Are you a person preparing for a job interview? Do you want to crack the interview process on your first attempt or in the upcoming one? If yes, then you have clicked the correct article. In this article, we will discuss “How to start a Group discussion”, “Group discussion vs debate”, tips and topics of group discussion. This blog will undoubtedly foster a positive mindset to get through the inevitable phase of the hiring process

How to Start a Group Discussiom

So, What is Group Discussion?

Evidently from the name, you could get that, a specific topic is discussed by more than two people by exchanging views, ideas, statistics, facts, and information.

How to Start a Group Discussion?


Group discussions are regarded as an efficient way to narrow down candidates from a large pool of applications. Furthermore, it quickly reflects the candidates’ soft skills. To stand out from the pack, one must therefore deliver a fantastic performance from beginning to end. As soon as the topic is announced, everyone’s first thought is “How to Start a Group Discussion.” The following are things to keep in mind when considering “How to start a group discussion.”

Introduce Yourself

Once you are determined to initiate the group discussion, first introduce yourself with utmost confidence. Start with a simple self-introduction. For example,” Good morning, Everyone. My name is…” and start speaking regarding the topic. Since you are initiating the discussion, keep it brief and then pass the mantle

Confidence is the key

You should feel confident while introducing yourself and outlining the subject. Although starting a GD shows leadership ability, keep in mind that first impressions are as significant. So, when speaking, try to avoid stuttering and hesitating.

Give a Fascinating Take

A query, a statement, or the provision of information sparks the topic. As a result, you can be perceived as a competent and interesting initiator.

Make the most of your time

As you are merely introducing the subject, you should concentrate on time management by providing a concise overview rather than embellishing it.

How to Start a Group Discussion Tips

Below are some fantastic ideas and tips for How to Start a Group Discussion.

How to Start a Group Discussion Tips

Grasp the Subject Matter

Try to comprehend the subject. Ask the moderator to clarify the topic if you need more information. Despite misrepresenting the subject, it is always preferable to clarify. PESTLE MODEL and SWOT can help in analyzing the subject.

Attitude speaks

Attitude speaks more than words. Moderators observe a candidate’s conduct and attitude towards their other candidates to assess their level of teamwork.

General Awareness

Awareness of current events and general awareness are always appreciated. Reading books and newspapers provides a wealth of information that aids in presenting our opinions and facts when necessary.


Perspective is important. You should speak not only from the mother’s perspective when the topic is “parenting,” but also from the father’s perspective. You will give the moderators the impression that you are thoughtful and open-minded.

Listening skills

Never argue or shout during a GD. Before making your argument, consider what the others have to say. You will have a greater possibility of earning points while wrapping up if you listen. The key competency in leadership is listening.

Communication skills

Group discussion involves a lot of communication. What matters most is how you interact with others, how you help them understand your viewpoint, and how confident you are when you talk.

Body language

You increase your chance of being chosen from the group by using modest body language and eye contact.

Now, I think I’ve given some insight into how to start a Group Discussion and how to start a Group Discussion tips. Let’s move on to the next essential part of the group discussion.

What can be the starting lines for Group Discussion

In addition to exploring the best way “to start a Group Discussion, planning some opening statements can always help you score more points. To initiate a group discussion, the following are some helpful phrases and sentences you might find useful:

  • “Hi all, My name is……. I wish to initiate the discussion by stating the quote …….”
  • “Hello, all, Good morning. This is ……… and I would like to start the Group Discussion by sharing my point of view”
  • “Hi Everyone…. said.’………………………….’and our topic is much related to that”
  • “Good morning, all. I am …………… I would like to briefly explain the topic as an initiator of this group Discussion”
  • “Hello Everyone, I want to initiate this interesting topic…Let me start by asking you all a simple question”
  • “Good morning all. I believe we all make this Group Discussion interesting and informative by sharing our knowledge. I begin with the quote..”
  • “Hi all, My name is……. Do you all know? (Ask some statistical questions related to the topic and answer yourself)

Topics for Group Discussion

Generally, GD topics fall into the following categories

How to Start a Group Discussion Tips

Topical based

It is based on either static subjects or contemporary events. To stay current, students must read the news daily to stay updated.


To understand abstract issues, you must think creatively. Don’t take the topic’s meaning literally. To understand the topic’s significance, think beyond the box and utilise your imagination. The wonderful aspect of these topics is that each person interprets them differently.

Case studies

In this candidates are evaluated on how they resolve the issues under the given circumstances. They will have to assess the scenario and provide their opinions.

Controversial topics

Such subjects are chosen to assess the participants’ composure and ability to manage the conversation without losing their cool. It demonstrates how candidates can express their opinions while avoiding conflict with other participants.

Furthermore, GD topics can also be classified as follows


It includes the topics that have recently become pressing social issues.


These subjects have to do with both the domestic politics of the nation and the politics of our nation’s neighbors. The state of world politics is also included.


These topics cover domestic and international business economies in terms of economic conditions.


It includes concepts from your graduating course that are highly improbable.


These are the subjects that have legal ramifications.

Group Discussion vs Debate

Group discussion and debate include a group of people discussing a particular topic, yet they are different from each other.

Group Discussion vs Debate



Group Discussion



Ideas and viewpoints are exchanged in a cooperative, non-competitive context.

Defending or supporting a particular position or idea is involved.


More ideas are explored and common ground is sought during group discussions.

Winning arguments and persuasion are more critical.


It is flexible and allows inclusive context.

Participants in a debate have to choose and defend a position.


Since there is no competition among the participants, they are not concerned with point accumulation.

There are winners and losers in debates, but sometimes the results are tied.


No strict rules.

Included rules like time consumption, warning bell, and topic coverage.

Now, you can better comprehend the fundamental differences between the two by using a group discussion vs debate table.

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Q1. Why is Group Discussion considered a mandatory recruitment process by companies and organizations?

To test the candidates’ soft skills such as teamwork, behavior, attitude, body language, leadership quality, and more.


Q2. What are the major don’ts in Group Discussion?

1. To provide the impression of a good team player, listener, and leader, you should refrain from shouting or arguing during group discussions.
2. You should not stammer or hesitate. Your voice should be bold, confident, and loud.
3. When others are speaking up and expressing their opinions, you shouldn’t interrupt them. Each person ought to have a chance.
4. If you don’t know much about the topic, don’t start the conversation. When others are speaking, try to take notes.


Q3. How long should I prepare for the Group Discussion?

It is advisable to start your preparation before 2 months. Stay updated with current affairs, general awareness, and static GK. Reading newspapers helps a lot to express your views confidently.

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