The moment you entered the room, you thought of all possible questions. You started framing the answers to the questions. But it would be best if you remembered the very first question. Nevertheless, Introduce Yourself. Let us discuss in detail Self Introduction in Interview.

Self Introduction in Interview
Self Introduction in Interview

Point to remember while giving Self Introduction in Interview

  • Your Name, Your Hometown, A Few Background Details About You, And A Summary Of Your Experiences in Self Introduction in Interview
  • What have you (your educational background) studied?
  • Pay close attention to your work, previous professional successes, internships, workshops, and achievements that are relevant to the interview.
  • Moreover, some interests or pastimes

How should you give Self Introduction in Interview?

Dress Code

The first impression is the best. So keep this in mind. Getting yourself in a professional suite is always safe. But remember, the interviewer should stay focused on your dress code. The colour should be light and smooth with no designs. Always wear elegant light colours. Wearing a comfortable dress is very important. Otherwise, you will get distracted because of your uncomfortable clothing.

In short, keep the following point in mind

  • wear a light-coloured dress
  • wear comfortable dress
  • use professional dress


After getting down your looks. Here comes the Confidence in line. The sound of your voice should be loud and clear. Prepare yourself for how to talk to the interviewer. Tell your full name with Confidence, and don’t let me ask your name again.

Greet the Interviewer

While entering the interview room, greet the interviewer with a firm handshake. It would be best if you were confident in doing that. They should feel Confidence in you from your greeting. Say good morning, sir/Mam, with a handshake and a little smile. Always maintain eye contact with the interviewer. Keep your body relaxed throughout the interview. Doing this will be the best start in your self-introduction in interview.

Qualifications to include

After introducing yourself and providing essential information, brief the interviewer on your educational background. You must include detailed information about your academic background, even if you already did so on your CV. experience. Be sincere about your accomplishments, and watch out for seeming over Confidence when talking with them.

Experience to Include

All experienced candidates must include all the specifics of their prior work experiences and everything they learned and accomplished during that period. Discuss the internships and workshops you’ve attended. The interviewer pays specific attention to the facts of your educational background and work experience when you introduce yourself. However, your school background and ECA are a huge advantage for new hires.

Interests to Include

Go forward to share your interest and hobbies. Try to keep it formal. Include your hobbies that are related to your work. For example, a content writer interview says blogging is my hobby related to a content writer job. 

Be Ready for the Questions

There will be a series of follow-up questions from your introduction, .so always tell them the truth in your introduction. They try to check your honesty and integrity. Prepare questions for every point you are about to say in your introduction. For example, if blogging is your hobby. Be ready to answer inquiries related to that. What is your blog name? Can I see your blog? What serves as the main focus of your blog?

self introduction for freshers
self introduction for freshers

What Not to Do When Doing Self Introduction in Interview

Here are a few things you should refrain from doing while introducing yourself.

  • Remember to avoid repeating things that are in your resume. Try to give a brief of that with a suitable example.
  • Never enquire, “What do you want to know?” It shows you are not ready.
  • Never tell life stories. If you wish to emphasize any particular characteristic, mention an experience.
  • Spend a brief time introducing yourself.

Additional Tips

  • The organization should be thoroughly researched, and you should review the essential skills and qualities listed in the job description and needed for the position you are applying for.
  • Prepare for the many introduction questions. Please pay more attention to the points we have already stated, such as providing an overview of your candidature and describing your educational background, professional experiences, hobbies, and interests.
  • Throughout the interview, Maintain your body language. Ensure you are not slouching; elevate your chin, sit straight, and straighten your shoulders. By conducting a mock interview with a friend, you can get some practice and suggestions on improving it.
  • Avoid unnecessary distractions and focus solely on the interviewer, but don’t go overboard.

Example for Self Introduction in Interview 

Example for Self Introduction for Freshers

Sample 1:

Hi, my name is Vishal. I recently graduated from ABC, Delhi University, where I completed my bachelor’s in English. And also, I have completed two internships at X and Y. I was excited to find this position as a Content Writer at your organization. For this job, I’m the best candidate.

Sample 2:

Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself to you, sir/madam. I am Gautham Karthik, and I put up in Mumbai with my family—my mother and father. As a certified professional, I have pursued B E in Computer Science Engineering, specializing in Computer Science from XYZ Chennai. I recently appeared for the Java certification examination and am awaiting the result. Since school, I have been passionate about computers and coding and have always wanted to work on live programs. Speaking of my interests and hobbies, I enjoyed playing cricket and serving as my school’s sports captain. We have won many inter-school and inter-state table cricket tournaments and brought laurels to the school.

Example for Self Introduction in Interview for Experienced

Sample 1:

Hello, my name is Preeti Selvaraj, and I have worked as a digital marketing manager for three years. For the previous three years, I have been a member of the SEO Marketing team of XYZ. I used to work for ABC before that. And also, I am knowledgeable about content marketing tools and on- and off-page SEO. I am the ideal candidate for this position since I have the necessary qualifications and expertise. I’ll work to increase your internet presence and assist you in better-serving customers across various channels.

Sample 2:

Hi, as you know that my name is Adhiti Sharma. I am from Bangalore, Karnataka but born and raised in Mumbai. I pursued B. Ed from the University of Mumbai to pursue my passion for teaching. I began my career as an Assistant Teacher at a Public School during the final year of my B Ed program. In 2020, I started working as an Elementary Teacher at Bangalore Public School.

Meanwhile, I also completed a Child Pedagogy diploma that helped me perform my job proficiently. Regarding my interests and pastimes, I adore dancing. It is soothing since it lets me quickly release my stress. In my free time, I enjoy reading.

Following the Interview

When the interview is over, get up, shake the interviewer’s hand, and smile as you thank them for their time.

It’s essential to end the interview with a smile and say Have a pleasant day today.


Self Introduction in interview is more straightforward than it appears. Everything works out as long as you remain confident and modest. You must attend an interview at some point throughout the application process if you want a job. Do not worry if you are worried about it. Henry Harvin Education will assist you in getting ready for your recruitment interview so you can ace it like a pro. Henry Harvin is an Edtech company that prepares students for facing interviews as part of their soft skill curriculum in all the courses.

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1. In an interview, how should I introduce myself?

Introduce yourself formally to the interviewer and give your name, qualifications, specific training, hobbies, and prior employment experience.

2. How to make a self-introduction for freshers?

After listing your name, education, and qualifications as a beginner, emphasize your passions and professional attributes. Describe your qualifications for the role and your enthusiasm for the opportunity in your own words.

3. Where do you want yourself in 5 years? How to answer this question?

Try to tell them in a way suitable for the company’s growth. For example, I want to be an expert in my field or versatile in my area.

4. What is your salary expectation? How to answer this question?

Research your company’s standard and market value for that position and experience. Answer it with a tight range, like 50 to 55k per month.

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