An interview for every one of us plays an important role in achieving our dream job. The way of every interview varies and so does the interview room environment. Additionally, the interviewer’s style and questions are different too. Basically what stays constant is the question “Introduce Yourself for an Interview”. Introducing yourself is a little nerve-wracking as compared to other things in the interview. However, if you want to bang on the job interview you have to address the “Introduce yourself” question smartly and brainy.

An interview can be taken online or offline. ‘How to introduce yourself for an interview’ matters a lot as it is equally important as other questions. It gives the interview panel clear and precise details about you. A true first impression takes a few seconds to impress. This is the reason why you should be well prepared for self-introduction.

introduce yourself for interview

Tips on how to introduce yourself in an Interview

1. Greetings and Gratitude

If you are really confused about how to start introducing yourself for an interview, then beginning the self-introduction with Greetings is an excellent way. Express your gratitude to the interviewer for giving you an opportunity for a job interview. Later introduce your name.

Example: Hi Good morning! My name is ___ and I am a fresher content writer with internship experience. Firstly, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to appear for an interview.

2. Skills

During the interview, the interviewers try to know your skills so that they can relate it to your job role. So while introducing yourself for an Interview briefing the skills-based demonstrates the extent of knowledge and experience you own. Simultaneously, the way how will you deliver the results in the timeline which can help you to stand in the competition.

Give a kick start by explaining the skills you possess. Make sure you highlight it matching the job description. Additionally, mention from where you gained them. The skills may include good communication, leadership qualities, achieving timelines, etc.

3. Education

Briefly introduce the background and qualifications you own required for the job. Provide brief details about the particular qualifications successfully gained from which esteemed university/college.

4. Experience

Let the interviewer be aware of your experiences. Quantify your response while elaborating on your past experiences. This is because the interviewer’s basic objective is to hire a candidate who can be fair enough for that job role. Your ability to demonstrate your proficiency shortly with effective impact plays an important role.

Experiences include the name of the organization you’ve been working with along with work profiles. Thereafter, you can discuss where you grew up and where you stand as of now. The basic journey of your success kissing your feet can be added

5. Achievements

Achievements are the cherry on the cake which adds value to you. It makes you noticeable. These are not only skills that have been gained but also abilities developed, knowledge acquired and rewards/awards won.

Tell the interviewer about your one significant achievement gained. You can include professional or personal achievements while introducing yourself for an interview. Achievements can include knowledge, promotions, rewards, awards, etc.

6. Values & Type of Person

In an interview, your value plays a pivotal role that can reflect the organization’s mission and long-term aim. You can end the persuasive communication by introducing yourself for an interview by telling the type of person you are. It includes the behavior you deal with explicitly when see specific traits. Though the situation is unfavorable, how well do you value being honest, speaking articulately, being kind, and remaining humble to show your transparency, humility, and compassion?

Some examples of values an interview identifies in a candidate are:

-Integrity: This includes adaptability of company policies, and being professional and honest.

-Accountability: This involves your accountability for actions and decisions for the team and individuals.

-Social responsibility: This is the ability to integrate social and environmental issues for the company.

-Innovation: Getting innovative ideas for the growth of the Company

-Collaboration: skills to communicate to every individual of the Company and meet the needs of the Company to fulfill objectives for further growth

7. Hobbies and Interests

You can take a self-introduction to informal talks telling about your hobbies and interests while introducing yourself for an interview. Do not glide much into informal communication which can create a bad image. Your hobbies and interests may include playing of outdoor or indoor activities like football, tennis, reading books

8. Duration

The answer to “Introduce yourself for an interview” will not ideally persist for more than 2-3 minutes. The interviewer shows disinterest wherever the self-introduction exceeds the expected time.

Quick checklist while going and Introducing yourself for an interview

  • Always wear a smile while going for an interview. It enhances your confidence.
  • Dress very well in the interview.
  • Research about the company to have basic information
  • Keep your body language good.
  • Maintain simple etiquette like hello, thank you, etc
  • keep eye contact during your interview
  • Be mindful of social context

Things to Avoid during Self-introduction:

While introducing yourself take care of the following don’ts accordingly:

  • Do not tell your stories related to any question. Just simply highlight the core storyline
  • Do not take more time for self-introduction
  • Do not narrate your introduction simply as it is written in your resume as provided.
  • Never back-answer or change your tone.


No one is important other than the interviewer during that moment. Within that moment, it is your responsibility to form the first impression as the best impression. It can be acquired by simply grabbing the interviewer’s attention with your attractive personality, dressing style & presence. Try to be genuine, positive, and authentic. Once the interview is completed leave room with Thank you. Following up with the Interview’s result shows the ambition within you. While following up you can once again mention thanks and show up your interest in the job position.

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Q.1 How can I introduce myself in an Interview?

Ans. Start your introduction with greetings and later by formally stating your name, skills, qualifications, achievements, and experience.

Q.2 How to answer what are your future goals?

Ans. While answering this question, make sure that your future goals are being lined with Company growth. Tell your estimated goals and thereafter how this job is going to help to achieve your estimated goals.

Q.3 How long should my introduction persist?

Ans. The duration for introducing yourself should not exceed 2 minutes.

Q.4 Should I include my educational background while giving a self-introduction?

Ans. While introducing yourself not only educational qualifications should be included but also the name of universities/colleges the degrees/certifications are gained.

Q.5 Can I include my career goals while introducing an interview?

Ans. Yes, however, goals should be matching with the growth of the company. You can elaborate on your contributions to the organizations with regard to your goals.

Q.6 How can I make a first impression pretty good?

Ans. You can make a first impression amazingly by maintaining good eye contact, wearing a smile, well dressed, punctual, confident, and focused

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