have many practice test books but this book specializes in improving your vocabulary level so that you can score high.

It is one of the bestselling workbooks that provides a resource for students appearing in IELTS. It is for intermediate level and above. This is especially for those students who plan to study in an English Speaking College or university.This book is fully updated for this fourth edition, providing exercises to teach and build powerful vocabulary related to the IELTS test.

Additionally it has a grammar portion, use of English comprehension and Spellings. The content of the book is suitable for classroom and self-study. It includes a wide range of activities to build and improve English vocabulary and Language skills.

Why to go for this IELTS preparation book?

  • Contains tests and focus is to improve vocabulary 
  • Easy for students to understand word’s meaning
  • Comprehensive answer key
  • IELTS Speaking and Writing tasks with sample answers 
  • Suitable for both General and Academic tests.

You can buy this book here:

10. Focus on IELTS Foundation:


It is a wonderful book that enhances your language and skills that gives you a remarkable score in IELTS. However it doesn’t provide practice test papers like other IELTS preparation books so you can only improve your vocabulary here.

This book has a strong emphasis on core grammar and vocabulary. It provides substantial knowledge to the reader to empower their skills. Candidates can significantly increase their vocabulary by reading this book. Focus on IELTS contains language banks to help you with your basic English language so that you can score well in examinations. 

what good about it:

  1. They provide CDs along with the book.
  2. Apart from IELTS you can use vocabulary in other English language usage. 

This book is easily available on amazon-

11. IELTS 5 in 1 Actual Tests eBook combo Academic


IELTS Listening Tests with answers-This IELTS preparation book provides tips and tricks for each question type along with signposting language examples. It contains 12 Listening tests with 48 parts that have audio and tape scripts. The answer key for these tests are given by IELTS Trainer.

IELTS Reading Test with answers-This eBook has 12 tests given in chronological order. It is like comprehension and we have to answer around 40 questions and the answers are given at t/he back of the book. The answers are by the IELTS trainer.

IELTS Writing Tests with answers-

WritingTask-1-It contains a variety of Graphs that students have to describe in their own words and according to their understanding. There would be pie charts, line graphs, flow charts, bar charts, maps and process diagrams.

Writing Task-2-In here 60 essay topics are given along with sample answers. Strategy for each essay and also model according to strategy used to answer them.

IELTS Speaking Test with suggested answers

25 topics part 1

50 topics part 2 and 3

This book will teach you vast vocabulary that helps to prepare your answer which is exactly what the examiner wants to hear from you. This IELTS book has covered actual topics that are asked in the books. It is essential to prepare and have knowledge on a variety of topics.

 You can easily buy this eBook here-

12. IELTS 5 in 1 Actual Tests eBook Combo General

It is one of the best IELTS preparation books for students appearing for General Tests. Below is the detailed description of the book content.


IELTS Listening Tests-This eBook consists of different tips and tricks for each question type with signposting language examples. With 12 Listening tests which have both audio and tape scripts. The answers given are prepared by the IELTS trainer.

IELTS Reading Tests-It contains 12 reading tests with 36 passages and answers are given by the IELTS trainers.

IELTS Writing Tests

Task 1 – Letter Writing

This writing part contains different types of letters like formal, informal, and semi-formal letters along with their opening and closing lines. In total there are 18 sets of letters. 

Task 2 – Essay writing

It has 60 essay topics with sample answers prepared by the IELTS trainers. Strategy for each essay topic.

IELTS Speaking Tests 

25 topics part 1

50 topics part 2 and 3

This book will teach you vast vocabulary that helps to prepare your answer which is exactly what the examiner wants to hear from you. This IELTS book has covered actual topics that are asked in the books. It is essential to prepare and have knowledge on a variety of topics.

This e Book is easily available on-

Conclusion: How IELTS Books help in your Preparation?

One of the most important parts of your IELTS preparation is to make sure that the study material you are referring to is totally reliable and from a reputed publication. There are various academic resources available in the market nowadays but when it comes to the IELTS examination, therefore it is important to find the good sources. The IELTS preparation books described in this article are published by well-known authors who have personal and substantial experience with the IELTS exam. 

Therefore there is no doubt that every book mentioned will improve your skills and prepare you to give a stupendous IELTS performance. You should start IELTS preparation from books as soon as possible with confidence and not with doubts. To get a high score it’s important to select the top IELTS preparation books. We hope that the books we have recommended here work for you in your preparations.


Q1. What are the variants of English that IELTS include?

Ans: American, British, and Australian are the major variants of English that IELTS does include.

Q2. What are the two major types of IELTS?

Ans: Academic IELTS and IELTS for General Training. Both of these IELTS tests assess all four skills of language proficiency, writing, speaking, listening, and reading.

Q3. What makes IELTS preparation books a go-to reference for the test?

Ans: It provides the rightful knowledge most understandably. With problem-solving quizzes, these books are insightful in terms of providing strategies applicable to tests, explanatory topics, and exam-related information.

Q4. Do these books help to decide which IELTS test one should prefer?

Ans: It’s a personal decision. But, yes these books give you clarity on the bigger picture of taking an IELTS test. Like, Academic IELTS is good for those who wish to move to English speaking nation whereas General Training in IELTS is for those who look for work or anything related to immigration.

Q5. What are the three phases of preparing for the IELTS exams?

Ans: Firstly, check out the books that cater to different objectives related to IELTS. Secondly, practice your test skills by appearing for mock tests. And thirdly, refer to tutorial videos and take note of the consolidated tips and tricks applicable to the test.

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    ‘The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS’ is a recommended IELTS book for students who want to improve their vocabulary.

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